The Truth Can’t Be Hidden Forever



As you might imagine, I’m not a person who is easily intimidated; yet, there have been times in my life when I was sufficiently frightened to feel the adrenalin flow, and my body tense-up.

I imagine many of us have been in a position like this, when it comes down to FIGHT or FLIGHT.


I was in Vancouver, British Columbia for the first time, while I was visiting with a Potentially Significant Client of our Ad Agency, who managed the Sales and Marketing of a prominent Downtown Vancouver Hotel located at the Harbor Front, whom I had never met before, when I mentioned to her, that the City really had to do much more to HELP the Homeless People, who literally existed on the sidewalks of Tony Downtown Vancouver Streets.

They were indeed pathetic, like flotsam on concrete.


I was shocked with her extremely aggressive reply . . . when not only did she castigate me for being so foolish (I’m sure she wanted to call me stupid), but lit into me for taking a position on something I had no understanding of . . . and then off she went on a rant, telling me that these People are like the Seagulls, which haunt the piers around restaurants, scrounging for whatever they can get, screaming for more and more, to the point, where it isn’t pleasant to be there, so you leave, taking your business with you, depriving a Restaurateur from earning his or her income no matter how good his or her food is.

This woman who ran the Marketing for this Hotel, was an extremely Conservative, well Connected, Hot-To-Trot Career Businesswoman, who was a No-Nonsense get the Job Done, kind of person, who simply Cut-Through-The-Crap to see the World, how the World really was.

And while still being in my LEFTIST Days, I was aghast with her attitude.

But, in the interest of doing business, I kept my silence, and simply listened, hoping to get the account, wondering how unpleasant it was going to be to be working with this FAR RIGHT WING CANADIAN REDNECK, also pondering if she was a racist to boot, and did she know that I was Jewish, if we were to get the account. And what difference might that make?


I was shocked to find myself loving the business relationship with Deanna McGonagall. IT WAS GREAT. She didn’t waste her time, my time, or the time of our staff. She knew what she wanted and spelled it out loud and clear. And she didn’t have unrealistic expectations from us.

And then to our great loss, she left to run the Marketing for several Hotel Properties in Asia.

Years passed after my first encounter with Deanne McGonagall, after which, Anne and I enjoyed a comfortable business relationship with several other Top-Flight West Coast Hotels, which caused me to travel quite a few times to Vancouver, which is a city I instantly fell in love with, and tried to convince Anne to move to.


While I was walking Downtown, more or less at the corner of Thurlow and Robson Streets, which is one of the great and beautiful intersections in Canada, where people of every race, description, and nationality merge and converge, all of a sudden, a filthy and stinking vagrant, with a heavy Australian Accent walked into my stride, put his face right in front of mine, and started to demand money.

I didn’t want a confrontation, and wanted the vagrant out of my face ASAP, so I reached into my pocket, and handed him whatever change was there, which only caused BAD TO BECOME WORSE.

TO MY SURPRISE . . . the Aussie Bum became extremely aggressive, seeing me as an easy mark, demanding MORE, shouting that I could afford it, and I better give it to him.

Before I continue telling you the story . . . you also have to know that most, if not all of these people who haunt the streets are armed . . . They all carry knives and various weapons, some for the purpose of committing crimes, most to protect themselves from each other, so, a confrontation with any of them could have a myriad of outcomes. NONE OF WHICH BUT ONE . . . WOULD BE GOOD.


1 – Hand over my wallet and run away.

2 – Beg and hope for the guy to walk away.

3 – Hope for someone . . . especially a Cop to come to my rescue.

4 – OR Start PUNCHING with everything I had and hope for the best.

I chose to Fight . . . but just before I started to swing and got right into him, I YELLED and Swore right into his miserable face, which caused him to step back and run away.

In effect, I dodged a Bullet by the sheer force of luck, since I, ALL BY MYSELF . . . was absolutely and single handedly responsible for ENABLING THIS TAKER, who could have just as easily killed me, for doing nothing more than giving him some loose change.


1 – The first thought that struck me, was about how scared I was, even though I had been in enough fights as a younger man, but this was definitely different.

2 – The words . . . several years ago, spoken by Deanna McGonagall, immediately came back to haunt me . . . that these people were not people from Vancouver who were down on their luck, who needed and wanted help.

But rather, were in Vancouver from all parts of Canada, the United States and other parts of the world, because the weather was mild, winters were not severe, there were plenty of Liberal Bleeding Hearts to champion them, and there wasn’t the resolve amongst the people and the government to get rid of them.

Besides, even if the City wanted to toss them out like trash . . . to where do you toss them?


