Republicans Blame Yourselves


If the Republicans are worried about losing the Senate and the House in the November 8, 2016 Election, they have only themselves to blame.

They can point an accusing finger all they want to at Donald Trump; because of the way he says things, and what he says, and how he so ruthlessly decimated his Republican Opponents during their competition for the Nomination . . . but that is nothing more and nothing less than A PILE OF CRUD.

In 2012, the people threw-out the Democrats in the House, because the Republicans . . . through John Boehner, promised the people, that if elected . . . IT WOULD NOT BE BUSINESS AS USUAL.


Under Boehner, that is exactly what it was . . . BUSINESS AS USUAL. So Boehner and the rest of the Elected Republican Majority blamed their INABILITY to live up to their promises, BECAUSE the Democrats controlled the SENATE.


With the PROMISE from the Republicans, that with the Senate, in the control of the Republicans – EVERYTHING WOULD BE DIFFERENT. So the people TRUSTED the Republicans, and here comes Mitch McConnell to lead the SENATE, alongside the newly minted speaker of the HOUSEPaul Ryan . . .


McConnell DOES SQUAT in the Senate . . . Paul Ryan pushes through the Single Largest Spending Bill in US History in the House, and no Leader in the House or the Senate does what needs to be done to slow down Obama, let alone stop him.

INSTEAD . . . the Senate and the House go to WAR against their OWN, who did and said whatever they needed to do and say, which lived up to their Election PROMISES they made to their Constituents, as Ted Cruz did in the Senate, all the while, Obama was getting a relatively FREE RIDE to complete his PRO-INSIDER Anti-American Agenda.

AND THEY BLAME TRUMP, because they very well might lose the Senate, with even a possibility of losing the House, or enough of the House to limit their power?

Are these people not amongst the BIGGEST SCHMUCKS, LIARS & WHINERS to have ever held Political Power or what?


It’s very possible that the Senate could be lost to the Democrats, but not because of Trump. If it will be lost, look at the REAL PEOPLE who will be responsible for losing it. Look at all the Republican Senators who won on PROMISES, which they promptly forgot to live up, once gaining power.

AS FOR THE LEFT . . . they keep on winning, because they do what they promise they’ll do, which is to SCREW OVER the Republicans, usurp more power from the MAKERS, go to WAR against the STRAW ENEMY they create, and give as much as they can to the Something-For-Nothing Bunch in exchange for votes and power.

IF SOME OF THE REALLY GOOD REPUBLICAN SENATORS . . . like Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire might lose this coming November, she has no right to Blame Trump, since Trump wasn’t in the Senate NOT living up to his Promises and Expectations, even though Ayotte did.

AND THEN THERE ARE SOME REALLY BAD SENATORS . . . Like Susan Collins of Maine, who has been in the Senate for 19-Years, who runs as a Republican, but cannot be trusted to stand up for Conservative Principles and Values, since she PANDERS to the LEFT in the Senate and on the Street. SO WHO NEEDS HER?

Another great expression, which we all know, and most of us have used from time to time, is “Those who live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw Stones”, which best describes where the Republican Senate and House Members are right now.

So, if they want to go to WAR against Trump . . . about who is responsible for what might be . . . these Republicans better consider who has been in the government for what seems to have been forever, and who has NEVER BEEN IN GOVERNMENT . . . and who is taking a VICIOUS BEATING at the hands of the Media, the Democrats, the Uninformed, the LEFT, Big Banks, Big Investors, the Hedge Fund Managers and all the Republican Political Insiders – AKA RINOS (Republicans in Name Only), only because HE WANTS TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and he won’t play their game.


HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE HEARD TRUMP HAS NO FILTER? . . . Someone recently commented on my BLOG, that Trump HAS NO FILTER, suggesting that he should either keep his mouth shut, or think many times before mouthing-off.

Or perhaps, what he really should do, is run what he’s going to say through a whole bunch of people, like a Committee, who could measure and parse each of his words before they come out?

