Before I write a word about the Convention, and why I am utterly convinced that the Republicans led by Trump, are going to give Hillary Clinton and the Democrats the THRASHING they so richly deserve . . . I am simply INUNDATED with emails, to the point that I can hardly read them.

Many of the Emails I receive, have no bearing on the many Socio/Political issues I write about. Many are THREADS of email conversations other people are having, and somehow think I should be included in. Some of the emails I receive are jokes, lifestyle, health suggestions, and religious commentary . . . even though the emails might be interesting, I have no time to read them – I’M SWAMPED.

I have politely asked several of the people who load-me-down with emails, more than the ordinary to please stop, with the understanding that I receive as many as several hundred emails per day.


I do not want to dissuade ANYONE from sending me what he or she believes to be pertinent comments, interesting information, and personal observations . . . so, please use your better judgment, and allow me to read all the emails, and respond to the ones that either ask for a response, or which I think merit a response, simply by being judicious in what you send.


NOT ONLY IS MELANIA TRUMP NOT A PLAGIARIZER . . . she is so many times MORE the woman and person Michelle Obama could ever hope to be, in terms of Beauty, Talent, Attitude, Values, LOVE OF COUNTRY and Smarts, that there is no comparison.

Given the FACT that Michelle Obama had an ULTRA PRIVILEGED Ivy League Education, and a JOB in Healthcare, where she did little, and got paid more than $300,000 Per Year, mostly just to be there.

So, why would Melania Trump, who chose to become a Proud American, want in any way to emulate a Convenient American, who all of a sudden began to Love Her Country, ONLY AFTER her husband was chosen to lead the Democrats?

MORE THAN THAT . . . Why would a CLASS-ACT LIKE MELANIA TRUMP want to cheat from a piece of work like Michelle Obama, even while her husband was on track to be the President of the USA, who on March 5, 2008, said the following:

That in her Adult life . . . she was Never Proud To Be An American until now, and that America is a Downright Nasty Country.

AND JUST THINK ABOUT THIS . . . Before becoming Mrs Donald Trump, Melania traveled worldwide for her Professional Modeling Career, living a life of luxury through her own hard work and exceptional talent . . . ON HER OWN MONEY . . . SHE EARNED.


Michelle Obama came to the White House with Enormous UNEARNED Privileges, but no real wealth. However, while living in the White House from DAY ONE, as the American FIRST LADY, Michelle Obama has been spending the People’s money as if she was either printing it, or had won a Mega BILLION Dollar Lottery no one knows about, spending it on multi MILLION Dollar Vacations, amongst a platitude of other excesses.

THAT SAID . . . When Michelle Obama leaves the White House, she will be leaving as a FILTHY RICH OPPORTUNIST, who before her Husband won the Democrat Nomination HATED America, and publicly thought that the American people were DOWNRIGHT NASTY.

The question really . . . is not whether Melania Trump wrote a speech that was partially Plagiarized, since Melania Trump is not a Professional Writer, and had other people write for her . . . which she studied, possibly edited, and rehearsed the delivery?


1 – Who wrote Melania Trump’s speech?

2 – Who informed the Media, almost from the moment when Melania Trump delivered it, that the speech PLAGIARIZED Michelle Obama’s Speech from almost 8-Years Ago?

3 – AND WAS 1 & 2 . . . THE SAME PERSON?


1 – Melania Trump spoke from her heart, meaning every word she said, which takes nothing away from the message, regardless of where it originally came from.

2 – I am not convinced, based on how quick the Media were to come out with the disclosure of PLAGIARISM on a speech that was delivered so many years ago, that Melania Trump WASN’T SET UP.


STOP USING TELEPROMPTERS . . . All the speakers look and sound Scripted . . . even amongst the most talented, which in my opinion doesn’t do Trump any good to be seen to be so controlling, as to hamstring the people who could light a fire under the population.

AND IF MELANIA TRUMP was able to speak from her heart, and in her own words, instead of from a text someone else wrote for her, which we’ve all heard her do in Interviews and Short Speeches, THIS KIND OF DEBACLE WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED.


