Even Blind People Can See



ALL OF THE TIME . . . wasted, trying to count how many Angels can Dance on the Head of a Pin, is not only a ridiculous exercise . . . it is absolutely counterproductive, because that’s how the LEFT does their thing.

You don’t need me to tell you . . . AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN, how much trouble we’re in throughout the world, but specifically, here in Canada and the United States, when we have become too Politically Correct to even identify the ENEMY.

NOT ONLY HAVE WE NOT LEARNED FROM HISTORY . . . we are repeating it with our eyes wide open.

IN THE 1930’s . . . All of Europe and North America, but specifically European Leaders, who were terrified of the Nazis, chose rather than to FIGHT – TO CAPITULATE with them, convincing themselves and their populations that the Nazis really didn’t mean what they were saying. And if they did nothing, everything would work itself out.

European Jews . . . BUT INITIALLY GERMAN JEWS – right up until Kristallnacht (October 9th through the 10th – 1938), when Germans and Austrians with the blessing of the State, went into a Jew Beating, Raping, Murdering, Looting, Desecrating, and Destruction RAMPAGE, still wouldn’t grasp the reality and scope of what was happening and its obvious conclusion.

HOLLYWOOD . . . was a vibrant new Industry, starting to really take hold in the late 1920’s, which by some remarkable circumstance became a Jewish Industry, honed to perfection by the talents of a Plethora of European Jews . . . Studio Owners, Producers, Writers and Actors. And by the 1930’s, Hollywood held more Influence and Sway than any other Medium that ever existed.

YET . . . Jewish Controlled Hollywood, REFUSED to embarrass and condemn Nazi Europe, even as Hitler was DISENFRANCHISING German Jews in the most unimaginable ways.

But, during the War, even while the Holocaust was in FULL MEASURE, which was kept secret from the people by our Governments, but not that good a secret . . . Hollywood Jews, who by that time were making great War Movies to stir the Passions and Patriotism of Americans, Brits and Canadians – didn’t do SQUAT to tell the TRUTH of the Holocaust, because FDR and his Cabal, didn’t want to confuse the issue. Or perhaps, because like so many Europeans, they too thought that fewer Jews was not necessarily a bad thing.


Hitler could have been stopped . . . before he really got going, but, because of Big Business, Big Banks, Sell-Out Politicians, Sympathetic Media and a Surplus of Cowards who were too frightened, or too intimidated to speak up and speak out, not only did Hitler cause the death of some 60-MILLION People, but MILLIONS more who died and suffered enormously in subsequent years at the hands of the Soviet Communists, who came-on strong as a result of how the War ended.


In all my years – being aware of geo-politics, even as a “kid”, I remember Big Events like the Struggle after the Birth of Israel, as Israel stood against the Hordes almost single handedly to survive.

I was old enough to hear the stories of my Hungarian Friends who made it out of Hungary, as the Russians Crushed their dream of Freedom in 1956. I also actually remember seeing the images on television of Russian Tanks in the streets of Czechoslovakia during that same period.

I clearly remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. I remember seeing Canadian Men In Uniform, not that long after the cessation of fighting, which sort of ended the Korean War.

I remember the Berlin Wall, and the news reports with images, of East Germans making a run for Freedom, most of whom were gunned-down in their attempt to escape.

I remember Gary Powers . . . when news of his U-2 Spy Plane was shot down over Russia.

And I remember when the North Koreans seized an American Naval Vessel, the USS Pueblo in 1968, causing the world to hold its breath.

I also remember the Vietnam War, and the Student Riots, including the shootings at Kent State University. And not only do I remember seeing the Protests on the News, but I also remember being in the crowds of Protesters in the USA, standing with my American High School Fraternity, who were burning their Draft Cards, because they didn’t want to go.

I remember it all . . . I remember the 6-Day War, The War of Attrition, the Yom Kippur War, the Lebanese’s Civil War, the Sabra and Shatila Massacres, the Lebanon War . . . and on and on.

I remember all of it . . . as if it were yesterday. But, let me tell you what I don’t remember.

I don’t remember Europe or North America SURRENDERING any aspect of our FREEDOMS, LAWS AND VALUES TO ISLAM.

I don’t remember as Obama continuously points out, any of the supposed great contributions the Moslems have made to the USA and American Freedoms.

I remember Anne and Myself walking between the Headstones in Arlington National Cemetery, where we visit every time we go to Washington DC, amongst the many Crosses and proportionate numbers of Stars of David . . . But I don’t remember ever seeing a Moslem Head Stone, of which I suppose there must be some.

