Running Scared . . . Running Stupid

It's A Vote Between Truth And Fiction

The Day of Reckoning is around the corner, because the Real Campaign starts TODAY (July 28, 2016) after Hillary Clinton ACCEPTS the Leadership of the Democrat Party to run for the President of the United States of America.

Anne, Stryker, April the Cat, along with our friends Frank and Christine, just got back from a few days on the Road, from where we visited Prince Edward Island, a bit of New Brunswick, and Percé Rock in Quebec, where WiFi was at best a hopeful expectation.

BUT NOW THAT WE’RE BACK . . . and are in full control of our communications, and after listening to FOX News for hours on end through my Data Plan on my Smart Phone (iPhone 6-Plus), and reading more than a dozen Newspapers and News Web Blogs everyday from around the World, also on my Smart Phone – I COULDN’T WAIT TO START WRITING AGAIN.


I am utterly and absolutely  . . . convinced that the LEFT, which includes anyone who supports Hilary Clinton, and doesn’t HATE OBAMA for what he’s done to the USA and the World in the last seven and a half years of his Presidency, who supported him, and are now supporting Hillary Clinton for NOT PERSONAL GAIN . . . are Idiots of the Highest Order.

SO LET ME MAKE THIS EVEN CLEARER . . . If you support the LEFT, and have no REAL personal gain in doing so, and rally to their hyperbole, simply because you are believers . . . there is a PABULUM OF DRUGS FOR THE MASSES out there with your name on it.

DON’T GET ME WRONG . . . I have no love or time for people who are thieves, connivers, liars, cheats, users and abusers – but at least, they have a purpose to their chicanery and really bad behavior.

BUT . . . when it comes to people who support the LIKES of Obama, Bernie Sanders who gets upset because he’s accused of being an Atheist, but not because he’s accused of being a Jew, and the Clintons . . . because they believe in the STUPIDITY and DECEIT that flows freely from all of their lips – for these people . . . I can see neither reason nor redemption.

AND BECAUSE OF THESES INCREDIBLY STUPID PEOPLE . . . the rest of us have suffered beyond the pale.

So why do you ask, as I always do to myself, can people who otherwise are capable of doing serious work, running and managing businesses, be so utterly gullible as to be completely BLIND TO THE FACTS AND THE TRUTH?

AS I SEE IT . . .

1 – People want to see and believe in, what they want to see and believe in. And will question the TRUTH as many times as it takes, until they get the answer they want to hear.

2 – We surrendered CRITICAL THINKING the moment we entrusted our education system to the LEFTISTS, who prosper beyond belief in the field of Education.

People of my age (66-Years Old), tend to remember what teachers were like 6-Decades Ago, when teachers actually taught Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Civics and PROPER MANNERS.

Today . . . Teachers are too busy teaching LEFTIST CRAP, which they learned from their teachers, which they learned from their teachers, and will pass along to future teachers, which has no bearing on how to be successful and responsible in the REAL World . . . WHICH IS A GARGANTUAN PROBLEM.

3 – ALSO . . . we’ve bought into the LEFTIST Entertainment Mantra, where the WORKER is always STIFFED by the manager. Where the good guys buy into same sex relationships as being NORMAL, while anyone being uncomfortable with this as being normal, is nothing short of being a HOMOPHOBIC Neanderthal.

From the days of Archie Bunker, which was really funny, but also a BRILLIANT strategy that set the stage for a Social Revolution to the LEFT, through making someone who is a hard working Blue Collar Guy into a “LOVEABLE” Jerk, dependent upon the good sense of his brow beaten wife, who nonetheless always figures it out in the end, in spite of all she was conditioned to originally believe.

We even saw this nascent propagandizing of Blue Collar Workers through Alice and Ralph Kramden (Audrey Meadows and Jackie Gleason) of the Honeymooners.

Today . . . it seems that all the Sitcoms, demonstrate the GOODNESS and NORMALITY in being Gay, the Goofy Guy who gets by, just by getting by, the Sexually Liberated Women who think nothing of Casual Sex, and the characters you almost always see with a drink in hand at a fancy bar.

It’s remarkable how most of the characters in these sitcoms don’t seem to have JOBS. Or, if they do have a job, it’s not a major part of their character. Or are in jobs they hate, or can’t wait to leave . . . but seemingly, they always have enough money to really live the good life one way or another, which is never explained how.

