Stop The Trump Hysteria . . . There’s More Than 3-Months Until E-Day



Think about this for a second – While Roger Ailes was running FOX News, Trump was either tied or winning in just about every category against Hillary Clinton. But, since he was politely let go by Rupert Murdoch, for supposedly making lascivious and salacious advances to some of the women on Fox News, as a result, Papa Murdoch’s LEFT LEANING SONS, replaced Ailes in the BIG PICTURE decision making of the News Channel, and all of a sudden, Trump isn’t doing any better in the FOX News Polls, than he’s doing amongst the Heavily Loaded ANTI-TRUMP CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and CBS Polls.

AND DON’T FORGET THIS . . . Who writes the Polls? Who creates the questions? Who decides who should be interviewed for the Polls? And who interprets the results?

If the Media decides to ask 1000 people in San Francisco who amongst the two Candidates they support, we all know what the result would be. And if the Media were to ask 1000 people in Coal Mining Country in Pennsylvania, which of the two Candidates they support, we also know what the answer would be.

But the Media won’t go to Trump Country, because we all KNOW where the Media Stands, but they will go to wherever CROOKED HILLARY does best.


Isn’t it incredible . . . how the whole world ATTACKED Trump for his “mild” comparison between Melania Trump and Ted Cruz’s wife during the debates, to see who would lead the Republican Party, which by comparison, was NOTHING compared to how the Media . . . ALL OF THE MEDIA – including FOX News, is so busy demeaning Melania Trump TODAY, by showing every NUDIE PICTURE of her they could get their hands on?

MORE THAN THAT . . . The Media has CONTRIVED a story about Melania Trump, not being in the USA LEGALLY, going so far as to suggest that her citizenship is a FARCE, which FOX News was only too happy to jump into, in the guise of defending Melania Trump. But in all reality, they too were Peddling Titillating Sleaze.

AND WHILE I’M AT IT . . . Let me LAMBASTE Dana Perino of FOX News, who is a constant on the FIVE, who comes across as the epitome of SWEETNESS, Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, who has all kinds of SUGGESTIONS for Donald Trump . . . So let me give her my own suggestion, perhaps Perino should just SHUT UP.

Dana Perino was the Press Secretary for George W Bush, who was hired by Bush’s White House, because of her incredible ability to mislead the Media on behalf of her BOSS, by either obfuscation, or through outright deception . . . That was her job.

AND EVERY TIME PERINO DEFENDS . . . Josh Earnest, Obama’s Press Secretary for how he skates, slips and slides, and doesn’t tell the TRUTH, there’s nothing left that needs to be said about where she comes from, and to whom her loyalty lies.


Because the MEDIA says that Major Republicans are planning INTERVENTIONS to get Trump on the Straight & Narrow, which is all over the NEWS, including FOX News, DOESN’T MAKE ANY OF IT TRUE.


Every Republican, who has a public suggestion for Trump, because he or she can’t wait to get on television, to become self-important, so he or she could tell the world how they know better than Trump, because they’ll whack Trump with a negative comment on something Trump might have said, and or deliver a CRITICISM of what they think was a misstep of Trump’s . . . OR WHATEVER ELSE THEY COULD MOUTH OFF ABOUT – should also SHUT-UP.


Imagine this . . . Paul Ryan and a SLEW of other “Republicans” are upset with Trump, because Trump wouldn’t rush to endorse Ryan’s Candidacy against a Conservative Challenger, who wants to run in Ryan’s current District.


Yet, because of the HORRIBLE things Ryan and other PROMINENT Republicans have said publicly AGAINST Trump, who WON’T endorse Trump . . . here comes Barack Obama, who rightly said, by quoting these SCHMUCKS – that the MOST PROMINENT REPUBLICANS think Trump is NOT WORTHY OR FIT TO BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, including Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. So what else needs to be said?


We think, because of the Media and the Political Parties, who compete against each other for AUDIENCE, RATINGS & POWER . . . that they actually have competing philosophies . . . WHICH IS NOT TRUE!

UNDERSTAND THIS – IT’S NOT the Republican Party against the Democrats, or FOX News, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC against each other . . . IT’S ALL OF THEM AGAINST THE PEOPLE – which is the juggernaut Trump is fighting.

I KEEP HEARING how Clinton has 600-People on her Payroll working for her, while Trump has only 60-People . . . as if that will help CROOKED HILLARY WIN, because she throws money around like a DRUNKEN POLITICIAN, while Trump spends like a Businessman on a Budget, who obviously knows how to proportion his money for the best results possible.

What does that say to you? REMEMBER THE $100-PLUS MILLION-Jeb Bush spent against Trump . . . how’d that work out for Bush?


I heard Obama’s Press Conference (August 4, 2016), where he uttered TWO EXTRAORDINARY LIES, amongst the other less extraordinary lies.

1 – America didn’t pay a Ransom of $400-MILLION to the Iranians in the Darkness of Night, delivered in FOREIGN CURRENCIES (Euros and Swiss Francs), stacked on PALLETS, as you’d expect a Drug Dealer to move around his nefarious cash, which he wants no one to know about.

