Wallace Reveals Himself Completely


On Sunday, September 4, 2016 . . . as Anne and I were heading to the Shooting Range, we were tuned to FOX News on the Sirius/XM Radio in the F-150, listening to the 2:00 O’clock replay of the Chris Wallace Sunday News Show.

The reason why I listened to Wallace, with whom I have very little Regard, was to hear the interview he had with Dr Ben Carson, concerning the Trump OUTREACH to the Black Community in Detroit, held on Saturday September 3, 2016.

I’m not going to go into the whole Interview, since it was irrelevant: BUT WHAT IS 100% RELEVANT, was just one question Wallace asked, which probably took less than 5-Seconds to ask – BUT IS WORTH HOURS OF DISCUSSION.


Near the Middle of the interview, Wallace asked the following Question of Ben Carson, which I’m going to Paraphrase, because I can’t remember the exact words . . . but I can remember the EXACT implication:

Do you feel that you’re being used by Trump to legitimize him in the Black Community?


In other words . . . as I heard it . . . and as I understood it in the terms and use of words from a different time and place, not that long ago, are akin to – ARE YOU TRUMP’S HOUSE NIGGER?

I write this with incredulity beyond the norm . . . I’ve heard HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of Interviews by News Pundits, including Chris Wallace, who have interviewed all sorts of Political Candidates and their SUPPORTERS over every type of imaginable issue, BUT I HAVE NEVER HEARD ANY SUPPORTER ASKED . . . If he or she was being used by the Candidate to WEASEL into that SUPPORTERS cultural or Racial Group, especially one group that is as Racially Sensitive and important to the outcome of an Election as is the American Black Community, for what perhaps is the MOST important Election in our lifetime – SO WHY CARSON?


No one who is SUPPOSEDLY Fair and Balanced would ask a Black Man, but especially such an accomplished and extraordinarily well known and World Medically Renowned Black Man the likes of Doctor Ben Carson, if he was being USED to promote Trump BECAUSE he is a Black Man.

In other words . . . this RACIST question by Chris Wallace created a subliminal doubt about Ben Carson’s lack of awareness that he MIGHT be, being used because he was a Black Man.


WOULD CHRIS WALLACE . . . ask a Prominent Jew if he or she was worried about being used by Crooked Hillary, because he or she was a Jew, to give approbation to their support for Crooked Hillary? Or Black Leaders who are supporting Crooked Hillary, if they were HOUSE BOYS OR HOUSE GIRLS for Crooked Hillary?

Or how about Gays, Lesbians and who knows what else . . . if they were SEXUALLY GENDERED DUPES for Crooked Hillary, because they support her?

So . . . Anyone who believes that Chris Wallace is Fair and Balanced, should write to FOX News and ask them why Wallace asked Ben Carson if he was being used by Trump because Dr Carson is a Black Man? AND HOW IS THAT NOT RACIST?


The Polls, which were released TODAY (Tuesday September 6, 2016), which show Trump is 2% AHEAD OF CROOKED HILLARY NATIONALLY, are in my opinion not all that accurate. Perhaps they are in some LEFTIST’S demented mind, that she is only 2% BEHIND in their perfect Rainbow Colored World . . . BUT IN ALL REALITY – I am utterly convinced that come Election Day, Crooked Hillary will be CREAMED, not as much by Trump, but as much by the American People, who have had enough of her type of SCUM.

I’m waiting on SHPILKES (Pins and Needles) for the debates between someone with a Passion and a Plan for Making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, compared to a Carpet Bagger (Crooked Hillary) who wants to hang-on to the Ill Begotten Position she has taken through CORRUPTION, LIES & DECEIT . . . Let The Games Begin.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, last night during dinner in FL someone starting proudly listing all what Obama promised in his State of the Union speech. Amazing! So much of what he promised is state responsibility, and at no time did he explain where all this money will come from other than to increase taxes on the rich (who are already highly taxed). Free state university? The money? XL Pipeline will create 3 to 6 thousand permanent jobs: not important to him. Sigh… People are asleep and believe in pipe dreams.

  2. Agree, many times have wondered what the man is doing on Fox…….

  3. And he is one of the moderators of the debates?? We are a very sick country and it is scary when the news????? Media is right in there. I am becoming more disillusioned with fox every day, they used to be at least quasi news people.

  4. Wallace was so out of line and not only rude, but just plain crude. Think what he will be in the debate. Carson is a great human being but Wallace showed his racist side with that question. He has no place in the debate, but we all know it will be rigged for the hilbeast.

