Why A Trump Victory Is Vital To Canada


From time to time . . . but not nearly as often as I used to be asked by Canadians – as a Canadian – why do I write so much about the USA, and hardly anything about Canada? To which there are some simple answers:


Since the end of WWII, when the Liberal Leader Lester Pearson became Prime Minister, Canada went from being a near Military Super Power everyone could rely upon to do the RIGHT THING, and stand up for our friends, to becoming a Nation of Peace Keepers.

I never understood . . . and I’ll never understand, how a Trained and Extremely Competent Combat Force could become a POLITICALLY CORRECT Army of Peace Keepers virtually overnight.

And what the Hell is a Peace Keeper anyway?

But, that’s how the Liberals (LEFTISTS) morphed Canada into a Military Nation of Sissies, which by the War’s End (1945) sent about 50% of our ENTIRE of age and capable male population overseas, to successfully fight the Nazis and Japanese Imperial Army. Getting into the WAR several years before the USA.

And ever since Pearson . . . it simply got worse and more INCREDULOUS.


Trudeau, like Obama, but many decades earlier than Obama, ran on a FAIRY TALE Platform that sounded GREAT, yet meant nothing. In Trudeau’s case, the BIG POLITICAL LIE was a JUST SOCIETY, as if for some reason, in his mind, Canada, before Trudeau became Prime Minister, was somehow NOT a Just Society with Equal Rights For All.

But, just like STUPID Americans, who buy Political BS through Catchy and Meaningless Slogans like, YES WE CAN & CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN . . . because they sound great – FAR TOO MANY CANADIANS ARE NO SMARTER. As a matter of Fact, we’re just as dumb and perhaps even much dumber than that.


After Trudeau’s Campaign to Destroy English Canada, in the GUISE that Canada, outside of Quebec was a BILINGUAL Country, which WASN’T EVEN REMOTELY TRUE THEN, and is NOT REMOTELY TRUE TODAY, Trudeau decided that the RIGHT and DECENT thing to do, was to make Canada MULTICULTURAL, instead of a Melting Pot, in all places throughout Canada, OUTSIDE of Quebec, where in Quebec, the UNRESTRICTED USE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS AGAINST THE LAW.


From several Decades Ago, Canada went from being a Brave and Consequential Country amongst World Nations, mainly BUILT on the British Culture (outside of Quebec) in our own UNIQUE Way, to a country of PANSIES without a National Identity, which has allowed our Canadian Government to WALK ALL OVER US WITH IMPUNITY.


Canada has already reached the point where the TAKERS FAR OUTNUMBER THE MAKERS. We have already consumed from the Chalice of Socio/Political Insanity, where in one (Bankrupt) Province, it’s AGAINST THE LAW TO CONDUCT ANY OF ONE’S BUSINESS AFFAIRS IN ENGLISH, to the CONTRIVED notion that the Rest of Canada is Bilingual, where in Truth . . . 97% of Canadians outside of Quebec are English Speaking, where only a FEW can communicate at all in French.

TO WHERE THE MAJORITY . . . of the Canadian Population has accepted that the people of Canada must be NURTURED by the Government from the Cradle to the Grave, no matter what the expense will be, where outspoken individuals who FIGHT for Individual RIGHTS and LESS Government, such as myself are the VILLAINS, while the defenders of RESTRICTED Speech are the Heroes.


EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING . . . It seems to me, that Canada’s Educational System has done an EXEMPLARY Job in DUMBING DOWN our Population, to the point, where the VILLAINS in Ayn Rand’s Classic Atlas Shrugged, and George Orwell’s Dystopian 1984 . . . are TODAY’S HEROES.


If Trump wins, and wins BIG . . . and does just some of what he is promising to do, he will DRAG the United States of America back to Sanity, in spite of all the screaming, spitting and slapping that will be coming from the LEFT.

BUT MORE THAN THAT . . . None of this will be lost on Canada and Canadians, who will continue to wallow in our own SELF-RIGHTEOUS FANTASY, while America and Americans once again set the Standard for the Rest of the World to follow.

AND IF TRUMP LOSES . . . Canada will be lost for the rest of my Lifetime.


We should all have DISDAIN for today’s MEDIA, because they are nothing but SENSATIONALIZING LYING BASTARDS, which (who) will do and say anything for a Headline, because headlines create Ratings, ratings attract Advertisers, and advertisers mean MONEY.

As I’ve written many times . . . even FOX News is in all reality no better than any of the others. While it’s TRUE that FOX News throws Conservatives a bit of red Meat from time to time, they are no more REALLY Conservative during most of their Broadcasts than the others, as they vie for more VIEWERS and Ad Revenue, no differently than do their Competitors.


BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT . . . For the past few days, I stayed tuned to FOX News, to follow what they described, was going to be next to WEATHER ARMAGEDDON on the Eastern Seaboard, which they were SCREAMING would be bringing Hell and Damnation to the Coast.