There were plenty of Jews who fought for either the North or the South during the Civil War . . . but I don’t recall any Moslems who fought for either.

Jews, alongside Christians, actually made enormous contributions to the American Revolution, which created the United States of America – where were the Moslems?


FOR ALMOST A QUARTER OF A CENTURY . . . the world has learned from the SIMPLICITY of the AMERICAN BILL OF RIGHTS . . . at how LESS Government is BETTER Government. And how the Secular Rule of Law based upon Judeo/Christian Values, EXCEEDS all other Rules, Laws and Regulations that ever existed before.

YET HERE WE ARE . . . an Educated and Civilized Society, living by the Secular Rule of Law, in a culture that is so great, that it is beyond description, which rightly forbids any combination of Government and Church, if that Church happens to be Christian or Jewish that is, while BEING SO COWED BY ISLAM, that our Leaders DARE NOT MENTION IT BY NAME.

AND WHERE OUR LAWS ARE SO SIMPLE . . . that they require little to no explanation – here we are doing handstands and backflips, while tying ourselves into pretzels trying to hide the TRUTH about ISLAM . . . which is that Islam is nothing close to being a Religion of Peace.

AND WHEN NEWT GINGRICH . . . came out just after the MOSLEM NICE MASSACRE, with his comment that America should BAN and Deport any Moslem, even Moslems who were American Citizens, from retaining their Citizenship, if that Moslem Practiced SHARIA, a comment for which he was excoriated – HE WAS RIGHT.

IN TRUTH . . . Why should Canada or the American People accept any form of Sharia Law, which is 100% ANATHEMATIC TO OUR WESTERN FREEDOMS, any more than we would accept the Practice of NAZISM?

AND PERHAPS MOST POIGNANTLY . . . we are not living in a crucible insulated from all outside factors, when in fact, all we have to do is look at virtually any European Country, and see the POISONED ATMOSPHERE Islam has created, where there are NO GO ZONES for regular Europeans including the Police.


WHERE WHITE EUROPEAN WOMEN AND GIRLS . . . are routinely groped, attacked and raped by Moslem men. There is silence from the Government and the Media.

WHERE GROWING MOSLEM CONSTITUENCIES . . . are gaining sufficient numbers throughout Europe to take over Municipal Councils and Districts, while influencing National Politics in a NEGATIVE WAY, secularists are twiddling their thumbs.

WHERE THEIR IMAMS PREACH HATRED AND VIOLENCE . . . which are considered off limits to scrutiny, criticism and questions . . . for fear that the questioner will be labeled a Racist. Silence is our retort.


I know many MIDDLE EASTERN CHRISTIANS, most of whom immigrated to Canada from Lebanon, some from Syria, and several from Egypt, many of whom I am proud to call my friends, with many others who’ve intermarried with Jewish Men or Women, while others have close business relations with Jews.

To say that these Middle Eastern Christian Arabs are a TESTAMENT to a wonderful Immigration program would be nothing short of a GROSS understatement, because they’ve added in every possible positive metric to our society that we can imagine.

BUT YOU CAN’T SAY THAT ABOUT MOSLEM IMMIGRATION . . . since all evidence and living proof, scream the opposite. They are not in Canada or the USA to ASSIMILATE to our VALUES and CULTURE, but rather, to force their Culture, Laws and Values upon us.

I DON’T WANT TO HEAR THE SPECIOUS ARGUMENT . . . about how North Americans were just as suspicious of Jews and other Minorities as we came to Canada and the United States, certainly at the turn of the 20th Century, because that would be nothing more than a BALD FACED LIE.


NO OTHER SOCIETY, CULTURE, RELIGION AND NATIONALITY . . . has ever come to Canada and/or the United States, AS THE MOSLEMS HAVE, to change the essence of who we are as a society, which gives us TWO SIMPLE CHOICES . . . SUCCUMB or THROW THEM OUT, before it becomes too late, because inevitably, that’s what it’s going to come to.

We should not live under the philosophy of Mohamed’s Moslems . . . anymore than we should live under the philosophy of Hitler’s Nazis.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Just how many murderous attacks will the French people tolerate? I doubt the Germans will. The masses are being primed to retaliate overseas. The end result will be retribution without government involvement. Sadly, revenge will be out of control. Weak governments and inaction will prompt massive civil insurrection.