  5. He has always been a 100% lefty. As Peter said above, why did Fox hire him? Is the media that hard up for legitimate news people? I have to assume the answer is yes. It’s all you see on any of the MSM. Good thing is a lot of people have figured it out. Let’s hope enough have to put Trump in the White House and make the past 8 years a horrible memory.

  6. wow I thought the same thing .. I tweeted to Fox News asking Wallace if he’s a racist. Horrible horrible… But Fox and Friends on Monday morning, the weekend people, couldn’t handle what happened in Detroit on the weekend. Also total racist

  7. I wonder if Chris Wallace is being used by FOX NEWS to legitimize THEM as a “fair & Balanced News Network”?
    Bud Farrell, Legitimate B-29 Gunner

  8. Yet another reason my viewership of FOX has been cut daily to a minimum. There are very few folks at this outlet worth following now. Too bad, they had a real edge on the others but their bias/slant has become so obvious it is sickening, at least for this long time conservative. I don’t care what the truth is as long as it is what is being presented. FOX no longer deals in truth opting to trade in what the others in the main stream media consider relevant.

  9. Hmmm, now Greta Van Susteren has bailed from FOX NEWS. The Trump-friendly faces are leaving FOX — Audrey Tanteros for starters.

    Who is writing for Clinton? Kindergartners? She sputters from sickly coughing spasms from coast to coast and claims that Trump is choking!

  10. Noticed above-the-fold in today’s (9/6) Wall Street Journal that the ‘populists’ in Germany turned out Angela Merkel’s globalist agenda. And also in the paper are several references to the Brexit movement to ‘throw the bums out’ is alive and well. Can’t help believing that tsunami will reach our shores by November 8th. Good work Howard. Terry Morgan, Concord, NC

  11. I have watched Fox news and F&F in the morning and have seen the slow decline of it’s reporting AND reporters and frankly tired of having to scan the news outlets to find one that has true reporting. I really feel like NOT watching anything, but that would be wrong. Soooooo the hunt continues.

  12. Totally agree with your observations regarding Wallace. Moreover, what is wrong with the Republican Party that leads them agree to any of these so called debates. In my opinion, the moderators have always been far left wing-nuts…case in point during the last election when Candy Crowley did her best to make a fool of Romney…and to a significant degree she did just that. Worse yet Anderson Cooper will be moderating the 2nd “debate” along with some of Zuckerberg’s Facebook people…all libs.

  13. I agree that the question asked was in and of itself pathetically asinine. The sad reality however is that it is a point of contention among black liberal democrats who do in fact see Dr. Carson as the proverbial “Uncle Tom”.
    That being the case, perhaps Wallace was affording Carson the opportunity to respond to the outrageous assertion that he is being used.
    Just my thoughts.

  14. I too was totally disgusted with that interview. It’s bad enough that it was racist, but worse still, so disrespectful to such a gracious man. Thank you for dedicating this post to this issue.

  15. I am in the same camp as Chester …. first I check the Weather, then I watch about 20 min. of FOX just to be sure the world didn’t blow up while I was asleep, and that’s the end of it. I had no idea Greta was leaving …. I hope that’s not so …. she’s one of those rare true thinking conservatives that is not only brilliant and direct, but does not scream at her guests! (i.e. Bill O’Reilly )

  16. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! His father, Mike Wallace wasn’t much better!

  17. I agree completely with you, Howard. My viewership of Fox News has dropped about 80% over the past year. If Greta is leaving, I’m finished with Fox News. I get most of my news and information from the Drudge Report, Mark Levin, Newsmax and you, of course. Keep up the good fight. You are a warrior!

    Bill Larson

  18. I would not lower my self to listen to scumucks like wallace ,for that matter to any so called TV personality’s
    The polls mean nothing unless you ask what are the questions and at least 10,000 people were asked from 6 different areas of the country,it means bull crap.

  19. I watch Fox Business News as Stuart Varney is a very pro-Trump guy and is astounded that there’s ANY question that Hillary should never be POTUS. She won’t be POTUS but only because it’s going to be a huge landslide for Trump if he keeps doing his Presidential stuff that is drawing thousands to see him–he turns away more than even go to hear Hillary–she can’t fill 500 seats!

  20. He was hired through pure Nepotism. He’s Mike Wallace’s son. He nauseates me!! Hope Trump is preparing for the media. Remember Candy Crowley ! Vickie McCoy


  22. With Greta leaving, I no longer have any reason to watch Fox News. Now, we are limited to the internet for conservative news. Thank you for blogs like yours!