SO MUCH SO . . . that Mayors and Governors were ordering the SHUTDOWN OF BEACHES AND TOURIST DESTINATIONS, during the busiest and most profitable WEEKEND (Labor Day) of the year.

And as one Media Predicted the Near End of the World, another Media, NOT TO BE OUTDONE, predicted WORSE, so much so, that people simply stayed away from the beaches, clubs, shops and touristy attractions, causing BILLIONS OF LOST DOLLARS IN REVENUE to businesses, while depriving MILLIONS of people from vacations they were long planning and anticipating.

This is what the Media has become . . . whether it is about Weather, Politics or Social Issues, it’s all about Sensationalism, which is why the Media have already become FAR MORE OF A PROBLEM, than they are a Solution.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard,

    You have me worried. I have always assumed that Canada would be in much better shape than the U.S. if a major world depression occurred. After all, Canada doesn’t have the unmanageable debt load that the U.S. has. On this premise, I have moved a modest amount of money into a Canadian bank as an emergency fund. Was I wrong?


  2. Realized 20 or so years ago the only thing the newspapers were good for was Obits. So I cancelled all printed news BS.

  3. I SO agree with you, Howard! Regarding the media, it is all SO left-wing it makes me sick! The Canadian media fawns over Trudeau like he’s God’s gift to Canada ..,.. because, after all, he is ‘PET’s’ son!! Gimme a break! He can hardly put two words together without saying ‘uh’ in between them!! He certainly didn’t win the election because of his smarts….. God help us!!

  4. The MEDIA can be compared to Rahm Emmanuel/Chicago where he once stated that ‘you never let a crisis go to waste’. He taught Obama & Hillarious quite well! Also, yes, FOX news has ‘joined the ranks’ of sensationalism! Strangely enough, however, every MOVE [major or minor] which Trump makes is thoroughly followed by the media. TRUMP’s UNPREDICTABILITY is an attractive feature, thus can be, somewhat, compared to a CRISIS re: the media. TRUMP NEEDS TO WIN to make us “SANE” again. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  5. Just need to look at the corporate structure of media ownership…3 corp’s own ALL of the media in Canada, along with the $Billion.5/per year taxpayer extorted, er funded CBC. 6 corp’s in the US. Then look at the boards of directors and the fact that some directors sit on other boards and it’s easy to see why there is a very homogenous lefty editorial policy – this since the deregulation of media ownership…this info is available in the public record for any who are interested in looking..

  6. Yes, Howard. There are now over 17 million Canadians who dependent on government for their livelihood.
    And our federal government is planning to welcome 35,000 or more “refugees” this year!

  7. Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is on record as supporting Quebec’s Bill 101 (the Charter of the French Language). In my eyes, that makes him a segregationist, one who believes that it is okay for there to be two separate and distinct sets of civil rights. In Quebec, your neighbour can have the right to do something (freedom of choice in language of education) that you don’t have, or vice-versa. And this right is meted out based upon the test of descent. WRONG.

  8. If Hillary wins you can bury the US right along with Canada. It will be our last election, unless like Mexico it is totally rigged. That’s what Lulac and La Raza are all about. They want to turn the US and Canada into Northern Mexico – hence the North American Treaty and TTP and NAFTA. Hopefully Trump will win and win big and we can become “One Nation Under God” again. I know the Clintons think they are god – as well as all their cronies. I think they are evil personfied.

  9. You are correct, Howard. Canada, a strong supporter of the UN agenda, preaches the socialist ideals of (1) wealth re-distribution and (2) minority rights. The 1st has ensured that only those who are willing to live off other people’s efforts get all the govt. support they need to silence the majority. The Silent Majority has NO voice. The 1982 Constitution, created by Trudeau Sr., set the stage for giving control of CA to French-Quebec. ALL politicians are struck dumb on this issue – SO SAD!

  10. As an occasional local newspaper columnist myself the reason I see for the decline of journalism is both the advertising dollar, and the salary dollar. Journalism is taught a universal bent liberal concept, so most of it is pure pablum!! Plus , at least locally here, a starting “writer/reporter” is never more than $17,000, and if they are good they stay at that level ad infinitum BECAUSE, “We’re in a real advertising dollar contraction”. So , surprise they move on, or become a bartender!!

  11. So true Howard, our once formidable armed forces have been reduced to insignificance by a succession of socialist dreamers and self aggrandizing do-gooders. Our current minster of defence wears the headdress of a foreign nation, showing pure disdain for the proud and well deserved exemplary battlefield legacy, of our country, and our Canadian troops, past and present. It is a very low point in our history with much worse looming on the horizon.

  12. Unfortunately your description of the situation in Canadastan is 100% accurate . AND it will not correct itself , those Takers have a vote and they all do to ensure the freebies keep coming. Turdo will likely never be replaced in your lifetime .
    The latest forecasts for the Ca. dollar are dismal . all the doom and gloom mean nothing to the average Canadian he/she is too dumb or tot high to care !!

