STUNG . . . And Still In The Fight



Because of how the Crooked Hillary Emails and the Clinton Foundation are shaping up as being HIGHLY ILLEGAL, and how the ILLEGALITIES are BLATANT, not only is Clinton looking like the LIAR, CHEAT & THIEF she is . . . she, the Justice Department and the White House are dragging James Comey, the Director of the FBI and the INTEGRITY of the FBI through the MUD.


The HONESTY and/or COMPETENCY of James Comey is so questionable, because of the way he’s PERSONALLY handled the Crooked Hillary File, that as far as I’m concerned, he has no choice but to RESIGN, since a LACK OF TRUST at his level of the FBI is UNCONSCIONABLE.


There are a great many people who are flooding my inbox with YouTube Videos and Screenshots of Crooked Hillary PURPORTEDLY wearing a tiny hearing device in her LEFT EAR during the Wednesday Debate, that at this point, it’s hard to ignore.

If it was anyone else other than LYING, CHEATING, and STEALING Crooked Hillary, I wouldn’t put much stock in these Videos, Screenshots and Testimonials. But, because it’s Crooked Hillary, it makes anything SCURRILOUS possible.


So yesterday (September 8th) . . . just after publishing the Editorial, I went out with my FRIEND (Francois) Frank, who along with his wife, who co-owns the Farm, where we spend our Summers . . . to the Back-40 (just Frank and me – not Christine), which is Honest-To-Goodness a real Back-40, as you would imagine a Back-40 should be, to help setup Horse Jumps for their upcoming 9/11 Hunter Trials.


Besides a VERY LITTLE BIT of my Labor to help set up the Jump Field, Anne and I are PROUDLY Donating Two Flags (One American and One Canadian), which I will personally setup on the Flag Poles, which I will also provide, to Honor and Remember the Fallen Americans . . . and Others who perished at the hands of Moslem Terrorists just 15-Years ago, who were murdered at the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and on the Field in Shanksville Pennsylvania, where BRAVE Passengers laid down their lives to FIGHT and DIE rather than to SURRENDER.

SO . . . while we were moving logs around to create Jumps, I heard Frank, who was sitting on the tractor YELLING . . . what I heard to be GLASS – GLASS – GLASS, and wondered what the HELL was yelling about, since I couldn’t see any glass, nor should I have cared, since I was wearing pretty Tough Work Gloves, when all of a sudden I felt some PRETTY STINGING PAIN to my face, until within a second or two, I realized that I was being SWARMED by VERY ANGRY WASPS.

Here I was, swatting the beasties off my face, my arms, from my chest under my shirt and from my hands, as I ran for the hills, while Frank remained on the Tractor moving the Logs.

And as soon as I beat the last Yellow Jacket off me, hurting from the stings, I went back to helping Frank, and asked him . . . “Why in the HELL were you yelling GLASS?” to which, he responded in his heavy French Accent . . . “I was yelling Wasps”, which to me still sounded like GLASS.

Then he said . . . “Would you have preferred if I yelled GUEPES”, which is the French Word for WASPS, to which I responded, “The next time PLEASE DO, at least that’s something I would have understood”.

By then it was pouring rain, and we were back from the BACK-40, both soaked to the bone, where we sat under our awning, having a good laugh at my expense . . . Frank, Christine, Anne, Stryker and I.

It’s a good thing that I have no allergies from the Sting of Wasps, Hornets, Bees and even a Scorpion, one of which got me this Spring in Texas, otherwise, I wouldn’t be here so glibly telling the Story, in a subsequent Editorial.


As I wrote yesterday, I thought Matt Lauer of NBC News, did a great job as the Trump/Clinton Debate Moderator. But the Mainstream Media, and the BIG Internet Companies didn’t think so, because in their LESS THAN HUMBLE OPINION, Lauer was TOO SOFT ON TRUMP, and TOO HARD ON CROOKED HILLARY.


Isn’t it interesting how the LEFT turn on THEIR OWN, when one of THEIR OWN, actually does the RIGHT THING, and provides a FAIR & BALANCED set of Debate Questions . . . that is – if the questions don’t fit their NARRATIVE?


ON DECEMBER 7, 1941 . . . The Japanese HIT Pearl Harbor so hard, and so fast, and so devastatingly, as to literally destroy a good measure of the American Pacific Fleet in just one LOPSIDED Battle.

ON JUNE 22, 1941 . . . The Nazis launched OPERATION BARBAROSSA, the single largest Invasion in History, then and now, with more than 4-Million Troops against all of Russia.

