Lock Her Up


I still feel like CRAP, but not as bad as I did yesterday . . . and I guess it’ll take at least a few more days before I get my energy back, or as long as I can milk it for what it’s worth from Anne. So, if I’m more or less housebound, especially in this inordinate amount of heat, I might as well write.

PS – For those of you who are commenting . . . it wasn’t the Greasy Spoon, as much as it was a Stomach Bug. But like all else, this too will resolve itself.


I’ve been doing this for a very long time, and NEVER asked anyone for a penny. But over the past two years, since I’ve reached out for Financial Support, I am very Grateful to everyone who has been able to help.


The First Speech was by Donald Trump . . . who laid out specifics on how he intends to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

TRUMP TARGETED REAL PROBLEMS . . . focusing on the Economy, including Taxes and Regulations, Education, Spending, Crony Capitalism, Incompetent and Dishonest Government, Violence in mostly Black Neighborhoods, Unfair Trade Practices, Jobs, Illegal Immigration . . . AND THE WAR AGAINST ISIS.

IN HIS SPEECH – TRUMP ALSO WARNED . . . that Crooked Hillary would stoop to calling him, and accusing him of every RACIST EPITHET she and her script writers could conceive. And she didn’t disappoint.

I watched Trump’s EXUBERANT Audience cheer from the heart, as he touched on all the many things NORMAL Patriotic Americans believe in, and want to happen, and then I watched Crooked Hillary’s Speech . . . And then something dawned on me.

TRUMP SPEAKS BEFORE THOUSANDS OF ORDINARY PEOPLE . . . at HUGE PUBLIC VENUES, most of which cannot even accommodate the massive crowds who come from far and wide to hear his speeches, as thousands of people line-up for hours to get in, while thousands more hear and see what he has to say on SPEAKERS, or on BIG SCREENS on the outside.

NOT ONLY THAT . . . It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE for Trump to publish his Speaking Tour, because he speaks several times a day all over the country, many times at a whim, depending on where he feels a need. BUT HE’S EVERYWHERE. And everyone’s invited.


I realize that GOOGLE has become the ultimate Search Engine, but they are so far in the Tank for Crooked Hillary, that you can hardly get the TRUTH about her by searching through GOOGLE. So . . . I went to YAHOO, and guess what? I actually found some real information.

For Example . . . if you were to go to YAHOO and click this LINK – you would see that Crooked Hillary’s Speaking Agenda includes UNIVERSITIES, such as the Student Center in Reno Nevada, where she spoke on Thursday, with a guaranteed friendly sold out audience.

You will also notice from reading her itinerary, that VIRTUALLY ALL her Speaking GIGS are to SELECT Audiences and FUND RAISERS . . . with the CONTROLLED speeches being in contrast to the Fundraisers . . . are few and far between.

Where Trump spoke passionately at his speech about EVERYTHING . . . that should be important to the American People, Crooked Hillary focused on besmirching Trump on every CONTRIVED accusation imaginable.


This time, it’s not just the VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY, which was Crooked Hillary’s favorite Whipping Boy, when she and her husband were running for the White House in 1991 . . . now it’s ALT-CONSERVATIVES, which stands for Alternative Republicans, who are painted as RACISTS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.

Who every RINO & Media are thrilled to accept as the Real Deal.

BUT WHO ARE THEY . . . since I’ve never heard of this group until very recently? Who created this Moniker? Are they an Incorporated NON PROFIT Organization? Do they have an office? Or even a phone number?

This new GROUP, as I can see . . . is NOTHING MORE than the CREATION of the LEFT and Crooked Hillary’s Campaign, which is delighting REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY, as they would rather see Crooked Hillary win the election rather than Trump, to protect their ILL-BE-GOTTEN PRIVILEGE.


I READ AN INORDINATE AMOUNT OF NEWS . . . and I generally have our Television tuned to FOX News, much of the time with the volume muted. And when REAL breaking news happens, I watch and listen. Then I go to competitive Stations in the USA and over the Internet throughout the world. And after reading, watching and listening to VOLUMES of information, you get much of my opinions.

BUT YESTERDAY . . . I watched Trump’s Speech on the Internet, and then turned to hear the TRIPE of Hillary Clinton on FOX News, which FOX News carried LIVE.

And then came the OPINIONS FROM SHEPARD SMITH, who if he could, he would have kissed Crooked Hillary’s Feet. Not only was it terribly unprofessional, but was also more disturbing than just somewhat.