I understand, that since the COMMENTER isn’t alone in this thought, shared by a great many people, he might have something there. But he and all the others who have this same mindset are WRONG . . . REALLY-REALLY WRONG.

TRUMP IS NO FOOL . . . he didn’t get as Rich and as Successful as he his, and build an Empire all over the world with such Fabulous Structures, and raise such an incredibly Talented and LOYAL Family, because he was either stupid or ridiculously off the cuff.


1 – They are amongst the HARD LEFT, who’ve never done anything other than live off the system and money, which men and women like Trump have created for them to live off of.

2 – Academics, which include Teachers and Professors, who are one in the same, except, people teaching in colleges or universities insist on being called professors, because of their inflated EGOS needing to be recognized as being superior, by being called professors, because they teach in colleges or universities, and being a professor, is a much greater step above the lower echelon Teaching Rabble, than just being one of them, which goes to show that even amongst themselves . . . THEY’RE SANCTIMONIOUS SCHMUCKS,

WHO ARE THEY . . . and what have they done with their lives, since they’ve been in school from pre-Kindergarten, until the time they retire, building NOTHING and risking NOTHING?


Because they spend all their time TELLING Children and young Adults how to think, they think it really makes them know something the rest of us don’t.

They think and believe they are superior to the hard working person who gets his or her hands dirty on the farm, sweats to make a living doing construction, serves food, drives a cab, cleans hotel and hospital rooms, lives out of a suitcase selling on the road, works at more than one job just to put food on the table, earns minimum wage, has crap for healthcare, lives in undesirable areas, can never afford to own a house, has a house but can’t sleep at night worrying about affording to keep it, can never take a vacation, can never retire without surviving in poverty, worries about making payrolls, worries about getting paid, worries about whether the Bank will continue to finance his or her business, and on and on and on, because I know, because I’ve been MOST of these people my whole life, AND STILL WORRY EVERYDAY . . .

While these TEACHERS – just about all of them, who have NEVER had such worries, since their jobs are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE, as are their extremely generous Pensions, and their three-month Vacations and Healthcare . . . which are all paid for by the people they look down-on . . . you know, those who support Trump, who are the people who keep them in FAT CITY.

So why should their opinion count for anything?

3 – If Crooked Hillary wants to talk about NOT PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE, just look at the Banks, Wall Street, the Hedge Funds, huge Corporate Businesses and Trade Unions . . . which buy, pay for, and own the likes of Obama and Crooked Hillary.

THESE VERY BAD ACTORS . . . who pay virtually NOTHING, while receiving EVERYTHING, and have the Accountants, Tax Lawyers and Lobbyists to make certain that the LAWS of their own making, which benefits their FREE RIDE, while TAXING THE CRAP out of everyone else, so they can keep PAYING OFF the likes of Obama and the Clintons, who survive on their largesse . . . as well as MOST of the House and the Senate, Democrat and Republican alike . . . are not about to be USURPED by an Outsider like Trump.


THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A SECOND . . . There is no one with a working Brain, who really thinks that Crooked Hillary should not have been INDICTED. And at the very least, should not have had to appear before a Grand Jury. Or even less than that . . . should NOT have had her Q&A with the FBI at the very least recorded.


Except for FOX News and some Conservative Radio Talk Shows (Credit is given where Credit is Due), none of the Mainstream Media are really questioning anything from Crooked Hillary’s sordid history of LIES UPON LIES UPON LIES.


HERE’S WHAT IT COMES DOWN TO . . . and I’m no Conspiracy Theorist. But I’m also not STUPID, deaf or blind. THE FIX IS IN FOR Crooked Hillary, from the lowest Reporter, to the Highest Ranking Member of the Judiciary, all the way to the White House.

