Don’t Believe The Polls – It’s Not Even Close

They Don't Want What Hillary Clinton Is Selling.

As bad as it seemed for the Democrats . . . to have such a WEAK Candidate in the name of Hillary Clinton, no one could have imagined how horrible she really could be.

FORGET ABOUT ALL THE FREE PRESS TRUMP IS GETTING . . . and ask yourself this – why isn’t Hillary Clinton, who is the MEDIA FAVORITE getting the Platinum Treatment?


Trump shouts from the Rafters . . . how HE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! And Trump isn’t embarrassed to be an American . . . EXCUSE ME – AN EXCEPTIONAL AMERICAN.

Trump says . . . that he’s running to be the President of the United States of America, and not the President of any other country.

And he has made it as clear as clear can be . . . that once he becomes the President of the USA, and the Commander-In-Chief of what “was” the world’s greatest Military, that is now in decline, that all of that will change the moment he takes the Oath.


And what does Hillary Clinton Stand For?

We know that she wants to raise minimum wages, making it harder to afford employees, which will fast track greater unemployment. She wants to spend more tax dollars renovating the American Infrastructure, which she and Obama promised to fix almost 8-Years Ago, with almost a TRILLION DOLLARS they flushed down the Public Toilet, or put into the pockets of their friends and supporters.

Remember when Obama joked . . . that the jobs “weren’t as shovel ready as he thought”? I doubt if many people are laughing now, who are unemployed, underemployed and suffering from a crumbling infrastructure that should have already been repaired 4-Years ago.

THE TAX DOLLARS ARE GONE . . . the Infrastructure Rot has increased. And Hillary Clinton is recycling broken promises.


Where Trump is embracing a POSITIVE AMERICAN MESSAGE, asking the American People to DREAM BIG WITH HIM, Hillary Clinton is busy carrying-on the defeatist Global Message that America needs to do more for Gays and Lesbians, for the Black Lives Matter Crowd, for the Abortion Industry through Planned Parenthood, and to continue supporting the CRIMINAL Education system, which is burying young people and their families in unsustainable debt, while the Academics get rich, and the students get RIPPED OFF, amongst so may other insults to the intelligence of the American People.

Where Trump talks about sending a message to the World, that once he becomes President, he will CRUSH ISIS by using all means necessary, and that “NO ONE WILL MESS WITH AMERICA” . . . Hillary Clinton is tuning up Kumbaya, while stoking the campfire to cook the marshmallows in her New World Order and dream for her One World Government.

Where Trump is making it clear, that he is the “LAW AND ORDER CANDIDATE”, Hillary Clinton is trying to find some CONTRIVED EQUIVALENCE between the Men & Women in BLUE, who serve the people by putting themselves in harm’s way, to the THUGS who CREATE the HARM.

Where Trump and the RNC have come out as STEADFAST UNAPOLOGETIC SUPPORTERS OF ISRAEL, Hillary Clinton and the DNC are working overtime trying not to Publicly Screw Israel, since that’s exactly what the Democrat Party Wants.


Not only does Trump fill the Halls, Hangars and Stadiums where he speaks, he fills them with People who are 100% ENGAGED, who want to see America MADE GREAT AGAIN.

Trump FILLS the Stadiums right across the Nation with overflow flag waving PATRIOTIC crowds, who travel cross-country to show their support and enthusiasm for a Candidate who won’t be a BUM-BOY for Big Business and the Insiders. Who won’t shut-up for Wall Street and the Big Banks. And who won’t be cowed by Big Labor.


And even though Trump is a REALLY WEALTHY MAN, who made his money the old fashioned way, by working and risking for it, he doesn’t have that . . . I’M BETTER THAN YOU PERSONA, like so many other rich people, because he has more money than anyone else.

HE’S NOTHING LIKE HILLARY CLINTON . . . who became Filthy Rich with her despicable Sex Starved Misogynist Husband, by FEEDING OFF THE PEOPLE like the two Parasites they are, roping the dirty little peons off, to keep them from getting too close, while pretending to be of the people.


Trump has repeatedly said that his campaign is a MOVEMENT, which I believe it is, and MOVEMENTS aren’t like anything else – they take on a life of their own, and until they are played-out, THEY ARE UNSTOPPABLE.


It was a SCORCHER of a day yesterday, too hot to work around the farm with the Horses, and too hot to get on my Bike and go for a Ride, so we did the next best thing. We assembled the Camera Crew . . . Anne and Stryker, and produced a VIDEO you might like to watch.

In case you’re curious, as some have been, the VIDEOS are taped on part of the Deck I built, which I use for Cooking and making Bar-B-Q’s almost everyday, weather permitting.

In the VIDEO, you‘ll see our Horses walking into and out of the Camera Shot. And as long as there’s food, you’ll see the BOYS, because eating is what they do best.

