Unfortunately . . . The Media DRIVES The Narrative


Anne and I took off a couple of weeks ago, to go to the Niagara Escarpment for a weekend to meet with some good friends. And as I’m writing this, Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I are with good Friends who own the Equestrian Center where we board our horses . . . we’re in Edmundston New Brunswick, on our way to Prince Edward Island (PEI) for a few days.

PEI is an ATLANTIC ISLAND PROVINCE of Canada, just off the shore of the Maritime Mainland, connected by an EIGHT MILE BRIDGE, called the Confederation Bridge, where before its construction, the only way on or off the Island was by plane or boat, including during the frozen winters, where I sat more times than I can recall on the massive Ice Breaker Ferries, when I traveled for years through the Maritime Provinces for Business.

Prince Edward Island is famous in Canada for several extraordinary realities:

1 – Its diminutive size . . . 2185 Square Miles makes it just slightly larger than Delaware, at 1954 Square Miles, which is America’s second smallest State.

2 – The Population of PEI is smaller than most decent sized cities in Canada and the United States at just under 146,000 people.

3 – AND THIS IS WHAT PEI IS BEST KNOWN FOR BY CANADIANS . . . The People are incredibly respectful, the earth is RED, and in the words of some people I know – The Seafood In PEI Is To Die For to which I concur

4 – Also . . . PEI – has a Gorgeous Coast, plenty of Beautiful Beaches, Coves, and no shortage of great Places to Stay for people in RV’s.

5 – And PEI is known for its part in creating Canadian Confederation, and Anne of Green Gables, the original “CHICK BOOK”, long before Disney . . . written in 1908.


Because we’re traveling with very poor WIFI, I’m listening to the coverage on a Sirius/XM Radio APP on my Smart Phone, which allows me to SEE the Convention through my EARS, instead of my EYES, which gives me a very different and unique perspective.

In some ways, listening is far superior than watching, since I know who most of the players and speakers are, which allows me to hear what they’re saying without the filter of television, not having to deal with their personal imaging as they read from teleprompters.


1 – ALL the Media pushed the narrative with full gusto; as to how VIOLENT the anti-Trump DEMONSTRATORS were going to be. ESPECIALLY since Ohio allows its citizens to fully express their Freedoms by enjoying their SECOND AMENDMENT by carrying their guns OPENED and CONCEALED.

By listening to the Media . . . you would have had to believe that Ohio was RIPE for open Warfare . . . yet, given everything they predicted and OPENLY HOPED FOR, nothing happened.

As a matter of FACT and TRUTH, given that every LAWFUL Person who is licensed to CARRY in Ohio and AT THE CONVENTION where nothing happened, what does that say about Detroit and Chicago, two of the MURDER CAPITOLS of the USA, where gun ownership is almost all but BANNED to the GOOD GUYS?

Doesn’t that screw-up the storyline of the LEFT about the EVIL of GUNS?

2 – The Media . . . ALL THE MEDIA, INCLUDING FOX NEWS – made a huge deal out of the fact that the Bush’s: George HW Bush 41, George W Bush 43, and Jeb Bush decided to shun the Convention because they didn’t like Trump.

3 – The same Media made a big deal out of the fact that Mitt Romney took out ads and appeared wherever he could to tell people NOT to vote for Trump.

4 – And then there were the Republican DEAD-ENDERS, who also did whatever they could, even during the Convention, to stop Trump, without as much as an alternative to Trump, who were also made into a much bigger deal than they really were by the Media.

5 – And if you want to really have a look at what captured the imagination of the Media, it was Melania Trump’s speech, which according to how much coverage the Media gave it, because there were several sentences that were similar to Michelle Obama’s Speech some 8-Years prior, that it seemed by the Media as though she should have been pilloried and run out of town on a rail.

6 – BUT HERE’S THE GRANDDADDY OF THEM ALL . . . In spite of all the GREAT Speeches, the Wonderful Endorsements and the RISING POLLS . . . the Media has focused like a Laser beam on the fact that Ted Cruz didn’t endorse Trump.


THE FIRST ISSUE IS THIS . . . This Republican Convention was FABULOUS in every way imaginable, from the way it was organized and presented, to the unbelievable speeches from people of REAL CHARACTER, all of whom have been, with many of whom, who are still Nation Leaders and HEROES.

