The Revolution Has Begun – The LEFTIST Voters Are Clueless


Thank you to all the people who have Commented, and sent Private Emails expressing their condolences for the LOSS of a magnificent Woman, Mother, Wife and Friend whom I wrote about in my last Editorial.

I know that her Husband Gregg . . . was very appreciative.  


Anyone who is somewhat familiar with Aggressive Venomous Snakes, can tell you that you can’t even begin to imagine whether a snake will attack, based on the expression on its face, because it has no expression.

The same can be said about Politicians.

When watching a “Magician” . . . don’t waste your time watching the moving hand or the head fakes, because they’re merely distractions.

And when listening to a Politician speak . . . THINK about the TWO POINTS I just wrote, because like the Viper, the Politician will strike when he or she is ready, when you least expect it.

And like the Magician . . . It’s all about Distractions, where just so much truth is revealed to make you think you know something, when in reality, you only know what the Magician WANTS YOU TO KNOW.

IN THE CASE OF THE CLINTONS . . . we think we know some of the TRUTH about them. But in essence, we only know a fraction of how EVIL the two of them really are, with Hillary Clinton probably being far worse than her GOOD-TIME-CHARLIE Husband.

I have more or less resolved NOT to waste any of my time watching the CHOREOGRAPHY of her speeches and appearances, since whatever she says and does . . . is all carefully crafted by the BEST HOLLYWOOD CLASS FICTION WRITERS ANYWHERE.


Hillary Clinton has RAPED the United States of America, getting FILTHY RICH in the process. And if the Documentaries on the Clinton’s “business” interests are even partly true, they sold out American INTERESTS getting even FILTHIER RICH.

And between Hillary Clinton and her OVER SEXED HUSBAND . . . they are worth far more than any of us could conceive, which I am sure, at least in my own personal opinion, puts them in the BILLION DOLLAR CLUB.

I DON’T MIND . . . if someone like Trump becomes a BILLIONAIRE, even if he or she comes by his or her fortune LEGALLY, by playing Hardball, as long as he or she DIDN’T STEAL IT FROM THE PEOPLE, under the guise of being a Civil Servant out to Serve the People.

BUT I DO MIND . . . very much, when Politicians take ONE CENT from the people, in any way, shape, or form that isn’t LEGITIMATELY coming to them, with full DISCLOSURE & TRANSPARENCY.

I ALSO REALLY MIND . . . when Politicians PEDDLE their Influence, while they’re in Office, and even after they leave Office, since they’d be making money off the Good Will of the People, they could never have otherwise made had they not been in office.

AS I SEE IT . . . PUBLIC SERVICE – is nothing but a sham by the Politicians to get RICH from the Public. And in the Clinton’s case – they’ve honed this concept to an ART.


Why would I want to hear the carefully scripted speeches that spew out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth, which have been created and presented by a GENIUS staff of writers, editors, directors and producers?

I THINK . . . what bothered me more than I thought it would, was how all the Networks, including Fox News, FAWNED over the speech delivered by the BABY Clinton Viper, who read the words written by others for her, who too had become FILTHY RICH through her parents Criminal Activities.


When Trump speaks and repeats himself, and uses inarticulate words, and doesn’t necessarily have all the FACTS at his fingertips, and doesn’t use a Teleprompter, and when he does use a Teleprompter, he often goes off Script, and uses language that is UNBECOMING to some . . . we can all be sure of ONE THING, Trump is speaking from his own Heart using his own Words, which we all understand.

And what is that worth . . . in comparison to the CONTRIVED WORDS NO ONE CAN BELIEVE, which comes from the Lips of the Clintons and all the other Politicians?


IN MY PERFECT WORLD . . . I would make it mandatory that no Politician would be allowed to READ from a Script or a Teleprompter. I wouldn’t even allow them to use Talking Points, because, if the Politicians can’t speak from their own mind and heart, using their own words . . . WHO THE HELL NEEDS THEM?


Being in Canada . . . Anne and I have to wait for Dinesh D’Souza’s newest Documentary to become available on Netflix, or through some other Online Provider, since it doesn’t seem to be playing in any Canadian Theaters.

But, we did see D’Souza’s Documentary of Obama in Massena NY, and we will see his latest Classic about HILLARY’S AMERICA as well. However, I’ve seen enough Trailers and Read enough Reviews on Dinesh D’Souza’s HILLARY’S AMERICA to really recommend it.

This isn’t the movie . . . BUT CLICK ON THIS LINK, its about 3-Minutes, and it will give you a great idea of what the DOCUMENTARY is all about.

HOWEVER . . . There is another EXCEPTIONAL DOCUMENTARY which you can see in its entirety about the Clinton Money Trail, and as I had written in the preceding, if it is even SLIGHTLY ACCURATE, which I assume it is, since it is so well documented and referenced, that the future of both Clintons belong BEHIND BARS.

This Video is slightly longer than an hour, and worth every second to watch. CLICK HERE to see a level of corruption that boggles the mind.


