Suffering From Media OVERLOAD


Maybe because I’m still not feeling well . . . or maybe because I’m NOT STUPID, I’m feeling more aggravated than usual, because to my knowledge, the Media Information covering this Presidential Campaign is so far unfairly OVER-THE-TOP against REAL Conservatives, that it has become ANTI-DEMOCRATIC, and in itself, an OFFENSE to the Nature and Fairness of Politics . . . AND AN OUTRIGHT ASSAULT ON THE US CONSTITUTION.


So . . . knowing that, how do people with ZERO TALENT, as any of these SICKO Kim Kardashian Types have, ever reach the Highest Order of Media Stardom?

EASY ANSWER . . . OUR SOCIETY PANDERS TO LAMEBRAINS, who’ve become addicted to Media Garbage and the CRAP taught in our schools.

I’VE SAID THIS BEFORE . . . AND I’M GOING TO SAY IT AGAIN – Even though I am not a Religious Person, and do not quote the Bible to make my points, the Bible, whether it’s the TORAH (The Old Testament) followed by Jews, or the CHRISTIAN BIBLE, created not long after the Birth and Death of CHRIST . . . these TWO BOOKS are irrefutably important Historical Records Dating Back THOUSANDS OF YEARS, which tell and illustrate Tales we should not simply take for granted.

UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Debauchery and the Surrender of Values in Government and Amongst the People, have caused the COLLAPSE of many Empires – from the Greeks, to the Romans to the Persians, to the Egyptians and beyond.

So maybe the story of Sodom and Gomorrah isn’t just a STORY.

And there is no guarantee . . . NONE WHATSOEVER – that we won’t be next. As a matter of fact, based upon where our civilization is going, it seems to me, more likely than not, that we are in serious DECLINE . . . rather than being on the UPSWING. Even with all of our phenomenal technological advances.

One of the GREATEST Modern Miracles in line with FIRE, the WHEEL, and ELECTRICITY, has been Television and the Movies, where we can express ourselves in ways never before imagined. But what happens, when these Miracles are used by Profiteers (men and women) of Ill-Repute, who are not driven by Honesty, Ethics and High Moral Persuasion, but rather, by their own GREED for POWER and lust for MONEY, who discover that they can use their Miracles and Wealth in a nearly INCESTUOUS Partnership with Government?


WHAT ALSO HAPPENS . . . is that MEDIA LEVIATHANS, like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, and the disseminators like Comcast and Time Warner Cable, plus all their offshoots CONTROL THE MEDIA THAT SHAPES OUR LIVES.

WHAT HAPPENS TOO . . . is that GOOGLE, Face Book, Twitter, You Tube, Apple and a Host of other Internet Giants manipulate what we can read, say, and think.

AND THEN THERE ARE THE PRODUCTION STUDIOS . . . who are controlled by the Producers, who are controlled by the Banks, who are controlled by the Distributors, who are controlled by the Movie Theatres . . . all of whom are inevitably regulated and controlled by the Government.

Or maybe its become the other way around . . . do you remember the movie – The Tail That Wagged The Dog?

BECAUSE I’M NOT FEELING TOO WELL . . . Anne and I decided to watch a Netflix Movie the other night, something light and humorous, which I wouldn’t have to concentrate much on. So we chose 22-Jump Street, which is about two best friends who’ve become Bumbling Cops.

As it turns out, this movie has earned enormous money, and is loved by the younger crowds. The so-called Millennials . . . SO THIS IS WHAT WE SAW . . .

1 – Stupid College Kids doing stupid things.

2 – Drugs . . . Lots of drugs.

3 – Gratuitous Sex made to look Normal.

4 – Vulgar Self-Deprecating Humor.

5 – Unwarranted Racist and Homophobic Situations.

6 – Plenty of Violence.

7 – And a Script without Merit.

SO HOW MUCH DID THIS PIECE . . . of movie crap earn at the box office? How about $331 MILLION DOLLARS, not including Residuals, Cable Movie Rentals, and ultimately Netflix? And we wonder why our cultures are in such DECLINE?


