I realize that you would need to be a DUNDERHEAD, not to be able to add one and one and come up with – IT’S OBAMA’S FAULT, and then to an equal extent . . . it’s the FAULT OF HILLARY CLINTON.

AND AS MUCH . . . as I would LOVE to believe that there are not that many DUNDERHEADS, who couldn’t see the LIGHT if a KLIEG LAMP was shone directly into their eyes . . . I would be a DUNDERHEAD myself, to make that assumption, because they walk amongst us in the MILLIONS.

BUT MORE THAN JUST OBAMA AND CLINTON . . . everyone who voted for them are DUNDERHEADS, because these exceptional horrors that are befalling the United States of America, AND THE REST OF THE WORLD, fall directly upon the shoulders of every person who voted for these SICK-MINDED LEFTIST, modern day Revolutionaries, who made it as clear as possible, that if they won the PRESIDENCY almost 8-Years Ago . . . THEY WOULD FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


The Blood of the MURDERED Police Officers in Dallas, and now in Baton Rouge, plus all the other ASSASSINATED American Police Officers, stain the hands of Barack Obama, and EVERYONE WHO VOTED for this walking-talking ANTI-AMERICAN HORROR SHOW.

And if Trump doesn’t win the election, America will be over as we know it.

And even if Trump does win this coming November . . . the LEFT and the BLACK LIVES MATTER BASTARDS – will not go quietly into the night.

And for anyone watching what’s happening in Turkey, who thinks for a second, that it CANNOT happen in America, I’ve got news for them . . . ‘CAUSE IT’S ALREADY BEGINNING TO HAPPEN.


I am inundated with emails that tell me how fearful people are, that Obama will contrive a situation, much like we are currently beginning to see, that will clear him to create a situation for the purpose of DECLARING MARTIAL LAW, so that he can suspend the election, and establish himself as a permanent ruler above the RULE OF LAW, until he deems it fit to restore Democracy.


1 – It won’t happen.

2 – If it does happen, America is not Turkey, and the Police and Military will not succumb to a corrupt Government, and will BURN OBAMA’S ASS if he tried.

3 – If it does happen, there will be no shortage of ABSOLUTE FREEDOM PATRIOTS, including Anne and Myself, even though we are not Americans, who will not hesitate to travel SOUTH of our Canadian Border, and help in any way we can.

4 – AND IF IT IS TRUE, and Obama does declare Martial Law, it will not go well for the LEFT, who for the longest time, have been Cruising for a Bruising, by the way they USURPED the Freedoms and Values of the American Constitution under the guise of elected purpose.


I have no idea how many DUNDERHEADS will invade the Republican Convention, for the sole purpose of disrupting the Peace and creating MAYHEM, for the cameras of the World to record.

However, I have to assume, that it will be a HUGE number, which to me, is nothing more than the ILLEGAL ASSEMBLY TO CREATE CHAOS.

THESE PEOPLE WILL NOT BE PROTESTORS . . . they will be the DREGS of Society, focused on nothing more and nothing less than creating ANARCHY through violence. AND THERE SHOULD BE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR THEM.


Governor Kasich was NEVER one of my favorite Candidates, especially near the end, when he hung-in like a petulant child, when there was ZERO chance for him to beat Trump.

But, with his current decision . . . NOT TO SUSPEND THE 2ND AMENDMENT, because of the threat from THUGS who could start a shooting war, he’s earned a considerable amount of respect from me, because, if he chooses to suspend the 2nd Amendment under threat, not only will the BAD GUYS WIN . . . ALL DECENT LAW ABIDING PEOPLE WILL LOSE.

And if there will be a “temporary” suspension of firearms in Cleveland, there will be every chance Obama will take this as precedence, for him to actively press for the “temporary” suspension of GUN RIGHTS everywhere, whenever he feels the need for it.


GOD BLESS AMERICA . . . And The Freedoms Upon Which She Was Built.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. BHO2 was very clear from the beginning as to what he wanted to do. In spite of what he did in his first term the idiots in this Country elected him AGAIN. I cannot feel sorry at 81+ years of age, the USA is in for a BIG surprise. This has been a planned event heading to the final chapter.

  2. Excellent. If said thugs show up, they should have an unforeseen accident as they are being removed requiring a hearse. Anarchy in no way shape or form should be tolerated. Don’t push unless you can handle the push back.