I LOVE MARSHA BLACKBURN . . . One of the seemingly GOOD GUYS in the House, who is a Republican Member of Congress from Tennessee, who has filed OFFICIAL CHARGES against the THREE CLINTONS for their involvement in the Clinton Foundation, which if TRUE, will be amongst the world’s greatest Criminal Enterprises – with the FBI, the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission, all which have just announced, that they’ve opened full scale investigations.

I don’t really know what that means, since we all saw how the FBI and Justice Department let Hillary Clinton Walk Away from her CRIMINAL ABUSE OF EMAILS, and the fact that she LIED TO CONGRESS. But who knows?

I DON’T SUSPECT . . . that any of these Government Agencies will be able to do much between now and the election. But at the very least, the charges will stimulate a REAL AWAKENING.

The other thing to consider . . . is that the Clintons might have so much DIRT on the Heads of these three Agencies, that even if they really wanted to pursue charges against the Clintons, it could mean the loss of their own Careers, Freedom or WORSE.


AT THE SAME TIME . . . these three Agency Heads have to consider the other real possibility, that Trump WINS the White House, and he appoints someone like Rudy Giuliani or Chris Christie to the Justice Department, who will pursue the Clintons and their COHORTS WITH A VENGEANCE.

REMEMBER THIS . . . No one can be given an Obama Presidential Pardon if he, she, or they aren’t charged (convicted) during his Presidency.

HERE’S A REALITY – These incredible VIDEO DOCUMENTARIES will not make a Hill-Of-Beans difference to the IDIOTS, Privileged Class, and Something-For-Nothing Bunch who are tied to the hip to the Democrats.

But, what these VIDEO Documentaries will do, as we can already see, is STIR the Passions amongst the REAL People in the United States of America, to get them out there WORKING WITH ALL THEY HAVE . . . TO DEFEAT THE CLINTONS, and roll back the MESS that was made by the RINOS, the BUSH’S, the DEMOCRATS, and OBAMA.

The other EFFECT these Documentary Videos and other Disclosures like them will have, is to move Independent, Disaffected Democrats, and People who aren’t yet sure who they will vote for, AWAY FROM HILLARY CLINTON, and perhaps towards Trump.

These Videos with more to come, might even cause the Media to think twice about prostrating themselves on the Altar of the Losing Corrupt Side.

I THINK THERE ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH AMERICANS . . . who fully understand and accept Trump’s simple message – MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and throw the bums out.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Finally Boehner has taken a positive stand and done the right thing. I was very glad to see this. I just hope he continues to do so; perhaps he really could do no better with the slight majority he had before and Reid running the Senate. Perhaps. I hope so, but only time will tell. Still, it is a good place to start.

  2. D’Souza’s Hillary’s America is beyond excellent. It is both informative and entertaining. The whole theater applauded at the end. As a former American History teacher I can say everything in it is accurate. It also makes clear just how we got to the horrible state we are in.
    Tom Kelly

  3. It won’t be long when you can look up the word “corruption” in any dictionary and see a photo of Bill and Hillary. They have tried for decades to cover their asses, probably even resorting to extreme actions long believed to be true. The point that Howard has made masterfully is that such massive corruption has NO place in the Oval Office. The current occupant, however malevolent and mendacious, would be a piker compared to Hillary. All clear-thinking Americans should resoundingly reject her!

  4. About Hillary being, according to Bill that is, the best darn changer. If so how come she couldn’t change him?

  5. At first I didn’t think that I could see any Clinton in film but have heard how good D’souza’s film is, I’ll take the plunge.
    Just the thought of the Clintons AGAIN walking the WH halls just makes me sick!! Keep up your good work Howard.

  6. As long as comey (FBI ) and that lying head of the attorney general office are in power this investigation of the clinton
    foundation will go no-ware for prosecution.When you have a billion dollars to buy off the right people .Intelligent people know the clintons are lairs,thieves and traitors,the problem is we have a lot of stupid voters for hillary.

  7. I also couldn’t believe how even the FOX commentators couldn’t see through Hillary’s as well as Michelle’s highly scripted BS speechs. The content flew in the face of the reality of their track records. The sad thing is that the American public has been so brainwashed into believing that even the spouses of presidents are automatically qualified to be their successors. I thought Americans threw out royalty 250 years ago.

  8. My daughter spent her hard earned money to take 3 of her friends to the movie and educate them on the Clintons and the Secrets of the Democratic Party. Trump might consider negotiating with Dinesh D’Souza for a reduced price to show Hillary’s America in several cities in the U.S. to cities with a high degree of low information voters such as Chicago, New York, San Francisco, etc. The money can come from donations to the Republican Party or Trump’s candidacy. More people need to see this mov.

  9. Good riddance to obama and his traitor DNC CRAFTED PUPPET,AKA HILLARY CLINTON. THE CLINTONS should have been jailed years
    ago, imo.

