Sometimes It’s More Important Than Politics

The Gentle Flutter Of The Wing Of A Butterfly That Disturbs A Distant Star.

Donald Trump might very well have the RIGHT STUFF to save not just the USA and Canada along with it, but perhaps more than that, Trump might have what it might TAKE to save the entire FREE WORLD as we used to know it.

And if for no other reason than perhaps America’s LAST CHANCE TO GET IT RIGHT . . . the American People deserve to give Trump the chance to prove himself to be either Right or Wrong.


Hillary Clinton is Walking Scum, who was not INDICTED, simply because Hillary Clinton is Hillary Clinton, who otherwise deserves a very long retirement at UNCLE SAM’S EXPENSE, in a furnished suite that might measure 4 by 8-Feet.

Maybe with an adjoining suite with Bill Clinton, or in the same suite with a Bunk Bed . . . as punishment for both of them, for all of Bill’s many indiscretions, thievery, and the women he took advantage of whether they wanted it or not.


Who gets to WIN the White House . . . and who gets to pick the DECIDING Vote in the Supreme Court, along with many other DECIDING Votes for a period of 4-Years, IS NO JOKING MATTER.


The Democrats and associated LEFTISTS have been focused like LASER BEAMS on the Republican Convention, doing all they could to diminish it, which turned out to be a Convention that was nothing short of OUTSTANDING, for no other purpose, other than to HIDE HOW SCREWED UP THE DEMOCRATS ARE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.

And having Debbie Wasserman Schultz, literally getting her sorry-ass-kicked out as the leader of the Democrat Party, just hours before the Democrat Convention, says all that needs to be said about where the Democrats are here and now. At least they’re letting her gavel-in and gavel-out the Convention, but with NO SPEAKING ROLE. They eat their own.

AND THEN THERE’S HILLARY CLINTON’S CHOICE . . . for her VP Contender, Tim Kaine, who is a proven BUREAUCRATIC THIEF, who took bribes amounting to more than $160,000 while Governor of Virginia, and only God knows how much from where else, which also screams volumes about where the Democrats are heading on the election trail.


I don’t give much of a Damn, about how the Democrats and their LEFTIST cohorts are going to eat themselves and each other alive, more than thoroughly enjoying the SPECTACLE, which I intend to write a great deal about it, BUT . . .

As much as I LOVE writing about the American Election, and as hard as I try to make a difference, even a small difference to sway any UNDECIDED Vote to the RIGHT, there is just so much I can do.

BUT . . . if everyone who is LIKE-MINDED to us – you and me, who does what I am doing – from Newspaper Writers, Bloggers, the Occasional Television News Show Host, Conservative Radio Talk Show Hosts, and Political Whistle Blowers, I am convinced that we have a REAL CHANCE TO PULL OFF A MAJOR VICTORY FOR THE GOOD GUYS.


I write about everything that I believe is wrong in our societies.

I write about the insanity of how we teach our children, from Pre-School through University, NOT TO BELIEVE IN A MERITOCRACY, and somehow believe that everything is owed to them by the Government . . . from Cradle to Grave.

I write about how far too many Americans are embarrassed at the concept of American EXCEPTIONALISM, as if it’s something to be purged as a disease.

There are no Sacred Cows in what and whom I write about.

I look at Islam and the Moslem WAR against our Judeo/Christian Values, and how they’re doing all they can to wipe-out our Democracies and Republics, which Stand Tall in protection of our Secular Rule of Law, which they are bound and determined to replace with their Laws of Sharia, where the Rights of Women are non existent, and all members of Competing Religions will either take a KNEE to Mohamed and Allah . . . or pay the Price with their (our) lives.


I write about the explosion of Crime in Black American Communities, and how the impregnation of young unmarried Black GIRLS, and young Black WOMEN is spreading like a contagion.

I also write about the lack of marketable skills in the Black Community, and the inability for far too many Black men and women to speak articulately, read, write, and do simple math.

I write about RACE PIMPS like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the more Upscale Race Pimps like Reverend Jeremiah Wright who ministered to the OBAMA’S, who according to Barack Obama, was like an uncle to him.


I have no idea how much influence my writing has. I hope that from shaking so many trees, some common Sense might fall out. But I guess only time will tell.

What I do know, is that there have been serious CYBER Attacks against, as some of you might have noticed a couple of weeks ago, when one piece of work broke through in the Comment Section, when for a Nano-Second I let my guard down.

That kind of tells you . . . that I’m getting under the skin of Several People or Groups, which also tells me, that if I wasn’t making a difference, no one would take the time and make the effort to do harm to this BLOG.

