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Trump endorsed Paul Ryan, John McCain and Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire. I guess even a Non-Political Politician has to play the Game somewhat, if he or she hopes to win.

And if this is part of the Game Trump has to play to get these two Political creatures (Ryan and McCain) off his back – SO BE IT. But personally, I wouldn’t have endorsed either of them. But I’m not about to join the crowd of Trump Second Guessers.

As you all know, who read this BLOG regularly, I have ZERO regard for John McCain, who some 40-Years ago was indeed a War Hero by the reports we have been privy to, which doesn’t give him the status of Political Reverence in Perpetuity, which he wallows in today.

In my most humble opinion . . . outside of certain aspects, I think John McCain has been a disaster to the Conservative Cause in the Senate. And I think he has long outlived his BEST DUE DATE as a politician, and would do the people of Arizona, the people of the USA, and the Republican Party a big favor if he stepped down and let a younger, more dynamic and Conservative Candidate run for the Senate Seat he has held for a very long time.

As for Paul Ryan . . . he could Talk a Great Talk all he wants to, but when it comes right down to it, Ryan slipped into the Government BUSINESS AS USUAL MODE the moment he became Speaker of the House. TALK IS CHEAP.

AND FOR KELLY AYOTTE . . . I really like Ayotte, since I don’t think the SLEAZE of Washington has yet rubbed off on her, and it actually might not. She says the things as a Conservative, I want to hear. And she votes the way I expect a Conservative should vote.


As I just wrote to a reader and supporter of Galganov.com who lives in Houston Texas, whenever Anne and I are in Washington DC, we make two PILGRIMAGES, one to Arlington National Cemetery, and the other to the Vietnam Wall.

At Arlington, we once had the Honor of watching the Funeral of a Fallen Vet, from a respectful distance. And even though we didn’t know who the Fallen Soldier was, or anything about him or her, we nonetheless wept as TAPS was played, and the Folded Flag was passed onto a relative of the deceased.

We’ve walked amongst the Headstones several times, remarking at how uncluttered and uniform the Graves were, and how serene the entire cemetery was, which in its beautiful silence said all that had to be said about the greatness of United States of America.

And as we walked upon the HALLOWED Ground, where America’s HEROES laid, we remarked on the CROSSES on the many Thousands of Headstones, and the STARS OF DAVID as well, which numbered in proportion to the ratio of Jewish Americans to Christian Americans.

BUT AS FAR AS WE COULD SEE . . . we saw no Star & Crescent markings on any Graves.

While it might be true . . . that the Democrat’s Moslem Shill (Khizr Khan), who spoke at their Convention, is a Gold Star Father, whose Moslem Son, died overseas in an American Uniform, fighting for his troops, which might or might not be true, since who could believe anything these LEFTIST Characters say . . . IT IS NONETHELESS ABSOLUTELY TRUE BEYOND ANY DEBATE, that about 7,000 American lives, of which almost all were Christian, with some being Jewish, DIED fighting for Moslems to be FREE.

IN 100% RETROSPECT . . . at this point in time, and seeing the results of the multiple wars America has been fighting since 2001 in Moslem countries, I have no idea what these Christian/Jewish Heroes died for, or what they were so badly wounded for, since the Moslems in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, didn’t deserve even one drop of American Blood to be shed on their behalf.

SO . . . FOR SOMEONE LIKE THIS PRO-MOSLEM BROTHERHOOD CREEP (Khan), who at the behest of CROOKED HILLARY CLINTON, stood up at the Democrat Convention, to lecture Donald Trump by holding-out his Pocket-Copy of the US Constitution, on what it means to be an American, was as insulting to the Memories and Sacrifices of the THOUSANDS of Headstones that GRACE THE LAWN OF ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY, as one can imagine.

I also have a Pocket-Copy of the US Constitution, however, I’ve read it MORE than just several times, which is probably 100% MORE TIMES than this Moslem Piece of Work has read his, if that indeed was even his copy of the US Constitution? But for CROOKED HILLARY CLINTON and the FAWNING LEFTIST MEDIA . . . it made a great PROP, as he stood with it, raised in hand, as if it was his Koran.

Speaking of which . . . Khan is a SERIOUS PROPONENT OF SHARIA, which is 100% OPPOSED to the Freedoms, which are revered in the US Constitution & Bill of Rights.

In the words of Donald Trump . . . “GIVE ME A BREAK”.


Many of you, who’ve been following this BLOG for Years, might remember that I used to produce On-Air, AUDIO EDITORIALS, which corresponded in one way or another to some of the Published Editorials.

These “RADIO” Type Editorials were quite popular, but they took so much time to do, that the effort infringed on my ability to earn a living with our Advertising Agency.

But, since I’ve decided to make Writing Socio/Political Editorials and Taping Videos my Full Time Undertaking, I’ve authorized our IT Person to reestablish the mechanism to produce Timely Audio Editorials, which will be archived, no differently than are the Written Editorials

Hopefully, if all goes well, my first Audio Editorial should go On-Line, on the Galganov.com Editorial Page within a week. Each Audio Editorial should be about 10-Minutes in length, and should be available to everyone with a regular computer, just by clicking on a button.

IF THIS ISN’T THE TIME TO PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS . . . I have no idea when there will be a better or more appropriate time.

TO PARAPHRASE WHAT HILLEL SAID . . . almost 100-Years before the Birth of CHRIST:

If not me, who? If not now, when? If not here, where?

If ever there was a time for everyone to SPEAK-OUT by every means possible, which includes Weak Voices amongst the Strong . . . now is the time, by every means available.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Perhaps not only President Obama, but Speaker Boehner as well, have gotten the message of last November. The American public has made its priorities known and appeasement of our enemies and abandonment of our allies is NOT our wish. You were a little late, Mr. Speaker, but it’s nice to learn that at least in this instance you have “gotten the message.