THEN THERE ARE THE DRAMA SHOWS . . . many of which are Cops and Robbers, where the Hero Cops, who in REAL LIFE are the Actors who Publicly HATE GUNS and campaign against the Second Amendment, but spend their entire acting careers getting Stinking Rich, by KILLING, or more aptly stated, by Slaughtering the Bad Guys in inconceivable numbers, and Good Guys as collateral damage, with every weapon the writers and directors can conceive.

IF YOU’RE A FAN OF LIAM NEESON . . . who stars in nothing much else than Action Thrillers, who spends all of his characters’ movie time MASSACRING PEOPLE, always with a gun in his hand, you should know that Neeson DOESN’T WANT YOU TO OWN A GUN.

Yet, the people who HATE Conservatives and the Second Amendment, nonetheless flock to see his movies to see him kill people with guns. Now how sick is that?

I WAS A HUGE FAN OF THE HUNGER GAMES . . . which made Jennifer Lawrence Wealthy and Famous beyond her wildest Dreams, by playing the role of Katniss Everdeen, who was a no nonsense FREEDOM FIGHTER, whose character stood for the same Conservative VALUES the people who read this BLOG stand for . . .

YET – IN THE REAL WORLD OF JENNIFER LAWRENCE . . . who in her acting world murdered the enemy any way she could, she is proud to show her utter contempt for those Values, including the RIGHT TO OWN GUNS to defend against the overreach of government, the concept of which, made her rich and famous.


In essence . . . this Presidential Election between Trump with Working People, versus the Something-For-Nothing Bunch, is pitting TRUTH & REALITY against the FICTION of the LEFT.


I didn’t watch the Conventions, just to hear well-crafted Speeches, which any decent wordsmith could compose. Nor did I watch the Conventions to hear the Delivery of the well-crafted Speeches read by professional Politicians from Teleprompters.

I listened to, and watched the Conventions to take it all in, but mostly the Excitement, the Mood, and the Passion of the Voters, because who gives a damn what the Pundits and Political Operatives have to say, since they don’t get any more votes than anyone else . . . and what I came away with, was that WE THE PEOPLE, you and me, no longer want to be fed a political diet of FICTION.

We don’t want the DOUBLE STANDARDS and the LIES. And whether the LEFT realizes it or not, whether Trump wins or not, the REVOLUTION TO TAKE BACK THE FREEDOMS OF THE PEOPLE HAS BEGUN.

Maybe the LEFT will outnumber the MAKERS at the polls. And maybe the LEFT will win the White House, which I SERIOUSLY DOUBT, but anything‘s possible. And maybe there will be half a Nation that will call her Madame President . . . BUT I ASSURE YOU . . . THE OTHER HALF WILL NOT.

I look at the PEOPLE on the Streets and in the Convention Halls . . . and on the RIGHT I see and hear a real COMMITMENT to Truth, Justice and the American Way as Superman used to state it in the Comics . . . with honest to goodness Passion.

BUT ON THE LEFT, all I see and hear . . . are well-crafted contrived speeches, filled with empty Words, Lies and Fiction, cheered on by people who don’t have a clue, and whether they will admit it or not . . . are stunned by the reaction and success of the RIGHT.



Tim Kaine’s performance said everything I needed to hear from the LEFT. Instead of choosing a stand-up HONEST GUY to be the VP Candidate, the LEFT chose a THIEF, who admitted to ACCEPTING at least $160,000 in Bribes, while he was the Governor of Virginia.

I heard him mocking Donald Trump, who has built an EMPIRE for himself, his Family, and for the American People, which DIRECTLY EMPLOYS Thousands of Americans, and indirectly employs TENS OF THOUSANDS MORE.

But what has Tim Kaine Created, or Obama, or the Clintons for that matter, other than Obscene Wealth for themselves, by CHEATING the American People by Hook or Crook and lies, while pretending to be fighting for the American Dream for all?

ON OCTOBER 16, 1793 . . . Marie Antoinette was Guillotined for telling the French Citizens, who lived with nothing but stress and despair, trying just to survive by putting food on their tables, for them TO EAT CAKE, while she dined like the Queen she was.

So how’s that any different, than the HUNDREDS OF MILLION OF DOLLARS the Clintons have smothered themselves with, and the BILLION Plus Dollars, which the Obama’s have spent on Lavish Vacations on Air Force One and on Collateral Luxurious Planes, Traveling on Worldwide Shopping Sprees, having Private Rock Concerts and God Only knows what else at the White House to Entertain their daughters, WHILE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE COULD BARELY AFFORD TO EAT CAKE?

