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One of the People who has been reading Galganov.com for a long time, while also supporting this BLOG Financially, and helping with edits when needed, reminded me of an Editorial I wrote Several Years Ago.

I don’t exactly remember when I wrote it, since I’ve written such a large number of Editorials and Articles, that it’s difficult for me to keep track. BUT I DO REMEMBER WHAT I WROTE:


If a person is living off WELFARE for any reason, and literally depends entirely upon the generosity of people who have worked for what they have, so he or she can put food on his or her own table . . . should that person in receipt of this MAGNANIMITY feel ANIMOSITY to the people who help feed him or her, because he or she eats MAC & CHEESE, while the “MAKER” eats FILET MIGNON?

It might seem like a dumb question . . . but in all reality, it gets right down to the CORE ISSUE, which is facing our North American Freedoms, WHICH TO ME, IS AS CLEAR AS POLISHED GLASS.

SHOULD SOMEONE . . . who contributes nothing of MONETARY substance, or non Publicly Funded Services to society, be held to the same STANDARD, as someone who contributes EVERYTHING?

SHOULD SOMEONE . . . who personally employs NO ONE, be given an EQUAL say in the direction our society is to travel, as should be accredited to the man or woman who creates JOBS, meets a PAYROLL, and LITERALLY helps put FOOD on the tables of others?

SHOULD SOMEONE . . . who feeds off the government (Public Sector Workers), be rendered EQUAL to the person who sustains the Government that Feeds the System?


What will happen when those who contribute from NOTHING to the Financial well-being of our society, to the LEAST, to those who FEED off Society . . . who will inevitably OUTNUMBER the people who Contribute EVERYTHING IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR?

We don’t have to wonder . . . because we’re watching it happen before our eyes, as those who TAKE the MOST and GIVE the LEAST, are in fact deciding who they support politically, based upon how much they can TAKE from the MAKERS to perpetuate a collapsing system.

HILLARY CLINTON, BARACK OBAMA and a PLETHORA of others, on all sides of the Political Divide, INCLUDING RINOS, constantly talk about CREATING JOBS. Someone like Obama, BOASTS nonstop about how many Jobs he’s created in Seven and a Half Years as President of the United States of America . . . while in all honesty, AND REALITY – Obama’s created nothing but DEBT, DISMAY & DIVISION.


EINSTEIN’S DEFINITION OF INSANITY . . . doing something over and over again expecting different results.

We don’t have to go way back in History to see the results of SOCIALISM, which is the genteel word for COMMUNISM, along with PROGRESSIVISM, another word the LEFT love to use, since all of us, regardless of age, have seen the results of the three “ISMS”UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.

There is not a Nation standing . . . that has successfully survived the “ISMS”, in spite of what the LEFT would have us believe, as many of those LEFTISTS will point to a KINDER AND GENTLER CUBA, which is nothing but a Tyrannical Basket Case.

The Russians tried Socialism for nearly 100-Years, and all it got for Russia and its Satellite States (Soviet Union), was despair & poverty.

The Chinese are still trying Socialism, which has created nothing more than a Mammoth Prison for the Poor, and a Candy Factory of sorts for the Privileged.

Venezuela . . . with its incredible wealth in Energy, Agriculture, Mining, and all manner of Natural Resources can’t feed its People.

And Europe . . . for all of it’s arrogance – Is Slip-Sliding-Away.

AND NOW THIS SAD REALITY . . . is already at North American Cities near you, presented by Politicians who’ve become WEALTHY, simply by selling EMPTY PROMISES to the Masses, most of whom . . . are ignorant, greedy or simply want Something-For-Nothing.

And when the TAKERS finally OUTNUMBER the MAKERS . . . the Weight of the World will COLLAPSE upon the Shoulders of ATLAS, who as Ayn Rand wrote it in the 1950’s, will eventually SHRUG for the last time . . . before the coming DYSTOPIA.


THE FIRST . . . Those who contribute NOTHING, and have contributed NOTHING, and live off the GOODWILL of the MAKERS, should not have the RIGHT TO VOTE, since they have NOT earned the RIGHT to tell other people how they should be fed and nurtured with other PEOPLE’S MONEY.

Those who FEED off the System in the PUBLIC SECTOR, should not have the RIGHT TO VOTE, anymore than an employee who works for a Private Company, should have the right to tell the Owner(s) how to run his or her company.


BUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN . . . is that the MAKERS will simply stop MAKING, and live their lives comfortably within their WALLED-IN COMMUNITIES, as the TAKERS will RISE in the STREETS, creating MAYHEM in search of the things they should never have been entitled to in the first place . . .

Until such time as the MAKERS restore common sense and real balance to society, life for the TAKERS will not be worth living.

AND IF YOU THINK I’M BLOWING SMOKE . . . Think Again, and have a look at what Life Is Like in Venezuela or Brazil. And then look at Life in its current form in the American INNER CITIES like Chicago and Detroit, where the MAKERS have already all but walked away.