THE PROBLEM WITH THE MEDIA . . . is that no one of substance, and no one of relative intelligence gives a RAT’S-ASS about the RINO Losers and INSIDERS who boycotted the Convention.

NO ONE WHO WANTS TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN . . . could care less about Ted Cruz’s hurt feelings.

And no one who heard Melania’s Speech, will NOT Vote for Trump, because Melania Trump, who is running for nothing, will have any effect on the outcome of the election . . . whatsoever.



All the Trump children shone like DIAMONDS, showing that this will indeed be a Trump Presidency. And when Ivanka Trump introduced her father with VERVE and PASSION, it set up the stage for Trump himself . . . to either MAKE OR BREAK THE CONVENTION.

AND MAKE IT HE DID . . . Trump delivered more than one HOUR AND A QUARTER of one of the best speeches I ever heard. And to the Media and the LEFT, who from Day One both challenged and ridiculed Trump for not having a plan . . . guess what? Trump’s plan was clear. It was long, detailed, succinct, and what the people REALLY wanted and needed to hear.


THE EASY, SHORT AND ONLY ANSWER IS SIMPLE . . . This was such an outstanding Convention, that the Media had to find some way to find fault, since the People of the Party, the new Republican Voters are united, and there was no walkout. The Civil War didn’t start amongst the “few” Street protestors, which meant that the Protesters were never part of the story, and no matter how hard the Media tried to find the trouble . . . it just wasn’t there.

And as far as I can see . . . this Convention displayed more than ever, that TRUMP IS ON ROUTE TO THRASH AND TRASH CLINTON, THE LEFT, AND THE INSIDERS, and the Media just can’t stand it.

All in all . . . in baseball parlance – THE CONVENTION WAS A GRAND SLAM!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hello Howard,

    Can I send you an e-transfer??? Thanks for everything you do!!!

    Colleen and Steven McIntosh
    Ottawa, Ontario

  2. The people of PEI will be very insulted you never even mentioned potatoes!
    The *itch is toast. I was polled in the CNN poll right after Trump’s speech. Bear in mind: when I was asked if the speech made me more likely to vote for Trump, I answered “no” as my mind was made before the speech. I’m certain that among the respondents, there were many like me. That suggests that in addition to Trump’s rock solid supporters, he won a whole lot of converts last night. Special thanks to Ted Cruz.

  3. To all those poor loosers that stayed home and TC that should have stayed home. Take your marbles home and stay there your not part of winning.

  4. I’ve always been ABC: Anyone But Clinton. However, were I an American voter I would vote for Trump, but only reluctantly. You see, although he is surrounded by bona fide conservatives, he outed himself as a liberal in his speech. He said that he appreciated the support of evangelicals but admitted that he did not deserve it. He pushed for the recognition of LGBTQ “rights,” but this means denying real conservatives the freedom to act according to their conscience. Alas, Trump is a phony.

  5. Cruz was really disappointed that Donald Trump did not pick him as his VP; I was hoping he would have made Ben Carson his VP

  6. I hope that Justin Trudeau watched Trump’s speech last night, because what Trump said is exactly the dose that Canada needs. Lets bring jobs back to Canada and lets use OUR natural Resourses to create those jobs. Looks like Justin had better pay attention, because our number one trading partner is not going to be number one for very long.

  7. I toggled back and forth between Fox and MSNBC during the convention. It appeared there were two conventions. I know, Howard, that you have been critical of all the media over their coverage and their reporting, but I thought Fox came out on top. MSNBC is a disgrace. Fox interviews all, MSNBC will seemingly only interview those that agree with them and there leftist philosophy. Yes, they have a few conservatives on, but only the ones they can truly brow beat.
    Pat Neuhaus Mt Pleasant, SC

  8. Cruz made me upset being a conservative until I thought about it. Is “Teddy” really a “conservative?” All the conservatives I know (I have known quite a few in my 70+ years) consider their word to be their bond. Didn’t Teddy give his word that he would support the nominee of the party regardless of whom it might be? Sorry but Teddy is no conservative. He is but another intellectual snob who sits in his ivory town telling us what is “truth Good bye Teddy don’t let the door hit you in the…

  9. A well run convention. The Trump Kids learned early on what a WORK ETHIC really is. They understand what it takes to get the JOB done. They work side by side with the Blue Collar and are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and DIG IN. In other words, they and Mr. Trump know how to treat others and they prove it in their BUSINESSES and within their family. Pride, Respect, Love, Backbone, Values, Hard work. We NEED Trump. The Dems are Me, Me, Me. Trump is WE. I VOTE TRUMP. Boo Mass Media.

