I wasn’t going to write and Publish an Editorial today, but after hearing and watching Obama yesterday, during his Press Conference . . . I couldn’t help myself. SO HERE IT IS.

Having Obama go after Trump is not a bad thing for Trump, since Trump’s BEST PLAY TO BEAT HILLARY CLINTON, is to go after both of them, since each (Obama and Clinton) are Tarnished with the same Dirty Brush.

UNLIKE 2008 . . . AND UNLIKE 2012 – Trump isn’t John McCain or Mitt Romney, who were “gentlemanly” SCHMUCKS, who figuratively allowed Obama and the LEFT TO PEE ALL OVER THEM.

Where McCain and Romney had more than ample OPPORTUNITIES to literally CREAM Obama and the LYING Media with the TRUTH & FACTS, they rather chose to allow the LEFTIST LIES TO SMOTHER THEM.

INSTEAD OF CHALLENGING OBAMA . . . on his Birth Records, accurate or not, they criticized people who did.

INSTEAD OF CALLING OUT OBAMA . . . on his INVISIBLE Scholastic Records, they let him off the hook, as if it didn’t matter, and ignored the questions and accusations that SHOULD HAVE BEEN ASKED AND LEVELED AGAINST OBAMA, such as – why did you file to benefit from American University Advantages as a Foreign Student?

INSTEAD OF HAMMERING OBAMA . . . on who his Church Pastor was, who his Chicago Associates were, who his political Financiers and Mentors were, and the FACT that both of his Fathers were Moslems, and that he was partially educated in a Madrassa (Moslem School) in Indonesia . . . these two PECKER HEADS (McCain and Romney) decided that all of that stuff was off limits.

INSTEAD OF NAMING NAMES . . . about Obama’s Mother, and what kind of LEFTIST Dingbat she was, and obviously an easy lay for Moslem Communists with an axe to grind against the Brits and Americans – McCain and Romney never broached the subject.

NOT ONLY THAT . . . these two RINO JERK-OFFS, McCain and Romney, never went after Obama’s Grandparents, who were White and Financially Well-Off Communists, living in Hawaii, who paid for, and made the arrangements for Obama’s Communist Inspired Education – WHY NOT?


Many of you might say . . . that all of this knowledge and information is like Water Under The Bridge, so in the words of CROOKED HILLARY, “What difference at this point does it make?” since Obama has already had Seven and a Half Years to SCREW-UP America, SCREW-OVER Israel, do a seemingly NON REPAIRABLE job on the Arab Middle East, nearly DESTROYED the American Manufacturing Industry, Spent the USA into near OBLIVION, and spit in the face of the FOUNDING FATHERS and their CONSTITUTION, while making a MOCKERY of the American Dream and American EXCEPTIONALISM.

YOU’D BE RIGHT . . . It’s too late to stop Obama from doing what has already been done. But that doesn’t mean EVERY AMERICAN PERSON, and thinking NON AMERICAN, who have already paid the Price for Obama’s Incompetence and Deceit, should NOT RALLY TO STOP HIM FROM PERPETUATING his great High Crimes & Misdemeanors through electing Hillary Clinton.


As this campaign heats up . . . and Obama wants to get into the fight, he should be very wary, because all of his GLIB Speeches, written for him by skilled writers will not amount to a HILL OF BEANS, because Trump will take him apart, bringing back all the things that should have been used against this America-Hating Socialist Piece Of Work 8-Years Ago.

AND IF LIKE ME . . . you were disappointed that it didn’t happen when it should have happened 8-Years ago, and then Three and a Half Years Later– WAIT FOR IT, because it’s coming, and it’s going to be delivered with the force of a Class-5 Hurricane.


All of a sudden, the Likes of Paul Ryan are concerned, because Trump won’t endorse him (and some of the others) for his campaign to stay as the Republican District Representative in the House, against a REAL Conservative Challenger.

RYAN . . . full of promises, was elected by the House, was going to undo the mess Boehner helped make, by NOT HONORING THE REPUBLICAN ELECTION COMMITMENTS, which got them all elected. But, instead of undoing the Problem, Ryan simply perpetuated it. SO WHY SHOULD HE BE REELECTED?

ALSO . . . Where’s Ryan’s COMMITMENT and PUBLIC SUPPORT for Trump, as Trump almost singlehandedly takes on all the LEFTISTS and the MEDIA? So, why in the world should or would Trump want to endorse Ryan, or any of the other JERK RINOS who have more or less hung him out to dry?

AS I SEE IT . . . What’s happening is LONG OVERDUE, and all the RINOS better start scrambling, because their COMEUPPANCE IS NIGH.


What the RINOS and the LEFT DON’T GET, is that this is NOT about Trump, in spite of however they want to spin it. This is all about the people who simply HAVE HAD ENOUGH of the Lying, Cheating, Stealing, and Self Aggrandizing Public Service and Political Class, who in one way or another, are about to take it on the chin.


There was a famous French Journalist and Writer, who by today’s Standard would be an unbelievable BLOGGER, who was a passionate follower and proponent of the United States of America back in the 1800’s. His name was Alexis de Tocqueville, who wrote the following . . . to paraphrase – “No Political Leader, no matter how charismatic he is, could lead a nation in a direction the people are not prepared to follow.”


