We are all focused on Trump Versus the Clintons . . . but that’s only one piece in the puzzle, albeit a very important piece – but not the only piece.

The Democrats are heavily focused on, and not publicly pushing the other incredibly CRITICAL elections to be held on November 8, 2016, because they don’t want to take any political steam away from Hillary Clinton, which are for the HOUSE and the SENATE, where the Republicans have a better than average chance of losing the Senate.


In the Senate . . . where ONLY one third of the Senate comes up for election every two years, there are MORE Republicans (24) fighting to defend their seats than there are Democrats (10).

So . . . the chance for a change of seats favors the Democrats by a factor of better than two to one. AND WHY SHOULD THE REPUBLICANS HANG ONTO THE SENATE ANYWAY?

Or the better question perhaps, would be . . . What did the Republicans in the Senate do to deserve to re-win the seats they have – let alone win some extras?

In 2014 . . . a wave of Republicans won the Senate, reversing the numbers between the Democrats and the Republicans, where going into the election, there were 54 Democrat Senators, 45 Republicans, and 1 Independent, who wasn’t all that Independent, leaning hard to the LEFT, by the name of Bernie Sanders.

AFTER THE 2014 ELECTION . . . There are currently 54 Republican Senators, 44 Democrat Senators, and two Independent Senators, who lean significantly to the LEFT.

BUT, IN SPITE OF THE NUMBERS THEN AND NOW . . . why did the VOTERS with such high hopes, vote so heavily to throw the Democrat Bums Out, to replace them with Republicans?

EASY ANSWER – the Republicans PROMISED to REPEAL Obamacare, or at least negate many of its most objectionable components.

The Republicans PROMISED to SEAL the Borders, and do whatever they could to STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, and close down Sanctuary Cities through all the legal tools in their Senatorial Arsenal.

THE REPUBLICANS ALSO PROMISED . . . Vote For Us, and we’ll stop the insane SPENDING, and start to Balance the Budget by not signing STUPID Spending Bills.


And when the ONLY SENATOR who stood up to FULFILL his PROMISE, which he made to his Constituents, to do what he said he would do (Ted Cruz) if they elected him, he was PILLORIED and RIDICULED by his own Party, which SHAMELESSLY LIED to their Electorate to do the things they never really intended to do, in order to PROTECT the Interests of their SUGAR DADDIES, who financed them, instead of honoring their word and commitment to the people who got them elected.

And I’ll never forget the insulting words of John McCain, who called Ted Cruz and Cruz supporters “WACKO BIRDS” for standing up for their principles. Coming from a guy who more or less threw the 2008 Election out of sheer incompetence.


The House was no better . . . First through Boehner, the Republican led Congress was little more than a Rubber Stamp for Obama’s White House. And then through Paul Ryan, it was simply MORE OF THE SAME.


The ONLY reason I can see to reelect Republicans to the Senate, is to protect the Balance of the Supreme Court . . . and based on the Republican history in the current Senate – THAT’S IT, since the elected Senators, who are ONLY in office because they LIED to the people, deserve otherwise to be thrown out on their sorry asses.

I’m hoping that a WHOLE NEW CROP of Conservative men and women, who stand on Principles, and who will HONOR their Commitments they Campaign on, will run to replace the current Senators who don’t deserve to be in Congress. But, in spite of how corrupt these Republican Senators have proven to be, better them, than Democrats. Now, how sad is that?


I can assure you, that there are as many Republican Insiders who want TRUMP to lose, as there are Democrats, not because Trump has a BIG MOUTH, or sounds off at inappropriate times, saying things that might be embarrassing, and seemingly always controversial, BUT RATHER, because they too, are just as BEHOLDEN TO BIG OUTSIDE MONEY, as are the LEFT.

ALL OF A SUDDEN . . . BIG MONEY-MEN, like the Koch Brothers are sitting this election-out, or are hinting that they might support Hilary Clinton, where in the past, they’ve spent TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, if not more than $100 MILLION supporting Conservative Candidates . . . DO YOU WONDER WHY? I don’t.


