Of The People – By The People . . . NOT AN OLIGARCHY


IN THE USA . . . When Congress was first created, it WAS NOT supposed to be FULL-TIME EMPLOYMENT for ELECTED people to serve in Government. It was designed to give delegates chosen by the people in FAIR ELECTIONS, the responsibility to speak on behalf of their Constituents to form policies on a part-time basis.


IN CANADA . . . It’s no different, but in some respects even worse, since the people really don’t choose who represents them as much as it is the Parties. And once elected, the Members of Parliament ONLY SUPPORT their PARTY, which becomes nothing more than government by decree.

FDR . . . After being elected to 4-TERMS in Office (1932-1945), where he died, and was replaced by his Vice President (Harry Truman), who in my opinion was a far better man than him . . . On February 27, 1951 – the Congress, with the SUPPORT of the American People, ratified by the requisite number of States, the confirmation of the TWENTY-SECOND AMENDMENT . . . limiting the Presidency to a MAXIMUM of 2-TERMS per man or woman.


Politicians, who are elected in the TRADITION of Governments Of the People, By the People and For the People . . . have all but raped this concept by making Government in the 21st Century an OFFSHOOT of an OLIGARCHY, where Government has little to do with service to the people, nearly as much as it has to do with service to themselves.


John McCain has already served 6-TERMS in the Senate (36-YEARS), and now, at 80-Years Old, he’s running for yet another Term of 6-MORE Years, it DENIGRATES by a HUGE MARGIN, the original intent of a LIMITED GOVERNMENT, as President Lincoln so aptly articulated at Gettysburg, during the wind-up of the Civil War – when he said that the American Government must be . . . Of the People, By the People, and For the People.

The Fact that BIG GOVERNMENT has become . . . Of the Politicians, By the Politicians and For the Politicians; instead of . . . Of the People, By the People and For the People . . . Big Government has STRIPPED the American People of any real control or input into their Government, that now . . . more than ever before, TERM LIMITS for Congress must become an Amendment no less important than the 22nd Amendment.

IT IS A FACT PROVEN BY HISTORY AND STATISTICS . . . that once in Power, a Politician gains access to all that is needed to STAY IN POWER, until he or she decides to call it quits, or until he or she does something extraordinary to bother the Media or Party Insiders, since even avowed CHEATS, THIEVES, & LIARS get reelected as long as they RUB THE RIGHT PEOPLE THE RIGHT WAY.

I think it’s easier to eliminate an INFESTATION of COCKROACHES from a FLOPHOUSE, than it is to remove a Politician from any Riding, rich or poor . . . and regardless of how well or poorly he or she has performed.

And that contravenes the essence of what we believe to be our “Democracies”.


Judges should NEVER be appointed or elected for life. But rather, should be ELECTED by their Peers and by the People for designated periods of time, based upon how they’ve ruled.

Teachers shouldn’t be guaranteed a job for life. And neither should be Bureaucrats.

ESPECIALLY POLITICIANS . . . who should be elected as they currently are . . . Of the People, By the People, and For the People, instead of forever . . . TO A LIMITED NUMBER OF TERMS.


Politicians should be elected, as they are in Texas, to meet in session, as in the case of Texas, on the Second Tuesday of every other ODD YEAR, not sitting for more than 140 Days, where a Texas Legislator earns a GRAND SUM OF $41,000 for two terms.

The Texas Legislation’s Job is to set the Budget and Agenda for two years, to be carried out by select Committees, which can be headed by Members of either Party.

And if the State needs extra time Legislating, the Governor can call the Legislature back to Austin for NO MORE THAN 30-DAYS, and only to Debate and Vote for SPECIFIC MATTERS, where the Legislators will be paid for the extra time Served, to a grand SUM OF $190 per day.