And then just think about what LIFE will be like across America, with FOUR MORE YEARS of SOCIALISM in the guise of PROGRESSIVE Politics, and then ready yourself for the outcome if Trump Doesn’t Win . . . and perhaps even if he does.

This inevitability . . . unless reversed now – is just around the corner.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am convinced that Obama uses these tools to make America look as bad as he can with great success. He is laughing at us.

  2. In Canada even prisoners can vote! What does that say about our political system? We must be nuts!

  3. I never cease to be amazed at how you can think so deeply and be able to tell so clearly. Thanks so much.

  4. Not to digress from your blog to day,which you are right on the ball, I see if you are a person who has fame is better then some one who is no body.. D Wade who is a nba super star and a gentleman , female cousin with child was killed in a drive by shooting . Wade did not ask for it to be on national TV 3 days or one. Here in Miami 3-4 children are shot or killed every week,no national TV.This is one of the reason I limit my TV news plus they bash Trump every day but praise Hillary the liar.

  5. Your analysis is surely accurate to the nth degree Howard…..Anarchy reared its ugly head in Montreal on both Monday and Tuesday…..and tragically won the day! This breakout performance by the anarchists, probably a group well funded by the likes of George Soros, will surely be repeated throughout the country, aided and abetted by the burgeoning socialist hordes, our socialistic governments, which many Canadians have now senselessly embraced.

  6. Well Howard the “takers” not only get to tell you when to dole it out and in what quantity , they get to call you a bigot , a racist , a fascist , when you complain about it . Furthermore they do deserve their share of what you have earned as a birth rite . The Battle Has already been fought , you and those of your ilk have LOST . I have chosen to become a TAKER , much easier and besides the competition ( my new peers) are lazy and stupid , easier for me to outwit them and get MORE of theirs !

  7. Yes, Howard, it is just around the corner. My gut, along with some well placed info from others, tells me we have become outnumbered by the takers and fools. How I hope I am wrong. We might find our freedoms will have to be taken back the hard way as warned by our Founders. There certainly seems to be no place for Traditional-Value Conservatives in the GOP. The estab elitists are nothing more than Socialists cavorting with the Marxist Democrats.

  8. I think the balance has already tilted in Canada. More takers than makers. I have met so many civil servants who think they are smarter than us makers, trying to tell us what to do. City employees are some of the worst offenders.
    None of these folks have ever created any wealth, they just mooch off the makers.
    But don’t worry, Trudope and Notley will fix everything! Not!

  9. Your common sense is so well explained. It is ridiculous to see the takers are multiplying like rabbits.
    No wonder they are coming into our country. We have no leaders to stop them. Trump is the only one
    That can???

  10. Sometime the issue is not just black and white. What about those that are on temporary welfare because of bad luck with job loss or business failure? Should those people be not allow to vote? I agree that the permanent deadbeats should not be allowed to vote. My recommendation is that those on a welfare to work programs be the exception. At least they are making the efforts to pull themselves up by the bootstraps.

  11. Canada’s population is about 36 million. Almost 17 million Canadians (almost half) are government-dependent to a
    significant extent. Circle the wagons!

  12. A sobering editorial, as usual! To that, I add another irony: a family on welfare, which gives birth, should be penalized, yet, our willfully blind gov rewards them and provides an incentive to create more takers!

  13. “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. ” ― Alexander Fraser Tytler

  14. One of the reasons I read your commentaries religiously is your common sense. This one is over the top.

    Susanne Sauer

  15. We report and pay taxes to the IRS in a uniform manner, yet we all don’t VOTE in a standardized manner. Each state says WHO can vote and by which METHOD they will count votes. Tonight on NBC’s evening news, Suzanna Guthrie said that in NC, the state was requiring voter ID; however, Af. Americans were being discriminated against because not all had IDs. Why not? Getting a State ID takes a visit to the DMV – big deal. We need a standardized method of legal voting to count legal votes. Period.

  16. Currently living in Florida, and RINOS are moving into the conservative areas, running for state and local offices, and enacting their liberal ideas. State will be a loss very soon. Can anyone suggest a good area in Texas to relocate to. Not to close to southern border, and not to hot? I’m getting old, and have to leave here soon.

  17. Howard,..in theory you are 100% correct. Butler’s think about something that no-one has mentioned. One hundred years ago, there were no support programs. If you had nothing, you starved. But have we forgotten about evolution? We are not the same people we were 100 years ago. We live longer, we’re smarter, and above all, we are more civilized and humane. 100 years ago the world was full of Scrooges; i.e. uncaring bosses working 8 year old kids to death. (Read The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes

  18. How about not allowing swivel servants to vote since they’re overpaid, underworked, early and highly pensioned and unproductive. No wonder the government bureaucracies are leftist and overwhelmingly vote for leftist candidates to keep the scam going. If given the choice they’d all shut their yaps to stay on the gravy train.

  19. Correct Howard. A type of proportional voting
    where the “doers” are the “sayers”
    is the only course to take. Today’s “popularity
    contest” form of electing is akin to selecting
    you scout troop leader.

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