The Rot Runs DEEP


If you’re wondering why there hasn’t been an Editorial in a few days, it’s because out of nowhere, I’ve come down with a Vicious Stomach Flu that has literally sapped all my energy, to the point, that getting out of bed is a major accomplishment.

And even though I still feel not all that good, and am now at the stage where I can eat some toast and coffee, I feel that I should publish this Editorial for three reasons:

1 – I just needed to do something other than lay around feeling sorry for myself.

2 – Things are really moving fast in the world of politics . . . that I would have to have died not to want to comment on.

3 – I started this Editorial on Saturday, before I got really sick early Sunday afternoon, when I intended to publish it. So why let a good Editorial languish?

The problem the people face in the USA today, in Canada too, but perhaps somewhat less-so, runs far deeper than just about anyone can imagine. So deep as a matter of fact, that if and when anyone gets to the bottom of it, and wants to do something about it, there will not be enough prisons in America to incarcerate all the people who are Socio/Political Criminals.


What I just wrote might sound somewhat OVER-THE-TOP to most people, even to you, BUT IT’S 100% TRUE, since HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of Dollars are STOLEN from the MAKERS every YEAR. And who knows . . . it might be a TRILLION or more?


If you buy as much as a stick of chewing gum, you will be paying a sales tax on it. So we all buy things, whether we earn a salary or not, whether we live on welfare or not, or whether we work for the PUBLIC SECTOR or not. We all buy things and pay tax. But that doesn’t make us all Taxpayers in the greater sense.

THE ONLY PEOPLE, who really pay TAXES, are the people who’ve earned money in the PRIVATE SECTOR, which also includes legitimate retirees, who are taxed without special privileges. like those who operate in the world of Government, Wall Street and the Hedge Funds.

Even though there are good people who do a good job in Government, providing services we all need from time to time . . . there are far more who simply cheat the system and the GOODWILL of the MAKERS, whether it’s someone at the DMV, who gets paid a decent wage, yet does half a job in comparison to what he or she receives from the MAKERS . . . to an Elected Politician who runs on a platform of Promises, he or she has no intention whatsoever of honoring.

WE SEE IT EVERY DAY . . . with Veteran’s Affairs, where the people who work at the VA Hospitals, who are in positions of authority live WELL, and I mean REALLY WELL, while the men and women who served their Nation, who the VA are supposed to serve, are just a SHILL for the INSIDERS to make money and GAME the SYSTEM for all it’s worth.


ONE OF THE MANY REASONS . . . but I believe the most import reason, why Top Level Insiders from the Justice Department to the FBI haven’t INDICTED Hillary Clinton at the MOST, or have her appear before a Grand Jury at the LEAST, is because the CRIMES and DIRT run RAMPANT and DEEP.


We always assume . . . because some people are very quiet, outwardly respectful, well-educated, articulate, well dressed, live in upper middle-income environments, and are generally well presented – that they must also be people of Strong Moral Values and Ethics, which is too often, far from the truth.

THE BEST SCAM ARTISTS . . . are the ones who look the least likely to be dishonest.


LET ME MAKE THIS POINT ABUNDANTLY CLEAR . . . Most people in the PRIVATE SECTOR would KILL to get a mid-to-upper level government job. These jobs pay REALLY well. They’re full of perks, benefits and advantages very few people in the Private Sector could ever dream of. They finish off with incredible pensions. And until the Public Sector Worker Retires, because of the power of their Unions’ Capacity to deliver Campaign Money and Votes . . . their jobs are for LIFE, regardless of how poorly they perform their duties. We see it everyday.


After graduation, most lawyers don’t want to work just to earn a living in a small firm that caters to the needs of society. They want to become Prosecutors and Judges. Or at the very least, if they can’t make MILLIONS of dollars screwing their Clients for all they’re worth in the Private Sector, they want to work in some High Capacity Position for the Government.

And since many lawyers struggle to make a living, because they’re not smart or ruthless enough, they tend to take a shot at politics. We see that all the time as well.

I have several good friends who are lawyers, who are decent caring people, some of whom do quite well financially for their effort, and some who struggle just to get by, only because they CARE TOO MUCH, which are the Lawyers and friends I have the greatest respect for.

With the exception of just a few . . . Virtually all successful Lawyers are MONEY-GRUBBERS and SEEKERS of POWER and PRESTIGE . . . which brings me to most High Level Prosecutors and Judges, who in many, if not in most cases, are as much, if not MORE POLITICAL to get to where they are, than they are competent and caring Members of the Judicial System.

