EVEN THOUGH FOX NEWS . . . is still the best Media that Conservatives have on Television to defend Conservative Values, it has fallen quite a distance from where it began.

When FOX News came on the Air in 1996, 5-years preceding 9/11, it was FRESH, EXCITING and unabashedly CONSERVATIVE, and not very well known to the masses . . . THEN A FUNNY THING HAPPENED AFTER 9/11.

In what seemed to be a whirlwind, FOX News became the DARLING of Conservative News, with great Insight and Editorials, leaning heavily on the Side of the Conservative Working Class, cutting through the BS, calling it like it was.


FOX News became so unorthodox, in comparison to all the other Media, which were in the Tank for the Liberal LEFT, that virtually overnight, it became a Conservative Sensation, so much so, that the LEFTIST Government controlled Agency, the CRTC (Canadian Radio & Television Corporation), wouldn’t license Canadian Cable and Satellite Companies to carry FOX News in Canada.

I AM PERSONALLY PROUD TO SAY . . . that I hammered the CRTC with letters, emails, and a demand to appear before the Commission to advocate for FOX News into Canada.

And eventually, because of multiple efforts like mine, FOX News came to Canada. But it wasn’t easy.

At first, the CRTC said that FOX News could come to Canada, but only if they agreed to place their entire programming on a DELAYED Broadcast, so if one of their on-air staff said something that was contrary to “CANADIAN PRINCIPLES AND VALUES” . . . it would be electronically blocked.

But since there was an outrage over this STUPID double standard that didn’t apply to ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS and CNN also coming into Canada – how in the world could the CRTC justify singling out FOX News for “SPECIAL” Treatment?

AND WHEN THAT DIDN’T FLY . . . the CRTC demanded that whichever Canadian Cable or Satellite Company, which would want to carry FOX News, it had to be offered as a SEPARATE NEWS PROVIDER, charged independently, and NOT to be bundled with other EXISTING NEWS PACKAGES.

But that has significantly changed with multiple demands from English Speaking Canadians from across Canada, who wanted FOX News.


AS FOX NEWS BECAME NORTH AMERICA’S . . . News Media of choice, the GENIUSES in charge of programming at FOX News, decided to take their WINNING FORMULA, and start dicking with this Fair & Balanced Nonsense, to the point where, much of the Broadcast-Day, starting after FOX & FRIENDS, has mostly become consumed with PABULUM Type Broadcasting.

I NEVER TUNED INTO FOX NEWS . . . to watch Not-So-Conservative Apologists who want to appear to be SO FAIR AND BALANCED, that they crap on Conservatives to prove their point, that they are as fair . . . as fair can be.

I’ve watched Dana Perino play Sugar and Spice long enough to simply tune her out. I can vomit listening to Juan Williams whine like a petulant child. And who the hell needs Kirsten Powers, who so smugly lectures Conservatives on why we should surrender our RIGHTS, FREEDOMS & CASH to the LEFT.

I certainly do not need to be insulted by the likes of Geraldo Rivera, who insists that he’s a Republican, but is thrilled to tell everyone who might care to know that he voted for Obama TWICE. And that he’s BEST of Friends with Donald Trump, but he’s not yet sure if he will vote for Trump or Hillary Clinton.

And for a Republican, he seems to champion an awful lot of LEFTIST Causes.

I also don’t need Rivera telling me that he’s Friends with all the Great Leaders of the world, especially as he calls him . . . “BIBI” Netanyahu of Israel, as he craps all over him for the way Netanyahu treats the Palestinians.

AND MEGYN KELLY . . . who needs a News Talk Forum, where it’s all about the HOST, who pretends to be Fair and Balanced, until it comes to throwing ZINGERS into Trump.

AND CHRIS WALLACE . . . the Sunday Morning News Host, who also likes to show that he is so Fair and Balanced, by usually sticking it to Conservatives, while playing much more respectfully with Liberals, to make certain he can get them on his show, and that he won’t be accused of bias.

AND THEN THERE’S BILL O’REILLY . . . If you want to talk about a Narcissist, look the word up in the Dictionary, and you’ll see a picture of O’Reilly beside the definition.