  2. I am on the Trump train, and firmly believe he is the only hope we have at this point, to reclaim our country. That said WILL he even. Consider running for a second term, after “wallowing’ in the Washington cesspool we call our perverted career government? Perhaps now is. When we should be even more skeptical and asking ourselves,..”if he can’t change it,…then what will we do?
    We gave Obama the benefit of the doubt once, then as Americans again in 2012. We can not afford more mistakes!

  3. It’s my understanding that the blacks were the first to adopt being Moslem in the prisons but they eventually got out and it spread like the cancer it is. I have a deep personal hatred for cancers of all kinds because of the suffering they have inflicted on my BRCA1+ populated family tree–and I didn’t escape the genetic defect so if I call you a cancer that’s the worst insult I have. I named my cancer Obama LOLOLOLOL

  4. Have you ever thought, dear Howard, to go on a public conferences tour, in North America and in Europe? To cite one flagrant example among others, the Clintons (at up to half a million a pop) got rich propagating FULL LIES AND HALF TRUTHS about the state of the world!

  5. The European country’s have no one to blame but there leaders for allowing the muslims to gain entry to there country,.the end results are the deaths of hundred of civilians and more to come. Obama wants to bring hundreds of thousands muslims to the U.S. we have to stop him now or we will have what France,Holland and opther countries have now.

  6. Prior to Obama adm. there were hardly any mosques in the U.S. Now they are everywhere and every state has Islamic training camps, which have firing ranges, where only Muslims can enter their gates. FBI reports radical Islamic activity in every state. Only 20% of mosques have alerted authorities to possible radical members of the mosques.

  7. The audacity of Obama in his lies in behalf of the muslims, of which he is clearly one heart and soul, should have been great enough reason and cause to remove him from office before he completed his first term, just as Clinton NEVER should have even been elected after his Vietnam draft dodging but removed immediately upon his impeachment and arrested! We have a pack of rats in the White House AND Congress. and I no longer intend to be even slightly polite about it! Farrell

  8. Radical Islam has declared a war on humanity which crosses all ethnic and religious lines. Decent people everywhere must join together and resist the viral spread of this evil disease. The present administration clearly stands in defense of these miscreants and the sooner they are out of office, the better it will be for all respectable people. Somewhere between ignorance and abject stupidity, these facts are completely ignored by the sycophants on the liberal left! Go Donald!

  9. The French have thrown the Jews under the bus to pacify the their Moslem community. It doesn’t seen to have worked. Reminds me of Germany in the 1930s. France, that’s life on the fast track

  10. People seem not to want to admit that islam is a theocracy and not a religion. Until we (US and Canada) admit this fact we will continue to believe (or at least some of us will believe but not me) that by some dint of magic someone who swears allegiance to islam and sharia law can also swear to obey the laws of the US and Canada. What fools we have become. What subservient fools we will become unless we put a stop to this insanity now.

  11. I hope Mr. TRUMP receives this newsletter! !! You hit a home run with this one!

  12. Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan commented on the term “moderate Islam”, often used in the West to describe AKP (Justice and Development Party) and said, “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

  13. Howard, what you wrote is absolutely true and I’ll never understand why more people don’t see it – it is so obvious that Islam is a destructive way of life. It is not a religion, it is a way of life as laid out according to the Sharia law. China & Japan make no bones about it – they will NOT tolerate Islam – only Western countries do so – total insanity! I’ll send you a video link that shows a Middle Eastern gentleman denouncing Islam on the air – not sure how long he will stay alive though.

  14. Pardon my french, Howard. But people see shit. The spoonfeeding from our leaders, media, lefties and the UN about the greatness of islam is enough to make a grown man puke. They keep dishing it out, islamic communities in the West keep on their merry ways protected by western laws and good will, and the rest of us bend over and live in fear and pile up corpses because there’s not a set of cajones among the lot of them. Just a lot of leftwing cowards and excuse makers.

  15. If Justin Trudeau had lived in the 1930s and 1940s and had been the PM of Canada then, would he have recognized the genocide of the Jews if he is unable today of recognizing the genocide of Christians by Isis and their islamic allies?

  16. The continued and increasing carnage lies right in the lap of Hussein Obama and his lap dog HC. Hussein is responsible for the problems in this Country and Internationally. It has been done with intention make no mistake, that is what he was
    “hired” for. I say again, what is planned for a surprise before he leaves office.