THIS WAS THE WAY THE FOUNDERS . . . imagined Government should be. But, rather than being like Texas and several other States that are as Conservative in terms of how their Governments work, and pays so little in terms of income to their Legislators, Washington (and Ottawa) has made their Legislators RICH through unbelievable Salaries, Obscene Perks and Pensions, that it is not even close to being a Part Time Job, but in effect, has become a MEGA TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY that virtually no one is willing to give up. And how can you blame them?


I focused on Texas; because Texas is a Growing State with an already Massive Population that is knocking on the Door to 30-MILLION People, close enough in size to Canada.

Yet, it has a really small Legislature that meets only when required, a Balanced Budget, and an influx of people from all over the USA and beyond, for which it must accommodate.

And because of new and ever increasing demands on the Texas Infrastructure, especially with dwindling revenues from Oil and Natural Gas, instead of INCREASING the Budget, this current year’s Texas Legislature is demanding that all of it’s agencies reduce their budgets by 4% with the exception of a few programs that are unassailable.

Which means that Texans might have to pull in their belts a bit, but won’t get skinned otherwise. And when the times get better again, Texas won’t be mired in debt forcing them to raise taxes and catch-up to the rest of the country.

AS YOU KNOW FROM MY WRITINGS . . . I have nothing but disdain for Big Governments and Professional Politicians, and that I am 100% convinced that all of our societies would be MILES ahead without them.

Not only do Big Governments and Professional Politicians add nothing to our National Welfare, they in fact DETRACT from the progress of our Societies.

We have become so DEPENDENT and FEARFUL of our Governments . . . that the days, when we have been as free as we thought we were, are long gone, and maybe that’s the reason people are moving to Trump before it becomes too late.

And it is probably the reason, which will ignite the next Revolution, in one way or another, since the Government will never SURRENDER its Power, and enough of the people will never succumb.

I THINK TRUMP IS GOING TO WIN . . . But win or lose; it almost doesn’t matter, since we are at a critical crossroad in our development, that won’t be settled strictly by debate.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ha! Why should they change? Why should anything change? You have an elected (or chosen) elite that acts like they are above and unanswerable to all, and a populace that’s so self-obsessed with loading themselves onto facebook and their idiotic cell phones that they have lost sight of what a society of answerable and responsible govt should truly be. If the people are not going to care or hold them accountable, then why should they.

  2. Yes, Howard. You and Plato (c.425-347B.C.) are right. Democracy is “the authority of the crowd”. Unless a strong, moral,
    person like Donald Trump intervenes, a democracy is destined to descend, via complacency, apathy and government dependency, into anarchy, dictatorship or worse.

  3. I couldn’t agree more! We the people have to step up and say enough is enough!

  4. Joe Eliott’s comment is spot on for the U. S. as well. No one will give up power unless they are forced.

  5. California Governor Brown just signed a bill giving state lawyers a 14% increase. What could they possibly have done to deserve that. Six figure salaries, bonuses, retirements are The US House and Senate receive lifetime salaries after a single term. Why? Because they can. The local and Federal governments are overstaffed, under worked, and seriously overpaid. I cringe at a Washington hearing is on TV. A few hundred people in the room in which maybe 6 actually do anything. TV exposure/votes?

  6. Howard…I agree with Mr. John Ross…I never knew about Texas and something well worth knowing…Really enjoyed this article, even more than the one yesterday…I am going to send this one out right now…”Thanks Again”

  7. Howard,
    As usual, you are saying what I feel most Conservatives have been at least thinking for many, many years. WHY they have not been more vocal is beyond me. I think that the time is very close to to a Civil War in this country – between the Government and the PEOPLE- who, if they are honest with themselves, really DO want our government to be run the way our forefathers intended in the first place. Perhaps this is how it must be in order to get our country back.
    Get rid of John McCain!!

  8. “…it’s easier to eliminate an INFESTATION of COCKROACHES from a FLOPHOUSE…” As correct a statement as that is, it might be more apt to use BED BUGS (Cimex lectularius) as a simile instead, as they are a nasty little blood-sucking parasite, in bed with each other, that spread fatal disease to it’s host, and even more difficult to eradicate than cockroaches…or nasty little politicians!