  10. “Lyin Ted” should have stayed home because he just made a FOOL of himself. Per Huckabee..”He walked in TALL, but walked out SMALL”. He did not honor his pledge to SUPPORT the Nominee. Plus, his having ‘stolen votes’ in Iowa didn’t serve him well either. The speech I enjoyed the most was Pence’s. Laura Ingraham also spoke very well and was quite impressive. The RESPECT shown at the opening PRAYER was also very moving. Next week will be very interesting, but will NOT supersede TRUMP’S EVENT! AMEN!

  11. Loved the convention. Really tired of all the commentaries. Trump has raised wonderful children who have become very successful on their own. He is an America success story as is his family. What a great video of his life. Didn’t miss those who didn’t care enough about the country or their party to show up. Glad you and family were able to take a few days to travel and relax a bit. Blessings to you and your family for the hard work you do to keep us informed. THANKS!

  12. Juan Williams of FOX kept decrying the convention as “boring, etc …” He must be so invested in the lies of shrillery and lies of the Democrats that he is is absolutely BLIND. The Trump children were fabulous, Ivanka, future female president? 🙂 I can’t imaging anyone with a brain calling that boring, OH, I just answered my own question. Cruz was disappointing in his non-endorsement I believe he hurt himself. Now who is acting like a petulant child?

  13. I pray that God will protect Donald and his family as there are quite a few enemy’s that he is making now. They will not go quietly away and will do everything including the unspeakable to be rid of him.

  14. The media is so hell-bent on finding something they have made themselves a laughing stock. I am a senior citizen plus and have been around a lot of political and inspirational speakers. There are hundreds, if not thousands, that start off with telling how their parents taught them the value of hard work, decency and honesty (which Michele does not have) and love of country (Michele has used this country for her benefit). Let’s run Michele’s speech through the truth mill and see who she copied.

  15. This is the most important presidential election in many years, perhaps since Ike, because of where the country is today. Those who’ve paid attention w/common sense perspective have seen a makeover of the USA since the 9-11 tragedy. It’s consisted of taking away individual freedoms (DHS) arrest w/o warrant, bloating gov’t w/more depts (incr taxes to pay for it), pitting races against each other, giving away our nat’l sovereignty to internat’l orgs., & our $$ to others rather than use at home.

  16. I find it unnerving Howard Galganov tapping into my thoughts about the GOP Convention. Well done! A battle over truths and deception will take place in the next 100+ days between the Trump 2016 Campaign and the MSM (Hillary Clinton’s real campaign manager). Trump will win, again.
    Greg Richardson, Ferndale, Michigan

  17. Cruz is a liar and a RINO. I would never vote for him for anything.

  18. The left commentators are quick to ask why anybody would vote for one as inexperienced as Trump? Don’t they realize that building a billion dollar corporation involves more than looking good in front of a camera.Do they not remember that Obama served 8 years in the Illinois senate and only 4 years in the US Senate,2 of which were spent running for the presidency.And,why is it when Republicans, for example Trump and Laura Ingraham wave to a crowd with their right hand it’s called a nazi salute

  19. I woke up this morning with the realization that Donald Trump WILL unite the country. He spoke with passion and truth about equal treatment and opportunities for everyone. He managed to impress us with an appreciation that Gay lives are as valuable as everyone else. Judgement belongs to God, not us. All are under judgement, without impartiality. First, Law and Order! We will come together in appreciation for one another because of a respect for law and order under a Donald Trump presidency.

  20. I watched the RNC on PBS. There were a few problems during the convention as there always is but it was these minor issues that the media latched onto. I was insulted over and over again as I listened carefully to each and every speaker and then had to be told by these talking heads what I’d heard. The media considers themselves the only people who understand and the only ones who opinion counts. They pissed me off! Donald and Ted were impressive and deserve the support.

  21. I did very much appreciate Donald Trumps firmness and fairness of what needs to be done to make America GREAT AGAIN. He spoke with demonstrated authority and yet kindness to all peoples if they were indeed listening. What he said needs to be done has to come to pass. I just hope the LORD had mercy upon this nation and its people and doesn’t allow the “establishment” to destroy what must happen. We are at God’s mercy and for what ever reason, I hope he uses Mr. Trump to establish law and orde

  22. I have been told from those who follow politicians that ted cruz is a snake and he proved it at the RNC. The media always
    looks to the bad side of the news and not always the truth in there reporting.