And just to mention . . . not that it has bearing on this story, but Shepard Smith is also VERY CRITICAL AND UNFAIR TO ISRAEL.

And perhaps equally disturbing to see, as was the ABSOLUTE UNFAIR SUBJECTIVITY in this reporting by Shepherd Smith, was the same rubbish repeated by Jennifer Griffin, for whom I had far more respect, before she made the comments that that gave approbation to the comments of Shepherd Smith.


I have neither the time, nor the patience to watch or listen to the DRIVEL on the FIVE, which to me is just nonsensical entertainment, passed off as a Legitimate News Show.

So, when I saw the FIVE come on just after the SLAP-DOWN of Trump on Smith’s Show, I was kind of interested to know what the FIVE would have to say. And I wasn’t surprised when Perino opened up with how many people call her out for being a RINO. This coming from woman who LIED, OBFUSCATED, and MISLED the American People for a living, for George W Bush . . . Woe Is Me. She could do herself a favor and stop complaining. She has had DREAM jobs with the Government, and has a DREAM job with Fox News. And she is who she is.


I went to University – SO WHAT? How does that make me special, since I know no shortage of University Grads who I wouldn’t trust cleaning-up after my horses? I’m White and Male. No apologies there. I’ve virtually always owned my own businesses, and over the years have employed hundreds of people without ever taking a penny from any government. I have been very generous to those who were truly in need. I love and help animals. I have spent fortunes defending Freedom of Expression in Canada. I fought in Karate Tournaments and I own and Shoot Guns. I ride a Motorcycle and Horses. And I was a member of the Montreal JEWISH DEFENSE LEAGUE. And I don’t believe I owe anything to anyone who doesn’t work for what he or she wants.


I do not want IMMIGRANTS coming into MY COUNTRY who wish to change my country’s laws and culture to suit them. I also don’t want IMMIGRANTS coming into my country without skills we need. And anyone wanting to come into my country must WORK for the privilege, and be completely VETTED, and have either a job on arrival, or someone of substance to sponsor him, her or them.

AND WHEN IT COMES TO GOVERNMENT AND WELFARE . . . enough is enough! We pay far too much of our money to a bloated Government, which passes laws and regulations, which not only DOES NOT make life better for us – BUT INHERENTLY WORSE.

And I want it to end . . . NOW!

And if that makes me an ALT-CONSERVATIVE – SO BE IT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. clinton is part of the “in” group. The “elite”. In England for example they are officially identified as the “ruling class”.
    She will not do a day in the slammer, ever! The establishment, soros and clan, will guarantee that.
    Despite all the proof to the contrary, ms clinton is an “untouchable”!
    Lemon, hot water and a good single malt whisky Howard!

  2. Bravo, Howard, you are getting better and better. I hope your health is doing the same. As for the Trump vs Clinton charade, I am trying to persuade myself that, after eight years of tyranny under Obama, the America from middle country (that I love) will vote in mass for Trump, leaving the coastal elites and pundits in the mud, for good… As for stooge Dana Perino, how can one expect better from a Bushie, when her former boss family (except Jeb’s son) is heading the NeverTrumpers!?

  3. Howard, I must be an ALT – conservative too! Earlier this morning I read that in the USA we are paying more than $60,000 per refugee in first 5 years whom we allow into this country from war torn Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. Money that should go to seniors and needy Americans! ENOUGH!

  4. Howard I may have a “cure” for your problem. Eat a bag of White Castle hamburgers (some call them that and they served me well when going to school a long time ago because they were cheap, really cheap) and presto magic you will be cured. On the other hand it might also kill you so only eat half a bag and reinforce the seat belts in your executive lounge. Wishing you better health soon.

  5. Hope your “bug” leaves you soon. Meantime consider it an unplanned weight loss program.
    Clinton is playing the race card on The Donald while she sings praises of Soros, Margaret Sanger, Sen KKK Byrd, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, etc etc.

  6. I would think that Dishonest Hillary would be a better handle to lay on her. You can be crooked from time to time but
    being Dishonest is a trait or montra. I am sure help is on the way from Obama to bail her bottom out.

  7. Sure. Lock that one up, fast. One thing, solitary only. If such gigantic mental disaster is allowed contact with any human being or living creatures, she will cause even to hardened monsters to be even worse than what they are.
    Lucrecia Borgia was a saint compared to that one.
    I dread to think such item being our Commander in Chief, then again before her stands … Mr. Hussein el Barrack bin, (it appears), Obama holding that flag. Oi vey!