ON JUNE 6, 1944 . . . Mostly American, Canadian and British Soldiers HIT the Beaches of Normandy with all the FURY, Manpower and Firepower they could MUSTER, punching a huge hole in the Nazi Defense of their European Conquests, which ultimately, just 1-Year later, resulted in VE-Day, and the end of that portion of WWII.

ON AUGUST 6 & 9, 1945 . . . America dropped ONE NUCLEAR BOMB EACH on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bringing World War II in the South Pacific to a Dramatic End.

ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 . . . A group composed MOSTLY of SAUDI MOSLEMS flew 2-Planes into the Financial Heart of America, One into the Pentagon, and another which was stopped by Brave American Patriots, before the Moslems could reach their next target.


Donald Trump is continuously taking TREMENDOUS HEAT from the LEFT and Jerks in his own Party, for not DETAILING how he intends to DEFEAT ISIS.

Crooked Hillary has said repeatedly . . . that Donald Trump won’t tell the people his PLAN TO DEFEAT ISIS, because he doesn’t have a plan, SO HERE’S THE RELEVANCE TO THE PROCEEDING:

THE FIVE MASSIVE MILITARY EXAMPLES . . . which I just listed, were Plans that changed the world, which would not have worked, had the Commanders made them public.


ONLY BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA . . . thinks it’s SMART to tell the enemy when, where, how, and how many Troops will be used with which to FIGHT.

ONLY Barack Hussein Obama thinks it’s CLEVER to tell the enemy what RESTRICTIVE Rules of Engagement he and his Generals IMPOSE on America’s Troops.

And ONLY Barack Hussein Obama thinks it’s PRUDENT to tell the enemy exactly when American Troops will CUT & RUN.

And Crooked Hillary Is None The Better!


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ahhh yes… The Greeks. They elected a leftist government (again) because evidently it’s been working so well for them so far. This is what happens when the majority of your voters cast their ballot for free stuff and the others (even though they may be in the majority, such as here in the US) are making a worthless point by not voting or are too lazy to get off the couch on election day. It always spells disaster. In our case disaster is spelled O-b-a-m-a.

  2. First of all, I am glad you are all right after the wasp attack. I wouldn’t have been. Secondly, your editorial is right on. Thank you so much.

  3. Mais Ouis!
    Excellent story and I lived something equally as humourous as a young man.
    As for the Donald and his not announcing his military specifics, that’s as you pointed out, only common sense. Clinton and her ilk have none. That’s why they’re liberals.

  4. Please correct the date in the article from NOVEMBER 11, 2001 to SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. An honest mistake for sure, but could confuse some. Not being picky, just thought you’d like to correct it.

  5. No ground troops (HRC) = diplomacy with the moslems. When our ambassador to the “peace talks” is beheaded, maybe the libs will wake up…

  6. I wished that when Matt Lauer questioned Trump about seeming to not have a ISIS plan or wavering on it. Trump would have said you sound confused and put his thumbs up like he does so much.

  7. The reason “sucker punches” often succeed in decking an opponent is that the other guy doesn’t see it coming. In the larger scale of war, the examples you cited are quite valid. In November, Trump’s landslide victory will surprise the Democrats, who are too busy fawning over themselves to see it coming. Millions of Americans are fed up with the status quo and are clamoring for someone to go to Washington to kick ass and take names. Trump’s the man to do it. Smart not to telegraph an ISIS plan.

  8. During the Korean War, allied U.N. forces had to clear all proposed and planned targets within North Korea through a U.N. Officer – who was ALSO a RUSSIAN OFFICER…while the vast majority of Mig-15s were flown by Russian Pilots! We finally took out the Suiho Hydroelectric PLANT AND TRANSFORMER YARDS ON SEPT. 12TH, 1952 WITHOUT CLEARING WITH ANYONE…shutting down ALL N.Korean industry, two Russian Naval Bases in Vladivostok and Port Arthur China…the truce talks resumed immediately. THE HAMMER

  9. The reason Crooked Hillary wants Trump to disclose his PLAN TO DEFEAT ISIS is because she wants to COPY it! Then SHE can BRAG about it. The FIRST DEBATE and the UPCOMING INFORMATION from ASSANGE will ADD to Crooked Hillary’s problems. Maybe instead of COUGHING, she’ll be BARKING! WOOF-WOOF! TRUMP is becoming & acting more Presidential every day, and is climbing in the polls. The ESTABLISHMENT is quite WORRIED! The RINOS should “get off their duff” and start supporting TRUMP! GO TRUMP GO. AMEN!