  3. I was shocked when after a valid petition to list the BLM and Black Panthers as terrorist organizations nothing is done. Also, it makes me wonder if why when we are told that George Soros is behind much of the disruptive protests and that people get paid for it and more if arrested something isn’t done. It makes you wonder why this is all not stopped by the petition to name the groups in the same way the Skin Heads and the KKK are named and out of business, so to speak!

  4. If Trump doesn’t win, Howard says, America is over. Even if Trump does win, it’s game over. Why? Because of the 20 trillion dollar elephant in the room. As long as int. rates remain at rock bottom, no problem; the U.S. government can service that debt until the cows come home. But at a mere 5% interest rate, that’s $1 trillion in interest payments annually. At 10%, $2 trillion. More than 60% of all federal spending is entitlement programs. Tell me where they’ll get the money. Guns and gold.

  5. You can not blame Obama alone for all that is wrong with our government , blame the congress which allowed this to happen. The democratic party and elected officials in the cities and states are to blame for ignoring the rule of law to protect
    the citizens.

  6. Troublesome times are near, filling men’s hearts with fear……………….. so sad and so maddening that fools rule the roost and some folks are still thinking of voting for Hillary so Billary can come back to the White House to find some more chicks. Sad commentary of the times. There are many foxes in the hen house.

  7. I know I have said, watch out for the “Hussein Surprise” as BHO’s term winds down, take note of how things are heating up here in the USA……Martial Law on the Horizon?

  8. As I stated yesterday….the pot is beginning to boil over the world over. Civil insurrection is inevitable. I’m certainly not afear mongered by pessimism, however, common sense and Judeo/Christian values will only tolerate so much.
    For evil to flourish all that is needed is for good men to do nothing.
    -Sir Edmund Burke

  9. And we in Canada, like our friends in The U.S.A., have our share of dunderheads.

  10. Exactly what I’ve been thinking all morning since finding out about the shootings in Baton Rouge. However, am not confident that Obama won’t try some sort of a stunt like a “gun grab” which arguably could quickly evolve into some sort of martial law, since it’s highly likely attempting to take away peoples guns will itself lead to significant bloodshed. We shall see…

  11. It’s pretty tense in Baton Rouge right now. My neighbors–people I didn’t even know OWNED guns–are suddenly walking around with big ones strapped to their respective hips since Louisiana is an open carry state. It could get very ugly–very soon.

  12. Unfortunately the dumbed down voted twice for this administration! They voted for someone with no resume! This inept & incompetent administration is & has been over the last 8 years: 1- fostering lawlessness, 2- racial unrest, & 3- civil disorder. It is also unfortunately happening in Canada. Sgt. Preston, I am sure, is turning over in his resting place. It is hard to be positive these days!

  13. This is just another increment in the overall plan by the elite toward “one world government”. I have no idea if the trainees of Jade Helm will execute soon or not but the training had this purpose. UN troops on US soil!!!!! Obama has rid the military of high ranking officers who would defend the Constitution, so how the military would react to the UN takeover of the US is in doubt. Few realize that Geo. H. W. Bush committed the US to Agenda 21. This includes: Abolition of private property.

  14. In 2007 I attended an INTEL meeting in Washington, I expressed my concern to a recently retired senior CIA officer about Obama’s pursuit of the Presidency. The officer told me to ‘save my angst’ as Obama was the ‘Manchurian Candidate”, would be elected and would destroy America……how prophetic !

  15. If we as Americans ever allow our guns to be taken we will deserve the inevitable fate of all peoples who have succumbed to gun confiscation. Stand fast to the Constitution and Rule of Law, not forgetting the Declaration, should any government become destructive of these means, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that government should be altered or abolished. The Founders had no reservations about unequivocally stating their intent and purpose. Political Correctness was not an option.

  16. Hindsight is 20/20. As we all know when Hussein Obama said that he would “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, no one truly realized what he meant, but NOW we KNOW, don’t we? He was re-elected in 2012 because Romney was too “chicken” to pursue the Benghazi situation. Hence, here we are! Howard, I wish I could be as convinced as you are, about MARTIAL LAW not happening. I believe that this will be the last item in his TROJAN HORSE! I hope YOU’RE RIGHT, however. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  17. I think the governer needs to have the National Gaurd standing by as a show of readiness for trouble. 1. Shows he means business 2. He will be on the ready for trouble. Not two days late, like the lame governor of Missouri.