So, in a strange and perverse way . . . I guess that’s a good thing:


Several Years Ago . . . Pastor Gary Burd of the Fundamentalist Christian M-25 Bike Riders, and I organized a Major Pledge Ride to Dallas Texas, where Christian and Jewish Canadians, Americans and Israelis RODE together, to take the Pledge of NEVER AGAIN on the Grounds of the Cotton Bowl.


But, more than just having an Incredible Experience, making the Ride with a huge Dallas Police Escort on Highways closed just for us, was Making and Listening to Fine Speeches by Fine Men and Women of exceptional character . . . and the PLEDGE itself, delivered by my Good Friend Andy Reti, a Childhood Holocaust Survivor . . . IT WAS EXCEPTIONAL.


As I wrote in the preceding . . . I can do all that I can to change the world, one Atom at a time, and even if I move a Gazillion Atoms, who knows what effect it will have on the Universe, for as the saying goes – The Gentle Flutter Of The Wing Of A Butterfly Disturbs A Distant Star.

I DON’T KNOW WHAT AFFECT I HAVE OVER THE UNIVERSE . . . but I do know what effect I can have here, because I believe, that everything and everyone has a purpose, and that life might not be quite as random as we believe it is.

ON THE PLEDGE RIDE . . . I met a gentleman from the Toronto area, his name is Roman Sydor, who is an exceptional Videographer, who I thought was with a specific Group of Riders who joined the Pledge Ride. But I was wrong.

Roman joined the Pledge Ride, all the way from Toronto, because the purpose of the Ride interested him. And to the best of my knowledge, Roman is not Jewish, and is not religious, I might be wrong in the second assumption, but I don’t think so. But I certainly know that Roman is not Jewish.


Roman didn’t come on a Cheap Bike held together with Duct Tape. He was riding a fully decked-out brand new Harley Davidson Road Bike, with all the Bells and Whistles. His camera equipment was as professional as it got. And his entire demeanor was of a confident man who was on a QUEST TO DISCOVER.

Remarkably . . . Roman and I really hit it off. Right from the Get-Go, and even though there were more than 100 Riders from start to completion, Roman and I spent all of our time Riding in a relatively close formation, just ahead of Anne and Stryker, who were driving behind us in our SUV as back-up.

THE THREE OF US . . . Roman, Anne and I spoke a great deal about nothing in particular. And at one Roadside Greasy Spoon in the Deep South, where the Hundred Plus Bikers stopped to eat, there was a Southern Buffet, with some food on it that we didn’t entirely recognize . . . but what’s a trip without a little adventure, so we each took a bowl of GUMBO, that had all sorts of things in it, that was as spicy as anything I had ever willingly eaten before, and we chowed it down.

The GUMBO was so exceptional, that even though we knew that it was going to melt our insides, we both went back for more, which became a HILARIOUS experience neither of us will ever forget.

ON THE WAY BACK TO CANADA . . . Roman left the group half way to finish his Ride in a different Direction. We shook hands, gave each other the Perfunctory Motorcycle Hug, and parted company.

I HAVEN’T SEEN ROMAN SINCE . . . We spoke on the phone a few times, and exchanged a few emails. But remarkably, this man who happened to join my Pledge Ride out of the Clear Blue, who immediately became a friend over a couple of BOWLS of SPICY GUMBO, has just reached out to me, literally BEGGING for my help, not for himself, BUT FOR THE WOMAN HE LOVES.

Roman’s Wife Tina, to whom he has been married for quite a few years, has been debilitated with Parkinson’s Disease, which she has been valiantly fighting to beat in spite of all the odds.


In the Province of Ontario, where there’s no Private Healthcare, the Province, is the SOLE Healthcare Provider & Arbiter, will not pay for Stem Cell Treatments Tina NEEDS. So, she and Roman took it upon themselves to seek help at a Private Clinic in California, where after one treatment, she actually improved.

I didn’t ask Roman what his financial situation was. Nor did I ask him where he got the money to carry Tina for the past few years, as her condition deteriorated, because I don’t care . . . other than what I do know about Roman . . . is that he will MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH TO MAKE HIS WIFE WHOLE AGAIN. Just as I would for Anne, and have recently done for Stryker, who too was in a bad way, and because we wouldn’t give up on him, he is now his perfect old-self again.


There is a GO-FUND-ME PAGE set up for Tina, which shows a Detailed Story of the progression of her disease. It also shows how and where so much of the costs have been spent to get her well.


I have no expectations that anyone will send a lot of money. But I have hopes, that a lot of people will send some . . . EVEN IF IT’S ONLY $10.

I know that Anne has been very touched by this story, and in addition to us helping Roman and Tina to the extent that we can, Anne will put this request to help with the Go-Fund-Me Campaign on her Face Book page, asking everyone she knows to help out and PAY IT FORWARD, by asking other people to put it on their Face Book Page to do the same.