  8. Howard: You mention some of the Fox news programs, but not O’Reilly or Hanity. Any reason why not. They seem to be the least biased against Trump.

  9. We live in a society where “people who SCREW UP are REWARDED, and people who are HONEST & WORK HARD get SCREWED”–as proven by HILLARY’S deceitful TACTICS. The DEBATES will ‘tell it all’! Until then, Hillary is “in hiding” because she CAN’T FACE the press and answer their questions. Trump is definitely FEARED by the ESTABLISHMENT and his Republican FOES who can’t even live up to their AGREEEMENT of supporting their NOMINEE. They DON’T belong in office! GO TRUMP GO…our Country needs you! AMEN!

  10. Just heard something this am, do you know anything about the alt right? Worth the time to check out,
    rather scary.
    Hope you are feeling much better soon

  11. Feel better, and I hope Mrs. G doesn’t catch it! Since Tantaros and Carlson are gone, the remaining FOX crew are on a merry-go-round, filling in at all hours, appearing silly. FOX BUSINESS channel is far better. >> I wish someone would post a definitive listing all contributors to the Clinton Foundation, including the money-launderers and enemies of our country.

  12. I watched Trump’s speech yesterday and thought it was his best. He was focused, confident and inspiring. I believe come November Trump will win big.
    I hope you get better soon. I recommend something that works for me extremely well if I have a stomach “bug” or food poisoning: I take 3 activated charcoal capsules (170mg’s) with a full glass of water every 2 hours. It absorbs, neutralizes and destroys the bacteria very effectively. I also take a potent multi-strain pro-biotic i.e. Bio-K.

  13. I’m glad I’m on the ‘up’ side of 70, the way North America is heading. With our ‘illustrious’ man-child at the helm in Canada (God help us!!) and the possibility of US voters being blinded by the ‘sparkle’ of Hillary’s double-edged sword …. North America needs a miracle …. or two or three!! I find it amazing that people can be so BLIND and DUMB!! By a “name”?? A NAME is nothing! What do they have for a brain, and what is in their heart???

  14. I am absolutely sick of the corrupted political left. They will do anything for a vote. Who would have thought we would be supporting illegals through welfare and free healthcare…But now, UNBELIEVABLY, they are pushing to let them VOTE!! Why, because they all vote Democrat because the party will support them and allow them to come into the US with no repercussions or obligation. They don’t even have to pay taxes and can draw welfare because they have no reported income. How great is that??

  15. Howard I know this isn’t on Topic so much . But it is very relevant of the whole.? What is your take on the Ann Coulter thing. Disclaiming her support of Trump. Because of his take on deporting illegal Hispanics. Has she just sold out for a Price. Or did she just win the attention just to sell her new Book. Either way she would be my next to last choice of a Friend now. Hil’Liar’y being first place. It appears to me that Donald Trump’s worst enemies are those who have pretended to be in our camp

  16. Donald Trump and BEN CARSON are scheduled to come to Michigan – Detroit? over the Labor Day weekend. Romeo, Mich.
    my hometown, has a marvelous Peach Festival on that weekend with a Parade (Bagpipers), a huge Carnival (corn dogs) and our Orchards are loaded with peaches and other fruits. Donald and Ben, you are cordially invited to come and join in the festivities. Ride on the float with the Peach Queen. Monday, 09/05. 32 Mile Rd. and VanDyke. All are welcome.!!

  17. Alt conservative—Liberal code name for white male racist conservative. The USA was built by old white men. The liberal scum running this country stand on the shoulders of these giants. Doing the best they can to erase all the greatness these great once in a lifetime men brought the people of the USA and the world.

  18. As predicted, the serial liar has called him a “racist” and has thrown in a short video of the KKK openly touting Donald J. Trump as its savior. No surprise there, but also, it was pure, simple logic that the lying pezza di merda hired this dung from the KKK to openly endorse Trump. Think about it: if he wanted Trump to win, why would he praise him knowing in advance the reaction from normal people? My money (all two bucks) says the Sicko Hillary paid him well. Too bad; no one gives a crap!

  19. Alt-right is obviously a term they have come up with to try to make those of us that would vote for Donald Trump feel bad about ourselves. Your right again, Howard!

  20. I’ll wear alt-conservative as a badge of honor. Their definition is like everything else about the Progressive-Marxist movement…..nothing but lies, deceit and evil. Hillary is totally capable of becoming a female Stalin or Mao. Don’t underestimate her capacity for evil. Sure hope you feel much better very soon, Howard. Feeling as you do is really the pits!

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