And if they COULD FIX the Justice Department and the FBI, so as NOT to pursue Crooked Hillary for the likelihood of engaging in such EXTREME Crimes and Misdemeanors, as two thirds of the American PEOPLE believe she is guilty of, they can FIX ANYTHING. And that includes Polling, and God only knows what else.


SO, WHEN YOU HEAR . . . or read the “EXPERTS”, which includes the Media, the RINOS and all the above mentioned criticizing Trump for what they say he SHOULDN’T SAY . . . remember where it probably comes from. And don’t take the bait.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


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  1. Upchuck. Having a president that would even address that is a disgrace. Not a day goes by that I do not live in agony.

    I’m surprised Obama isn’t openly celebrating the lower gas prices as a means to take away emphasis on the need for shale fracking and the keystone pipeline. Or maybe he is.

  2. As usual Howard, you are correct! Thanks for being our “voice”, those of us who know why Trump got all those votes in the primaries and would like to throw all the “crybabies” out with the dirty water!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Trump is raising money for the GOP, not himself, and THEY don’t want to SHARE. Talk about corrupt, backbiting bastards..and we wonder WHY we are in the mess we are. NOPE. They signed a pledge to SUPPORT the Primary Candidate and they can’t keep their WORD on that. A whole lot of those same folks are coming up for re-election…I wouldn’t vote for them. EVER. Trump is the man. I hope my vote makes a difference.

  4. I’m sure our Founding Fathers were more than bright enough to anticipate a “Crooked Hillary” and the radical abuse of powers by both the, what’s now, Republicans and Democrats. (That’s how far ahead these brilliant men went in full consideration of our Constitution and Bill of Rights). That said we have an out to clear and correct both the infection and virus that is damaging our Country today.
    It’s called Article 5 of the Constitution, I advise all to read it,…that’s how we even it!

  5. The ONLY way we can save this nation from self-destruction is to elect a Republican as President. The ONLY Republican left standing as a candidate is TRUMP. The RINOs do not seem to understand this. If Hillary is elected through actual votes or fraud, the Supreme Court will be a bunch of leftist liberals for decades, and you can kiss the Bill of Rights goodbye. NOT supporting Trump in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE is STUPID – you whiners and petulant children need a reality check! Get with it, dammit!

  6. WOW Howard! You are so spot on, it is scary sir. My fear is Trump might take his desire to be our “Change” President, and return to NY. All I can say is, and “Hope” is not a strategy but it is all I have, I HOPE he sticks to his guns and remains in. The Republicans in both House and Senate failed the people that elected them. Blaming Trump is so easy. The hard thing is to do in the job the people sent them there to do in the first place. GO TRUMP and GO CANADA!!!! Then kick Clinton’s behind!

  7. Well, I’m more convinced today than last week that this presidential campaign is separating out the Progressives wherever they may be in the GOP (as opposed to true conservatives) & elsewhrer for us to see. Conservatives believe in literal interpretation & application of Constitutional law as drafters intended; Progressives believe it should change as needs change. Same differences exist in churches about the Bible. How’s that been working out folks?

  8. The senator from NH is NOT good. In fact, using the Conservative Review Liberty Score, the only members of the senate class of 2016 worth more than a bucket of warm spit are Crapo 74, Lankford 69, Lee 100, Moran 69, Paul 92, Rubio 77, Scott 89, and Shelby 70. I have a C note that says Lankford, Moran and Shelby engaged in some creative voting to get to their exalted levels. Heritage scores would likely show similar excellence. Some clowns, notably Kirk 17, <= to d socialist/marxists!!!!!!

  9. Letter to Senator Susan Collins:
    Senator, you have made a big splash in the news with your opposition to Trump. Just why do you think Trump became the Republican nominee? He is leading a populist movement of people who are sick and tired of legislators like you sitting on your hands while Obama and the democrats drag America down the path to socialism. You have only yourself to blame for the rise of Trump.