  10. Howard…I am watching the 1 hour long video on the Clintons as I am writing to you…wow, what a video on these people…I watched the 1st and part of the 2nd before I sent to about 35 of my pals in a group…asked that they all watch so I went back to watch the long one myself…I always appreciate your thoughts and just wish we had a way to get a copy to “The Donald”…keep up the good work
    All my best,

  11. Excellent and cogent article, once again, Howard! Thanks. A group of couples (about 14-16 of us in all) are going to see Dinesh D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America” this coming Wednesday night. I recommend others to get a “party” together to do the same, then go to dinner and discuss it! Heck, invite a liberal friend or two, so they can be exposed to some common sense information before they vote in November! 😉

  12. As stated before, the ESTABLISHMENT (Republicans & Democrats) are so FEARFUL of TRUMP that they will do ANYTHING to try to FORCE him out! We also know that HILLARIOUS & HUSSEIN OBAMA are definitely EVIL to the core and powerful enough to DESTROY others. The only thing which can OVERPOWER them is the TRUTH, which Trump has the “MEANS” to REVEAL it. No doubt that BHO will “pull out” another DECEITFUL PLOY from his TROJAN HORSE soon—maybe another “medical crisis/disease”! Who knows??? AMEN!

  13. Mr. Trump may have declared bankruptcy, but it is legal to do so. What the Clinton’s do is illegal. BIG DIFFERENCE. I hope that the Trump administration prosecutes them by sounding the TRUMPET! Donald Trump is our county’s TRUMPET.

  14. Like Trump, I had to go through bankruptcy to even the scales and have a second start. Once can be helpful — after that it shouldn’t be. It’s not fun; it’s admitting to oneself that he has failed. The point is not to fail again. So far, I owe nothing; not one red cent — and I can give to some charities for the first time. I don’t think Trump has had to file bankruptcy but once.

  15. My fear is that the election-electoral college will be rigged. Refugees will get a green card and this will enable them to vote. All who have a photo ID, driver’s license can vote. Why have the Democrats, helped by the Bushes, opened borders Like LBJ who got in office on an illegal, riged and stuffed ballot, Hillary will slide into office on her slick corruption. Again like LBJ, it will take years to prove it and then too late. Bye Bye America. No citizenship required.

  16. Hi Howard, I was going to let you know about a group getting together to see “Hillary’s America” but see my neighbor has already let you know. It’s a good way to get some people to see it who might not go on their own. Thanks for all your efforts to promote Truth.
    M.M., Hidden Valley Lake, CA

  17. Apparently, one can see the entire “Hillary’s America” on You Tube??

  18. Did everyone catch Bill sleeping through Hillary’s speech? I guess he has heard the lies and routine umpteen times before, or she is just such an exciting candidate.

    What the Clintons did to Haiti (one example) was beyond criminal. Why the media pursues every word Trump says, putting their own negative spin on anything positive and yet refuses to bring Hillary’s record to the front shows how biased the news is.

    In Canada Baby Doc Airhead Trudeau was elected by the press. USA, wake up!

  19. We saw “Hillary’s America” last weekend and I would urge everyone to see it. Even if you can’t convince your liberal friends to go, it will give you plenty of ammunition to talk about Hillary and the Dems with them. I’ve seen all 3 of Dinesh’s recent movies and this is the best yet. I urge everyone to go to the theaters (ticket sales get the message out) and if you can’t find it in a theater, see it as soon as it’s out on DVD (hopefully soon).

  20. Just watched you link for 3 minutes and wanted to forward it to my FB so my 400+ friends could have the opportunity watch it..IT WOULD NOT GO and I received a message saying.’oops something went wrong, we’re working on it to fix it’.
    I tried 4 times and the same thing came up. The I tried to post your message on my FB as I’ve done many times, and the same thing came up. FB seems to be monitoring all post and those that it deems not good, does not allow it to be posted. Just wanted you to know.

  21. I am watching CLINTON CASH – Official Documentary (MOVIE) Full. Thank You for your editorials.

  22. Another winner, Howard. I hope we have enough “clear-thinking Americans” left in this country to make a difference. About this far in advance of Romney v Obama I felt quite good about Romney’s possibilities and then got an enormous shock at the reelection of BHO. I remain neutral about any prediction where this election is concerned. I have lost a lot of faith in the American people since the Reagan admin.

  23. Just am observation:::Just thinking-not long ago GM was building cars in Flint, Mi., and you could’t drink the water in Mexico after 71/2 years of Obama administration GM now builds cars in Mexico and you cant drink the water in Flint..

  24. I watched the 3 min. clip Howard and I’m not sure it is reliable because when “Hillarious” was madly running done the hall of the White House, it could not possibly be her. Her butt wasn’t big enough. As links aren’t allowed on this forum, Mike Marrs should try to find the clip on you tube called China’s Chevy and see what GM is doing in face of the big bail outs in the US and Canada. It will knock your socks off.

  25. As an aside, reading your article, you mentioned traveling to Massena, NY to view one of D’Souza’s films. Not knowing anything about Massena, out of curiosity I Googled it. The first bit of information I learned is that this could be a poster-child city for the decay of America. Jobs disappearing because of the closures of Alcoa, Reynolds and a GM Plant leaves Massena residents struggling with the decision to reinvent themselves or move. Read their story. Cry. Vote TRUMP 2016.

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