Obama’s reason to use CASH, and not even American Cash at that . . . was because, according to Obama, a Money Transfer wasn’t possible, because the USA has no BANKING RELATIONSHIP WITH IRAN.

2 – And . . . the USA does NOT Pay Ransoms.


Only an IDIOT or a FOOL would buy that BS. Unfortunately though, I’m certain about half of the American people are really that STUPID, so I have to ask the following three questions . . . ?

a – Why Foreign Currency and not US Dollars, since everyone on the planet loves Yankee Greenbacks, including I’m certain the Iranians?

b – If the USA could NOT use an International Banking Transfer directly to Iran, because of whatever reason, why not just deposit the US Money to a Swiss Bank (for example), and have the Swiss make the Transfer on behalf of the USA?

c – And if the Iranians couldn’t accept an International Bank Transfer from the USA for the $400-MILLION, how did the USA give the $150-BILLION in the Agreement? Or did Obama ship that off to Iran in Small Unmarked Foreign Bills on a Pallet as well?


Obama says that America DOES NOT PAY RANSOMS . . . so what about the FIVE TOP MOSLEM TERRORISTS, whose release Obama personally approved from GITMO, in exchange for an American Military Deserter . . . BOWE BERGDAHL? What was that, if not a Ransom . . . or does QUID-PRO-QUO not count?

And what about $150-BILLION to Iran, which I just mentioned in the preceding, for a ridiculous promise from the Iranians not to build a BOMB, or do any of the other stuff they never stopped doing? If that’s not the Grand Daddy of all RANSOMS . . . what is?

In a Nutshell . . . STOP PANICKING . . . there’s still more than 3-Months to go before the vote. And Trump hasn’t even begun to go after CROOKED HILLARY in a manner she has no defense for.

And as far as the Polls, and all the other BS coming from the RINOS, the Media, and the Democrats . . . Remember this – the LEFT also said that England would never leave the EU, and even had British BOOKIES taking bets on England staying.

And right to the bitter end, the Polls showed that the EXIT Voters were going to lose. But Trump said otherwise, and so did the people.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Finally someone got through to him, THE GOP won last November. The world is on fire and O’s solution is tax payers paying for a two year college. Never mind they had 12 years paid for already.

  2. I’ve given up on Fox News, although I still get news items from them in my email. Mostly I just delete them without reading them. I guess there’s more money in lying than telling the truth; certainly, the Democrats seem to think so. I have a niece who assures me loudly that Hillary does not want to take our guns, just to have some rules. She believes the lies. People are just not willing to believe us. Sadly, the entire nation will suffer for their ignorance.

  3. The people voting on poles are those not working so how can the possibly be right.
    When the pissed off Americans vote Killery best be concerned.
    How can anybody knowing what Killery has done / lied about vote for her regardless of how they feel.

  4. I’ll say this about those who are NOT panicking, the people who have been supporting and voting for Trump: WE THE PEOPLE, who are ass fu*k@d every day by Democrats, progressive Republicans, and the lame stream media, both print and cable, including Fox News. Of course they won’t shut up because the elite world they created is in dire jeopardy by a Republican candidate they cannot control. Great post, Howard. To all who even barely agree with me, I say “Don’t let the bastards get you down!”

  5. Thank goodness for you friend .Need you to keep the thinking straight. Hannity is the only one I really like on thee 5.

  6. Frederick Berry, Agree, but the quote is “Illigitimi non-carborundum”, “Don’t let the bastards Grind you down”.
    Thanks Howard. Excellent commentary and astute exposure of deceptions, mis-leadings, outright lies and corruption. I hope you are correct about the next 3 months, but like fish, (suckers) too many may swallow the bait. We’ll see as Mr. Trump counter-punches and pray that he doesn’t shoot himself in the foot. Too many believe the media.

  7. But of course. Glad to have a haven of thinkers. Thanks all.

  8. Excellent post! If I could do it legally, I would vote against ryan, mcballess, and ayotte. Their challengers are far more qualified to do the job than they are. They forgot who they represent. Their constituents. They are now trying to save their butts so they can enrich their bank accounts and be damned the people. I have no use for them. They are as bad as the treasonous demorats!!

  9. The Democrats should have their voter fraud down pat by now as the last 2 Presidential elections were won by voter fraud. So does anyone think the Democrats won’t use voter fraud to win in November. In a fair election Trump would win and win big and the Democrats know this. So voter fraud will be the name of the game to make Hillary win. What is it with these people who know Hillary is the biggest crook ever to be running for President, uninformed, stupid or just Democrats or all three?

  10. Howard, as the days go by, Trumps continues to lose support. It has nothing to do with the media but more to do with Trump who continues to shoot himself in the foot. I’m starting to believe that Trump really never had any intention of being President.