I like the Morning Crew, but could do quite well without Ainsley Earhardt, who isn’t the sharpest tack in the box.

I like Bill Hemmer and Martha McCallum. They’re smart, talented, entertaining, attractive, and play it down the middle.

I like Greta Van Susteren. I have no idea where she stands Socio/Politically. But, I do know that she’s smart. She deals with real issues. She has her head screwed-on right. And she will take a Conservative behind the woodshed, NO LESS than she’ll take a Liberal there too. And she doesn’t couch her feelings.

I also like Sean Hannity . . . but I’m not impressed with how he likes to play KUMBAYA with all the Station’s LEFTISTS, on and off the air, as if it’s some kind of a big joke.

AND I REALLY LIKE . . . Judge Jeanine Pirro and Jesse Watters.


If I wanted to Watch a Steady Stream of Media DRIVEL, with this BS Fair and Balanced CRAP . . . I don’t need FOX News, I could just as easily watch the same stuff on CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and CBS.

OR BETTER STILL, I could watch the KING of MEDIA BS on anyone of a Multiple Number of Canadian Stations, like the CBC (Canadians Broadcasting Corporation), CTV, and GLOBAL, all of which will deliver as many LEFTIST Platitudes as anyone could handle, with plenty left over for the real suckers.


I don’t need FAIR & BALANCED, when there’s NOTHING the other side Stands For, or Wants from Me, which is worth my Hearing, Watching, Considering or Debating.

AND IF I WANT TO HEAR A STEADY ONSLAUGHT AGAINST TRUMP . . . who did this, said that, is down, is losing, has to become a team player, is untrustworthy, has to listen, and on and on and on . . . what do I need FOX News for, since I can get all of that and more on any of the aforementioned Channels in the USA and Canada?


I Listen, NOT WATCH . . . to the News Portion of FOX News off and on during the day as I write and go about my business. I read as many as a Dozen Newspapers ONLINE every day. And I also Read quite a few EXCELLENT Blogs, Journals and Independent Reports on Energy, Investment, the Global Economy, and Military Opinions – from people who are in the know . . . ALSO EVERYDAY.

And I do everything I can to get my Opinions and Editorials Right.


I listen to 50’s and 60’s Music on Sirius/XM Radio, even when I’m Riding my Motorcycle, which is broadcast through my Helmet Stereo Speakers via Blue Tooth. And at night, I very often go to You Tube and watch some of the greatest Singers, Performers and Entertainers, many of them who performed Country, Blues, Rockabilly, and Rock & Roll . . . also of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

And sometimes, perhaps a bit more than sometimes . . . I watch the SHTICK of the late and great “Borscht Belt” Comedians and Entertainers, who were the BEST who ever WERE, which makes me long for those great days of Simplicity, Purity and Good Values.


There are wonderful places where we can all go to get the News and be Informed and Entertained, without the UNHOLY CRAP we’re flooded with everyday, including much from FOX News.

We don’t NEED to be conned by the Media, selling Entertainment and Twaddle as News, so they can add our names to their Rating’s Numbers, in order for them to get more Money for their Ads.

We don’t have to be aggravated by ON-AIR Announcers who read from Teleprompters, telling us what to think, while selling us Smoke and Mirrors, making believe they really care about us, when all they really care about is themselves, their numbers, and their generous salaries.

WE DON’T HAVE TO CARE ABOUT ANY OF THAT . . . since we can all get the Truth, the Facts, and the Entertainment, without having to be aggravated by what has become nothing more than a MISHMASH of shows, virtually indistinguishable from one another on all the Networks.

And if you don’t believe me . . . try to explain why someone like Bill O’Reilly appears on Late Night TV on the Regular Networks, or on the View, or anywhere else amongst the “COMPETITION”, if it isn’t all about Ratings and making Money?

So . . . if you think FOX News has changed to become more like THEM and less like us, I assure you, you’re not alone. And I don’t think you’re wrong.

But then again, with all my flaws, and for better or worse . . . YOU STILL HAVE ME.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The United States founders knew that only a moral and educated citizenry could hold the corrupting power of government accountable. Essential to this concept is the citizen’s watchdog of the free press. But with the immoral Alinski tactics of the left, the end justifies the means, the lie is only a lie if you get caught, it’s only a crime if you are prosecuted, and it’s not a crime if one’s motives are political. VERITAS!!!