To get to the point where a Lawyer is sitting on the Bench of an APPOINTED COURT, such as a State Supreme Court, District Court, Court of Appeal, and most other State and Federal Courts, including the National Supreme Court, AND ESPECIALLY THE ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . . . he or she is not there just because he or she was a good lawyer with a decent heart before moving up the ladder.

HE OR SHE IS THERE BECAUSE HE OR SHE KNEW THE RIGHT PEOPLE . . . and moved in the Right Circles to be chosen. And make no mistake about it; FAVORS ARE TRADED IN BOTH DIRECTIONS.

AND I AM ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED . . . the Higher Up He or She is on the Legal Food Chain, the more CORRUPT, and the more FAVORS are OWED, to the point . . . that they are all in the SAME DIRT TOGETHER.

Upon witnessing . . . how Hillary Clinton is being ABSOLVED from her Nefarious Activities at the Highest Levels – there is no other conclusion one can draw, than the ROT IN GOVERNMENT runs from TOP to BOTTOM . . . and back up again.

AND UNTIL A REAL OUTSIDER LIKE DONALD TRUMP . . . can get to the TOP of the LADDER, nothing will change, until the people themselves make change happen one way or another, just as Thomas Jefferson wrote so brilliantly multiple times . . . Almost 250 Years Ago.

And who’s getting screwed in the end – it’s you and me . . . THE MAKERS, the ONLY people who pay, or have paid to keep this ENTIRE Criminal Operation Going.

Because of the way I feel. There is no Audio Broadcast with this Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This home depot Leftie is sadly representative of that entire mindset – That everyone else should pay for their “socialist ideals”. Never them. Even the people they are so-called ‘enamored’ with. It’s all phoney-baloney. Everyone else should do work while they slide and take and accuse. I’ve never seen one roll up their sleeves, open their pockets or insist that they themselves carry of the burden. It’s always the next guy.

  2. My father was a lawyer. My mother was going through his checkbook after he died and said she was amazed by the number of checks he had written to people who simply just needed the money. He was like that.

    Susanne Sauer
    Douglassville, PA USA

  3. Good move Teri!

    Missed you Howard, stay on the mend.
    The situation now seems almost impossible. Trump is a long shot, but the only shot available now.

    Regards; John Ross

  4. WOW – This was a GREAT blog!!! Now, maybe you can understand why most doctors in the USA HATE lawyers!!! As do most medical/surgical personnel, in the US. Most of the high cost of healthcare can be attributed to lawyers & their continual lawsuits. People wonder why there is more testing than necessary in healthcare – Lawyers!!! Doctors are trying to prevent any lawsuits, so they test when it isn’t even necessary. There are way too many lawyers in government, as well.

  5. It is very sad that your comments in the above article are so very very correct and accurate.

    US system of government is so lousy crooked and based on what the jerks can gain not what is the best interest of our citizens, veterans and working people.

  6. I am convinced that no lawyer should be able to hold public office as it’s a conflict of interests. All they do is pass more and more laws so they are never out of work.

  7. Think we figured this out. Maybe ole Solomon had a brain some of the time. That is before he let all his women bring in those false gods, and ruin his Kingdom. He too “was for sell” and in the end it cost him everything. Ecclesiastes 1:17-18 And, I set my mind to know wisdom, and to know madness, and folly; I realized that this also is striving after wind. Because in much wisdom there is much grief, and increasing knowledge results in increasing pain. Get well soon! Appreciate YOU much!

  8. Right on, Howard. It all stinks to high heaven! If you have ever known someone before s/he went to law school, then had the opportunity to talk with them after they graduate about right and wrong the change is obvious….and always convoluted. Kind of like the meaning of the word “is”. Let’s face it…our countries are sick with the stench of Communism, where right has become wrong. It’s all “relative”. This pervasive scum has penetrated every avenue…..especially (but not only) government.

  9. Jefferson’s comment about, ..”the tree of liberty needs to periodically be refreshed with the blood of Patriots. I, for one believe this is our best, AND last chance of regaining control of that which our forefathers and founders saw as our potential.
    Someone once told me there is no mention of “America” or any other close comparison in the prophecies of “end times”. WAKE UP PEOPLE we are fast coming to the window!!!!
    GOD BLESS AMERICA! We worked so hard for that single gift!!

