BEFORE ANYTHING . . . I’m dedicating this Editorial to one of the FINEST People Anne and I ever met. Her name was Linda Roberts, who passed away early Thursday Morning in Montreal.

I’ve known a great many people who’ve passed-on, who also deserve accolades for the way they lived their lives, raised their families, loved and cared for their pets, and honored their friends, but very few who have touched my heart and the heart of Anne as deeply as the passing of Linda, which was so sad to both of us.

Sometime in mid 1998, I published a Best Selling Political Book called “Bastards”, which was available in most Book Stores and by mail, directly through my Quebec Political Action Committee (QPAC).

And one day, when Anne and I drove to the QPAC PO Box to check on the mail, which was a distance from where we lived . . . amongst the mail, there was a letter with a check for $20 in it, asking for an autographed copy of my Book, which wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, since by then, I had already sold THOUSANDS of Copies.

But, what made this order kind of special . . . was that it came from people who lived about a half hour walk from where we had our first Horse Farm in Saint Lazare, just North West of Montreal.

And even though it was DUSK, when Anne and I decided to take our Dog and hand deliver this signed copy of Bastards to the woman who ordered it . . . on we went.

When we got to the address given in the letter, it was already pretty dark. So when I rang the doorbell, I stood back into the lamplight, and when it opened, a very pretty woman about my age answered . . . and just stared.

I handed her the Book, and said . . . “I’m delivering the book you ordered”. She took the Book, said thank you, and closed the door. Anne and I stood there dumbfounded, when within a moment, we heard a male voice from the other side of the door ask, “who was it at this hour?” with her response being . . . “I think I just shut the door in the face of Howard Galganov”.

To which the man said . . . “Perhaps we should open the door and let him in”.

This was about EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO, which started a relationship with two incredible people, Linda and Gregg Roberts, who were our kind of Conservatives.

Linda was a Country Girl, raised on the farm, who couldn’t muster a scintilla of GUILE if she tried with all her heart, because it just wasn’t in her. She was as honest and as forthcoming as a human being could be. She smiled a lot. She liked to laugh a lot too. And she was really proud of her Husband and Children. And when it came to her Pets and Friends, Linda Roberts was as kind and reliable a person as anyone could be.


LINDA ROBERTS passed away early Thursday Morning, after a long, difficult, and Brave Battle with Brain Cancer. But before she died, she told Gregg that she had a VIVID Dream, where she saw the People and Animals Linda had loved, who had already passed-on, who were waiting for her on the Other Side.

According to the way Gregg described it to me, Linda’s vision was so clear and sublime, that her fear of dying was not an issue. And knowing Linda Roberts, and her belief system, which was very similar to ours (Anne and Mine), I can fully relate to what Linda Dreamt and her Peace in Passing, since I felt much the same, when I was diagnosed with a virulent form of Cancer more than 20-Years ago.

AFTER I RECEIVED THE NEWS FROM GREGG . . . I shared it with Anne, and we both cried, because the World lost a really decent person, not to mention the extraordinary loss to Gregg and their Children.

KNOWING LINDA ROBERTS . . . was both a gift and a privilege to Anne and myself, since Linda’s Values were non-negotiable, and absolutely secure in their belief.

Anne and I wept for Linda and her Family, and more than just lamenting the loss, it reminded us, that at our ages in our MID-SIXTIES, we don’t have all that much longer to enjoy life, since more than half of our lives are already done, that is if we don’t come down with an extreme illness, or suffer from an accident . . . there is no time for us to waste.


THE PASSING OF LINDA . . . who was so excited that I personally Hand-Delivered my Book to her, that she shut the door in my face . . . reminded me, that FIGHTING FOR SOMETHING WE BELIEVE IN, for the PRINCIPLES and VALUES, which Linda believed in, was so exciting and important, and her passion was so great, THAT IT WAS INFECTIOUS.


I’m watching an incredibly WELL-STAGED-SHOW, much like the shows created in the Hunger Games by President Coriolanus Snow, which Katniss Everdeen challenged and destroyed. BUT THIS SHOW . . . UNLIKE THE HUNGER GAMES – IS REAL!

I am not going to CRITIQUE Hillary Clinton’s speech, since like the Staged Shows in the Hunger Games, it too is FICTION . . . and void of any truth, so why bother?

AND WHEN THINKING OF A FINE PERSON LIKE LINDA ROBERTS . . . I can’t help but see how one person could be so genuine and really kind like Linda, while another could be so shrill, dishonest, and anything but fine, like Hillary Clinton.


AT THE BEGINNING OF THE DEMOCRAT SHOW . . . there was barely an American Flag in sight. But after hearing the criticism – all of a sudden, the STAGED HILLARY CLINTON SHOW WAS AWASH IN PATRIOTISM, with an abundance of American Flags around the stage, and in the hands of the phony LEFTISTS, who all of a sudden became Patriots for the cameras.