From what I’ve seen and heard from the Republican Convention thus far, the people on the RIGHT ARE ON FIRE . . . with the type of REAL PATRIOTIC ENTHUSIASM, the likes of which I have never seen before.

And as far as I’ve so far seen amongst the Democrats with Hillary Clinton . . . all the MONEY and disingenuous campaigning from Wall Street, the Banks, the Special Interests, the Lobbyists, the Media . . . and especially from the RINOS like the 3-Bush’s, Mitt Romney, and John Kasich the Governor of Ohio, who has proven in fact, what so many have thought, was that Kasich is a PETULANT PUTZ, who put his broken EGO above the welfare of the American People.

AND IF WHAT WE ARE SEEING FROM THE LEFT . . . is the best they and Clinton can come-up with – IT WILL BE GOOD NIGHT IRENE – ‘CAUSE THAT’S ALL SHE WROTE for the LEFT . . . pant suits and all.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well the middle class voted for this parasite in for 2 elections… Now is this same so called middle class dumb enough to vote for the same high debt, big government lying scum up here in Canada? Yes Trudeau is using just about the exact same language as Obama did to get elected…

    Trudeau says it’s all about change, the middle class…all lies of course… but lets just see how stupid Canadians are now. I worry about Canada if this parasite Trudope gets in. Trudeau – The white Obama, what a mess!!!

  2. Works for me. I want to live to see President Trump sworn in–after that I don’t care!! GO TRUMP!

  3. Great editorial Howard, I to am glad they are taking it to the lying,crooked Hillary and the rest of the left.

  4. Melania is refreshing. She will be a woman of poise and grace, beauty and dignity as she will conduct herself as a polished First Lady, something we haven’t had the pleasure of beholding for nearly 8 years now. I too have considered that the speech writer knew exactly what he/she was doing in giving those same words to Melania. It’s evident that Donald Trump is a man of honor and integrity, so my take is that that speech writer will be dismissed.

  5. Regarding your e-mail situation, it looks like many of your readers are too shy to make comments, but want you to know they are with you. At some point in time I intend to e-mail you with some of my concerns but I shall wait until things are less chaotic. As always you write an excellent article. My regards to you.

  6. Considering both Melania Trump and Michelle Obama are loving mothers, I believe that they and all loving parents would choose the same or nearly the same words to advise their children. Besides, the truth is that both borrowed from King Solomon when writing in Kohellet said that a man’s name was his greatest asset. It would take a slime ball liberal to make a stink out of this.

  7. Trump will win by a landslide so forget about all of those phony polls the liberals are putting out. I don’t think Hillary will be able to overcome what the American voters want even with all of the voter fraud that we know she will resort to. So go Trump and win, make America great again. On January 20,2017 take the oath for the President of the United States of America and on January 21, 2017 start putting these crooks in our Government in jail.

  8. I am on the same page with you; isn’t it amazing how quickly a few words from 2008 was brought to light? I also have a suspicion that a mole in the campaign helped her with the speech and leaked it. If I were Donald, I would investigate. I think Melania will make a wonderful first lady and like you, expect a landslide victory in November.

  9. I happened to have loved Scot Baio’s response to Melanie’s speech. A reporter commented on the possible plagiarism to Scott, he responded well Michelle plagiarized it from Elizabeth Dole, at that GOP convention, many years ago, but not one reporter bothered to check that out, back in 2008. Scott’s response makes perfect sense, considering that Bob Dole was in the audience the night before, with Elizabeth Dole, his wife of many years. Go TRUMP 2016!!!

  10. I find it quite fascinating to listen to all this bogus talk of plagiarism. Since when is political speech delivered during a campaign subject to such rules? No one is entitled to copyright on any particular statements made in a campaign speech. Fact is, over the past 240 years it’s ALL been said before by someone. No, this whole plagiarism sob story is only being pushed for one reason. Because the Democrats are getting their asses kicked. And they know it. They’re grasping at straws.

  11. The only one who has spoke from the heart has been Marcus Luttrell. Mrs. Trump did very good. Unfortunately, she used the prompters which detracted from her speech. You have a legitimate questions begging for an answer. I think she was set up because moochelle cannot measure up to Melania.