    This taming of the attire of PD in Cleveland is the opposite of the show of force that is necessary to stop riots and IMHO is the opposite of everything a civil society should stand for in supporting the rule of law.

  18. A bit of history regarding Turkey may help here, Mr. G. Attaturk, when he was leader of Turkey, raised an army of non-Muslims, insisting they eat pork and other things to prove that fact. The army now may or may not be the same, but they were trying to overthrow Erdogun, who recently declared himself to be God. I am sorry the army was not successful. Erdogun is a madman; he wants to lead the Caliphate that Muslims believe is imminent.

  19. The declaration of martial law would only be a fascist move by a spoiled leader who felt he could not achieve his goals by any other method. It would be a matter of because he failed in his congressional appeals that he throws a sort of presidential tantrum by forcing his will on the people. In essence, he lost, but instead of respecting this he acts the sore loser and bullies his way forward.

  20. It is happening pretty fast and furious now. Obama and his “crew” are in position to declare martial law at any time. His goal is to destroy this nation any way he has to. I believe he is a true “muslim” at heart and so if he has to he will martyr himself to accomplish his mission. It is on the horizon believe me!

  21. Marvin Levant, above, mentioned the Manchurian Candidate, which reminded me of the very first time I heard Obama speak in the first debate with Romney …. those very words – Manchurian Candidate – came to my mind. Turned out to be correct! And now here in Canada we have Trudeau, who has NO idea what he is doing. God help us! A pretty-boy former drama teacher ……. not a clue … running the country!

  22. Given Mr. Obama’s inability to gut the Second Amendment, I doubt strongly that he would be so rash as to proclaim martial law. The Second Amendment was designed to afford the citizens the ability to resist tyranny and martial law on a national basis would constitute tyranny. No, not even a rabid socialist ideologue like Mr. Obama would attempt a strategy he could never successfully prosecute.

  23. Didn’t get the opportunity to comment on your Saturday editorial.Europeans have killed Jews in the early to mid 1900’s who added intellect to their way of life.Then they accepted millions of Muslems who have upset the European cultures.The Chinese people with their Budda religion came to the USA and almost never caused any cultural/religious problems.Same with the Indians with Hindu.Both groups are very smart and have added to our culture.There are only few Nobel Prizes for Muslems.Many for Jews

  24. Took a while to find it:
    Solon, the lawgiver of Athens, in 560 B.C. scolded the Athenians after they allowed themselves to be disarmed:
    “If now ye suffer grievously through cowardice all your own,
    Cherish no wrath against the gods for this,
    For you yourselves increased the usurper’s power by giving him your guard in his hands,
    And now, therefore, as his servants you must do as he commands”. 2577 years ago

  25. In my home office I have a sign that says “if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns” that is something that IS true.

  26. The purpose of the chaotic protests at the Republican Convention is to show that the Republicans can not control anything!!! There will be no protests at the Democratic Convention, especially not any chaotic ones. This has all been planned by Soros. So far, all officers have been acquitted in the Gray death. All the time & money spent on frivolous trumped up charges, by a very dunderhead State General Attorney!!! Dunderheads in Hollywood do NOT help any of these issues, either!!!

  27. At beginning hitler was elected democratically…..then he took control, the rest is history.
    If we don’t learn or refuse to learn…whose fault is that?
    Collectively we can’t be that stupid.

  28. The STUPID “protestors” (i.e., Black Lives Matter) are actually worse than the people they are protesting against, because the protestors destroy INNOCENT lives; whereas, the “Black lives” — whom they are retaliating for – were GUILTY! Black lives do NOT matter … any more or any less than anybody else’s life. The protestors’ wanton (i.e., unrestrained, reckless, and malicious) KILLING of others (specifically Police Officers) does far more damage than any benefit for their so-called “cause.

  29. I started telling people six years ago that obama might try to hang on illegally. Everyone said that would never happen. Now, it is on heaps of peoples minds. I still hope I’m wrong about that, but it’s not looking too good right now. The way the conventions go will give the final clues I guess.
    Even if these are without major incident, we cannot let hillary back in the WH, not even to visit. If she is elected, we are finished. With Trump, we can still recover from mistakes he might make.

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