    The shocking stance of appeasement of Israel’s enemies by the Israeli Left must have George Santayana rolling in his grave.

  2. Why would anyone want a lier as our POTUS? Hillary has a good example to follow. Most people will remember the other Cinton making the statement “I did not have sex with that woman”. It was not OK to lie then and it is not OK now, but they seem to think they are above the law and the law seems to think they are also.

  3. Thank You Howard for all of your blogs! I read all of them and you always hit the nail right on the head!! I agree with you 100% and will continue to read all of your comments. God Bless You and we must Pray that GOD will continue to be in control with all that is currently going on in the North American Continent… which includes Canada.. We will keep our Faith till the end.. we cannot give up… People must be insane to even consider to vote for Hillary Clinton.. Do they not read anything?

  4. The problem is we live in a country now where the majority base their political opinions on jokes they hear on The Tonight Show or MTV. I don’t think this “dumbing down” can be undone. I think the days of the Greatest Generation are over. Sorry to be so negative.

  5. McCain was a pilot, shot down, captured, and held in prison. How does this make him a hero?
    Since Hillary had a short circuit with the truth just what is a short circuit? She and Obama lie each time they speak so why listen to them? Keep up your great work Howard I appreciate you.

  6. Howard, like you, I have been to both Arlington National Cemetery and the Viet Nam Memorial sites. Any person who loves this country cannot help but be deeply moved at either or both sites. You know I’ve followed you for about 4-5 years now. Thank you so much for all the wonderful insights you continually share with your devoted fans, such as I. Please keep up the commentaries. We need you and your thoughts to help keep us level-set!

  7. Trump’s endorsement of Ryan and McCain enraged me. Is he going over to the dark side?

  8. Excellent as usual, Howard. We’ll not vote for McCain again, and if we could we’d not vote for Ryan either. We heard earlier today that Conservative Review has given McCain a grade of 34% for the year and they have awarded Ayotte a grade of 32%. They are definitely two Conservative stalwarts we could do without. Needless to say these are critical times and it would be nice to see them return home. Conservative Tim Huelskamp in Kansas was just defeated thanks to GOP Socialists who put up millions

  9. To Paul Gullick: McCain was offered the opportunity to be released from captivity ahead of the others because his father was a officer. He turned it down and accepted his release in the proper sequence. This makes him a hero to me, although politically, he is not impressive.

  10. Last week a letter was presented to FBI director comey,the ATTORNEY GENERAL (a clone of obama ) IRS,and the senate investigating committee. ,signed by 44 members of congress about the clinton foundation

    This letter showed the illegal use of the 3 clintons, taken funds for there own purposes and how they were obtained and there failure to report to the IRS the true facts of the spending.The clintons are not only liars,thieves,but traitors.

  11. I totally agree with your assessment of John McCain. To me he is the USA version of Mike Duffy, another “past due date” senator who is a disgrace to our Upper Chamber. Then again, I guess all Senators in Canada are disgraces as they are non elected leeches living off of taxpayers.

  12. Trump had no choice but to endorse the two RINOS & Ms. Ayotte. The main thing for Trump is to WIN; he can’t do it without endorsing certain Republicans to show some type of UNITY. Also, it’s most important that the Republicans keep control of the SENATE and the HOUSE in order for TRUMP to CHANGE things after he WINS the Presidency. Both he & HILLARIOUS will SOON be privied to our Country’s most SENSITIVE information. Does anyone wonder how she will “HANDLE” THAT CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION? AMEN!

  13. Howard,

    My husband and I have long said that McCain has been a “washout”, a Rhino, and not viable to the Republican party for a very long time, and that he should, indeed, retire. He has been so polluted by Washington I don’t think he even knows how bad he is. Too bad. It might make him step down.

    On a side note, my husband of 15 years passed away on Aug. 4th. He will surely miss reading your columns. (Maybe not-they may be UP THERE!).

    RandI McBurney, Dewey, AZ

  14. Howard, I just saw Hillary’s America for the second time. I pray
    That more people will wake up before it’s too late. Excellent movie!

  15. Paul Ryan is Married to Janna Little a liberal, leftist progressive, she is anto-constitutional, pro big government and a George Soros supporter. She voted for BO twice. What else can you expect from Paul, after all he sleeps with the enemy.

  16. Howard, is it true Clinton headed to a fundraiser in West Beaumont, TX where she was greeted by around 150-200 Muslims, most of Pakistani origin late last week? The event was supposed to have been covered by a single news outlet in TX chaired by Pakistani businessman Tahir Javed. Cannot find anything on it anywhere. She raised ~$500,000? If so, makes it “one of the top five private fundraiser’s Clinton has had in this country.” If true, “Billary” is bought and paid for again. Is it true please?

  17. Les Green, It is liberal media that hides information like Mrs. Ryan’s.
    If we are able to remove Paul Ryan from Congress on Tues 8/9, it won’t just be for delaying his tepid endorsement of Trump. NO, for enabling and cheerleading everything Obama wants. Why else would Boehner have recommended
    Paul Ryan?

  18. Excellent blog, Howard – Excellent!!! To get things done, sometimes one must sleep with the enemy. Trump is trying to do things differently & turn this country’s economy around & bring the USA back to respect, with the world! It will be a tough job, but we the GOP voters selected Trump, as our choice for President. If he is totally bad for our country, it will never be as bad as Hildebeast’s solutions!!! The GOP really MUST stop thinking like Dems, if they want the party to continue.

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