AND THIS BRINGS ME TO THE CRUX OF WHERE WE ARE NOW . . . I haven’t been to Vancouver for quite a few years, but the last time I was there, walking downtown, I saw human defecation on the sidewalk in front of fancy restaurants. There were men standing in the middle of the sidewalk, urinating in full view of whomever was passing by, as “normal” people pretended not to see what was happening.

There were liquor and wine bottles littering the gorgeous green hedges that separated and framed the private properties from the public concrete. And there were no shortage of people, either sleeping or passed-out beside the streets, who were in full view of anyone who wanted to see.

WHAT MAKES MY EXPERIENCE SO SIGNIFICANT . . . is that it represents EVERYTHING in a smaller context, to what is destroying our societies in the overall perspective, which has become so HUGE, that most of us can’t see it, or perhaps worse . . . DON’T WANT TO SEE IT.

WHEN THE SEAGULLS SMELL A MOOCH . . . they WON’T GO AWAY, and they won’t be silenced. Same with the SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING-BUNCH, and the TAKERS of all description, screaming like Seagulls, who base their screeches on FALSE NARRATIVES, all of whom, who once, they get a foothold – do not let go . . . IS WHERE WE’RE AT RIGHT NOW.


I thought I knew, and I had my steadfast opinions about the indecency of how the Homeless were treated in Vancouver. BUT IN REALITY . . . I KNEW SQUAT, because I didn’t have to live with this Human Disaster like McGonagall had to.

And I had no idea what the consequences were, by allowing this outrage of TAKERS to infect our societal way of thinking like a deadly contagion, UNTIL I PERSONALLY CAME FACE-TO-FACE WITH IT IN THE WORST WAY IMAGINABLE.


It doesn’t matter who they claim to represent . . . Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Move-On.Org, Planned Parenthood, Ban The Guns, Sanctuary Cities, Global Warming – or for whatever contrived cause, because they’re all the same. They All Want Something-For-Nothing.

They want what you worked for, and they want it for FREE, and they want it now. And if you aren’t prepared to give it to them, prepare for a FIGHT, because you can only run for so long and so far, until you run out of time and distance.


I am extremely PROUD of the American who injected ALL LIVES MATTER into Canada’s National Anthem, which he sang at the National Baseball League All Star Game. BRAVO!


You’ll notice that the ABC Host, a Black Man in the Video, who has a great job, said in his comment about the inserted ALL LIVES MATTER lyrics . . . about the singer being CUT FROM THE QUARTET OF SINGERS for making that simple change to the words . . . “Let’s hope it’s permanent after doing that”.

I guess the Black ABC Guy has a problem with ALL LIVES MATTER. So what does that say to you? Or more than that . . . what does it say to the Station’s (Network’s) Majority WHITE Sponsors?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Sadly, when I talk like you to those who embrace the PLO, and want us to also, we end up losing them as friends. I continually say, “It is because of people like you, that 6 million of us were killed.” What bothers me most about these people, is that we are supposed to be tolerant of their views, but they do not tolerate our views. End of friendship. Doesn’t bother me, but it bothers Judy,(she’s a better person than me).
    Stay warm.

  2. You have, as usual, hit the nail on the head. Sure “black” lives matter.. “all” lives matter. These marches and demonstrations are nothing but excuses for the “takers” to demand more from the “makers”. Work hard, get a job, and make a contribution to society, your country, and yourself. The free ride is about to be derailed!!!

  3. I see a racist!!! I am so tired of Blacks in this USA – Always having their hands out for something, for nothing!!! The Free Lunch has to stop and stop right now – Or the USA will become a third world country.

  4. Mr. Watson has it exactly right. BLM is nothing more than a front for George Soros. BLM does his bidding because he hates America and wants us socialist like Argentina.

  5. I am afraid it is already a 2 1/2 world country and Obamao will push it the last little bit to third world status before he leaves

  6. Yes “all lives matter”. The takers come in all colors and the makers do also. More people on food stamps than any other time in history yet all of our small towns have programs to feed the kids all summer because they are hungry. Where do the stamps go and for what? Some people really are in need but it is time to overhaul the whole give away system and make people accountable. Hoping for a Trump victory in 2016 and get our country back in order. Thanks for your words Howard.

  7. Old enough to remember The Great Depression’s WPA & CCC…and a lot of OATMEAL! I would like to propose a return to these INCLUDING the Oatmeal for those who would NOT participate! Families on food stamps, with cars, free cell phones TVs, rental assistance and on and ON…their sitting at home or the ball park or bars and liquor store, while others work like hell to subsidize them. I’d start with the acronym S.Y.S.A.M.I.- SUPPORT YOUR SORRY ASS MY EYE! GET A JOB TO EAT!
    Help The TRUELY deservin

  8. Excellent commentary, as usual. I’m tired of the liberals trying to shame me by talking about ‘white privilege’. Hey, I was picking strawberries during the summers when just a child, earning some money to help purchase school clothes. There are still things which I do not have (I’m 68) that 20-somethings already have; many welfare recipients have far more than I do. How long can we continue this charade?

