I “ALMOST” Made A New Friend

Some Friends Are Not Worth Having

So . . . Anne and I showed up to the Shooting Range near Cornwall, Ontario, Canada yesterday, where we are members, to fire a few hundred rounds each, into Paper Targets from several distances of 12-Feet, 21-Feet and 48-Feet, which are the Distances needed to be able to shoot with accuracy, in order to get your Texas Carry Permit.

Being Canadians, even though we will take the Texas Carry Permit Test AND PASS IT WITH ZERO PROBLEMS, when we arrive back in Texas in November this year, since at even 48-Feet with Handguns, both of us will hit the target 100 out of 100 times, regardless of distance. Unfortunately though, we still won’t be able to CARRY, because we’re Canadians without US Visas . . . but nonetheless, we’ll still try.


As we drove up the private road to the Range, we saw that the locked gates were open, the In-Use Range ACTIVE Sign was displayed, Range ACTIVE Flags were posted, which meant that someone else was also here, which also meant we had to be prepared to put on our Safety Glasses and Hearing Protectors, when we approached the Shooting Lanes . . . Inside or Outside.

We wanted to shoot Outside, so we could use the varying distances, since Inside was restricted to 48-Feet.

We parked the Truck in the Shade with windows open, away from the noise of Gunfire, because Stryker is with us about all the time wherever we go, which meant that Anne and I had to carry our Guns and Shooting Equipment a fair way to the Two Ranges.

And as we walked to the Outside Range, there was just one person shooting, who had stopped when we approached, who came to meet us, whom we had never met before.

THE SHOOTING RANGE . . . is generally a very gregarious place, where like-minded people, just about all being Conservatives, usually enjoy passing-on greetings, even amongst strangers, where we discuss guns, ammunition, problems we might have with accuracy, new products available, Gun Laws, where it’s best to shoot and on and on.

SO THIS GUY . . . whose name I don’t remember, and don’t really care to remember, approaches Anne and myself with his first statement being – NOT HELLO OR WELCOME – but rather . . . are you Club Members? To which I responded YES . . . ARE YOU A CLUB MEMBER? Since I’ve never seen him before either.

This is a question that has merit, since at a Shooting Range, the last thing anyone wants are people showing up who shouldn’t be there.

So . . . to ask about membership is a legitimate question, which I have asked others as well. But, unlike this Guy, the first thing I say . . . is HELLO, and introduce myself before I ask if the person is visiting, or is a member, since our Club isn’t Huge, and I don’t know most of the Members.

THE SECOND THING THAT CAME OUT OF HIS MOUTH – WAS . . . why weren’t Anne and I at the General Member’s Meeting, to which I responded . . . The meeting is held in mid-winter, when Anne and I are in Texas, which opened a wide door for this guy to start BRAGGING about his relatives, whom he proudly boasted also stay in Texas for the winter, and from there, he knew everything there was to know about the GREAT Lone Star State.

BUT, WHEN I ASKED OUT OF CURIOSITY . . . where his relatives stay, he sort of didn’t know. Just like he didn’t know anything about the wonderful State Anne and I adopted as our Second Home, and wouldn’t mind making our Primary Home. But that’s a different issue.

And then he bragged about his incredible shooting ability, before asking me what kind of Guns I use, to which I answered a SIG SAUER P226 22 Caliber, and a SIG SAUER P226 9mm, which he never heard of, which surprised me, since the SIG SAUER P226 9mm and 40 Caliber (which are identical guns with different barrels), are the HAND GUNS most favored by the US Navy Seals, the Texas Rangers, the Ontario Provincial Police, and just about everyone else who could afford one.

BUT THAT’S NO BIG DEAL . . . since there are plenty of people who like to boast about their shooting proclivity, without having the capacity to back it up, so he quickly turned the conversation to politics, starting with Montreal, where he crapped all over the City, first telling me that he was French (his English was fluent), which I guess he thought gave him approbation to run down the City, but that he hasn’t lived in Montreal (Quebec), since a few years after the 1995 Referendum to Separate Quebec from Canada.

SO . . . TO BREAK THE ICE A BIT – I suggested he might know who I was, because of my participation in the politics of Quebec after the Referendum, when I was named one of Canada’s News Makers of the Year in 1996. I was in the News Headlines, in the French and English Press for two years, pretty much on a Daily Basis. And I hosted one of the MOST LISTENED to English Language Radio Talk Shows in Montreal from 1996 to 1999 . . . BUT NO, HE NEVER HEARD OF ME.

