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I’m beginning to feel much better, NOT GREAT YET, but good enough, that I couldn’t sit at home any longer, so Anne and I hitched up our Smaller Travel Trailer, and headed South to Watertown NY, which for us is about 3-Hours on the Road South West.

So here I am, sitting outside our Travel Trailer, surrounded by Beautiful Sites, not far from Fort Drum, home of the 10th Mountain Division, thinking about how absolutely SENSATIONAL our North American countries really are, and how much they’re worth fighting for.


KAEPERNICK . . . is a BI-RACIAL Football Player (Black/White), raised by White Parents, sitting on a ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT with the San Francisco 49ers, who REFUSES to STAND for the American National Anthem . . . because in his words:

“I am not going to stand up to show Pride in a Flag for a Country that Oppresses Black people and people of Color”.

I wonder what the WOUNDED AMERICAN VETERAN would give (man or woman), who could no longer STAND on his or her own power, because while earning PENNIES defending FREEDOM, and not being held to the HERO Status Kaepernick revels-in . . . he or she lost the ability to Stand, so JERKS like Kaepernick could insult the FLAG that has given him the RIGHT to be a “SPORTS HERO” making more than $100-MILLION dollars playing a KID’S GAME?

And then there’s the COPS he CRAPS all over, who earn in a LIFETIME, what Kaepernick earns in a few months, whether he plays or not, who rush into danger to save anyone, regardless of Race, Religion, Gender, Color and all else, while people like Kaepernick couldn’t survive without them?


Everyone LOVES Beyoncé, the beautiful singer/dancer, who sells SEX & DEPRAVITY in her songs, videos and ON-STAGE performances, as she dresses like a high-class Call Girl . . . you know, the kind of image the LEFT want impressionable Young Girls to Emulate . . . who all of a sudden has become the conscience to protect the POOR DOWNTRODDEN BLACK American Community, at the hands of the Police and “White Privilege”.

I wonder how she squares away the MANY Hundreds of Millions of Dollars she has, which is reputed to be worth somewhere between $300 to $450 MILLION Dollars . . . to the so-called Down Trodden Blacks who can’t afford to buy a ticket to one of her shows?

AND THEN THERE’S THE 100-POUND GORILLA . . . How does Beyoncé have the Unmitigated CHUTZPAH to criticize and portray American Police Officers as Thugs, Brutes, and Murderers in her Sunday (August 28, 2016) performance at the VMA Awards, when before his own people slaughtered him in front of the cameras of the World, she accepted MILLIONS of Dollars to perform in a PRIVATE Performance for a WORLD CLASS GENOCIDAL MURDERER . . . in the name of Muammar Gaddafi?


Trump is NOT GOING TO LOSE the November Election, unless the majority of the American People have become so absolutely STUPID & IRREDEEMABLE . . . that they can no longer see the TRUTH through the FICTION.

“No one ever Went Broke Underestimating the Intelligence of the American Public” . . . HL Mencken:

The LEFT, who prefer to say they will VOTE for Crooked Hillary, in spite of the FACT that she is a KNOWN LIAR, that she and her Husband Bill operate a Crooked Charity (the Clinton Foundation), which is not that far removed from a Criminal Organization, and that she abandoned and then lied about the DEBACLE at Benghazi, just as she screwed-up Libya and everything else she touched as Secretary of State, speaks very poorly for the Intelligence of the Average American Person. Maybe Mencken was right.


I understand that Donald Trump speaks like a real LOUDMOUTH. He is insulting, a braggart, rude, off the top, and says many things he either has to apologize for or explain at least twice, because what he says can change a half dozen times in the same speech.

But, Donald Trump has NOT LIED to the American People. He has not fed off the Public Purse for his entire LIFE, pretending to have sacrificed for the Public Good, while getting STINKING RICH in the process by Selling Influence.

ASK DONALD TRUMP WHAT HE’S ACCOMPLISHED . . . and he can point a finger to God Only Knows how many Gorgeous Buildings and Golf Courses he’s developed all over the World.