  2. Not a Fox, neither FNC NOR Megan Kelly, but rather Chameleons which I thought simply changed their colors rather than principles! Maybe the current sex scandals there HAVE been true but the PRICE was right! A good start would be black balling Juan Williams (Pardon the pun) and Geraldo…and throw in Megan JUST for SOME measure of good will! They are even starting to make Allen Colmes look half sensible! NAH, nothing is THAT desperate!!
    Bud Farrell B-29 Gunner

  3. Thanks Howard, A to Z, you’ve just summed up my exact feelings about Fox News. However, I won’t be tuning in to CNN or MSNBC either anytime soon, and that also goes for the other alphabet TV stops. so, I guess that means I’ll grit my teeth, swear once in a while and stay with Fox.

  4. I had not heard of the Borscht Belt, but looking at the list of comedians (Bob Hope unfortunately excepted), I agree that they are wonderful. Danny Kaye was a favorite. The movie “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” had a cast of some of the funniest comedians out there, and included quite a few of the Borscht Belt people. It was one of the funniest, cleanest, purest fun films I’ve ever seen. I’ve stopped watching the sewage of today.

  5. I gave up on Fox News a long time ago……for all the reasons you mentioned in your post!
    Thanks, Howard, for telling it like it is.
    BTW the direct link to FaceBook is now working…..

  6. I agree 100%! My wife & I a few months ago discovered One America News. Mostly straight-up news, but several hosts have their own programs & don’t hide their conservative attitudes, values & thoughts & in that respect they’re far better than Fox. Also refreshing: they present parts of the US Constitution & historical vignettes so viewers don’t forget what made us great. Hope you can find it! I’m a grateful US immigrant (now citizen) who abhors where this once great country is going.

  7. FOX NEWS is it for tv — a lot of good radio, though, grumpy Grandpa Mike Savage is my favorite.

    Rivera, I believe, did not BREAK the story about the mental health facilities back in the 70’s — it was a small newspaper that did, and Rivera, like Sticky Fingers Sen. Cruz grabbing votes from Dr. Ben Carson, grabbed the story & ran off with the fame.

    I agree about the rest except O’Reilly – he gets a BIG pass. If he wasn’t the best looking guy in his college days, I don’t know who was!

  8. Thanks Howard. Now I know it is not just me that feels this way about Fox News. It has gotten to a point that I watch very little TV other than sports anymore. And since the Atlanta Braves sold their team to build a new stadium I am anxiously waiting for football to start.

  9. Couldn’t agree more about FOX News. If you can get it in Canada take a look at FOX Business…especially Stewart Varney. Lou Dobbs & Neil Cavuto…all three consistently conservative. Also, if you can get it in Canada on TV or on-line the recent start-up of OANN (One America News Network) is worth taking a look at it…especially the “Daily Ledger” report that comes on early in the evening. Here on the West Coast his show competes with O’Reilly which I don’t bother with any longer…

  10. ALL the talking heads have become actors and entertainers, no longer reporters. So I do not watch them anymore, I rely on sources like yours and other conservative online blogs and news. Daddy told me 70 years ago never believe anything you read in newspapers and only half of what you see for yourself. Good on ya Howard !

  11. I watch FOX News. I agree with your assessments of the news people. I guess the word “balances” comes into play. If there is a better choice of 24 hour news for conservatives, please let me know. Liberalism is like gravity, it is always working in our lives. I will look for “One America news.”

  12. The young’uns think that they know everything so lets see how they run the country, here in Canada or the USA. Know nothings who think they are so much smarter than those that made our countries great and fought to keep them great.

  13. I too prefer Fox Business, Judge Napolitano, Stewart Varney and th rest. I do like Judge Jeanine on Fox on the weekends. It is sad to say, but I don’t like much of Fox anymore. Their political experts are wrong most of the time. These same people are telling Donald Trump to change his winning strategy.

  14. I simply stopped watching Fox. I was so happy to find it, then found that it went downhill into liberalism, which they seem to think is opposite Liberalism now. It’s a great disappointment. All the women act flirtatious and brainless as well as conceited; it’s just too much “stars” and too little what it was. Not worth the time.