  10. Guess who had the GUTS to FIRST discuss ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION openly…it was TRUMP, the one who HAS NO FILTER! Had he had a “FILTER”, no one would have even BROACHED this topic! Some people [esp. politicians] can’t accept the TRUTH, hence the reason for the “NO FILTER” attacks. Trump’s FAMILY & BUSINESS successes DISPROVE that accusation! The RINOS had too much of a FILTER, thus the reason for their lack of GOV. accomplishments! OBAMA & HILLARIOUS are FIRST-CLASS TRAITORS! GO TRUMP GO!!! AMEN!

  11. Good one Howard, & thanks. We ALL need to pray hard for a Trump win. If he loses, we and the country are going to be in deeper Ka-ka than even Greece, or going back further, Argentina under the Peron’s, or even further – Russia under those Marxists where thousands dropped dead from pure starvation – thank you (USSR workers paradise). Some people refuse to learn from history, especially if it’s socialist pie in the sky ‘Gimmyism’.

  12. What worries me is that while it is important how the people vote, it is even more important who counts the votes. We remember the chicanery in Illinois that gave JFK the votes he needed to carry that state. More recently, I understand that one east coast Florida county had a 125% voter turnout last time. I put nothing past some of the vote counters.

  13. I was recently called by an old friend asking for a donation to the “local” GOP so that they might help to elect those from the GOP who support “conservative” ideals. I pointed out to him that I was supporting The Donald with my donations and he was beside himself. I pointed out to him exactly what you did above. Why should I support people who don’t do what they represent that they are elected to do? He had no answer. I will continue to support The Donald. The GOP can go jump in a lake.

  14. Howard… are at the top of your game. No one in the world could have expressed what you said here any better. Top notch writing and top notch fact reporting. I am proud to be a reader and a friend.

  15. Howard I support your views fully, despising Clinton and all of the greedy entitled left, but I’m afraid Mr Trump lost the election with his stupid comments this week about assassinating Clinton, and Obama founding ISIS. Hope I’m wrong but he’s losing the few uncommitted votes. Make sure you read Diane Francis in the National Post today. I hold her in high regard and she thinks he’s done. I’m actually mad at Trump because we need him to win and he’s giving it away. Sad

    Robert Turmbull

  16. Howard, I tweet your columns to my followers, and many of them wish to follow you, PLEASE get a Twitter account!! It’s a big influencer!!

  17. Hear! Hear! for Mr. Przygoda. I stopped donating to the GOP years ago, precisely for the reasons he describes. The Republican Party is in total disarray and well may disappear. Perhaps should disappear puts it better. We need a viable, energetic new party. Most importantly we need HARD TERM LIMITS. The professional politicians are killing our country.

    Morton Michaels, Scottsdale, AZ

  18. The fiercely reputed US Atty’ Preet Bharara & the FBI are investigating the Clinton Foundation as I type. The Clinton’s are “feeling the Preet!” This guy means business. Those not understanding Trump’s remarks are sorely unaware of news events . . . say from around September of 2012. Fewer naps, a cup of coffee and a little research might assist! Granted, it’s not easy to catch up — one might better endeavor to keep on top of the news than snooze behind the wheel.

  19. TRUTH is TRUTH and you have said TRUTH TRUMP is the only person that can SAVE AMERICA. If he does not win , its over for America as a free nation. There will be one world gov, collapse of the economy and no Constitution ever again. Then possible…we will be in the bloodiest revolution that will make the civil war ( and some people accuse me of still fighting that one), look like a party. We will be off the grtid and 90% of America will be dead in less than a year, and I will probably be 1.

  20. AMEN HOWARD!!! We can place a great deal of blame on the GOP except for the Reagan years for currently hanging on the precipice of disaster. They not only have not challenged the Marxist Democrats over the years; most of them have been complicit. It is simply…..TREASON and it continues as such. How I wish we would see some honest law used on all of the traitors, but we could be on the verge of lawlessness if Hillary gets in office. Sure hope your prediction about Trump winning is correct.