SO HE SHIFTED TO AMERICAN POLITICS . . . where he told Anne and myself how he UTTERLY HATES TRUMP, because he’s a Billionaire scum, who stole from the people through his bankruptcies, and didn’t pay for the services he received from the Trades and Suppliers, showing how stupid the American People are for supporting him, AND HOW CORRUPT BUSINESSES ARE WHO MAKE BIG MONEY.

At that point Anne demonstrated our Golden Political Rule. She turned her back and walked away, since we generally NEVER debate with LEFTISTS. But, I hung around for another moment, to let this Jerk know that I was also a businessman who employed hundreds of people over the years, creating jobs, and paying generous salaries, commissions and perks . . . SO I ASKED HIM . . . WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

His surprising response to me, from out of nowhere – was . . . My Jewish Uncle (I guess through marriage) has donated enormous amounts of money to the Montreal Jewish General Hospital, and he is so rich, that he tells BIBI NETANYAHU what to do.

INCREDULOUSLY – I asked him . . . who’s your uncle? And after stuttering for a moment, he blurted out the name of a relatively obscure Jewish Entrepreneur.


1 – You don’t know DICK about Texas . . . but you’re an expert.

2 – You never heard of one of the most famous Assault Pistols ever built, used by Premier Members of the Military and Police. But you’re an expert.

3 – You know all about the Quebec Referendum. But you never heard of me. But you’re an expert.

4 – You’re uncle is one of the BIGGEST benefactors of the Montreal Jewish General Hospital, but I know who the REAL PLAYERS are who contribute into the many MILLIONS of dollars to the Jewish General Hospital . . . but you’re an expert.

5 – You’re uncle tells Benjamin Netanyahu what to do . . . while Presidents, Prime Ministers, Queens and Kings don’t. But you’re an expert.

6 – And you know all about Donald Trump, who has built an Empire for himself, his Family, and the American People, directly employing THOUSANDS of people, while indirectly employing as many as, and probably more than TEN THOUSAND OTHERS . . . but you’re an expert.


I’m ALL-IN for Trump.


I Detest Liberals.

I sat on the Board of Directors of one of Montreal’s Major English Speaking Hospitals, Anne and I had a Foundation in our names set up at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital, and neither of us ever once heard about your uncle as big donor.

And Justin Trudeau (Canada’s Prime Minister) is a CURSE on Canada.

AND I HAVE NO USE FOR THE SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING BUNCH. So I guess Anne and I will shoot in the Indoor Range.

And believe it or not, this entire exchange didn’t take more than just a FEW minutes, which goes to show just how depraved and full of BS the LEFT really are.

Anne was 100% right to walk away. And asked me why I didn’t? To which I responded, this will make a great Editorial, and I had the pleasure of telling him that he was full of CRAP without debating.


Many of the READERS of Galganov.com, are telling me that all of a sudden, they can’t send my Editorials out on Face Book, which puts me in special company, since Face Book is obviously recognizing that this BLOG is making a real difference in a way that threatens their LEFTIST policies. GOOD ON US!

ALSO . . . we’ve upped our BLOG Security, since it seems that Galganov.com is really getting under the skin of plenty of people. ONCE AGAIN – GOOD ON US!


A SPECIAL GOOD ON HIM . . . Forget the BS Polls, because they can’t be trusted. And forget the CRAPOLA coming out of the mouths of the so-called movers, groovers and shakers like Warren Buffet, the Pundits, and the Hollywooders, since no one gives a Rat’s Ass about what they have to say, and who they support, because they’re the INSIDERS whom the people HATE, and they don’t get it.

And FORGET the Crap about Trump not being Trustworthy in the same VEIN as Hillary Clinton, since there’s NO COMPARISON. Hillary Clinton is an unabashed LIAR. And the people, who want to know it and care about it, know exactly who she is, and will vote appropriately.

And Trump didn’t make his Fortune Selling-Out America.

AND THE OTHER THING . . . We’re about THREE MONTHS from the Election, leaving plenty of time for Trump to take Hillary Clinton Apart in the Final Stretch. And like Great Race Horses and Riders, almost always, they work their magic down the Straightaway.

REMEMBER . . . the famous words uttered on June 17, 1775 at Bunker Hill – “DON’T SHOOT ‘TIL YOU SEE THE WHITES OF THEIR EYES.” And as the famous British General Oliver Cromwell said at the Battle of Edgehill in 1642 “KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY”, until you need to pull it out, which is great advice for Trump.