Several District Court Judges just ruled, that Photo ID’s and other forms of Voter ID’s are NOT LEGAL or necessary in various States. And in many cases, are Anti-Democratic.

REALLY? . . . Isn’t the INTEGRITY of each election the MOST IMPORTANT GUARANTEE America, and every “Democracy” has, with which to continue the essence of what makes the people FREE?

On November the First, Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I will cross into the United States of America, on our way to Texas, to spend the Winter in our Second Home.

For us to Cross the Border into the USA, WE ALL NEED TO HAVE OUR PAPERS IN ORDER. Anne and I have NEXUS Cards, which deems us by Homeland Security to be “MOST TRUSTED TRAVELERS”, which were obtained by subjecting ourselves through a lengthy and costly process of investigation through the FBI and the RCMP, which culminates with LIVE INTERVIEWS and an oath of sorts to obey and follow all the Laws of the United States of America.

Stryker and April the Cat also need to have their papers, showing that they’ve received all their vaccinations. So there’s no free ride for any of us into the USA.

AND THEN THERE ARE THE ATF FORMS . . . which we need in order to Cross the Border into the United States with our Firearms and Ammunition, which are all recorded by Individual Ownership, Name, Make, Model, and Serial Number of each firearm. Even the Bullets have to be recorded by Caliber, Quantity, Name of Manufacturer(s) and Places of Origin. WHICH IS FINE – we would expect no less.

SO HOW COME . . . The LEFT and the JUDGES, which the LEFT have appointed are so utterly BLASÉ, about who gets to vote in the MOST IMPORTANT EXPRESSION OF AMERICAN FREEDOM? While Anne and I, like all Canadians, have to obey all the rules and regulations to enjoy the PRIVILEGE of being in the USA?

To add to that, we CANNOT BY US LAW, spend as much as one day longer than 180-Days TOTAL per running year in the United States of America, by threat of not being allowed to visit the USA for FIVE YEARS at a minimum, if we were to spend 181-Days or more.

NOW UNDERSTAND THIS . . . there are MILLIONS of Canadians like Anne and myself, who are Semi-Retired or Retired, who want to spend their time, especially through the Cold Canadian Winter months in Sunshine States.

We come with our own money. We don’t ask for Welfare, Food Stamps, Subsidized Housing and Special Prayer Privileges. We have our own Healthcare and Health Insurance. We don’t look to work. We all speak English, some with French accents. NONE OF US have Criminal Records, or we wouldn’t be allowed into the USA, almost regardless of the severity of the Criminal Charge, or how long ago it happened. AND WE DON’T VOTE IN AMERICAN POLITICS.

YET LET ME TELL YOU THIS . . . Even though it seems that 99% of the time, when we cross into the USA, the Border Guards are very pleasant and polite, we still feel the STRESS, knowing that Homeland Security doesn’t play around, and has the full authority and power of the US Government, to refuse us entry into the USA literally at a WHIM, and suspend our privilege to cross into America for as long as LIFE.

SO . . . KNOWING ALL OF THIS – Why would District Court Judges make it EASY for all people to CHEAT during Elections by doing the following:

1 – Vote multiple Times.

2 – Vote when you’re not entitled to vote, because you’re not an American citizen.

3 – Vote in the name of someone who’s DECEASED.

It’s not as if these three things don’t happen all the time, including RIGGING Voting Machines and Computers.

BECAUSE AS I SEE IT . . . if America is not BOUND & DETERMINED to protect the SANCTITY of the American Electoral Process, the FREEDOM of the United States of America is nothing more than a sham, and how we Canadians are treated at the US border is entirely unfair, because it seems that we Canadians care more for American laws, than does the American Government.


No one, who couldn’t ENTIRELY PROVE AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP, and a RIGHT to Vote, would get a Photo ID Card comprised with a Fingerprint and Retina Scan, which I would make MANDATORY to have, in order to be able to vote.