  9. I’m afraid it’s for more than just for people to get more for doing less. It’s to get us so angry that we start fighting and Obama is able to declare martial law to call off the elections and call in “his army.” He has fired so many loyal soldiers and replaced them with aliens and undesirables. There’s a reason for all this, and it’s not good for us.

  10. Are you kidding me? Some jerk ass desecrates our National Anthem to satisfy his own being and you think it is OK? Not in a million years. Same as the supposed commedienne Barr who destroyed the US Anthem in her crotch scratching display. No place for that trashy display when Anthems are being sung. All lives DO matter but butchering the National Anthem is out and out bulls___t.

  11. Ms. McGonagall has the insight and first hand knowledge of how to handle a problem. Had this analogy been put into place during the Civil Rights Era 60s/70s we would NOT be having this problem. MYPOV Enough is enough.
    RE: The Canadian National Anthem……I am sure the 4 tenors were HIRED to sing the Canadian National Anthem as it was originally written. They were NOT given license to CHANGE it. Again MYPOV

  12. Its not only obama its also are so called representatives in congress that have let this infection of free stuff, I say vote every one out of office next election and make it known we will not vote for you again if you fail us to fix the millions on welfare that do not deserve it. VOTE FOR THE DONALD HE WILL SHAKE THINGS UP.

  13. Marianne Hart said it best. I think there is a bigger plan afoot and they will resort to drastic measures rather than relinquish power to conservatives. He has already armed several government agencies and bought millions of rounds of ammunition.

  14. It is down to it….where is the RESPECT? People do not respect each other, God or country or the law. Well some do but we seem to be at the mercy of those who do not. Like Howard it is past time to YELL bak at them.

  15. Hasn’t changed much out here since you and I had a memorable day looking at farm properties and beautiful barns….wish you and Ann had of moved out her then….Gwen Trory…

  16. There are more GIMME-GIMME people in the U.S. than ever before and this was all planned by BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Remember his words, “SHARING THE WEALTH”, when he ran in 2004? Well, here we are in OBAMA’S FANTASY WORLD! The GIVERS are slowly DISSIPATING and unless something is done to REFORM the SOCIAL PROGRAMS, this Country will be DOOMED! We only have TWO CHOICES – “Crooked Hillary” or the “Outsider”, TRUMP. How can anyone even consider voting for HILLARIOUS after the BENGHAZI event? AMEN!

  17. Kudos Howard I was proud of this man also for inserting “ALL LIVES MATTER”!!! He spoke the truth and that’s a crime in today’s P C culture. God bless him and his fellow tenors should be ashamed of themselves. As a side note REMEMBER BENGHAZI , I WILL NEVER FORGET !
    Donna Adli , Las Vegas NV.

  18. Very good one Howard. You sure know how to tell it like it is!!! God Bless You.

  19. When does enough become enough? Maybe the Conventions will give us some answers. ANYTHING is possible. The New Black Panther Party will arrive at the GOP Convention well armed. Why? What do they have to fear? They are no different than the original BPP….evil scumbags and looking to create chaos…Alinsky style.

  20. Sorry, but every utterance of any of those little “sayings” serves only to further divide us, as it gives some group or cause some legitimacy.
    Of course all lives matter — that is what should be understood and lived daily — and not have to be expounded at every turn.
    I understand it’s meant to disparage the “BLM” rant and the rest of their ilk — but giving legitimacy to any of that crap just invites more seagulls … !!

  21. I am watching this election unfold& knowing how important it is to the future of the country I have loved so long and so much that the sound of the National Anthem brings tears of pride at being born and living in the greatest country on Earth. I was raised on American exceptionalism, went to a school where we prayed in class and though hard work became successful. The America I leave is vastly different and while I have done all I can, there is so much more to do–but my time is over. TRUMP2016

  22. Although I agree with you most of the time, not on THIS one. It was NOT the proper venue to make his political statement. I saw an interview on CBC last night where two of the tenors were asked if they could ever work with this jerk again. Response was NOT likely as he could not be trusted. How would you like one of your employees to do something that you were not aware of and state the reason why was because you likely would have said no???? Don’t mess with our National Anthem!

  23. I believe Remigio Pereira was wrong in changing the lyrics of O Canada. It was a misguided thing to do, the wrong venue and he literally sabotaged his partners. His actions shine a negative light on the cause. This is not the same as the recent changes in our anthems lyrics. Like it or not, the revisions over the years have been done by ELECTED governments NOT individuals. Your comments on this issue overshadowed another wise excellent editorial with a powerful message.

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