  17. Howard…this is one powerful editorial…”Thanks” for being honest about what is happening with our current way of life…We are going to have to stick together once and for all and do what we can to get rid of the 14% that seem to have all the control with this “political correct” crap. I could not wait to share this weeks editorial with my two groups.

  18. Totally agree with Wade Geary about “mosques being everywhere in the U.S. and that only Muslims can enter their gates”. Also agree with Paul Branch that “the continued and increasing carnage lies right in the lap of Hussein Obama and his lap dog HC”. Why aren’t the Muslims “standing up” for the USA? What “positives” are THEY contributing to this Country? TRUMP can’t get into office soon enough! Sadly, HUSSEIN OBAMA and HILLARIOUS have plenty of time to do more harm to America! AMEN!

  19. Is it possible European leaders, & western leaders, (attendees of Rothschild/Bilderberg power-broker meetings) are inviting Muslim “refugees” into their countries to create the chaos needed to institute martial law internationally? This would be best-case scenario for issuing in One World Order through multiple national martial law situations. BLM not getting it done with large-scale killings. I know it comes off as conspiracy-theory thinking; but think about what would happen with the influx.

  20. I am 87 and remember the shock when the news reels showed the ovens and stacks of Jewish men and women. Nothing but skin and bones..Starved and then gassed.
    First they come for your guns so you can’t defend. They indoctrinate the children so they report on the parents and neighbors. Now we have the influx of Muslims who wish to change our country to Sharia. They have invaded the very top of our government. The top has bought into Agenda 21, One word government , Jade Helm..

  21. Howard your comments, that state so well the direction the world is going, needs to be read by all. Thank you for your clarity of expression.


  22. I too was overjoyed to hear Newt Gingrich’s speech. If a Muslim wishes to assimilate and has no use for Sharia, he’s more than welcome. If a Muslim refuses to assimilate, praises the savages who are terrorizing the world and looks forward to a world dominated by Sharia – send him back where he came from. Deportation of hundreds of thousands of Sharia lovers might be very costly – but certainly not nearly as costly as allowing the jihadist cancer to metastasize through the whole body.

  23. So correct you are. I feel Trump will not be pushed around by these liberals that might be left after the election Hopefully we can get rid of 90% of them Newt is right . Either shape up or ship out or let them walk the plank

  24. You have nailed it again! So-called ‘political correctness’ is, in actual fact, ‘political stupidity’ …… It is mind-boggling that average Canadians are willing to be so unashamedly IGNORANT of the intentions of this Muslim influx into Canada!! “WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!” Of course, it doesn’t help that our ‘pretty-boy’ PM bends over backwards to bring more into Canada …. even removing our own military families out of their homes on military bases to accommodate them! What a travesty!

  25. Every Muslim is taught from childhood the Koran, (Islam – Sharia Law). And each one has their place in any society to make a grave impact. Some are obvious right-in-view, while others wait behind the scenes quitely getting their foot into our society. Islamic ideology, radical or not, it is still an Ideology! Not a religion. Pay now or pay later – stop this NOW or we will later regret it.

  26. Denial and a lack of guts are horrific characteristics; it’s how countries succumb to tyranny. You have nailed it again, Howard!

  27. Exactly Howard. The first step is to realize and declare we are in a state of war with isis and the like. Second take the power out of the hands of the lawyers (politicians) and give it to the military and thirdly get rid of the sympathizers such as barry hussein and the like.

  28. 65 million died because the “peace loving” democracies did not act. It could have been prevented. Read Churchill, “The Gathering Storm.” Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  29. Howard: In a long line of excellent editorials, I believe this to be your finest.

  30. I think the liberals cowing to Islam would quickly change their tune if they saw American toddlers covered with body bags on the streets of New York after Mohamed drives over them on New Year’s eve, etc. It’s amazing it hasn’t happened here yet.

  31. Pope Francis encourages us to welcome all migrants and immigrants into our country because we are compassionate Christians. Does he not realize that, today, that is like the Good Shepherd opening the gate to the sheepfold to invite the wolf into the sheep’s pasture.

  32. Well said, well said, Howard!!! It seems to me that it is the older generation sees what is happening, not the younger generation. There in lays the problem. My generation will be dead in about 20 years or earlier. We are the ones who remember. We lived it, heard our parents & grandparents speak of the horrid things done. We know the truth. The younger generation hasn’t a clue, about anything doing with history. Their education didn’t include history or truth. Sad, really sad.

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