  11. In the words of the late, great Bard, William Shakespeare, (He loved it when I called him “Willie Boy”) “She who liest best shall reap as she sows; Thee who thucketh motht thall be heard motht loudly ath thee thcrapeth from the bottom of the many graveth in which thee hath buried the largeth number of men who died at her thervith.” And no, damn it, I never lithp exthept when tho much as thinking about that FRIGGIN’ THOTHIOPATHIC LIAR! THEETH!

  12. If the Murdochs noses were clean, perhaps the could be taken as acceptable but everyone one knows of the trashy situation they created in Great Britain a few years ago. Trashy tabloid BS of the highest quality. Unfortunately, they, like the Clintons have the misconception that wealth creates high morals and good ethics, something badly lacking with those people. Same can be said about 98% of the media, no morals and no ethics.

  13. just yesterday limbaugh had a 13 yr old boy from south dakota who had challenged his ‘social science’ teacher at his screwel since the teacher had told the class that socialism and communism were the best forms of govt….south dakota,13 yr old against a taxpayer funded ‘teacher’…does this help us understand the depth of the the ignorance problem we face in this election….imagine what is being peddled in the far more anti american enclaves….keep your powder dry as the civil war gets closer

  14. We need a genuinely conservative news network. It would be a fantastic money maker. Fox is over for conservatives. There is a big vacuum. Someone will fill it.

  15. Re Voter fraud…checkout who controls the STUPID voting machines, and which courts will not willingly prosecute voter fraud in Americas defense. I think you will have the answer to who will win the next election. Sad, sad, sad.

  16. I look forward to my newsletter from you. It keeps me hopeful.
    I now watch OAN news/ One American News. As you may suspect all cable doesn’t carry.
    I had to call for it. Interesting how many of us no longer believe in Fox.
    Thank you for being here for us .
    Carolyn Jones/Maryland

  17. I pray that the truth you so perfectly outlined, gets into the hearts and minds of voters before November! I have also felt so disgusted with the once trusted, Fox News, especially Trump-hater, Dana Perino who acts like she is an authority on all matters Republican, and Megyn Kelly who puts on that sickening, stupid little girl voice while interviewing a godless “leftie” on negatives about Trump, or the police! We are literally trying to crawl out of hell!

  18. Agree that Trump tends to cause the backlash with his own mouth. Like Bryan Carroll, I’ve wondered if Trump actually intended to be president, or just wanted to prove he could do it. Will he stay the course – 4 yrs of it? Also agree on the comments about Dems having voter fraud to a science. In Virginia, I’ve had to present my driver’s license each time I vote. But it’s who controls the machines and tallies the votes that matters. We all need to be seriously praying for God’s will in this.

  19. Never HilLIARy. Vote Trump!

    I need to find someone to make this bumper sticker.

  20. I hope that Mr. Trump will point out that, in the last election of Obama, in every state that required photo ID to vote,
    Obama lost. In the states that didn’t require that, Obama won (with “voter turnouts” up to 141% of registered voters!)

  21. As I was watching Fox’s, on Trump’s comments to Khan, even after that was settled, they and along with media kept hounding on this to the point of which I thought SHUT-UP-FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. The TWO BIGGEST LIARS in this Country are OBAMA & HILLARIOUS. We only have TWO definitive choices, however–Trump or Hillarious. TRUMP is truly FEARED because he is EXPOSING the ESTABLISHMENT for its various deceptive PLOYS! Yes, he’s BRASH, but the TRUTH also HURTS. Hillarious keeps trying to COVER UP her lies, but is not successful at doing so because there are too many LIES to REMEMBER. She is a complete DISASTER! Trump wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, so let’s HELP him with this! AMEN!

  23. I know understand how the constant battering of us by the polls can have a depressing effect on our ability to see past it and vote anyway. That is what the msm does though to try and keep us depressed and to maybe give up voting. If you can keep your mind on one thing though that is to see the crowds that Trump gets vs Hillary’s where she would have trouble filling up a small gym with paid students. Pray God that they don’t try to take him out which (of course) they will.

  24. we, the people, our children and grandchildren, only have one chance left….. may God bless Donald Trump

  25. Once again Howard, you are spot on. We have an old axiom in the airline business that says, “When things look like they are going in the dumper, WIND THE CLOCK!” (Most clocks are still mechanical and must be wound the old-fashioned way, which takes time [no pun intended] and is a prudent delaying action that hopefully precludes doing something stupid in a rush. This election will take many more twists and turns as we muddle toward November. Howard, you would have made a good pilot.

  26. I have noticed the five is spending less time on the issues of the day (they leave out some important happenings) and more time on personal things. Who gives a damn about Jasper.

  27. I read an article recently from someone who recommends we use the punch/paper ballots to vote because the voting machines are controlled by computers which can easily be hacked or invaded by malicious software. If you go to Youtube you can find several demonstrations on how the machines can be altered. They are not trustworthy! After seeing these demos, I wonder who really won our recent elections!

  28. Bravo, Howard! My only concern is the ” half of the American people who are really that stupid”. They have grown in numbers over the last fifty years to ultimately become …half.

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