AND THEN THERE’S MOHAMED ALI’S ROPE-A-DOPE . . . take and absorb the shots early in the fight, while letting the other side punch itself out, and when the time is right, and the other side has little left, it’s time to LAUNCH THE FURY OF HELL upon the weakened and spent foe.

REMEMBER THE FIRST PART OF THIS EDITORIAL . . . Here I was meeting this LEFTIST for the first, and hopefully the last time, at the Shooting Range, who was an EXPERT on EVERYTHING, without knowing SQUAT about anything he was talking about, which sums up the LEFT and the people who support the likes of Hillary Clinton.

When it comes to debating their ridiculous concepts and LIES . . . they’re great. But, when you SLAP THEM ACROSS THE FACE WITH THE TRUTH, they have no defense, and crawl back under their SLEAZY ROCK.

And when Trump really lets loose – it will be Goodnight Irene for Hillary Clinton, and that’s all she will have wrote.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Recent polls seem to indicate that the American public is favourably inclined toward Mrs. Clinton for 2016. She has been on the fence but I’m almost certain she’ll take up the challenge, especially due to the fact that the Republicans are manifesting varied degrees of conservatism none of which coming together as one voice. As far as Israel is concerned, the recent acts of terrorism are wearing on the nerves of Israelis to the disadvantage of the Israeli left. 2016 & March elections are ??????

  2. Ummmm ! HG, was I at the Range yesterday ? I thought I was still on sick leave ?

  3. It made me feel good just reading your telling of that obnoxious encounter!

    Thanks so much for defending Donald Trump and swatting the fly!

    Kindly —


  4. You shoulda known from the get-go, Bro. The P-226 is Sig Sauer’s flagship pistol and Sig Sauer is a gun manufacturer of world renown. Even I, a dumb gemachteh American, know that. Sounds like ya shoot pretty good for a Canuck!!!!

  5. So Nice To Agree with a person who has a working brain. This continent is in deep trouble. Thanks to British record keeping OBAMA WAS BORN ELSEWHERE.

  6. I’ve given up debating with lefties. I drop a truth or two, then walk away and hope that that truth, or
    truths, sink in.

  7. Yes! There ARE scumbags out there, looking for an argument or spouting off about what an “EXPERT” they are. But well informed, is well armed..! Anne was RIGHT to walk away, but what a great story opportunity for you. Haha!
    Welcome back to the South, where REAL people are.

  8. Another GREAT article, Howard! You should be working for Trump now (and in his administration), and promoting him! You would be a great asset!

  9. You said a “mouth full” — the problem is people do not like the TRUTH! Donald like yourself tell it as it really is and the left wingers do not and I mean “do not” like it! The left will try to take both of you out so you had better be on your guard. Like Mr. Trump has been saying, this voting process is “rigged”. He knows it but being a true American, he will continue to tell it like it is. Thanks for your putting “it” out there I for one apperciate it! And YES, it has to come from somewh

  10. Howard, I think I may have met this asshole many years ago…in several places, and many times.
    They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors…mostly YELLOW! Bud Farrell

  11. Good show old man……. “The masses are asses” Voltaire

  12. Love you folks You do so much good.And THANK YOU for letting that guy how wrong he is Keep on keeping on

  13. The flower of leftist “bulbs” grows so more more profusely during a general election season. The good news is they turn back into bulbs and live in moist dark places until the next election,…..THANK GOD!!!

  14. I am going to cry if Trump doesn’t get in. 🙁 and on another note, with Trump standing behind the Second Amendment in the USA and his strong support of the NRA, I would have kicked this guy off the grounds. (just kidding of course)

  15. The farther out front Trump gets the more the liberal ass wipes criticize him, even today Obama which I absolutely detest as much as Clinton said on T.V. today that he didn’t think Trump “Fit to be president”. Liberals are the lowest form of life on the planet!

  16. Bravo, well done!I do the equivalent of Anne’s tactics.I don’t talk to the politically ignorant. They just don’t get it. Amazing how some other wise brilliant are so stupid in politics. They are unwitting victims of years of subliminal mind washing by the liberal media
    and academia.If Trump will just start to use his brain before moving his lips we might win this one.

  17. you done great !! We all should be defending our rights: set the record straight. their little brains have been washed.

  18. Lt. Col. Allen West wrote a scathing article about Mr. Kahn. The last line is the best and what Trump should have retaliated with, “Mr. Kahn, I grieve for the loss of your son. However, I grieve even more that you used his sacrifice and loss as nothing more than a damn politicized stunt. May God forgive you.” This was truly political and has nothing to do with our constitution.