  10. Toast and Tea , not coffee ! . Were you not just “touting ” a certain greasy spoon in your last blog ? umm
    Need a lawyer ?

  11. Howard,next time you have stomach problems eat a banana,works for me. Yes our american system of justice is at it low point.and as long as youi vote the party vote it will not change, We have to clean house of almost every elected federal government member of congress and and do away with all the special programs and retirement packages,this is true for your local government too. Shakespeare said ion one os his plays “kill all the lawyers “

  12. What a bummer. The food we eat today is full of antibiotics so therefore as Mother Hen says take probiotic to keep your digestive system healthy. Too strong antibiotics can kill you. I know this from first hand. Warm water with a lemon slice and a dab of honey will make your day. May each day be a better one for you. Buona sera! Billie

  13. The U.S. needs to correct their Tort system. Frivolous lawsuits are the norm because there is no downside for the Plaintiff if he/she loses. That’s why most insurance companies just pay to make something go away. In Canada if a frivolous suit is brought, the loser can be punished by a costs award to the other side. Also here, very few civil actions are tried by a jury, hence very few punitive awards–hot coffee in the lap, Pinto on fire etc. Of course, the U.S. lawyers would never permit reform

  14. I’ve always maintained a dislike for lawyers, bankers, accountants and politicians. Lawyers make laws and politicians pass the laws. Bankers want you when you don’t need them…..they don’t want you when you DO need them. Accountants are the ones that do the tax forms….which employs accountants… laws will NEVER be simplified as it will cost accountants and lawyers jobs….that’s the four professions that are the root cause of most of our problems…😱😩😰

  15. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Though I can say my physical health has been OK lately…..I can’t say that about my mental health. Seems every day that passes, more and more things either piss me off, or totally disgust me. I find myself wanting to throw a shoe through my TV every time it shows Hillary….or someone talking about Hillary. We all know she should be under indictment and her campaign should be over. My hope is she loses….and I NEVER have to see or hear her again.

  16. Recently in Canada, a Union called a private business greedy. I guess that they don’t live in glass houses. Personally, I distrust Unions from the get go.

  17. Greek philosopher Plato (c.425–347 B.C.) defined a democracy as “the authority of the crowd”. When enough members of “the crowd” realize that they can get immediate benefits from government, they elect the “snake-oil salesmen”; complacency sets in, then apathy, government dependency, dictatorship, or worse.

  18. I for one will be glad when this election is over …. and that HOPEFULLY American voters are wise enough NOT to elect Hillary! I can still hear her response re Benghazi …. “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE???”

  19. Howard; you just have to stop watching Hillary’s speeches. Guaranteed stomach upset ever time.

  20. I don’t much care for lawyers either, but permit me a comment about government. A bunch of years ago I was a civil servant
    for a number of years while living in CA. I still remember that, on my first day on the job, a co-worker advised me “Just make it past your probation period (6 months), then you can hang the mistletoe from the back of your belt”.

    ‘Nuff said?

    Morton Michaels, Scottsdale AZ

  21. Lawyers ruined our great healthcare system! My black lab recently was peeing blood! I got right into my vet. He did a blood count, urinalysis, ultra sound, and full exmination in an hour! The only test he sent off was to check for signs of kidney trouble or stones. I got that result the next day! $257 was the full cost including the antibiotics for two weeks which was $115 alone! We used to have healthcare like that and should still. If my dog were human, $2500, 5 dr.s and no results.

  22. I have managed to stay away from them all these years. I did have the opportunity to obtain the services of a Lawyer.
    The first part of our meeting he discussed his hourly rates, he did not ask me what my problem was. The second part
    of our meeting was my walking out the door. Worse than Politicians.

  23. Get well, Howard….you don’t think it was the “greasey spoon”, do you? God Bless you, & stick with the tea, toast, & soup. Lawyers are the pits….ought to be barred from govt., or running for any political office!! Guess why there are SOooooooo many jokes about lawyers!

  24. I was a civil servant in the 60s (Pentagon) & thot it was best job in world. When my son got MS in aerospace engineering I recommended he get job w/fed gov’t because, even tho not best-paying at the time, it was most secure job. That was in 1990s. He works for NASA & does well. But for me today, I wish I’d never recommended gov’t job to him. I was correct in assessment but never thot what US gov’t would become. Can’t help but feel unions (came in 60s) gets large part of blame.

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