There is a new Galganov.com Video just posted on YouTube. To see it, please CLICK HERE. It is just under 10-Minutes long, and details why Trump is so right, while the Pundits and Critics are so wrong.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If the left wins the next election in Israel, it will be a disaster for us all. The time has come for Israel to stand tall and tell the world the truth, that the so called Palestinians are nothing but Arabs from neighboring countries that came to settle in that land, and especially when the Jews started migrating from Europe at the end of the 19th century. There was never a country called Palestine with its President or a King. It was just a Province of different Empires. Steve Acre; Montreal.

  2. Wow…. that said it like it really is! Loved it!

  3. The joke of the century is that Barry the community organizer from a south Chicago ghetto who was educated in Indonesia is calling Donald Trump unqualified to be President. WOW! What chutzpah! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  4. Why don’t you tell us what you REALLY think Howard! We love it and couldn’t agree more! Bud Farrell

  5. Are the masses prepared to follow Clinton?
    We can only hope they stay away from the polls on November 8th.
    Trump needs decisive victories in all of the televised debates.

  6. Yes, Wow! Three Wows. I am sending this to everyone I know and printing it up as well.
    You see right through the Rinos. All bets are off now. Trump has trampled the old traditions.
    Alexis de Toqueville would have loved you.

  7. I’ve been on the Trump Train since it took off in June of last year, Trump has had to fight off an onslaught the likes of which we have never seen. I honestly do no think Cruz or Rubio could have handled it and the rest of them would have caved like Romney and McCain did. The Democrats are fighting for their lives and I wouldn’t put anything pass them. Donald is a street fighter and if they as Obama stated so well “bring a knife to the fight then we’ll bring a gun” are about to meet their match.

  8. Masterful analysis, dear Howard. I would just like to cite a blog I recently saw, something like: “The result of the elections will be in the hands of those who open the ballot boxes”. It is obvious that the two Obama elections were fraught with irregularities, which gave him the winning edge of a few % points. What would you suggest that Trump do to avoid the good guys falling in the same trap again? As for O’s grandparents, to whom he owes EVERYTHING, he only had derogatory terms for them…

  9. Alexis de Tocqueville was a great patriot. Do you listen to Mark Levin or read any of his books, Mr. G? If not, you should check him out. He is like you and says what’s on his mind. He speaks frequently of Alexis de Tocqueville and has a wonderful book called “Plunder and Deceit” which explains in great detail how the liberal democrats are destroying the future for our children and grandchildren. You two have a lot in common and I love you both. Thanks for fighting the good fight!

  10. Howard, unbelievably erudite and omniscient column. Spot on! I’m a newbie here and regret I didn’t learn about your blog sooner. Needless to say I’ll make certain all my fellow Conservative travelers know of your efforts. Respectfully, Terry Morgan

    P.S. Even tho a Yank, my Dad proudly served in the RCAF (later RAF) prior to WW2 as his age precluded enlistment in the USAAF before December 7th.

  11. Trump needs to concentrate on attacking Clinton and Obama and sound like a broken record on the mismanagement, the lies
    the criminal behaviour, of these two. All else is a distraction. Do this daily Mr. Trump and you will have the election sewn up.

  12. Since the fall of the Athenian Republic over 2,000 years ago, the average lifetime of a democracy has been about 200 years. The U.S.A. is now about 241 years old. Only election of Trump can save The U.S.A.

  13. Fantastic Howard!!! You always “Hit the Nail on The Head”!!! Thanks for always “Telling the Truth” about these America Haters. God Bless You, Anne, Stryker, & April the Cat. God Save America!

  14. Great, to the point, editorial. I’m glad you didn’t hold back. I think Trump needs you in his corner. If we lose this election, and the Witch gets her hands on the American purse strings, you better get on down here. Texas may truly secede from what’s left of the American dream.

  15. Mark Levin is dead to me as he will not accept the nominee of the party. I used to listen all the time but he like Beck cannot get over their boy Cruz losing to Donald. Well maybe it is time to get over it and support the nominee as there is no future for the country unless he does…..

  16. Howard, this is the BEST Editorial you’ve ever written! You stated exactly how I and many others feel about our Country! You’ve ‘nailed’ everything on its head! It’s time for a CHANGE and the CHANGE is TRUMP! Another very important point is for a CONSERVATIVE to be appointed to the Supreme Court! HUSSEIN OBAMA HAS RUINED OUR COUNTRY and HILLARIOUS would FOLLOW in his FOOTSTEPS! The ESTABLISHMENT & RINOS will DO/SAY anything against TRUMP because they FEAR him more than we’ll ever REALIZE! AMEN!

  17. I vomited watching John McCain roll over for Obama in 2008 and then vomiting twice as much as Romney was an even worse offender 4 years later. Both were a total disgrace to the GOP and its supporters. One thing I laud the Dems for is that they don’t cannibalize themselves in public, unlike members of the GOP, like Christie who once again has shown he cannot be trusted, as he sides with Dems. Remember him kissing up to Obama during hurricane Sandy? Unfit to be POTUS?= Obama his own mirror.