  12. Even though I didn’t see her speech except, through commentators. I did see some of what she said and more important, her character and love for her country. She ‘spoke the truth’ in love. Where as Michelle, what she did by speeking and actions without any love for this country, she was annoying to the people, no value to our country and didn’t do her any good at all.

  13. I feel Melania echoed the words of Michelle and she, Melania will back those echoed words UP.

  14. I have NEVER responded to opinion emails but this trash directed at Melonia Trump is despicable!
    Her statements about her parental advice come from our vernacular, as so many phrases are, especially from we who are first generation American. I’ve used those phrases on many occasions to decribe my immigrant father’s parental advice.
    Melonia is an articulate, brilliant, woman who’ll be a magnificent asset to ur country as our First Lady!
    Dems, look in the mirror for deliberate plagerism!

  15. It says a lot for Trump’s character that all his children from different marriages are personable, hard working, well educated, successful and dearly love him. To try and make a big deal out of a couple of sentences about values Melonia’s parents instilled in her, the same values that most of our parents spoke to us about, shows how the Democrats are grasping for straws to discredit Trump.

  16. Thousands of speeches given saying the same (not exact) words of how their parents taught them about hard work, honesty (which Michele does not have), etc. Who did Michele plagiarize?? Remember Hillary was fired from her first job with Attorney Zeifmanin the Watergate investigation. He said, “Because she was aliar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee, and the rules of Confidentiallity”

  17. Even if Melania’s speech was wholesale lifted from a copyrighted Obama script would not matter one iota to me. We now know that Michelle O lied in her teeth about her husband’s character. Melania I figure to be a decent, honest person. Who do you believe Mrs O or Mrs T?

  18. I hear a BIG train coming! And I believe that Trump train will roll over Hillary, leaving her creased carcass on the tracks. The people of the U.S. are FED UP with Obama and Hillary’s liberal P.C. government, and see Trump as the necessary alternative to more of the same old ineffective bull. This is not an election, it’s developing into a massive movement! GO TRUMP! By a landslide! Hillary will be relegated to the dust bin of history – mark my words – it’s going to happen.

  19. People should GET OVER IT re: Melania’s so-called SUPPOSEDLY “forged” speech…she did a GREAT job! Instead, guess WHO will be speaking at the DEMOCRATIC Convention next week–the MOTHERS of: Trayvon Martin; Michael Brown; Eric Garner; Dontre Hamilton; and Jordan Davis. These are the murders that Obama has intensely FOCUSED on. THEIR SPEECHES should be quite interesting! Why hasn’t Obama put as much EFFORT in speaking about the OFFICERS who are being killed during these confrontations? AMEN!

  20. Bottom line …. Michelle Obama has essentially been an almost invisible First Lady, for the most part. She certainly hasn’t accomplished anything of note! To compare the wife of a possible president to Michelle Obama, who has accomplished essentially nothing ….. is a waste of time. And yeah, I think most of those ‘possible First Lady’ speeches are pretty much canned speeches. Maybe Hillary’s getting nervous!!

  21. As I see it, everyone has used these phrases for more than a century. How did super bch suddenly get ownership.. Actually quoting anything original from her would be a sign of weakness.

  22. I am watching the GOP convention on this Wed. evening. Mike Pence is in the middle of his speech. He is the man, the speech is over the top. TOTALLY impressed with Pence. Go Trump/Pence Go

  23. Nuts…Republicans are trying to compete with Cirque de Soleil. They are doomed and if Americans dump the Congress that Democrats are the power. ..then will America go forward.
    Americans do not need a circus clown….now ir never!

  24. The commentators can’t stop trashing everything about this convention.It’s not scripted, there’s no comedy and it is too dark.Trump’s children are nice but who doesn’t love their father? There was nothing that was said by any of the speakers that was positive It’s more of stopping Clinton than let’s elect Trump.The commentators seem to forget that Obama continuously blamed Bush for all America’s trouble. As for Cirque de Soleil, the commentators are saying there isn’t enough of a show

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