And if some Bleeding Heart Liberal would think that is too much to ask for the RIGHT to choose the Leadership of the United States of America . . . that would be just too damned bad.

JUST THINK ABOUT THE MEN AND WOMEN . . . who lost their lives and limbs fighting for hundreds of years for the RIGHTS of Americans and others to enjoy the single greatest Democracy that ever was.

And then ask yourself if their sacrifice was worth it, if the FULL INTEGRITY of the US Election is so open to abuse, just because some IVORY TOWER Lawyer, who was appointed as a Judge, by a politician with a personal mandate says so?

PS – Just As A Reminder . . . Please have a good look at the Advertisers on the Right Hand Side of this Editorial, who help support this BLOG, especially PYLINSKI ARMS GUNSMITHING, who are as good as it gets in Gun (Shotgun) Restoration, Repairs and Maintenance. OLDE WESTPORT SPICE AND TRADING COMPANY, which has been in Business for a very long time, because their Products are Fabulous. And our Newest Supporter, THE CLF . . . IN LIBERTY AND JUSTICE, who I know from personal experience, will stop at nothing to Fight for FREEDOM.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Never have Goldwater’s words at the bottom of this page found a more suitable application. Excellent summation on one of the most diplomatically nauseous missteps by this president in modern American history.

  2. Soooooo Howard you are a “snowbird” we were too for three years moving from CT to FL, and you are so right about the amount of time that one from Canada can stay in the U.S. Todays comments are wonderful and spot on. I have noe started reading some issues of Whistleblower and what I have gotten from that mag is mind blowing. Hope othere will start reading it.

  3. Read HILLARY’S AMERICA by D’Souza for detailed instructions on how to rig an election.

  4. If Trump would extract his foot from his mouth for 3 months Hillary would be history. What does he think he is gaining by attacking common people like the muslim veteran’s father? This is a waste of political capital and demeaning to him as presidential candidate.
    Hopefully if he should manage to be elected, we could implement voter ID. There is no legitimate reason not to do it , except perhaps to deny the dead the vote. Perhaps we do not deserve democracy.

  5. Conservatives, myself included, are VERY worried about the ability of the RNC to STOP Democrats from engaging in VOTER FRAUD, due to a 1982 legal agreement between the DNC and the RNC limiting the RNC’s ability to engage or assist in voter fraud prevention unless the RNC is able to get a court order beforehand, which was denied in past elections. Sadly, the RNC is LEGALLY BARRED from stopping voter fraud altogether, even when the evidence of fraud is shown! May God help America! Vote Trump!

  6. Art Laffer, (creator of the Laffer Curve, and economic advisor to Ron Reagan and many more) wrote an article today and is predicting a “Reagan like landslide” for Trump) It is in “The Weekly Standard”. He presents good points for his view with solid backup. It was on “Twitter” from Charles Gasparino if you want to check it.
    Keep up the good fight!!

  7. Howard, you are in FB JAIL…..I tried to send this post on to my FB Wall and the message of “oops something went wrong”. We are working on it to fix it, please try again.

    This happened with the last post and now again with this post. I can post other items from my emails….BUT NOT YOURS or THE LINK THAT YOU HAD THE LAST TIME.

    FB is monitoring and deciding what can be posted…..FREE SPEECH IS GONE ON FB.

  8. Recent PROOF of voter fraud: Officials visited Graveyard at Hearne TX near College Station with the latest voting records in hand. As they read down the list & walked past tombstones all matched perfectly. Horrible but duplicated using phone directories & other items where large segments of a local phone directory match voting records with identical handwriting. Daley, the criminal from Chicago often bragged that he could deliver as many votes as they needed. He DID.

  9. I just watched Trump’s speech online. I agree with him. Hillary is so full of herself …. I watched her speech this week as well. Ugh!! God bless America and keep Hillary OUT of the White House! That is my prayer! …… Have yourselves a great time in the US! Stay safe! As a Canadian, that I would sure LOVE to see the man-child, Justin Trudeau, removed from the office of Prime Minister of our great country. The sooner the better. He is a disaster for our beloved Canada.