REMEMBER . . . Roman and Tina don’t need someone with a lot of money. But need a lot of people with some money.

As I wrote at the beginning of this Editorial . . . It can’t always be about Politics. And no matter how hard I try to make a difference, only God knows if I can succeed. But in this case – I can see the results, and perhaps, I can be . . .

The Gentle Flutter Of The Wing Of A Butterfly That Disturbs A Distant Star.

Thank You!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Try setting up an account with PAY-PAL. It makes donations and payments easy & quick to do.

  2. Debbie Wasserman Schultz will not be gaveling anything in or out. Groveling perhaps, but gaveling nothing as she has resigned as DNC Chair.
    One *itch down. One *itch to go.

  3. Thank you for your blog and for letting us know about your friend Tina. May she recover as well as she can from Parkinson’s. God Bless.

  4. My wife says I am way off base, but it would not surprise me one bit if Hillary somehow comes up with some excuse or other ( obviously cleverly disguised to blame someone else) to avoid having to debate against Donald Trump !

  5. Thanks for your article – reminded me about Roman- I just finished a 5,397 mile ride – spoke some 10 times at rallies & churches. This was done in three weeks – we raised money – resources for a girls home there is support & love & training to save their unborn. I seen again a generous grassroots. I don’t believe I will change the world but if we all do something – make a stand for our Judeo/Christian beliefs -United we can! Pledge Rides are lodged deep in my heart! Gary Burd Amarillo TX

  6. Thank you Howard for your continuous spot on editorials.So many comments are “home runs” !! I have a lot of difficulty with this election process and have to question if (god forbid) this twisted Hillary person were successful, how can she and her gang of incompetents be trusted with their fingers anywhere near a weapons launch center (nuclear) or otherwise. Especially when most , if not all, would not be unable to pass basic security clearance.

  7. Trump must win if civilization, as we have known it, will survive and get better.

  8. This just further proves how corrupt the Democratic party is. Now Debbie will stay on as an advisor to Hillary. We’ll see how much false trash she comes up with. In my childhood they said “the cream rises to the top”. My grandmother would add, “and so does the scum”. Well the Democrats have now proven that the scum is at the top of the Democratic Party. Let’s not let it rule our country. VOTE

  9. Your article was excellent as usual. Praying for Roman’s wife.

  10. What is “the Perfunctory Motorcycle Hug”? A Google search of ‘motorcycle hug’ was inconclusive…I’m a horseman, not a biker – there are just too many visually impaired drivers on the road that can’t see street bikes…apparently. As far as ‘making a difference or not’, people are affected or not of their own volition…but God is listening.

  11. You really hit a grand slam today. I just smiled when I heard the news about Debbie Wasserman Schultz today. I will certainly pray for Normans wife Tina. My only concern about the upcoming election is voter fraud. George Soros once owned the programmable voting machines and I understand they can be manipulated very easily. Plus their are many dead people in the Chicago cemeteries. Stay right in there Howard, I think you are making a difference. Edgar Sellers

  12. As far as the Donald saving the world ,Howard, your a little too optimistic. Save the U.S.first then try for the rest of the world would be a good start. You can be sure that hillary and debbie cooked up the rip off of the NDP sanders list,now her campaign manager claims the russians did it. Putin is afraid of Donald pulse hillary has done business with putin before.

  13. Thank you for your spot on commentary. You put to the written word what so many of us feel. And thank you for sharing Roman and Tina’s story; I will keep them in my prayers. Please keep us updated on her status.

  14. Thanks for the article Howard. Greatly appreciate your concern not only for the “big political picture” but for your fellow man who’s wife is very ill. Will go to the G0-FUND-ME page and will add Tina to our prayer list. Keep up the good work informing us of all that goes on. DNC should be interesting this week if we can stand to watch it. Bev Kepple

  15. Debbala finally got hers! “What goes around, comes around.” Bless her evil Marxist heart. Now we continue to pray Hildabeast will suffer her political demise and choke on her criminally-gotten millions. Thanks for the info about Roman and Tina. We wish them the very best!

  16. Just donated for Tina’s treatment. Will keep my fingers crossed and also pray for her recovery.

  17. Prayers for Roman & Tina. What really tickles me is the Dems think their convention is going smoother & more united than the GOP’s!!! Talk about dumb, deaf & blind, that’s the media for you. Thank goodness DWS is GONE & she may not be re-elected in her district. DWS has an opponent running against her, a Dem, but he may be a different kind of Dem. There are still some Conservative Dems out in the USA. It’s just that their Democrats Party refuses to hear any of them.

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