  23. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it; George Santayana. President Calvin Coolidge said, “The business of America is Business.” However the mighty left wing press panned Trump for proposing running the government like a business which, by the way he is eminently qualified to do. Especially considering the opponent that same press slobbers over.

  24. I watched most of the Republican convention. It displayed aspects of Trump that the lamestream media didn’t want to come to light – his proven compassion, generosity and fairness for others. His introduction by Ivanka and his speech were right on point. Crooked/corrupt Hillary sucks, would lead us over a cliff, and through the Supreme Court, affect our future disastrously for decades. Trump knows and tells it like it is! I am predicting a Trump LANDSLIDE in November – #NEVER HILLARY!

  25. I was so happy to hear that you and your family are in PEI. We have enjoyed the Anne of Green Gables series since our girls were young and have always wanted to visit. I would welcome your recommendations on places to stay in our RV and/or local hotels and B&B’s. Hope you have a restful time.
    Darla Marsh, Kerrville, TX

  26. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the GOP convention. The speeches were the best I’ve ever heard. The Trump children are all very successful and, as an added bonus, very attractive! John Robson on CFRA this morning called Mr. Trump a moron – some moron!

  27. Again you are right on the money. We watched the convention and agreed they sold the program. Trump and his family are the ones to take put us back on track. Alleluia

  28. Sadly, I did not watch the convention, but I am certainly happy to hear of Trump’s impressive showing! Although I was surprised initially at hearing he had thrown his hat in the ring, I am extremely happy about his apparent advance in the minds of American voters. He will MOST CERTAINLY make a better president than Hellary will … (oh, did I misspell that??) She is SCARY! I can still hear her screamed words re Benghazi – “What difference does it make???”

  29. My Grandmother, came from PEi, visited many times, by Ferry she settled in Marion, Mass. and married my Grandfather. At last all could see “slick” Cruz for what he is, a looser. The Trump family carried the day along with their very impressive Father. This is a win for the World, we must share. The Police were in control all the way. There were Police from communities all over the Country and they were organized, and directed to keep the peace and they sure did.

  30. Another great editorial, Howard, as they all are! I, too, watched the Republican Convention (as a matter of fact I watched it twice). I also watched some of the mainstream media tear it apart and I still have renewed hope for the USA. In the beginning, I was not gung-ho for Donald Trump, but as I watched and listened, I became one of his greatest supporters. As far as Ted Cruz is concerned, he should go to bed and cover his head and get up mourning his lost political career!

  31. Strange that I know a lot about PEI. Almost 20 years ago I talked with several people who lived there, on a daily basis. They were good people. Sometimes I suspected that they chatted with me to use their English. For several years my friend from the Ottawa area has extended an invitation to a family trek/month rental up on the west coast of Cape Breton. The son in law is from there so a large family get together is in order.. I can no longer drive 1100 miles in one sitting so have stopped

  32. Loved this one……. Love all you write…. Thanks for saying it like it is and of course, I shared on FB!

  33. Even Michael Moore is predicting a Trump win over Crooked Hillary!

  34. Not to plagiarize M. O. once again, but I have to say, after Donals’s speech, I felt proud to be an American for the first time…in the last 8 years!

  35. Excellent, as usual.
    The NRA should use this convention in their ads. Open carry in Ohio, and all is well at the scene of a Republican convention.
    Thank you also for the travelogue on PEI. My husband’s grandfather came to the USA from PEI. The younger folks in the family don’t know much about PEI. Maybe your column will peak their interest.

  36. Yes, the Convention had a lot going for it. We have to hope for the best and hope and pray that Trump will show principle and integrity for everyone to see. If anyone is interested in knowing what really happened between Trump and Cruz the truth came out in spades on the Mark Levin radio program of 7/22/16……as usual. I urge you to listen; there is no charge for the archive. I am not affiliated…..only in search of the truth.

  37. Media = losers/liars!! Cruz refusal to put families off limits until day after vote makes him a loser! Also riding on AF1 to Dallas with ovomit solidifies him as a loser. Is he a patriot or a traitor? His actions spoke louder than his words. Who owns him?? Not qualified to be president. You are accurate in your post as usual.

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