  23. Fox is gone. Beck has become unhinged. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump creates an alternative after the election. The country is more than ready for it (them).

  24. Very well said. I, too, watched Wallace and was completely DISGUSTED with the way Wallace treated Dr. Ben Carson. Carson’s responses were EXCELLENT. FOX has definitely declined…prefer FOX BUSINESS NEWS hosts now. Next, the DEBATES will determine who will be our next President. Who knows, maybe HILLARIOUS will use a “coughing fit” as a “cop-out” for not being able to proceed with the debates, i. e., because she won’t be able to cope with Trump’s responses. LYING becomes her! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  25. Chris Wallace just descended to the deserving level of a noxious scum bag. I can hardly imagine, or believe this question would be directed at a person as distinguished and accomplished as Dr. Carson. It takes a lowly desperate creature to even conceive the thought behind that question. Imagine, this treacherous creature has been selected to moderate a presidential debate. Fox News maybe be the number one cable news broadcaster again this past year, however, the wheels are quickly coming off!

  26. Not sure what has been going on at Fox News for several years now! I don’t care for Chris Wallace, anymore than I did for his father. Now with Greta up & quitting, it is getting worse. I haven’t routinely watched Fox News in several years, due to not feeling the Fair & Balance aspect of their claim. I have been expecting Hannity to go next. Unless they plan on using him as the “token” Conservative for Fair & Balance?!

  27. If it were not for his Father, the best Wallace could do is a Jr. Assistant at the Mudflat Chamber of Commerce is Ludiwicie,

  28. Personally I’m a little tired of Fox News attempt to seem “Fair and balanced news”. 98% of the people I know and communicate with, watch FOX for one reason…. we’re conservatives, and want to hear conservative news!!! I get a bit irritated at some of the twits they present as liberals, simply to seem as a fair and balanced discussion. We’ve been watching more HGTV lately. Keep it coming my friend.

  29. Fox Business is much better, I am sick of the so called “Balanced” where they let their guests spew hatred and lies and never get called for it. Chris Wallace is a leftist and Trump hater. These news people are worse than politicians. They think they are so much smarter than everyone else, yet do not realize they are the fools, nothing but parrots, repeating what they hear without any real useful knowledge whatsoever.

  30. Nobody speaks about Sean Hannity, so I need to do it. Since Trump declared his candidacy in June of 2015, Sean has supported him, becoming one of the main engines of Donald’s ascendancy, and I wish he would be recognized as such. Thank you on his behalf…

  31. Fox, News and business, is as close as we can get to fair and balanced. Murdoch doesn’t like Trump and instructs some to attack him. Conversely Fox has some outstanding personalities who are fantastic. Alan Colmes . I deleted what I wrote as it was not Christian. He is far left. Judge Napolitano is exact re the Constitution and how it should be. We are faced with the control of the press by te left. Fox is the best we have.

  32. I believe most of the news anchors actually believe what they say! That scares me almost as much as Hillary does. if Trump does win how will he ever function when everything he does will be crucified? Including BO still sitting in DC protecting everything he has destroyed like a mother hen. Trump will have to call on Superman for help because he will need to be stronger than a locomotive to be effective in the environment he will find himself in.

  33. Oh, Howard….. You have such a way of seeing the light and crafting the words to match it!!!! Bless you!! Wallace is as spineless as was his father. And we love that you are perfectly comfortable using the correct word to describe Hillary. She is indeed “scum”…..a sick, evil, nasty narcissist who deserves to be pummeled with votes for Trump and then indited. Schpilkes here, too… awaiting Sep 26th. Bravo to you! Sean is the ONLY one worth watching on FOX…thoughtful and honest.

  34. I agree with all of you, when I wake up now it’s more of a sense of “dread” that Fox is doing “waffles” with Mitt Romney instead of real news, or “great internet on line values for left handed men with a receding hairline” !! The result is I am not getting my ” fair and balanced news briefing” and so I get up earlier so as to skip the agony of the new “fair and well mixed baby food” session.
    The result is I’m getting more done each day and enjoying accomplishing something!!

  35. All I needed to know about Hillary and for that matter all Americans need to know which speaks volumes of her being an evil pathological lying, power-mongering scum bag was her statement a day or two after the first Presidential win by the rapist Slick Willy when she actually stated …”WE ARE THE PRESIDENT.” The second fact if it’s even necessary to have one is the fact that being a member of the Secret Service, stationed to protect Hillary is considered a punishment detail.

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