  15. I agree with you on FOX don’t pay to get it anymore, its not worth it. Use an app called trunews which just recently outed John McCain by playing a just discovered recording of John McCain that was used by North Vietnam as a broadcast to demoralize American Troops in the Vietnam war. It had been rumored to be out there for a long time and was finally discovered in CIA archive. Have you heard any of the main line networks play it. NOT Other us servicemen went to Jail for doing same John McCain.

  16. You may want to spend a little time watching/listening to FOX Business. It is, sort of, like FOX used to be but with a business spin to much of its content (which ain’t all that bad either). As far as FOX with the exception of Eric Bolling, Greta, Jessie, and the Judge I normally simply tune out the rest when they open their mouths or change the channel to watch a great old movie. We get CBC here in Detroit. Used to be (way, way back when) OK. Now a total waste.

  17. l still miss Ezra Levant and the sun news media They were refreshing but they did not get approved also

  18. I read your comments twice…and could find NOTHING to dissent about. You are absolutely right! About three months ago, we dismissed our satellite provider and turned the television off. We listen to news via sat radio, and our lives are the better for it. Fox has gone to the dark side, and we miss the days of yore when it was (mostly) dependable. Thanks, Howard, for shining a light on this pitiful situation.

    Pat Futch, Crockett, TX

  19. Yes, Howard, right on! Lou Dobbs has been a shining light on Fox Business news. Called it for Trump long before it became apparent to his colleagues. His comment section has been searing and straighforward. Stopped watching Megyn long ago. Juan, Giraldo – dump them – they are not journalists – only sensationalists.

  20. You hit the nail on the head re what Fox has devolved into. They’ve basically succumbed to the “if we just become marshmellows, everyone will start liking us” – just like the gutless GOP has done.

  21. Couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the various people now appearing on Fox News. We don’t need “fair and balanced” for a very good reason. There must be at least 10 other stations listeners can tune into to get the left’s opinion, starting with CNN (Clinton News Network) and MSNBC, then jumping to ABC, CBS and NBC! We need a TRULY conservative station right down the line. Period. When will we conservatives get what we deserve: a truly CONSERVATIVE TV NEWS STATION?

  22. Haven’t noticed any mention of Bret Baier. Perhaps because he’s not so flashy as others. But he’s as capable as anyone else in the business — and, in my view, appropriately fair and balanced.

    Al Mason, Shippensburg, PA

  23. Thanks Dr. Peter Jonker. I now will get One America News on Face Book. It will be nice to get balanced information. Another good report Mr. G.

  24. Right on as usual, Howard. Notice all the RINOS are getting to a panic mode. All worried about their rear left pocket. Keep up the good work, you are our GURU.

  25. I like Lou Dobbs on Fox Business channel. He is pretty conservative and doesn’t pull punches or defend the RINOs

  26. we way not agree when making comments on O’Reilly. Yes he is full of himself but so what he calls it the way he sees it. Yes he is on the talk show circuit but for the most part to promote his Killing books, can’t knock him for self promoting his work! His interviews, on these shows are always entertaining as he puts it to leftist talk show hosts that always try and one up him with not success. He usually wins over a lot of the low information patrons in the audiences which is saying somethin

  27. Right on again, Howard. It’s quite apparent to me that virtually all of the lamestream media is totally devoted to bashing Trump, from unquestioning acceptance of rigged polls as being accurate, to continuously harping that Trump can’t win because he’s just not qualified to be President. On the other hand, a corrupt, lying, mentally unstable, incompetent bitch (I use this term advisedly) gets a free pass and even adoration. Gag me with a spoon.

  28. Geraldo has constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth.

  29. I live in Canada and I have been watching Fox News for at least eight months now and many of their hosts are more or less looking to entertainment. Bill O’Reilly is exactly as you describe him Howard, a narcissist. Time for him to say his good-byes. To me, most of Fox news is about capturing their audience and making the big bucks. I do not watch allot of news anymore especially Canadian news. It definitely sucks! I tend to listen to radio and read books. 🙂

  30. Fox News is still the only, at least, semi conservative station, but I wrote to Bill O’reilly a year ago. (And he read it!) And I told him, “Glen Beck reminds me of you, several years ago before you became so darned Fair and Balanced. I liked you better that way!”