TIM KAINE . . . drove that message home last night, which was not lost on the American People. And the FACT that he thought it was appropriate to deliver important parts of his speech in Spanish, including the Spanish rendition of YES WE CAN, was an absolute KICK BELOW THE BELT to all Americans, who are FED-UP with Illegal Immigration, predominantly from Spanish Speaking Countries like Mexico, when the lying Politicians like Obama keeps saying . . . that to become an American, the first thing you have to do is learn how to speak English.

SO TONIGHT . . . IT’S CROOKED HILLARY’S TURN – who will screech about all the things she will have claimed to have done, none of which will be true. And avoid all of the many things she didn’t do, which she should have done. And the many things she did VERY POORLY that ended in disasters, which would all be true if she had the decency to own up to the tragedies she has caused around the world.

SO AS I WROTE AT THE BEGINNING . . . This campaign is not necessarily between Trump and Clinton, nearly as much as it is between the Conservative TRUTH and the LEFTIST FICTION. And that’s why I believe this election will be a Blow Out in favor of Trump.

And then I will use this Blog to keep his feet to the fire too.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I find it very belittling that you refer to activist Muslims as Islamo-fascists. They are ISLAMO-NAZIS, hell-bent on world domination. Nothing less. And day by day we are witnessing in real time a March toward war between Muslims and the West. The tree of liberty will be refreshed sooner than later. Keep your powder dry.

  2. Hillary may yet get an Academy Award. She sure puts on one heck of an act!
    Intellectually she’s in fact right up there with Archie Bunker.
    At least Archie had a conscience.

  3. Well said Howard.

    The “Masses are Asses”. Voltaire

  4. We don’t watch tv any more, and haven’t for years, to shut off that major valve pouring sewage into our living room. If we watch the debates or conventions, we find a live stream that isn’t tied into one of the leftist mouthpiece networks. The warping of our children’s minds in the education system is a major problem that can only be solved at this point by a full-blown voucher system or home schooling. I believe this election will be a blowout for Trump, but we won’t know until it’s over.

  5. So tell us all how you really feel Howard! GRIN!!!! Being scolded by Biden, the “Deceiver in Chief” as well as the new lap dog for “Billary” last night was pathetic. Are we better off today than we were 8 years ago in both the US and our allies like Israel abroad? Not NO…, but Hell No!!!!! Tis good to have you back Howard. Missed your blog. Keep the faith. I know hope is not a strategy, but right now, it is all we have to get both our Countries back until November.

  6. People get the government they deserve. If they’re so delusional and stupid as to vote for the corrupt, lying, shrieking shrew, with all her baggage, then…..what can I say except Let us pray for Donald Trump. Why? Because his baggage is far lighter than hers, and at least he offers a vision for America that negates the destructive Obama agenda. If Trump loses, then America loses, in every way imaginable. LGBTQ: Let’s Get Behind Trump, and Quickly!
    Barry Jackson
    St. Lazare, Quebec

  7. If the elections are no longer effective, there is a potential ARMY of us really old guys ready to march OR take whatever damned action we will ultimately believe is justified to get these thieves out of office …FOR GOOD! THEIR “army” of draft dodgers, led by that sick sex SOB Slick Willie” and THEIR spawn – with half their in-laws in prison for fraud or theft – will not withstand and their bullshit words will no longer suffice! “The Taming of The Shrew” speeches are OVER Willie!! Bud Farrell

  8. Please change her name to crooked killary. She abandoned 4 Americans to a horrible death. She is responsible as well as the fraud in the oval office. Other than the name, excellent post!

  9. In response to your #1; I say it is very reminiscent of the guy/gal that keeps going to another doctor until they get a diagnosis they want or like.

  10. Howard! How I do hope you are correct about the outcome of the election. Where the Left is concerned, the more insane their “leaders”, the more insane the followers! Period!!! Just look at that entire convention center and be amazed how many fools are able to gather in one place. It must challenge mass gatherings of Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Hope the outcome is not similar.

  11. Howard, I love your PASSION! I’m also angry about the lies and manipulations spewed out by the Democrats. The phony emotion portrayed by Hillary as she hugged Obama, looking into his eyes in what she hoped appeared as love and appreciation, came from hard cold eyes and was to me a disgusting display of unadulterated deception. How could the Left not see? I am mystified and astounded at their utter blindness. I appreciate your profound comments! You say it like it is, a truth we deeply welcome.