Ask Donald Trump if he knows anything about EMPLOYING People in the Private Sector? And he could show you his Payroll, which is in the THOUSANDS. Ask Trump if he knows anything about creating Jobs? And he can point to the TENS OF THOUSANDS of People he’s employed Constructing his Buildings, Hotels, Resorts and Golf Courses . . . not to mention the many THOUSANDS of others who supply the infrastructure for those structures such as beds, mattresses, bedding, towels, soaps, shampoos, desks, refrigerates, TV’s etc.

NOW ASK HILLARY CLINTON . . . Outside of TAKING Wealth from the People for herself and her own (Daughter, Husband and Extended Family) through the Government, WHAT THE HELL HAS SHE EVER ACCOMPLISHED that has created a NON-TAX PAID JOB FOR ANYONE?


ALL THIS BLACK LIVES MATTER CRAP . . . White Privilege, and ONE PERCENTERS will not amount to a HILL OF BEANS to the people who really matter when PUSH COMES TO SHOVE, and the REAL BATTLE begins between the MAKERS and the TAKERS, which won’t be just a war of words and FIXED elections.


IN THE LAST EDITORIAL . . . Gary Burd Commented – “DIE FIRST, THEN QUIT”. And in my Private Communication to Gary in Reply . . . I said:

“If I go first, it won’t be in Vain . . . and who could have ever thought our countries would have come down to this?”

Let’s hope that HL Mencken was wrong about UNDERESTIMATING the Intelligence of the American Public, and find out on November 8th, 2016 . . . that the American People will vote with their BRAINS and not their LIBIDO.

And that in another generation or two, people like Beyoncé and Kaepernick, will be nothing more than SCRAGS of their former selves, while America will still be that SHINING CITY UPON A HILL.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Did I miss something? I don’t see the point in this futile exercise…except for being just plain disgusting. Just for the record from the get-go, I NEVER trusted Obama and DID NOT vote for him even once. He has proven time after time that he is lawless and thinks he’s above the law and does not have to account to anybody, not even to his own Cabinet. I cannot understand why the Lefts are so enamored of this person who is shredding our wonderful country to bits. Simply put…he scares me.

  2. Ah, Howard! You almost ALWAYS mirror my own thoughts. I love your column and hope you continue to blog for many years to come! You’re the BEST! Thanks so much and welcome HOME to America once again! You’re so much MORE American than many native borns. You should consider moving here permanently!!!

  3. As a Dual-Citizen, I can relate to your joy in being back in the USA Howard. Whenever I return, the Spiritual difference, to me, is palpable. The number of “True Believers” is significantly higher south of the border although I’d still prefer to presently remain in Canada, away from Obamas’ America.
    a Dualy in Alberta; – J. Raketti


    Unfortunately, Howard ….. I’m afraid that has become all too true.

  5. Having been in the limo biz for decades, I can assure you that high class callgirls (and I’ve driven HUNDREDS of them) would not be caught DEAD dressing like that trashy Beyonce dresses. Beyonce is more in the streetwalker class–and I’ve driven a few of those too. Trust me on this.

  6. One topic that is of prime interest to me is the Mail-in vote system. How are these votes verified as legitimate? In recent presidential elections, zero votes for one candidate were recorded (guess which one). That is statistically impossible and in a number of Precincts and in others more votes for one candidate (guess again) than there were registered voters which is just a factual absurdity. Also states with no voter ID all went to one party (one more try). It is all on the internet.

  7. Howard you are brave. You tell it like it is. We have cornered the market on stupid people here in Canada as is evident by the 39% of them that voted for the always corrupt liberals. As opposition they screamed loud and hard at the $16.00 glass of OJ that a conservative had, but they spend thousands for their own desires. I truly hope the majority of Americans come to their senses and vote for Donald Trump in November . God Bless America.

  8. Oh Howard how I wish you were correct in assuming Trump would win. However, I believe the amount of
    voter fraud will be nothing short of monumental in this election. I agree with Bob Driscoll it that even if 80%
    of people voted for Trump the political left will rig the system. I think prayer is the only thing to change things.
    Divine intervention is what we need and we need it now!
    ET Mullen, Winsted, CT, USA

  9. Once again spot on. One suggestion. Want to get rejuvenated. Try a camping trailer trip to North of Superior. I did it for 10 days. Different world up there. Marvelous and still in Canada, Ontario as well. As for the voters, I am really questioning the old saw that the voters are never wrong. Oh yes they are both North and south of the border.

