By Any Other Name – A CRAP Sandwich Is A Crap Sandwich



Trump’s visit with the Mexican President on Wednesday August 31, 2016 had far more relevance that the Media is letting on.

Trump wasn’t invited to Schmooze with a World Leader who called him HITLER & MUSSOLINI, just because the Mexican President wanted to mend fences, or let Trump know where he stands against Trump’s various initiatives.


Trump was invited to sit with the Mexican President, and was treated almost as if he was the Leader of the USA, because the Mexicans are FAR MORE WORRIED THAN JUST SOMEWHAT, that Trump will win in November.

The LEFT can try to CON the people of the United States all that it wants . . . that the Election is all but done and over – in favor of Crooked Hillary, simply to intimidate and discourage would-be Trump Supporters, but it won’t CON the Leadership of the Mexican Government, because they know better.

The fact that the Mexican President, who invited Trump to his Palace, seemingly without cause, was so REVERENTIAL to the Republican Nominee, is not because he wanted to be nice or meddle in American Politics, but rather, because he feels as much as I do . . . and others, that the writing is on the wall for a Trump Victory.

And the time is now for him to begin a real Dialogue with the man, in whose hands, the well being of Mexico will soon enough be held.


The fact that Crooked Hillary literally HIDES from the American People, whose only Campaign Strategy seems to be to raise money by going to her Wealthy Panderers (Comfort Zone), and by giving carefully controlled speeches to chosen audiences, while seemingly resting up between each spaced out event, has got to have her supporters TERRIFIED.


Does Trump Sleep? It seems not.

It’s as obvious as one can imagine, that Trump is fully engaged in becoming the President of the United States of America.

He’s like the Scarlet Pimpernel . . . “They Seek him Here, they Seek him There, those Useless LEFTISTS Seek him Everywhere”.

I think if it was at all possible, to create a 25-Hour Day, it still wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the ENERGY & EXUBERANCE being displayed by Trump and his Entire Campaign Team.

AND IF THIS LEVEL OF ENTHUSIASM . . . being displayed by Trump, who speaks and Travels NONSTOP during the day, while at night and the early mornings, he’s writing, strategizing and TWEETING, isn’t as depressing as one can imagine for the LACKLUSTER TEAM HILLARY . . . I can’t imagine what else could.


As much as Crooked Hillary’s campaign is DREARY & UNINSPIRING, the level of ENTHUSIASM for Trump, wherever he goes in the USA, is so far OVER-THE-TOP, that there really aren’t words to fully and properly describe it.


If you’re old enough to remember the Miracle-On-Ice, when a group of RANK AMATEUR AMERICAN HOCKEY PLAYERS, who were nothing more than KIDS, beat the CRAP out of the Russians for the GOLD Medal, at the Lake Placid Olympics, who (the Russians) were considered the World’s Greatest Hockey Machine . . . which is what Trump’s Campaign is beginning to feel like.


No one outside of Royalty is DESTINED to LEAD . . . INCLUDING the Bush’s and the Clintons. The Bush’s figured this out at the Primaries, in spite of the $100-MILLION Dollars the Insiders PONIED-UP for Jeb Bush.

AND NOW WITH A BILLION IN THE “BANK” . . . and a BILLION more anticipated to come for Crooked Hillary and the Democrats, it’s beginning to look akin to what an investment looked like in the Ford Edsel.

At first it was GREAT, until the people rejected it out of hand like the Crap Sandwich it turned out to be, and Ford took a real beating.

And the more that I’m witnessing the Campaign, or perhaps NON-CAMPAIGN of Crooked Hillary, the more she is beginning to look like a CRAP SANDWICH.


Unless the Democrats discover or a create a way to STEAL this election, which is quite possible, since stealing, lying and cheating is what they do best, things for the EXECRABLE Crooked Hillary is not going to get better.

And Sooner Rather Than Later . . . we’ll be hearing and reading in the Media, what Crooked Hillary will need to win in various States to carry the Electoral College.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hello Howard, I started to watch the video and was appalled at what was going on. You stated to watch it until the end but It made me sick to my stomach and I had to turn it off. What are these folks thinking or not thinking, to do something like this. And to think that the President would even think about meeting or actually meeting with this individual is beyond the pale. You are correct when you say things have gotten out of control with the Idiot-in-Chief.

  2. Hillary is controlled by her handlers – George Soros, Barack Obama and Wall Street. Every word she says is basically scripted by them. What comes through is “more of the same.” Legitimate U.S. citizens/voters DON’T want more of the same old bull and constant failure. Trump’s only motivation, because he’s controlled by nobody, is to turn this country around. He’s vigorously striving to make that happen, while Hillary limps around raising money from fat cats. Her crap doesn’t wash. GO TRUMP!

  3. The democrap strategy is to eliminate all voter IDs so they can do what they’ve done so well in the past.

  4. I think that’s exactly why Hillary is resting on her laurels on the weekends (besides the fact that her health requires it) and isn’t actively campaigning–she doesn’t have to because she plans to steal this election like Barry did, by voter fraud and thievery. That’s why we have to get out and rock the vote, and it can’t be close!