  13. Here in S.Florida the latino population has become the majority in miami dade. The cuban’s have the power in political offices
    and in the congress and senate.We still have thousands illegals arriving via the wet/dry foot policy even now that we are so called opened the door as buddies. The illegals are getting all the free stuff that Americans can not receive If hillary is elected
    this will continue and so will obama’s policy..

  14. Your history lesson of how a once vibrant and thriving moral Canada has descended into almost oblivion by Liberal Bastard leadership, or “Libtards”, is insightful and prophetic. Thank you Howard!! Cannot understand how the USA’s electorate can consider another Clinton to even be on the ballot. Oh yea…, she cooked the books and lied…, again along the way. The Clintons’ and Trudeaus’ must have spawned from the same gene pool swamp together. GO TRUMP! and take “Killary” to prison!

  15. You are so correct, Howard! If Trump loses both the US and Canada will have seen their last ounce of sanity disappear. It’s not unlike what the Brits did to Churchill after WWII. There is something about human nature that is indeed extremely sick that allows freedoms, common sense and sanity to fade away into the ether, and many think of it as progress. Better it be known as Progressivism. And once again I am in full agreement with Peggy Bland.

  16. “headlines create Ratings, ratings attract Advertisers, and advertisers mean MONEY.”

    Since CNN chose to be anti-Trump in their biased coverage they have dropped to third place which means that they are losing lots of money big time.

    However, in Canada, CBC and Radio-Canada can keep on with their BS since when the ratings are not sufficient, government is there to back them up with subsidies and since Trudeau is their elected PM, they can do pretty much what they want.

  17. Several months ago I saw a reporter on one of the TV channels who was from Toronto. He is a conservative but said that his daughter voted for Trudeau.. When he asked her why, she said :” Because he is handsome”. The reporter admitted that the youth of Canada was very shallow in its discrimination of who should be elected.

  18. I’m sorry Howard, but, this country has already passed the point of the Takers passing the Makers too! Sad Sad
    Will we like Babalon be next in line?

  19. Today’s email: “Murdoch told Ailes he wanted Fox’s debate moderators – Kelly, Bret Baier, and Chris Wallace — to hammer Trump on a variety of issues. Ailes, understanding the GOP electorate better than most at that point, likely thought it was a bad idea. ‘Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee,’ Ailes told a colleague around this time. But he didn’t fight Murdoch on the debate directive.” This explains Fox. Re Canada, almost everyone I know is a socialist.They fear Trump’s electio

  20. In the USA, the media started becoming extremely liberal, during the Vietnam War. Due to the Media’s handling of reports from Vietnam, they were the ones who started the blaming the Vets for the conflict!!! The vets were shunned, accused of being civilian & baby killers mainly due to the Media’s reporting. I had great respect for Walter Cronkite until I heard what he was saying about the Vietnam Vets. I never wanted to hear anything from him again. I stopped watching CBS News, because of him.

  21. Nothing more than a Trump Win would be first the best for our American friends and then He can put the boots to our Provincial and Federal Leaders and Governments who have nothing good to say about Mr. Trump Go Trump Go.

  22. Howard you once again stand out as a man of history. I’m an ex serviceman who has always detested the concept of peace keeper. Now baby doc trudeau tells us that he is sending 800 peace keepers to the UN. He doesn’t know where or why. but he’s sending them. The only thing soldiers ask of their country is don’t waste them. As for the issue of the day Marshal McLuen said the medium is the massage. we should hear the radio stations start playing Tom Northcot’s rendition of Little Boxes any time now

  23. Your last part about the media’s weather forecasting – two things. #1 Are they practicing control of the people? #2 Are they crying “wolf” to point if there were a REAL catastrophic event they were screaming about, would anyone listen if they’re putting out false flags now.
    I will send you a link of example where media covers Trump to catch all things they can use to bash him, but also purposefully ignores what positive/good toward Trump.
    Need heart-felt, soul wrenching prayer to God for mer

  24. Hi Howard! You’re so right about Fox News Channel and their lineup of “talking heads!” In their effort to become or appear to become “fair and balanced,” they have become nothing more than a news networks’ version of a reality show. And the reality is giving very short shrift to true conservatives. Our household has turned off Fox more times than leaving it on. And that’s truly sad. The media of all corporate news networks seem to have all sold themselves to the devil! Full steam ahead!

  25. One thing you neglected in regards to PET, he was a writer of Communist Doctrine before he became PM and destroyed this country. Now the clown prince with the Trudeau name and no brain gets to tour the world with the wife, kids and nannies on out tax dollars. Howard, can you in your wildest dreams, imagine how good this country would be today had the British Army of the day kicked all of the French asses out of the country. Just imagine, no Trudeaus, no Chretiens, no Couillards.
    It would be fin

  26. Howard I have been doing some catching up on reading your editorials. Your bring up the war on common sense and truth and reality a couple of days ago is great and right on. I cannot believe I have never heard anyone put it that way before. That is exactly what is happening!!!

  27. What do you expect? Our universities are turning out automatons and useful idiots! When looks are more important than brains we can expect much worse around the corner. I’m glad that I’m at an age that I can sit back and watch the ‘fun’!

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