  18. Spot on again, Howard! And everything we know about BHO today was known BEFORE he was elected in 2008. BTW, DG in BC…..Levin has not rejected the nominee; the “leaders” of that party have rejected him… those who are Republicans in name only. Levin is one of the brightest and most sincere minds on the planet and is anything but dead to millions of listeners. Howard….hopefully your blog is growing by leaps and bounds!

  19. Howard you have unbelievable insights into American politics and the crooked Democrat party! Its hard to believe you are a Canadian and know the crooked system more than 99% of U.S. citizens. If I was going to a gun fight I would love to have you with me as I wouldn’t have to worry about whether you had a knife or gun as you would take care of business with your bare hands if needed….

  20. I heard Obama make a comment that,” well thats just another thing Putin and I disagree on”, well I did not here Fox comment on that comment.

    How did the Clintons leave the White House broke?? What does broke mean to Hillary? If they cannot manage their own finances any better than that , they darn sure do not need to get involved with the United States finances…

    Mike Mayes

  21. You did it again and did not disappoint us. We are so tired of having a so called leader who announces, to our enemies, in advance, what his plans and reactions will be. Obama always operates from a position of weakness. The US is no longer respected. Conversely, Trump will accurately assess his(the US) position is and react accordingly in addition to rebuilding that position. For the last number of years, the US was being prepared for advancing toward “The new world order” and government

  22. Great article. Telling it just like it is. We have to all get behind Trump or the USA is done for. The GOP are turncoats for the most part. Going along with everything BHO wants. WE THE PEOPLE are speaking at last and need to keep speaking until we are heard. GO TRUMP 2016!!!!! Bev Kepple

  23. Have not liked McCain ever since he thought it ok to sue the tobacco companies while collecting taxes from them. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Also denied that Arizona school districts were going broke because of mandate to educate illegals,the boards of education in the state proved it. This was on OH Really back in the 2000s. Keep your eye on Chicago College getting ready to dump on conservative Jew speaking there just like St. Louis U did to Horowitz because of Muzzie protests.

  24. That stupid headline tells it all. Trump did NOT force the Mom and crying baby out of his rally. Trouble is, people just tend to read the headlines. The Dems are going to do everything in their power to stop him. Here’s hoping the GOP finally accept Trump and get behind him instead of attacking him all the time.

  25. Brilliant. ..just brilliant! The best editorial EVER! Hussein was not fit to run for ANYTHING. ..a community organizer? Oh, puleese! And Crooked Clinton? If you look up “nasty” in the dictionary, it is exactly what she is. They are both sickening. I can’t believe the shenanigans they pull. Worst president EVER and absolutely the worst presidential campaign I’ve seen in my entire lifetime. I agree with “Flash” Gordon. Thank you for being you and telling it like it is.

  26. I totally agree with Perry Birman, Boca Raton, FL. Obama was not qualified to be president, but his skin color got him elected for the historical significance. His 2nd term win I honestly believe was rigged. My fear is there are enough airheads out there who will vote for Hillary, again simply for the historical significance. Donald has become (most of the time) the voice of the people. He does need to pick his battles tho, consider the source, & not respond every time. Tone down the temper.

  27. NO NO NO, Obummer’s words were “that’s another thing ME and Putin disagree on”. ME and Putin? Mike, you did the honor of correcting his atrocious grammar. But ME and Putin??? What a total failure.

  28. The saving grace of the liberal left is the stupidity and ignorance of their followers successfully electing Obama twice and placing Hillary in a strong position for the upcoming election. When lies are abundant and the sycophants on the left believe them without question, it is an uphill battle for thinking people trying to maintain American values! God help us!


  30. Bravo, Howard! One of your all time best! I’m sending this out to everyone on my mailing list. They all need to follow you!

  31. Regarding your video, I am not as confident as you are that the polls are all wrong. Trump is handing the media too much ammo that they can use against him. Even the handful of Republicans supporting him seem to think he’s on a suicide mission and needs to be more strategic and focused. I really hope you’re right.

  32. Unfortunately too many of our citizens (or not) are totally ignorant of anything political ….. they suck up the liberal news like a cat with a bowl of milk. Ever watch Watters world on Bill O’Reilly? OMG, it’s scary what people don’t know. And a lot of these people are voters!

  33. EXCELLENT!!!!! You aptly described each of the rinos mcballess and roamine. Also called the pot black on ryan and the rest of the rinos. Keep up the good work!!

  34. I agree with many of your commenters, this is one your best! I can’t wait for Donald to “lower the boom” on Hillary and Obama. Obama’s qualifications? Are you kidding, “a community organizer”, how many were on his payroll? Zero!
    Hillary? Read what Dick Morris has to say about her. Now more than ever, we need a businessman in DC.

  35. This morning I did something I NEVER do. I watched FOX and MSNBC. Oh how they HATE Trump. If everyone listened to these early morning newscasts they would think the GOP and Trump are out of control and heading for their demise. You have told it like it is, Howard. My hope is that ALL voters would have a chance to see YOUR editorials rather than seeing/listening to the Mass Media Jackals. Thank You.

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