BEFORE WE GET INTO THE MEAT AND POTATOES . . . of this Editorial, I will state that I have been FLOODED with Positive Comments and Emails suggesting great News Shows (Radio and Television), which I could turn to as an alternative to FOX News.

Some of the Broadcasts are not available in Canada, some are available through Sirius/XM Radio, which I listen to, and some like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin are also available over the regular American Radio Channels, which we can sort of receive on the Canadian Side of the Border, and over the Internet.

BUT HERE IS A REALITY . . . There is just so much that I can watch or hear, and still have time to write, research, fact-check and still publish my BLOG.

So when it comes right down to it . . . MY BLOG WINS.


In a WORLD, and in a COUNTRY that isn’t inhabited by MORONS, someone like Hillary Clinton and her Husband Bill, would already be in JAIL for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, amongst a HOST of other charges, and would not be running to become President and FIRST SEXUAL ABUSER of the United States of America.


But the World isn’t NORMAL any longer, as it was coming out of the 1950’s, but rather, it’s become a World run by IGNORANT, SELFISH, SELF SERVING DOPES, amongst followers who CAN’T see TYRANNY . . . even if it SMACKED THEM RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES.


I listened intently to every word Trump said during his Detroit speech, and as a Canadian, I came away deeply annoyed.

I was terribly upset that Trump’s speech was delivered to Americans, by a Presidential contender who REALLY GETS IT, who understands that he’s running to become the President of the United States of America, and not to become the PANDERER-IN-CHIEF to a globalizing world.


We in Canada, have a Prime Minister and Nine out of Ten Premiers (Akin to Governors) who are HELL-BENT & DETERMINED to work towards a Globalizing One Word Government, where they can’t RAISE TAXES and CREATE REGULATIONS fast enough, to satisfy their desire to sell Canada Down the River, just to score points with the UN.

WHAT I WOULDN’T GIVE TO HAVE A PRIME MINISTER . . . who would stand up like Trump did yesterday in Detroit, to be ALL-IN FOR CANADA, with Old Fashioned Canadian Values, and for the Canadian People, as Trump was for America.

YOU CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO IMAGINE . . . how upset I was, when I heard all the COMMON SENSE THINGS TRUMP SAID ABOUT MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, knowing what kind of a SCHMUCK Canada has for a Prime Minister, whose first goal is to Make Himself Great, while keeping CANADA SECOND CLASS, so the International Community would like us.


. . . aside from Canada’s Leadership, where we’re Rich in Resources, and Awash with Educated People, who by all measure have bought into the “FROM THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE GOVERNMENT PHILOSOPHY” . . . that the Majority of my Countrymen don’t even have a CLUE, about what it really means to have FREEDOM from the Government.

BUT, WHEN TRUMP WINS THE PRESIDENCY . . . which he will, MY CANADIAN CO-NATIONALS will find out soon enough, because, as I listened to every word Trump uttered during his Detroit Speech, he hammered away at NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement), while from time to time pointing his finger at Mexico . . .

BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . Canada is no less a part of NAFTA than is Mexico. And nowhere in Trump’s Speech, did I hear him say – MAKE AMERICA & CANADA GREAT AGAIN.

I GUESS . . . since the United States of America accounts for just about 100% OF CANADA’S ENTIRE TRADE SURPLUS, we in Canada, better get ready for an economic FORCE OF NATURE AKIN TO A TSUNAMI, when Trump does everything to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, which will no doubt leave Canada outside in the Cold.


Where will Canada turn, to sell our products, since outside of some of our Natural Resources, no one other than the USA, seems to give a damn about buying much of anything we produce?

What will happen to our Ontario Auto Industry, which already took it on the chin, when Trump either closes America’s Doors to Canadian Made Cars, or imposes Tariffs on the Cars Made in Canada, to encourage our Canadian Manufacturers to build and assemble these Cars and Trucks in the USA?

WHAT WILL OUR JACKASS PRIME MINISTER . . . use to threaten Trump with, if and when what I just spelled out happens? Will the Dilettante Prime Minister Trudeau, read the Canadian Riot Act to President Trump, and threaten all kinds of retribution? Or will he get on his knees and beg?