  21. Along comes Trump, the one true outsider, the one with unquestionably bright ideas, a brilliant manner of implementing same, a patriotic family man, refreshingly outspoken, a humorist, openly successful, the best contender since Reagan and speaking of top negotiators – SOME ONE STOP ME! Now he faces his inept, corrupt to the core, lying felon, a sociopath, an enabler and worse – a WELCOMER of terrorists, a FRAUD BACKED by the media, politicians & moronic voters. WHAT TO DO? Perhaps VOTE TRUMP?

  22. How much tax has Donald Trump paid? Apparently none. The smokescreen is that he is being audited by the IRS does in no way preclude him from revealing his tax returns. The IRS has also stated that a private citizen being audited is under no obligation to conceal his returns as this does not effect the audit. The IRS also has not concurred that they are indeed auditing Trump’s returns. What’s up Donald?

  23. Wow. You really grasp what Trump is about now. He is the real deal and the most important thing in his life is turning back the US to the values which made it great until the liberals infiltrated the system. Along the way, they may have fooled him until he realized the evil in their intent. Now it is to regain the lost initiative of constitutional values which have been lost. They have a plan to destroy the US in very small increments. They have an eternity to achieve such. Trump sees it.

  24. Right to the heart of the matter again! Trump is taken so literally even in sarcasm or off the cuff remarks are taken seriously! What happened to our country? We went from a country with smoke filled space centers shooting for the moon and fist fights on the play grounds solving problems with a short term bruises and life long lessons. We have lost the American spirit somewhere along the way. We are so used to fake people, real people scare us and thought as unbelievable or treacherous.

  25. Again, RIGHT ON HOWARD!!! The Media has been corrupt since the Vietnam War. They became socialists & felt the country owed everyone. They had forgotten what JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – Ask what you can do for your country!!!” JFK was a Dem, but he was closer to the people than many want to believe – Through his challenge, the USA put several men on the moon, creating thousands & thousands of jobs. Now, the President & Congress trying to eliminate the military & NASA.

  26. The quintessence of the educational empire which I learned from one of my “biz ed perfessers”….

    Those who can – do,
    Those who can’t – teach,
    Those who can’t teach – teach others to teach, and
    Those who can’t teach others to teach – administrate

    Having dealt with educational institutions, at a very personal level, for over 25 years, you have no idea just how right he was. The best educators I have ever dealt with were those who came from industry and business and had actual field exper

  27. Howard, I was re-reading the conclusions scientifically confirmed on DDT. The level of intellectual, moral and scientific corruption that has led to the death of millions re-confirms to me that these people “progressive’s” are monsters and we will never be able to co-exist with them. What they do, defines them.

  28. Every Empire has a pinnacle time and a demise. Nikita Khrushchev told John F Kennedy “America will not be defeated from without, BUT will collapse from within” 1962! “ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” Look up “INDIVISIBLE” Not so much today!And GOD has been kicked out! A democracy is always temporary in nature, it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government! Our Founding Fathers formed a “REPUBLIC” THEY KNEW BETTER! REMEMBER, IT WAS “WE THE PEOPLE”

  29. Howard, right on! It’s crazy how the media is constantly attacking Trump. This election will either save our country or destroy it under the crooked Clinton’s. Whether you like him or not, Trump is the republican candidate. A no vote is a vote for the vile Clinton’s–who will destroy our country. (USMC Vet)

  30. Not sure if you are aware, but a poll just out in Canada says 90% would vote for the criminal Hillary. All who voted for Trudope, plus more! Our CBC (Communist Broadcasting Corp), is subsidized over $1 billion annually with taxpayer money. And they constantly demonize Trump and promote Hillary.
    So we in Canada are already lost in Socialism and Marxism as espoused by Liberals and NDP.
    Let’s hope the US can save their great republic.
    We here are done! Carbon tax, Muslim refugees unvetted.

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