The Media has Committed Two Terribly Unconscionable things with this Campaign:

1 – They’ve chosen sides, to the point that News has become Propaganda, where LYING is only part of the problem, while WITHHOLDING INFORMATION, has become the other no less EGREGIOUS part.

2 – The Media – FOX NEWS INCLUDED . . . has made this Campaign into a REALTY Show, constantly stirring the Pot, bringing in one headline after another, throwing in one expert to refute the other expert, making the whole process look like a dirty reality show, where the audience is waiting for the next insult to drop, all the while trying to convince their audience that they’re FAIR AND BALANCED, which is as far from the TRUTH, as is the value of the TALENTLESS FAT-ASSED NE’ER-DO-WELL . . . KIM KARDASHIAN.

The Media Traded Responsible Journalism for VOYEURISM and Entertainment, reducing the seriousness of the Federal Election to a Personality Contest between a known THIEF, CHEAT, LIAR and NATIONAL ABUSER . . . to a Bombastic Businessman with a Big Mouth, who has actually accomplished great things for Himself, his Family and his fellow Citizens, employing TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE all the while, as he was building his Empire, as if they were somehow equals. And now they’re doing whatever they can to defame and besmirch the Businessman.

But this isn’t REALITY TV, it’s the Future of America and the rest of the WORLD, so unlike who gives a CRAP about who Kim Kardashian is being SHTOOPED-BY this week or last, or what the FAT ASSED COW IS WEARING, or where she went out to eat, or who she’s schmoozing with now? IT’S WHAT TOMORROW IS GOING TO LOOK LIKE.

All of this ANTI-TRUMP-MEDIA-HYPE is not only unfair and untrue – it is damaging to America’s FREEDOMS, and should be made illegal, simply because it is being distributed by an OLIGOPOLY protected by Government Regulations, which is downright UN-AMERICAN.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What a welcomed title to this post. As soon as I saw it I said to myself:”FINALLY.” I used to spend my coffetime in the morning reading all this CRAP and blow a couple of hours! Not anymore. I look at a few headlines, note that it is the same old CRAP, and close my iPad for the day……and actually go get something done FOR ME. I can’t believe this will go on for …two…more…months, geeeez. I’m voting Trump, by the way, no matter what!!!

  2. We’ve shtooped ourselves – collectively…We have earned the sh*t-storm comin’ down the pike at us – collectively…our only hope at this point is the coming Kingdom of God…and I can only hope I’ve made the cut, for the King of Kings’ side. Here’s a link to help…Luke 17:20-21.

  3. Reference to your thinking of the Jewish and Christian bibles being the true facts as written. The bibles have been written and written so many times in many languages and those words passages our not the original as the first bibles.

  4. Give me a good old fashioned WW II movie with sadness, fear, desperation, profound hope that the good guys will win after all…and they DO…and tomorrow is brighter for that…that they will win in spite of all of the enemy’s subterfuge, lies, fraud, failure of character, etc.! Bud Farrell

  5. Points #1 and #2 are true Howard. The “Billary’s” are taking every opportunity to the bank calling it “The Clinton Foundation”. Our prior generations sacrificed so much in WWI, WWII and Korea. If they only knew then what we know now seeing the decline of our once great nations. Those of us from Vietnam Era saw the signs as we returned. If we are dumb enough to elect a pair of Arkansas crooks in Nov we should not be surprised at the outcome later. GO TRUMP and take Hillary to Prison…., please!

  6. And human nature is a malleable thing – ever skewed easily warped & twisted by various entities we encounter, many of which not conducive to the betterment of the human races. In present politics, we that pay attention can’t help but notice what years of socialist think, do and leadership have done to us to the negative. Do we really want more of Obama visa vis Hillary & her version of Communism? Let us prey not!


  8. The average lifetime of a democracy has been about 200 years. The U.S.A. is about 250 now.
    As Plato once said, a democracy, “the authority of the crowd”, is destined to descend, via
    complacency, apathy and government dependency, into something like anarchy or worse.