. . . Are Idiots who don’t want to see America Become Great Again, or are so politically STUPID, that they can’t understand the difference between MORE GOVERNMENT, GREATER TAXES, MORE REGULATIONS, LESS JOBS, LESS PERSONAL FREEDOMS, LESS OPPORTUNITIES, and the LOSS OF THE AMERICAN DREAM, compared to Trump’s simple message . . . MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

On the upside for Canada, MAYBE . . . JUST MAYBE – a Trump Victory will scare our Canadian Politicians to wake-up and get their act together. But somehow, I doubt it.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Finally Boehner has grown some balls. We on the right, have got to do everything possible to keep Obama at bay. Including some of these foreign trade agreements BHO is pushing for. If BHO is for these agreements, we better read the fine print before it’s too late !!!

  2. As usual Howard I agree with you about what is going on, and seeing the Hildabeast on TV makes my stomach churn. I would like to have your readers know about a wonderful publication that I have just started reading. It’s called
    Whistleblower and really lets you see what most of us don’t hear about.

  3. In 1950, at age 17, I was asked “When will Canada join The U.S.A.?”
    I answered “In about 100 years.” Not a bad guess!

  4. If Trump can not win some of the black and latino votes of the same people he has insulted i dout he will become president.
    Unless hillary is indited for her and bill illegal use of the clinton foundation and there is enough evidence 10 times over and the fix is not on,hillary will be are next dictator after obama.

  5. Although “CHARITY begins at home, it doesn’t stay there”. Trump will begin to SAVE America FIRST, but will NOT forget its ALLIES nor will he apologize for our Country, as BHO did! We live in a world of ZOMBIES, but let’s hope that there are STILL more of US to elect TRUMP! HILLARIOUS & her CO-HORTS belong in jail–NOT in the White House! Also, 2 BENGHAZI families are now SUING her. This news certainly will NOT help her campaign. When’s her next PRESS CONFERENCE anyway??? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  6. Ever since we first visited Canada in 1960 & 61, I have wondered and wished the same…selfishly but for BOTH of our countries, “When will Canada join the USA?”, or vice versa! For one thing, we wouldn’t need a WALL on EITHER border, our northern or FARTHER northern, and secondly more recently, we’d have the phenomenal good fortune to have Howard & Ann with us for as long as they wanted, without any old Green Cards Etc. Sincerely Bud & Carole Farrell

  7. Once again Agreed HG However our PM has already turned away from Canada’s only valued product , what he calls dirty oil , in favour of what he feels will be the real saving grace of Canada’s future ” diversity ” . Now what that is exactly , what it costs to produce , what the ROI on it is , he has not been specific about : fortunately I do not think a dissolution of NAFTA will affect our exports of this precious commodity ! Idiot Savant ?

  8. Trump really explained his thoughts and purpose well here in Detroit yesterday. I have a feeling, Mr. Trump is VERY aware of our working relationship with Canada and I believe that his advisors will suggest allowances. The Canadians do BUY USA goods. I see so many Canadian license plates in shopping centers and at our hospitals I know you are BUYING not just GOODS, but HOSPITAL/Medical Care as well. ^5 to Mr. Trump. Thank You, Mr. G – excellent editorial.

  9. Pretty-boy justin is no less a meat puppet than is hussein. And as incompetent.
    When elections outcomes are based on 85% of the oafs voting as if it were a popularity contest then you get the likes of these jerks.
    Our system of electing gov’t is fraught with problems and inconsistencies. “one man one vote” is, today, unrealistic. You see the results it has wrought.

  10. If only the Iranian Nuclear Scientist could talk after his hanging this week to tell us the real story connected to why “Billary” called him a friend in her unsecured 12+ different serves in her basement. Then we would know the truth. He is one more person on the list many folks associated with the Clintons who are no longer around to talk. How dumb both our countries are that “LIBTARDS” cannot see what is going on. Trump will do what he can for Canada once elected. I have no doubt!

  11. Mr. G. I’ve given up. We had a very good P.M., Steven Harper, and the media detested him so now we have another idiot from Quebec to run the show. Since he has already stated that Quebec is the best (after sucking billions from the ROC) he will surely make his home away from home even richer! And talking about hypocrites;they are now building a monster cement plant in beautiful Gaspé that will emit more CO-2 than the entire pipeline which they refuse to let go through their province.