  12. Howard, Where would they have found an honest man to be Hillary’s VP? This is the DEMOCRAT party.

  13. Western pa update..Anyone who has Trump or Hi-liar-y signs in OUR yard’s have to date more than likely paid for them..After the convention I do expect to see a lot more out and about…as the DNC and the RNC will then be fronting the money..As of this weekend–driving over a 125 mile area–I saw my 2nd Clinton sign–and it Said Hillary for Prison..Trump signs all over..Whatever poll said she was UP by 7 or 9 points–They must be Smokin Wacky Tobackie..She in not making any inroads. God is Great!

  14. Wow.. The short break really rejuvenated you. I wonder about the polls. Obama has an all time high approval rating? By comparison, Trump looks fantastic to me. The “no more war” people would rather be taken into slavery or killed rather than fight for their freedoms. The readiness of our military is pathetic. Our strong military leaders have been purged in favor of Obama types. The liberals have drained us to the point of breaking us as a country in preparation for the “New World Order”.

  15. Thank you, Howard. Our CLF ad looks very nice – thank your graphic artist for doing such a good job. I would like to circulate this message, along with the video Anne did of our presentation to you in Embrun. I was waiting for our ad to be displayed before circulating our ad on your blog. I saved the video but can’t remember where!! Technically, I am very backward so please, Anne, can you send it to me again?

  16. “LIKE BEGETS LIKE”, so we can’t expect for the TRUTH to be heard or spoken at the DEMOCRAT Convention. That Convention is completely “CLASSLESS” in comparison to the REPUBLICAN one. The LIES which are SPEWED by the speakers is the reason our Country is in such a DEPLORABLE STATUS. The BIGGEST LIAR, HILLARIOUS, is yet to speak; she will FINALIZE their DECEITFUL AGENDA! BHO couldn’t get off the stage last night…he LOVED the glory! They ALL proved how much we NEED TRUMP. Vote for TRUMP! AMEN!

  17. Howard, one of your best yet. Glad you were able to take a few days off. Not much on TV so watched a little DNC. OH MY. Just can’t believe how people can be so deceived. Hoping for a TRUMP victory this fall. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  18. One thing more about hillary,she is a traitor. The uranium deal that involved russia, canada and theU .S. was approved by hillary
    when she was sec.of state when russia paid off to the clinton foundationand now russia controls 90% of the worlds out put .

  19. A little district in Wisconsin is going to do what the House would never, ever do!
    Paul Nehlen is going to unseat Paul Ryan!!!!
    Yes, Harold, it has begun and like prior revolutions, this could take 2-3 generations.

  20. If you were given a task to find the worst representatives for the Dem party than Hillery/Kaine you would have a difficult task at hand. Palosi/Reed a second best. Kaine does have the advantage of being even more pro Muslum. It is difficult to understand how anyone could vote for this pathetic team of liars, crooks and anti-Americans. I am very much afraid that there are many that will.

  21. And we couldn’t wait to read your observations, again…

  22. I am appalled at the supposedly “intelligent and clear thinking” friends I have who cannot, or will not, see through this charade. They think nothing of all the illegal things Hillary has done and she herself said is Obama’s 3rd term.
    I’m sick.

  23. I have friends that drank the Dems Kool-Aid & they keep drinking it, too!!! One of my dearest friends absolutely LOVES Hildebeast!!! Though I must admit, my friend is not the brightest bulb in the lot. She lives in Calif., the land of the Fruits, Nuts, and Flakes! I grew up with her & in spite of her love of Dems, I love her like a sister. I was born & raised in Calif. & was still living there when Gov. Brown was governor, the first time. He is one of the worse Dems. & Leftists on the planet.

  24. I watched Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “Hillary’s America: The Secrets of the Democratic Party” and was absolutely sick. Then I watched “The Clinton Cash” movie on Brietbart and was horrified of the Clinton thugs. It made Al Capone seem like an honest person. Then I read Hillary Tax Plan on American For Tax Reform (ATR) was absolutely shocked as to her tax plan. It is pure confiscation of the citizen’s wealth. This is scary stuff! That lady cannot be elected.

  25. Ever notice how the left likes to promote “tolerance”. This is nothing more than their attempt to make their half baked ideas and solutions acceptable….because if you can’t accept them then you are intolerant. I no longer accept these people as friends because I simply cannot trust someone who has nothing to offer except stupidity. I have become….INTOLERANT…and wear it like a badge of honor!

  26. The sad fact is that we have lost control of our country to the people on the left and it is going to get much much worse. The next big thing is going to be about our guns and again we will inexplicably go quietly into the night again. The only positive thing I can see is that the idiots on the left will be going there with us. Hillary is right, “democrat voters are just plain stupid”, sadly what does that say about us? 120 mil. Died at the hands of Mao and Stalin another 30 mil. due to Hitler a

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