  9. Volcanos Earth Quakes Large Land Fires Sink Holes Hurricanes Floods caused by destruction of Ethics Morals Truth Greed THEFT Trader Actions for $$$$$$$ Murder of SOULS IN WOMB. God is sending a message for USA Voters to wake up as we have been infiltrated and our FOUNDATIONS UNDER ATTACK. Do not ask how this happened as USA falls just look in mirror and say ONE VOTE AND ONE ONE UNMARKED BALLOT AT A TIME. HISTORY UNFORGETABLE — IN HEARTS OF GRAND CHILDREN UNFORGIVABLE. DEMO-BRING DOWN DESTROY

  10. If you break the word expert down by sound you will understand the situation, “ex” is a has been and “spert” is a drip under pressure.

  11. If Clinton is elected; when she eliminates the Southern border, will Mexico and the U.S. be called “The North American Union”? Will there be a joint parliament of Mexico and the U.S. or will there just be one country. Maybe Santa Anna’s dream will come true or the U.S, will give up control of Texas, California and new Mexico. After all, Latinos outnumber whites 47%-39% in New Mexico, 39%-38% in California and trail whites in Texas 44%-38%. Hablas Español. Just like Canada and Quebec

  12. Many of us took an oath “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. The Government of the United States has become the greatest enemy of the Constitution and its citizens. We must rid ourselves of those in power who, by law, took the oath but will not abide by the Constitution nor will enforce our laws. Hillary has been and will be just be a continuation of same, if not worse.

  13. Howard, you hit another bulls eye with this editorial.

    A couple of thousand years ago, Marcus Tullius Cicero said, “The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend.” True in ancient Rome — true today.

    All the other comments are exactly right, too.

  14. The mainstream media, including FOX, are only shooting for RATINGS=MONEY & POWER. Meanwhile, people have gotten to a point where they’re only SELECTING particular items of interest and IGNORING the rest! SODOM & GOMORRAH, whether true or not, DEPICTS our Country to a tee. Also, while ROME BURNS, Nero [BHO] continues to PLAY HIS FIDDLE! Sound familiar? People are FED UP with the same old-same old ESTABLISHMENT! TRUMP MUST WIN or we shall be DOOMED. The DEBATES will tell it all. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  15. The media picks up on “stars” who back Clinton, but never mentions Katy Perry was paid $70,000 to be on stage with Hillory. Never ending “news” and commentary of Trump. When interviewing Trump supporters interviewers cut them off, say they don’t believe them, and so on. Lemon from CNN is a prime example. Trump is racist of Mexicans: Mexican is not a race. Hollywood depicts Mexicans as criminals: OK; Trump calling illegals criminal: racist. Lots HC says is racist but ignored. Why?

  16. Dear Howard, this article spoke to me so much, that I’ve already posted it on my Facebook page. I encourage as many others who use Facebook to post it on their page too, so that we can share this information with as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Your point number 1 and 2 were superb and frighteningly accurate. Thank you.

  17. The left loonies need a big dose of reality, just like the dose you just gave to us. The Kardashian analogy is a great one. If Killary is elected, our country, and probably the rest of the free world, are in deep trouble!!! I think this election will be decided by the “Have’s” and “Have not’s”…. not to mention crooked elections. It’s a shame we don’t know what God’s plan is? I’ll keep saying it…. Get out the vote!!!

  18. I feel like you are into my head again, Howard! We are not a country in decline; WE HAVE DECLINED……TERRIBLY! Things are unrecognizable from the years when I was a young person. Peggy Bland is correct and so was Plato! By 1960 it was as though someone flipped a switch onto “total negative” and this country fell into a terrible tailspin. Our moral compass was discarded, and we are seeing the results now. I’m concerned that the losers outnumber the winners. Wait for Nov 8th for the answer.

  19. Too many people today are living only for entertainment and self-pleasure. They don’t know or care about what’s going on in our world today. For a dose of reality, read the book “In One Second” by William Forstchen, Ph.D and military historian. It tells of an EMP (electromagnetic attack ) on the USA., sending our nation back to the dark ages, and one man’s struggle to save his family and town in NC. Tho fiction, it’s a terrifyingly real possibility, having our entire electrical grid destroyed

  20. Howard, your blog is right on. My friend and I were talking this morning how are society reflects Sodom and Gemorrah. I is fast spirally down hill.