  12. Trump will reel away dumbfounded when he meets Canada’s IDIOT Prime Minister.

  13. The Clintons would turn the US into a Central American banana republic

  14. The past, the present and the future, accurately represented once again….

    In my judgment, a time of reckoning and an alternate model to aspire to is exactly what Canada needs; absent same, Canada will be altered unalterably, by Justin and his band of Socialists…although, if they manage to amend our method of voting Canada may I very much fear, thereafter never be able to recover….

  15. Yes Howard you got it right, although when Trump said that he will increase employment for Ill., Mis., Ny., all states that boarder Canada I knew NAFTA would be gone as the big 3 close there plants here jobs move south and the wicked witch Wynne will get much less taxs. “Go Trump Go”


  17. In Canada Trump is our only hope, as our current Prime Minister is an unmitigated disaster, clowning his way around around the country, as commander in chief of all gay pride parades, while the country’s preponderance of natural resources remain locked in at the behest of well paid, extremist hordes. Hopefully someone like Donald will break the lock the UN pandering socialists, and extremists, have on this once great country.

  18. Trump’s Detroit speech was encouraging. I just hope that he has rid himself of all temptation to go after the straw men that the Hilliarites are setting up. He should stay on message and the job will be his.
    God Bless America (and Canada)


  19. Ever tried to become a U.S.Citizen? Or at least have dual citizenship?
    Trump becomes President, and people from all over will be scrambling to the U.S. of America, faster than “Draft Day” during the Vietnam War ! ! !

  20. Thanks so much, Howard, for your continued intelligent and cogent commentary. So appreciated in this topsy-turvy world we are in. It is absolutely clear to me now how MANY ne’r-do-wells are in “BIG GOVERNMENT’S” and BIG BUSINESS’S pockets. They are scared to death that they see a possible end to that power, if Trump gets in. I recommend as many as possible use their facebook pages to post hyperlinks to intelligent articles such as yours. Open people’s eyes, even those who kick and scream!

  21. Howard I admire you for standing up for Donald Trump even though his initial acts may hurt Canada . But I believe that would only be for a short time. I believe Donald trump will structure trade agreements that will be fair to Canadians. I do believe though he will force the Liberals to relinquish their hold on Conservatives.

  22. Yes, I would like to see Trump will the presidential election, but I fear the fix is in for hillary. I would have preferred Cruz or possibly Rubio, but this is what I am left with. OK, get behind Trump and do all I can to thwart the LSM (lame stream media) and their coronation of the murdering crooked hillary.
    That being said, yes, it will be difficult when Trump gets in. There is a lot to fix and recover from. I’ve been patient this past eight years, what’s a few more?

  23. I don’t care if Trump stole my car, my wife, my home… (maybe not my dog)…. whatever, it would still be better than voting for the lying Hillary!!! She is trying to steal our country!!!

  24. Thank You Howard… excellent Blog!!! Hopefully, we have enough people who vote here in the U.S. that will not be “Henny Peny” with their head buried in the ground, and will get out and vote for the individual that WILL Make America Great Again and hopefully open more trade between the U.S. and Canada.. our closest ally!! After all, we are all part of the North American Continent.. and we Love our Canadian neighbors!!! May God Bless All that You Do!! You are a Great American!!!!

  25. When TRUMP is POTUS he will not forget Canada. I doubt that any trade deals we have with Canada SCREW AMERICA OR CANADA….so I see no problem. TRUMP will want to solidify relations with U.S. Allies…He may, however, have to wait until your twit P.M. is out of the picture before anything meaningful can be accomplished. DIVERSITY my A**. He lives in LALA Land.

  26. A healthy America boosts economies around the world. America needs a friend in North America and Canada has always been that friend. It would be foolish to destroy a good relationship. Hopefully a Trump economy will cause Canadians to say, “We want that, too. “

  27. With a man as sensible, logical, truthful and honest as Donald Trump is showing himself to be, surely when the issue of Canada comes to his attention in the Oval Office, fairness will be the very first way he will deal. Canada should hopefully do well with a Donald Trump presidency right next door. He has a great knack for sniffing out corruption.

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