  5. I live in Atlanta where there are tons of Liberals like in any big city. I have yet to see a single Hillary bumper sticker or yard sign. The press wants us to think that she has already won the election. I don’t see that in my community.

  6. To counter voter fraud…Sure would be nice if Our Off Duty -Major City Police officers were allowed to be in uniform outside of the November polling stations..For Security and to…Perhaps just count the people going into a poll station with the actual count afterwards..Again here in Western Pa to Lancaster–There continues to be almost no–nada–no Hillary Support that we see in out Area..The Polls must be taken in the inner city’s only?? Any other Thoughts as to How to solve this problem?

  7. Speaking of the Edsel – like our government so stupidly, uneducated, non-informed and corruptly does everything, when the World Bank was started, Robert McNamara was put in charge. Ford pawned him off on the rest of the world. Now the Democrats are trying to pawn off a corrupt, crooked, ill-fitted and possibly unhealthy canidate to be our President. I put my faith in the American voter that this will not happen – unless there is corruption at the polls.

  8. Sure hope the outcome is as you predict, Howard. The Donald opened a whole new chapter yesterday and we loved it. Hard to believe many Independents would not feel the same. The Marxist scumbags would steal from their own mothers if they thought it would bring them a win in Nov. They continue to be the lowest form of life. GO DONALD!!!!!

  9. With Homeland Security talking about taking over the handling of the election (because of the fear of hackers), the stage is being set for a Hillary win where we will all talk about the conspiracy that takes place for many, many years.

  10. Love the analogy Edsel/Hillary but, at least you could still use the car. Not the case with H., she is as hopeless as she is useless, not to forget “crooked”! All the best, dear Howard, the Canadian Trump-Alike “Energizer Bunny”!

  11. When Trump becomes President I recommend that he hires Hillary as American ambassador to Benghazi.
    Matt S. Laval. QC

  12. With out the black and latino vote ( at lest 15 % ) hillary would win. These are the same people that are getting the free stuff from the democratic party. Obama promised change ,yes change that is taken us to the brink of destroying the U S.

  13. “Dewey Defeats Truman” the editors of this headline believed the press and polls way back in 1948. The same will happen when the current editors see that the manipulated polls and believing their own stories wake up on Nov. 9.

  14. Just read Dick Morris and other books about the Clinton’s–they are not only crooks and liars but real evil. Beware of the walking Hillary.

  15. Howard, I wish I could be as optimistic as you, but it really concerns me that the populace is simply too ignorant & ill-informed. Too many buy what the media put out. Remember how many thought it was Sarah Palin who said she could see Russia from her porch? Too, too many get their news and information from SNL, Colbert, Stewart, et al.
    Oh, just a little clarification. USA did not beat the Russians (4-3) for the gold. It was the semi-final game & got them to the gold medal game against Finland

  16. The stage is being set for manipulation of the election by telling us Russians are hacking state election data. In time, they will say that the government must “help protect” the states & bingo, the election results will be altered! I hate to say it but despite how great Trump can be for rebuilding America, sadly I believe that the corrupt powerfuls will prevail.

  17. Homeland Security has already approached our Secretary of State (GA), and he has refused their help (??), telling them that our security system is just fine. If more SOS will do the same, the country has a chance. The main thing is everyone has to get out and vote. If that happens, we’ll overwhelm them. As Lori Gembella said above (paraphrase), if it’s not close, they can’t cheat.

  18. Hillary has about another month to HIDE and “RECOUP” from whatever is AILING her because the DEBATE will soon be upon us. Trump was in CONTROL in Mexico. What people are truly concerned with is the WALL BEING BUILT…not the EXIT of 16 million people–but mainly the CRIMINAL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. It’s THANKS to TRUMP that the topic of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is even being discussed by the POLITICIANS! Also, many people are NOT divulging that they ARE voting for Trump. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  19. I have no doubt that Donald will he in the White House in January next. Mark Taylor’s prophecy from God so stated way back in 2011. Check it out on the internet. The USA is destined to again, along with Israel, lead the world starting next year. We the people will get our country back. Don Trump is a man of destiny. The name Don = strong man!! The Trump card in bridge beats all other cards!! God gave him $, brains and strength. Watch and see!!

  20. Right now on CNN the “big” story is that Trump received a copy of questions (CNN calls a “script”) he will get at a black community meeting tomorrow. Meanwhile, nothing is reported by CNN that Hillary picks and chooses interviewers and her team provides the questions to ask her in advance. Then there is the editing to make her look good. The media did the same thing and now Canada is stuck with Baby Doc Trudeau, aka Prince Dumb.

  21. For USA to remain “One nation, under God, indivisible”, Hillary Clinton can’t win! We are drastically divided in many ways today by “humanitarianism” and “tolerance” for people coming from other nations (who refuse to assimilate, “act American”, or learn English), plus disparaging or harming U.S. citizens! Perhaps is was exactly how Democrats plan to take over? Pray God “intervenes” to keep America a “Judeo-Christian” nation! Government can’t become our “god”- deciding who lives and dies!

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