  31. Howard,
    As usual, your points are right on. I used to love watching FOX news because it WAS fair and balanced. Now, however, the “big boys” seems to be moving a bit too far to the left for my liking – all in the name of “fairness.” There is NOTHING fair about their broadcasts anymore.
    I thank God every day for your wonderful insight, honesty and integrity. If only ALL the broadcasters could see the way you do,we could ALL get the facts straight and simple.
    Randi McBurney-Dewey,AZ

  32. Wonder how much Fox has contributed to the Clinton Foundation? Sounds like they are getting in the tank with other One World Order Dictators. We will all end up being peons under their rule. Is anyone in America or Canada listenting or paying attention to what is going on? Follow the dots. All of the plus has been toward the Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim nations. Nothing for Israel, little to England and Europe. Our administration is full of Muslims. GOODBYE AMERICA/CANADA

  33. I, too, tune Dana Perino out. Even if I liked her comments, I still can’t bear the high-pitched, squealing voice; and have asked Fox News to get speech pathology therapy for her.

  34. Right on Howard, I can do without Jessie Watters, but your “likes” I agree with. I can also do without the fleshy leg
    waiver left front on the “5”. It is more interested to watch paint dry than those losers that you have mentioned. At least
    the Olympics have been a refreshing change, and Rio is doing a great job, I feel. Way better than the job we did in Atlanta.

  35. The right had a try at producing a Conservative network but from my point of view the commentators were badly lacking in the sensibilty needed to promote their cause, especially Ezra Levant. They have now tried to produce a blog that to me still has its problems and I basically have stopped tuning in. The rest of the news channels here in Canada were a major factor in our drama queen being elected PM. Nothing but trash, their way.

  36. Gee Howard I was talking to my wife this AM about how good power naps are especially for we SS folks (superb seniors–my narcissist moment) Now you come along and knock the 5 and this is my favorite NAP time show. Otherwise you are on target for the most part I wish Greta were in the Kelley time slot. Kelley is so anti Trump. She never says she is pro the lying hypocrite H.C. but her snide handling of Trump would leave you to believe she is Pro H.C.—-Bill Buckingham,Houston,TX.

  37. Dana Perino is just sickeningly sweet (acting), and that d___ dog of hers! Get a real life, lady!
    And …. Megan Kelly is just a showpiece …. she’s not a real broadcaster. She’s a dressed up, made up, Barbie doll, who thinks herself just so very smart (smart ass is the better word) that she can make faces, quips and comments that are to be funny. Yea, right! And …… one more thing ……. what’s with 95% of the women being blondes???
    Barb Brooke

  38. Newsmax tv isn’t too bad for an upstrat it’s on direct tv not sure if all cable providers carry that channel

  39. Your assessment of Fox is right on. I now watch Newsmax evenings more, Steve Malzberg and JD Hayworth. I suppose they would fight against bringing Newsmax into Canada too.

  40. You are so right about Fox News, Howard! I used to watch and really respect Megan Kelley because she asked a question of her guests and listened. Now she asks the question and interrupts to give her own opinion…kinda like Bill O’Reilly. I’ll be looking for another news program soon…or else I will cancel my Satellite and read more!

  41. So true. I have shifted to Fox Business. Mary Johnson summed it nicely.

  42. Good article, Howard. I feel the same. Interestingly, I noticed this morning that Fox News had a large highlighted photo of Hillary next to a smaller dark image of Donald, side by side. What is Fox hoping to convey? If they’re doing what it looks like they’re doing, I’m on to them and am sick of their parade of Leftists guests who blather on against Donald Trump. Fox News is definitely not as Conservative as they once were.

  43. Thanks again, Howard! You’re right on! (as usual). My feelings? All the aforementioned networks you discussed are
    owned and controlled by the One World Order. Isn’t it just a matter of time before the ‘real’ conservatives are taken off the air, especially Judge Jeanine (the most insightful), and the others who threaten their existence? especially Murdock? That’s why we need Trump so badly. Please keep inspiring us. God speed…..

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