I watched Megyn Kelly do all that she could within the bounds of reason to suck up to General John Allen, trying desperately to get him to say HORRIBLE things about Donald Trump, who didn’t take the bait, but also didn’t disagree.

I also saw Megyn Kelly, Brit Hume and Chris Wallace Cheerlead for Hillary Clinton, as if they were on the Payroll, totally unlike anything they did for Donald Trump.


We also saw the FOX News People gush over Chelsea Clinton, whose speech to introduce her mother, which she read off the Teleprompter . . . wasn’t at all that good. Yet the FOX News People thought it was GREAT.

And I doubt if she had much to do with writing it. But regardless to that . . . it was just part of the Stage-Crafted-Show that was Make-Believe, which the FOX Panel hailed as a great success.

THEY’RE ALL WHORES . . . the Politicians, the Bureaucrats and the Media, who are willing to say whatever they feel they need to say to WIN, and then do whatever they wish once they reach their goal, which includes FOX News, which has proven they will kiss any LEFTIST ASS in order to get Hillary Clinton on their AIR.


Because Linda Roberts was EVERYTHING Hillary Clinton is not, and could never be. And no matter what CRAP that spews forth from Crooked Hillary’s Mouth, knowing that there was a Woman as FINE as Linda Roberts, gives me the strength and determination to reach beyond Crooked Hillary’s Diatribe of Lies and Fiction . . . and the IDIOTS who follow her because she‘s a woman, to FIGHT against her and all the people like her, with all the passion I can muster.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  2. With Roger Ailes gone, the Murdoch “boys” are running the Fox network now, that’s why it has turned so far left, so fast that all our heads are spinning and we have a terminal case of whiplash, Howard!

  3. We’re sorry to hear of your loss of Linda Roberts – made all the harder by too few such genuine people. “Tis better to have loved, and lost . . . .” Re Fox, Megyn Kelly has drifted from seeking truth to the embrace of feel-good platitudes that pass for veracity. We tend toward others on Fox knowing each has their strengths and foibles. Veritas, Brother. Veritas.

  4. Sean Hannity and perhaps Bill O’Reilly have been the 2 strongest supporters of Trump at FOX news.Greta is neutral.She does not telegraph any preference.I too was disappointed in Megyn,Brit,etc.But is does not matter.They get only one vote in Nov. as do “we the people.”Trump will be the “Trumpet” for America in November.Keep the faith!!As I have said,his two names are very appropriate for his path to the presidency.Don=strong man,trump=strongest card in bridge, and trumpet comes from trump.

  5. Sorry for the loss of your dear friend Linda. We all need to stop and remember those “really good people” who have made a difference in our lives and in this world. Blessings to her family. We also have been disappointed in some of the reporting from FOX. Guess sometimes anything for a rating. Glad the DNC nonsense is over and let the debates begin. GO TRUMP!!! Bev Kepple

  6. Sorry for your loss of a good friend. Thanks for reminding us there’s still good people in the world.

  7. Sorry for your loss. It’s sad when anyone dies, but it’s tragic when a person of quality passes. I don’t see Fox as leaning left, per se, but they had to be seen as “fair and balanced” when they reported on the DNC corrupt pep rally.

  8. So sorry for your loss of such a wonderful friend. I can no longer watch Fox News when Megan Kelly is on – she is a turncoat and NOT a conservative – totally enamored with herself. We totally enjoy your emails, and support your efforts.

    Martha Bellizzi, Sneads Ferry, NC

  9. I agree with Sheila K. Whitt of Land O Lakes, FL. above 100%. I’m really concerned that now that Ailes is gone (whatever he may have done aside), he kept the focus of Fox News middle of the road to right leaning. Now that he is gone and Rupert Murdoch and family are there running the show 100%, I wonder how much influence the Muslims that bought interest in Fox will have. It’s really frightening. We NEED a CONSERVATIVE station. Fox News as such may be no more. Condolences on your loss.

  10. What a warm and wonderful tribute! Linda is being rewarded with an eternity in Paradise. After years as a dedicated reader, I cancelled my subscription to the National Post. Their editorial staff had become infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome and were openly shilling for the Tramp in a Pantsuit. Tramp or Trump: to anyone guided by a moral compass the choice is clear. Shame on the MSM, including NP, for siding with the most wicked evil in the history of American politics.

  11. VERY touching Sir….your expression of grief and loss and your reminder that we are all ‘getting-there’ or at least pretty-close to there….has reminded me to enjoy more….more of my lovely wife and of our friends….thank you Sir.

  12. What a wonderful testimony to your friend and what a life well lived looks like.

  13. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story about a beautiful person.

  14. Sorry for your loss of a great lady and dear person. What a wonderful tribute on your part to honor Linda on line. We watched Hillary speak last night, at least as much as we could stomach. Same old political crap. Tell ‘um what they want to hear… just to get elected. I don’t think Hitler could have stirred up a crowd any better! To think that there are that many mindless people in this country to get that lying woman elected, is truly disturbing. Heaven help us!!!!!