  10. 22 + of my Korean War friends would roll over in their North Korean or deep East China Sea graves to know that the Clintons and their ilk would ever have the possibility of even VISITING, let alone occupying the White House again…maybe even with the likes of a Colin Kaepernick! May God hear our prayers regarding that Draft Dodging SOB Bill Clinton, his wife and spawn, & a traitorous football freak to never cross the WH threshold again! If HE doesn’t like this. let him call a cop!
    Bud Farrell

  11. If the American people are absolutely too stupid to elect the likes of Hillary, then we deserve what we get. The left has so permeated our self-indulgent society so far, that we may never recover.

  12. Thanks for this, Howard. Welcome back to the US. Enjoy your time here and you and Ann be well. Allen West commented yesterday about the football hero. It’s a barn burner!!! Love that guy…..and you for telling the truth! I’ll send you West’s article.

  13. Good job Howard! The current American Government has spoiled so many of the people by just giving them something for nothing. The daily trend is to see how much you can get from the U.S.Government without turning a finger to contribute to the society in which we live. Too BAD KAPERNICK can’t be prosecuted for treason. This is the mentality of a lot of the people living in our country… Just bite the hand that feeds you!

  14. colin kaepernik has the right to not stand for the National Anthem ,i am not saying he is right just stupid. There are many ways he could have used his protest to support black Americans by joining a group for justice of blacks.As far as hillary
    ,all intelligent people will not vote for her unfortunately those that get the free satuff are not part of the intelligent group .

  15. The minds of the Left are invaded by a destructive factor that rejects common sense, logic and goodness. What other rationale is there when they eagerly surge forward toward evil? As one of your commenters, Eileen Mullen in Winston, CT says so well, prayer is our weapon, also our true resource. I believe we are in a spiritual war. God is listening! He will defeat every form of attack when we earnestly reach out to Him for relief. Everyone, pray, pray, pray daily for the healing of America.

  16. Kapernick has a real problem, obviously he is not very smart. He should not be allowed beyond the Bench, the Stadium
    would go wild if he walked onto the field. He is following Obama’s lead in continuing to further the racial divide in this

  17. Send kaepernick to Africa where they treat Blacks so well. Babs is going to Australia this time. Last election she was going to leave also. Never happened tell me is there a country that would take her in and put up with her bull, only the useful idiots.Good singer sad-sack human being. Billie

  18. As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog today. What bothers me most about the NFL not punishing Colin Kaepernick is they will not allow the Dallas Cowboys put a decal on their helmets commemorating the five policemen that were recently killed in Dallas. Hard to figure. Edgar Sellers

  19. I read Wiki about him as I had no clue re the name. Apparently he did well at Nevada, his only offer for football. (Not in a top tier conference.) A quarterback can’t be great without a great offensive line. A great offensive line is partially the result of a quarterback that they will give all to protect. What we saw was not leadership but a selfish individual whose feelings had been hurt. A team is a team and not a bunch of people whose objectives are different. Soon we will see the impact

  20. There is much to hope for. Between 2007&2008 I was a consultant on Enbriges Southern Access/Southern Lights Pipeline. When speaking to the salt of the earth inspectors and workers on that pipeline I saw/spoke to “real” Americans. The average Joe Q Public. Once I told them my Conservative views, they spoke freely and ALL of them were well informed and just as Conservative. Since then I’ve kept in touch with many. They all say that huge numbers of their “Democrat” friends are now voting Republican

  21. Hey, I’m a person of color. I just happen to be white. Definition of Stupid:showing a lack of ability to learn;Tending to make poor decisions or poor mistakes;Slow to learn;Lacking intelligence or common sense.Now I know those reading this blog this may not apply, but it does explain a lot that has happened to our Nation.Also many have chosen to forget from whence we came from and sacrifices made. Also our school system no longer teaches our True American History.Choice’s some good, some bad.

  22. Howard I just wish that I could add something to all the comments, BUT, everyone said just what I would so thanks everyone for speaking for me !!!

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