There are two big ones which are ours, and two small ones, one of which is also ours, the other belongs to our friends who own the property where we lease the paddocks and barn for the BOYS, in their own Private Paddock no less, with refreshing running water, shade, and weather structures that I personally constructed. YOU AND I SHOULD LIVE SO GOOD.

To See The Current 10-Minute Video . . . CLICK HERE.

A LOT IS HAPPENING . . . and as we can all see, it’s coming from all sides, with the Media working overtime to PUSH their narrative, not necessarily telling outright LIES, but more likely withholding or bending the TRUTH.

AND WHAT WE SAW THIS WEEK IN CONGRESS WAS ASTONISHING . . . where the TRUTH finally came out, that the system is indeed RIGGED, with one set of Laws for the People, and an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SET FOR THE POLITICALLY CONNECTED.

I DON’T WANT TO PRETEND THAT MY BLOG IS SO IMPORTANT . . . because it’s not. But I really do think it makes a difference. And even though it’s not HUGE by MASS MEDIA STANDARDS . . . it’s growing every day, it has TENS OF THOUSANDS OF READERS, and is far more honest, and incredibly more accurate than much of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

And I deal with issues others won’t even touch.


Every month is an expensive month . . . for Hosting, IT Services, Security and Growth – to the point, that not only has Writing and Producing Information, while reading Comments and Emails, while doing the best I can to respond to everyone . . . IT HAS BECOME A FULL TIME JOB.

AND AS MUCH AS I HATE ASKING THIS . . . If you think this BLOG has MERIT, and provides you with a Media and Commentary Venue of VALUE, and you can afford to help support it, which would enable me to continue to promote its growth, YOUR SUPPORT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

ALSO . . . as I write every month when I ask for support – if you’re not in a financial position to write a Check or use PayPalDON’T CONTRIBUTE, because that last thing I want is for someone who is not relatively Flush, to spend what he or she does not have on this BLOG, because will continue without your last dollar.

BUT . . . I will ask of the people who can’t afford to help out Financially, to SPREAD THE WORD through whichever Social Media you’re comfortable with, because that too has real VALUE.

So if you can help . . . PLEASE CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW.

I really appreciate all that you do to support this BLOG, one way or the other.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As usual my friend, you are 100% correct. It’s not so much as if it will happen, but when? Let’s all buy travel trailers and head for the Texas hill country!!!

  2. Truthfully, the only person that would disagree with your comment would be a Clintonite.

  3. Great email Howard…loved the video…no Clintons in November!!!

  4. First, I would like to commend you on the ever improving quality of your postings. Second, I can see that you are now heartily endorsing Trump, after having been, let’s say, lukewarm about him for many months. It took me about two months after he declared his candidacy on June 16th 2015, to realize that he truly represented a real grassroots movement to kick out the GOP establishment “elite”, who may still endanger his candidacy if they don’t rally to him well before the November elections…

  5. Howard, you are right on. I think Trump will win in a landslide, particularly after he has an opportunity to buzzsaw into Hillary in the debates. She is devious, mean, inept and totally corrupt. The contrast between her and Trump could not be more obvious to anyone with more than a room-temperature IQ.

  6. The Clintons have become rich, as you point out, but how rich? Is anybody still looking for the $6 Billion missing from the Department of State budget in one year while Hillary was the Secretary there?

  7. Trump IS nothing like Clinton…Here in western PA…only one Hillary sign…Trump signs are everywhere …especially in the Hills and Country areas…I do not believe that even the big cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh will be able to counter the mass voting numbers that will be for this… Self made Wealthy Man who is speaking for the… hard Working Men and Woman of our State…Yes.. We have Guns…Ammo..Bibles..and Attitudes..and If We Were Violent.., the rest of USA would know about it!

  8. The first and really only job hillary had was as a attorney with the senate sub committee on Watergate, that last several months and then she was fired by the chairman for lying ,and being unethical conduct,. Remember she stole $200,000 of furniture from the white house when the clintons moved out. Now we know that hillary is a thief .liar,and traitor.

  9. We know the do nothings will all vote for Clinton. I just pray the people who love the USA and the hard working people will come out in droves to vote for Trump. If they don’t vote, I’m afraid we are going down. Coming back to be the country we have had in the past will be lost.

  10. I want to comment on the tragedy in Nice. 77 people dead. As a student of history, I have watched Europe expel Jews in the 1930s and 40s and accept Muslems into its countries after that. What a huge mistake… as we are now seeing. This move seems impossible to reverse. It may not be too late for the US and Canada to stop the entrance of Muslems, some good and some bad from entering out country.The good ones have to suffer because of the bad because we can not distinguish between them.

  11. I hope your prediction of a landslide is correct and hope Trump keeps his word. We desperately need HELP.

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