  9. As a youngster I was happy when Truman beat Dewey. I agree with you that he was better then FDR. I have been saying since then that the Fathers of America did NOT intend for elected officials to serve more than 1 term in office, that they should return to their family and what ever they did for a living before being elected. How else would they know what the citizen faced or needed? It will never happen because of greed of those in office. Read The Harbinger it will open your eyes.

  10. Thanks Howard, for your endorsement of Truman vs FDR. Among tragic blunders from FDR, 2 are particularly egregious: 1: against all his generals’ advice, FDR refused to let the USA bomb to destroy the rails of the train system used to send millions of Jews to their deaths ; 2: his infatuation with Uncle Joe, which led to an almost 50 years of enslaving of over a
    100M of Europeans… As for Japan, had FDR still been alive in August 1945, tens of 1,000 more Americans would have died…

  11. There needs to be a Convention of States according to Article V of our Constitution so that an Amendment can be proposed calling for Term Limits. This is entirely different from a Constitutional Convention called by Congress. Michigan also needs a PART TIME Legislature as so many other States already have. Our Tea Parties must address both of these issues.
    Get involved!! The politicians will never agree to either proposal.

  12. A simple solution to the problem when elected to any office ,federal,state,or local ,one term and outwith no befits like retirement packages . Look at the congress of the U S if only one term they revive a life time income of the salary and free health .Its better then a corporate package for executives. Lets rid of every one elected and start over. one term and your out..

  13. GREAT editorial! We must all rein in the “terms” and go back to the Constitution and it’s founders “meaning. Term limits ARE a must for the next legislature, Republican or Democrat,….that said it will not work without the “leadership” of a pragmatic President, who looks to “solve the problem”, not “placate those in power, i.e. Representatives, Senators and Supreme Court Judges! How can be possibly be “…of the people, by the people and for the people” if we rail against term limits???

  14. I’m not that fussy about John McCain either! How come he’s a hero? How about those who have lost their lives fighting for your country? I’m disgusted with most politicians no matter which party they represent. Most are in it for themselves and don’t give a flying fox —- about those they are supposed to represent.

  15. “Too great a sense of identity makes one feel he can do no wrong…..” A Convention of States is growing legs….fortunately.

  16. Thank you Howard! Put it our there! Just wish we could get more people in this country to understand this. Wow! What a difference it would make in making America and Canada great again.

  17. Howard, welcome back to the United States! You said it all, “…BIG GOVERNMENT has become—Of the Politicians, By the Politicians and For the Politicians; instead of . . . Of the People, By the People and For the People . . .” If the President is expected to accomplish his goals within four and/or 8 years, then Congressman should be expected to have the SAME TERM LIMITS. The ESTABLISHMENT [Democrats & Republicans] has got to GO in November. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  18. Your , “..the people really don’t choose who represents them as much as it is the Parties.” All the statements that it;s our fault, getting what we vote for, has always ticked me off because we can only vote for those on the ticket. A write-in=a vote for Dems ’cause real conservatives see what’s happening & want real change. But until Trump, parties have determined the candidates. Trump’s been 1st deviation from that & look how upsetting it’s been. Pray God keeps it honest & Trump will win.

  19. Great article, terms is worth fighting for to apply to all levels of government. Also lawyers are biased and should not hold any seats in any of our legislatures. This will get the real people to represent the people in our legislatures. It also would bring great savings, no more golden pensions and exuberant salaries. Hope and pray Trump will be the man that finally will break this chain of bondage and real freedom will start once again. Are we free men or living in the illusion of freedom.

  20. As usual.. great article. It’s amazing how you think like a Texan. If lyin’ Hillary gets elected, Texas will seriously consider seceding from the Union. There is already a website dedicated to doing just that. Maybe you can be one of our first honorary citizens!!! You already speak the language. We will have check points at all of our borders. With the money we save on federal taxes, we may even build the wall… LOL.

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