  21. I told every one I met before the last election that if Obama was re-elected it would be worse than any natural disaster we could have, and now we have the best person MONEY can buy running for office. We don’t need a crooked liar in office. I hope we can all pull it out and save America for our children and grand children by getting Trump elected.

  22. Today, we don’t get news, impartially reported. What we get is OPINION, snarkily couched in terms such as “controversial,” “discredited,” “doubtful,” “shameless,” “divisive,” and “inflammatory.” Just listen to the Democrat shills every night when they spend 70% of the time knocking Trump by using such terms, and what little they say about Hillary is forgiving, laudatory and supportive of this corrupt excuse for a candidate. Total BS. Vote TRUMP to drown them out in Nov. and make it a landslide!

  23. Tell us what you REALLY think! You should feel “under the weather” more often! Scathing and deserved article on all fronts!
    No, I am sorry you have been so sick, but sometimes that weariness removes self editing….ha ha ha.

  24. I can hardly wait for this election to be over! I am so tired of Hillary … the latest I’ve read being that she is ‘sick’ or ‘ill’ , and how she needs a pillow behind her ….. yada yada yada … Looking for sympathy to win the vote?? I don’t know. But after all the years of Obama and Hillary & Bill …. if she wins the election, it will prove how dumbed-down Americans have become! I pray it won’t be so!!

  25. I’m in total agreement! I’ve taken to checking the weather in the AM, watching about 15 min. of news to be sure we haven’t all been blown to kingdom come overnight, and that’s the end of it for the day. Anything else I watch is either Animal Planet or Nat. Geo.
    There should be a time limit on this “running for President” thing …. it feels like it’s been going on for years and years.

  26. Your observation about the decline of culture and departure from morals are absolutely on target! The things that entertain the culture of the day is a full blown exposure of how far we have fallen. I am traveling almost non-stop – I will cross this great nation 5 times this year – rallying men to stand up! Trying to awaken the church and serving hurting and overlooked people trying to bring hope – we both must continue – my new patch – “DIE FIRST, THEN QUIT”! Gary Burd, Amarillo TX

  27. Your thoughts about Hollywood productions setting the standard for what’s normal is what I’ve been saying for a long time. A friend sent a link to an old 50s song with images of that era; it caused a strong longing to be back in that time of safety & freedom. The switch was turned on in the 60s as someone mentioned. This country has been in decline since because it began the process of eliminating God from schools then society with new laws. Now life is about self-gratification, no respect, etc.

  28. I have watched over these last 50 years exactly what Nikita Khrushchev told the Late President JFK back in 1962.”America will not be conquered from without,BUT will FALL FROM WITHIN”! Call it a prophesy if you’d like, but it’s happening. The Moral, Educational,Ethics,Integrity,Patriotism of America has been on the decline for decades.Stealthy,the agenda of those who rule over a dumb down Nation has no resistance to affect it. Except (reluctantly) another revolution.America was birthed from that!

  29. Media and govt operate in pursuit of 3 principles – money, power and control. The more they can keep control and manipulate the masses, and take away their values and replace them with their own, the more money, power and control they achieve. Never allow govt or media to do your thinking for you. Run like hell from any institution telling you what to do and think.

  30. We in Canada are already “dumbed down”. We had a great Prime Minister, but the liberal papers and tv hated him. Never said why, just continually put him down and belittled him because of his Conservatism.
    So now we have Marxist Trudope, and another winner commie in Alberta, Notley.
    I think we in Canada are over the hump, and will continue on the path of Europe. Trudope bringing in more Muslims who don’t share our values and don’t want to.
    We need a Trump in Canada. Kevin O’Leary?

  31. Gee! I must be one of the few who has never watched Kim (fat assed) Kardashian! Am I missing something? Good thing that I like reading and I BUY BOOKS, real books! I don’t worry any more – if the voters want crooked Hillary to be prez then they deserve everything they get in return for their vote. And in Canada since voters prefer looks to brains perhaps North America is in big trouble.

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