  19. Hi Howard: If and when I get to the gun club after I become a member, you will see the “Trump 2016” on the trunk of my car.Mike

  20. Howard, I know the feeling and I’ve met many of the same. About the attacks on Trump: so a Muslim gets up at the DNC using his dead son to denounce Trump. That appears to be fine by the Trump haters. But how dare Trump defend himself and attack back! Then the press goes on and on about it. Its like what happened in Canada: a quarter wit is elected PM because the press and the left (one and the same, actually) did a hatchet job on a good man so Baby Doc Trudeau is elected.

  21. In response to Stephen from Montreal the Muslim Kahn who denounced Trump is tied to the industry of Muslim immigration, to Saudi Arabia and to THE CLINTONS. Kahn was manager of litigation at law firm Hogan and Harton who happens to handle Crooked Hillary’s taxes. It is a much bigger story and deeper ties to corruption for Hillary than we have heard about, naturally.

  22. Howard, if you and Anne need a USA citizen(s) to sponsor you for permanent residency, hubby and I would be delighted. Of course, while I am sure there would be a line of us wanting to sponsor you to adopt the USA as your nation of citizenship.

  23. A short response to a dynamite editorial….Yeeee Haaaaaa ! I’ll bet you’ve heard that in Texas ! While I’m here please allow me to post a quote by Killary from 2005 to Dick Morris in a book he was writing. She said…”Look, The average Democratic voter is just plain stupid. They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part” ! And they will line up to vote for her. Just like stupid sheep being lead to the slaughter.

  24. Teri Newman is quite correct. The line of US citizens willing to sponsor you and Anne (and Stryker and April) for permanent residency in the US would be long and wide. Our gain would be Canada’s loss.

  25. Howard, good comments You are obviously a good judge of character or lack there of. I’ve spent most of my life dedicating most of my spare time to the shooting sports. I love the serenity I experience when I’m on the range with people of like mind. I think you handled it admirably. I have a definition that I generally apply to my fellow Canadians but it may be appropriate elsewhere as well. We are a people who if sentenced to death will thank the headsman for sharpening his axe.

  26. Good on you too, Howard.

    Looking forward to seeing you back in Texas in November.

    Your friend in Austin.

  27. Howard, when you get back to Austin, please do what you can to spread conservatism. Austin seems to be the liberal hotspot in Texas. I have two grandchildren living there. They stayed after getting their degrees and they are leaning too far left for my approval, but they both say they will not vote for Hillary. They just don’t like Donald Trump and may not vote. Edgar Sellers

  28. I might suggest that you get a better avenue of access to the Donald and try to get him to shut the pie hole for a second before until his brain gets in motion. Any way you look at it from my point of view is that his mouthing off about Gold Star people did not do him any good at all, whether it was the truth or not. Bite your tongue and go fry some bigger fish Donald.

  29. I would have loved to have been a FLY ON THE WALL when the twerp Leftist returned home. High 5 to you and Anne !
    Good editorial. Thank You.

  30. Howard, great job in responding to the LIBERAL! Re: Khizr Khan, he has deep ties to the government of Saudi Arabia through his own law firm, also has ties to controversial immigration programs that wealthy foreigners can use to essentially buy their way into the United States, AND has deep ties to the Clinton Cash narrative through the CLINTON FOUNDATION. This couple was just a “PLANT” in the Democrat Convention. Should we have expected anything different from HILLARIOUS & BHO? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN

  31. Excellent post. Seems you run into a humungous bser in Canada. All mouth, smoke, and bs. Not a brain one. Hope you will consider coming to central Florida when you come back in the fall.

  32. Howard, when I had a Texas CHL from 2008 to 2013, the range testing was at ranges of 3,5 and 7 yards. Seemed awfully close, but I gather statistics indicate that these are the critical distances for self-protection.

  33. If Trump was such an evil cheating businessman, how could he stay in business under his own name? No one would do business with him if he truly welched on deals like the media protrays. Unlike leftists who hide behind obscure foundations, with billionaire backers, hiding their true identities and agendas. My company was a half billion dollar a year construction company and belive me, you get burned by someone in the business, you dont’t build for them again and word gets out and they are gone.

  34. Warren Buffet is just another self-serving billionaire who has zero connection with the common man and has no idea what they go through or the burden they bear. He is only promoting detraction from Trump because of his self-serving, billionaire interests.

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