  10. Great responses to your column, today, Howard! I do enjoy reading them, & also the ones from our Canadian friends, too!! Saw a “post” yesterday, Obama is thinking about coming to Canada….if Trump is elected PRESIDENT!!! He’s really out-in-left-field! Mr. Trump is our LAST GREAT HOPE, for saving our country.

  11. I am sickened when our men and women representing and defending our way of life are sent into battle with one hand tied behind their back, when our intentions and “deadlines” are openly proclaimed for all our enemies to hear and act upon, when our President apologizes to the world for all our “misdeeds” (Obama believes we are the cause of the world’s woes!), and when Crooked Hillary gets a pass for all her crimes against our nation and humanity. Trump in November America!

  12. Great read today,to bad the folks that are for hillary do not have a intelligent brain.

  13. The decision to prosecute or not is not Comey’s to decide in the first place. He was to gather the data as the police do since that is what the FBI is, the national police force. The job was the Department of Justice to evaluate the evidence and decide. The FBI opinion let Loretta Lynch off the hook.

    By the way with the 4 candidates for President it is possible NOBODY gets to 270. Better bone up on Article 2 Section 1 which says the House gets to decide who becomes President with a majority.

  14. While waiting for the TV program 15 Years Later on CNN I thought and expressed that the words Islam and Muslim would not be spoken during the program and don’t recall either word mentioned, they just spoke of terrorists. No doubt oo politically incorrect, probably had to pass muster with the Obama administration, shame on CNN.

  15. The “Plane flown into the Pentagon” statement has a lot of room for speculation. Where are the pieces of wreckage?
    Even with an explosive device (my job to test them, for Government Contractors), there’s always something left at or in close proximity o the blast!
    Makes one wonder about the story told by our Government to the citizens of the World, doesn’t it?

  16. As usual, the left doesn’t tell the whole story. In the Stern /Trump interview on You Tube, all they play is about 3 minutes. The beginning of the interview is about the Real Estate market in New York. Trump is then asked where his wife is and is she naked. The tape is then fast forwarded and then the question that Trump answers hesitatingly “Well I guess, BUT, I wish we had completed the job the first time.” I’d love to hear what’s between “Is she naked and should we attack Iraq

  17. Sensible, logical, sane, full of wisdom, a sound mind, rational, good judgement, intelligent, astute, insightful, sagacious! All these descriptions AND MORE are how I perceive you to be in deciphering the madness of this election. These same qualities are in your readers as well and show up in their responses to your down-to-earth articles, written from your own common sense. We will discover on Nov. 8th if the majority in America are lacking these growth-inducing qualities. Glad you are well!

  18. Bees: OUCH!>> Remember Tim Kaine is HRC’s running mate because he agreed to vacate the DNC Chair, so Wasserman-Schultz could occupy it IN TURN for being granted VP running-mate spot — as revealed by Assange. Kaine has long-term relationships with Islam — whatever the nature, I hope it is exposed during the upcoming debates. If Clinton wore an ear device or not, she appeared slow on the uptake. Her stilted speech from relaying answers, or from impairment, was noticed by many.

  19. Don’t give Comey to much credit and slack. He’s a sellout RINO, He was the WHITEWATER prosecutor!

  20. Bob Driscol is right. Comey did a job on Hillary by stating the truth about her lying about facts. FOX news showed his speech many times! It is the justice Department that is not doing its job. Loretta Lynch dropped the ball or better yet, Obama hit it out of her hand.

  21. I always thought when someone divulged secret information concerning troop movements and wartime plans were considered treasonous acts. What’s Changed?

  22. Just read that a covert operation failed in Afghanistan. It happened yesterday, I believe. They were trying to rescue 2 Professors from the American University of Afghanistan in Kabal. There have been 2 rescue attempts. The first was aborted due to lack of good, solid intelligence. The second was yesterday, where the US Special Forces killed 7 terrorists but, never saw either of the Professors. I think, the Obummer Adm. spoke out loud and told about the planned rescue the Professors.

  23. And Bush made the huge mistake of warning Iraq we would invading in one year and weapons of mass destruction that were systematically removed to Syria, on daily noontime flights according to one of his chiefs; one of the biggest telegraphed blunders in modern time, that apparently Trump does want to duplicate. (Source: Monica Crowley WABC, NY)

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