  10. The real issue HG is : as a Canadian Citizen and Law abiding person ( I know this as you have an RPAL and a Nexus card )
    You choose to play by the rules and expect “most” others to do the same . This is just NOT how the world works , it should, but it does not because of “corrupt” people in charge ( in NA they are elected by the general masses of dough heads who all get to vote , legally or not ) There is no cure for this : Proof ? J Trudeau elected followed by H Clinton soon.

  11. Hillary’s America great and 100% factually correct. You crack me up with the “April the Cat” as it reminds me of someone I used to work with who called me Theresa when it’s just plain Teri on my Birth Certificate–I told him this several times and he then proceeded to refer to me as “Just Plain Teri” for the rest of the time I worked there.

  12. Thanks for bringing up the issue of voter fraud. That is my biggest fear of the upcoming election, if they can find fraud in Hearne, TX, you know it can be everywhere. We have had the photo id law in Texas for more than 4 years so how did this happen? Just lack of enforcement I guess. I look forward to your blog each day. We also need to pass a law requiring a urine test before getting food stamps. Edgar Sellers-Amarillo, TX

  13. If any thing that will lose the election for the Donald it will be his big mouth and stupid things he says.What he said about the muslim father speaking ( saying Donald has a black heart ) at the dnc about the loss of his captain son in afgan.and the mother was way off base. He can’t take criticism true or not and has to make stupid remarks,it is better to let it pass people will forget about in a day or too.

  14. VOTER FRAUD is exactly what can/could prevent Trump from being elected. We know that HILLARIOUS and her CO-HORTS are very capable of arranging such a PLOY to win the election. Hence, this is a reason why Obama wants more refugees to come into the USA so that they can fraudulently vote for HILLARIOUS! Hope that TRUMP’S CAMP is focusing on this very SERIOUS issue! HILLARIOUS’ interview on FOX yesterday was a complete DISGRACE. LYING is ‘second nature’ to her. Sadly, she is very convincing! AMEN!

  15. California & Oregon (possibly other States) made it a law that ILLEGAL’s could get their drivers licenses….and, along with their licenses, they were AUTOMATICALLY REGISTERED TO VOTE. I know, for a fact, that NON CITIZENS were sent ballots for the primaries! Voter fraud is evident throughout the USA! Trump doesn’t stand a chance unless something is done to stop voter fraud soon!
    I, too, have been unable to link your editorials to my FaceBook friends the past couple of months, why??????????

  16. I consider the founding fathers only blew it on three points in writing the Constitution! They didn’t institute any checks and balances on the Supreme Court, they should have tied the right to vote to proven government service of some kind instead of birthright and they should have been more specific on the right to own and use firearms by citizens–not confusing the issue with “militia”. The proof of citizenship to vote would not matter if you had to prove “government service” and identity.

  17. After all the proof that has come out lately, I cannot believe that anyone could honestly deny the existence of ‘voter fraud’ or consider asking for a photo ID as “racism”, but then I cannot believe that anyone who supports Obama/Hil-liar-y is not equally as mendacious and fraudulent as they. That’s exactly how “WEIRD Al Franken (Dem from MN) got elected to the Senate. I have my fingers (and my legs and arms and eyes) crossed that the “Trumpers” can stop the dirty democrats this time!

  18. What Trump said: “He was -you know, very emotional and probably looked like a nice guy to me. And personally, I watched him. I wish him the best of luck.” Then Stephanopoulos declared “He said you have sacrificed nothing and no one.” TRUMP: Well, that sounds— who wrote that? Did Hillary’s script writers write it? Wallace said to Clinton “FBI Director James Comey said none of those things you said were true.Lying Clinton said “Director Comey said my answers were truthful.

  19. I will stand by Mr Trump That Moslum Father started it waving the constitution around more or less saying Trump did not know what was in it. I hope some one does some checking to see if he is helping the terrorists when they get caught since he is a lawyer

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