  15. Howard I feel your loss of Linda. She sounds like the wonderful person that we all are aiming for. I finished reading about her with tears in my eyes. I hope to see her in the future.Your are in the mid 60s I’m 82 and not ready yet!! I also feel the loss of some of “our” people at FOX. Be that as it may I’ll still watch now that I’m aware of some changes.

  16. You and Anne were blessed to have such a wonderful friend…..rare indeed. And, yes, at your age time is running a little faster, Howard. Enjoy every minute; you both have paid your dues. Thank you for spending so much time on your blog for all of us to enjoy. You are an honorable person, and you are greatly appreciated by everyone on this blog who recognize where your heart lies.

  17. Howard, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend Linda. I also lost a friend this week, one I’ve known since childhood. Times such as these are sad and trying. I also watched the DNC dog and pony show featuring Hillary at her worst, spewing lies, pandering, glossovers, and hot air. She also tried to smear Donald Trump, who is America’s last chance for true freedom. It makes me and many like me even more determined to see Trump win in a landslide! Never Hillary!!!

  18. Sorry about your friend. You will always have those good memories to fall back on. You are an inspiration and hopefully have helped others change from their liberal mindsets, so thanks.

  19. I’m so sorry for your loss! Happily you have fond memories!

  20. i take what is said by TV and print papers reporters with a grain of sand ,a very small grain.The good die young but the
    SOB live on and on.

  21. This morning my wife and I put down our beautiful 8 yr old English Springer that was suffering from lymphoma. We are mourning, but even though I would do anything for my pets, a human life is much more valuable. I mourn with you and your wife, and thank you for putting this all into perspective. Chs, SC

  22. Your tribute was so touching, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank You for sharing. Yes the facade of the DNC held strong last night. Are those boobs real or fake? LOL!

  23. Since the fall of the Athenian Republic over 2,000 years ago, the average lifetime of a democracy has been about 200 years. The U.S.A. is now about 241 years old. Obama was elected by less votes than Romney, largely by the government-dependent voters. Clinton could do likewise.

  24. Very beautiful euligy to such a beautiful woman. Her Vision really touched me, for I know that our friends and family who have gone before us patiently wait for our arrival in the World of Spirits. Yes, and the loving animals that we have cherrished throughout our earthly days are there as well. What a beautiful future awaits those of us who do our best to serve others and to love without condition. Great email. Gene Albright Visalia, Ca. USA

  25. What a wonderful tribute to a great friend!!! I know that Anne & you will miss her greatly, as will Gregg & her children. We all must remember that dying is a part of living. For those of us who have our beloved furbabies, we see this as time goes on. I think, it is wonderful that you had 18 years with Linda. I have lost several friends & know that there will be more. I am almost 73 & definitely on the short end of life. Live life to the fullest, no matter your age, life to short, not to.

  26. I have been so loyal to Fox, but now am disappointed in their commentaries.
    I hope O’Reilly and Hannity don’t change.
    So sorry for your loss of such a good person. We need more like her.
    I look forward to your blogs, so right on.

  27. Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same. This is a good thing.

  28. Excellent editorial, Howard! You inspired me to want to put a $20.00 bill in an envelope and send it to you! Which I will do. Thank you for the insightful and accurate way you saw both conventions. God speed…..

  29. My condolences to you, Anne, and Gregg. You are absolutely correct. It is appalling to see the butt kissing done by the fox news sycophants to the traitors of the demorat party. Linda appears to be an epitome of good whereas killary is an epitome of evil.

  30. I didn’t hear Hillary’s speech but it couldn’t have been that good, it put Bill to sleep.
    Google “Bill sleeps during speech” or check it out on You Tube

  31. Howard, your editorial about Linda brought me to tears. The world is a much better place because she was in it. I wish I had known her.

    Susanne Sauer
    Douglassville, PA

  32. First, condolences on the loss of your friend; she sounded like a joy to have known. Secondly, for those of you who are unhappy with FOX, try Newsmax TV. I watch it on Directv channel 349. You will be much happier with their analysis of the news; Dennis Micheal Lynch, on at 8 (central time) is an out and out Trump supporter, and has been since the primaries. They have some outstanding conservative voices as guests, and have the opposing view, too. Give it a try.

  33. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. From the sound of it, our world is a bit poorer with her passing. I watched most of both conventions and watched very little on Fox. While CNN covered the speeches very well, Fox constantly had their anchors and talking head pundits on screen. I only switched to Fox for some commentary by the likes of Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani – both of whom I have voted for in Florida primaries – after the speeches were done.
    RIP Linda Roberts.

  34. Sorry for your and Anne’s loss of your friend, Linda Roberts. RIP. My deepest Sympathy and Condolences to Linda’s Family and Friends. God Bless

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