Black Lives Matter . . . Blah – Blah – Blah


I doubt if there’s anyone who reads this BLOG who doesn’t remember the Cartoon Strip PEANUTS by Charles Schulz, where useless speech was depicted in the Newspaper Strip, and in Cartoon Movies as BLAH – BLAH – BLAH, which indeed best described the nonsense, which in real life . . . we’re subjected to every day of every week by our Politicians, Media and Activist Groups . . . BLAH – BLAH – BLAH.

Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I spent a couple of days with friends on the Niagara Escarpment, about an hour West of Toronto, for some R&R, with no Television, no Computer, and limited WIFI, where the best we had was access to Emails . . . IT WAS LIKE GOING THROUGH WITHDRAWAL. But was worth it nonetheless.

I am prefacing the forthcoming Editorial with this information, to explain to you that it was literally impossible for me to return your hundreds of emails, even though I took a couple of hours each day to read them on my Smart Phone.

So . . . anyone who might have felt slighted or ignored – Please don’t.


We are constantly hearing how Black Lives Matter every time we Read a Newspaper, Hear a Radio Broadcast and See a Television Report, all of which is backed up with Forensic Analysis and the voices of “EXPERTS” . . . but all I Read, Hear and See is . . . BLAH – BLAH – BLAH.


IF YOU’RE BLACK OR WHITE – ENOUGH WITH THE VICTIM ROLE . . . so STOP trying to lay WHITE GUILT on the whole population, for your own many shortcomings through laziness, disregard for the rights of others, lack of respect for the law, for your own responsibilities, and for a SEVERE LACK OF SOCIAL, MORAL AND ETHICAL VALUES.

AND LET THE MEDIA GIVE IT A REST TOO, since all we’re hearing from the Media is REGURGITATED crap that sells ratings, but not facts, nor or the TRUTH, nor resolutions, because we’ve become slaves to the Media, no matter what they report . . . BLAH – BLAH – BLAH.


How many times do we need to see the Wall of Human Flesh used as a Backdrop for the Perfunctory Press Conference, where the Police Chief, the Mayor, the State Governor, the City Councilor and the Dog Catcher amongst a host of others who can squeeze onto the Stage, are there to release BREAKING NEWS, that already “BROKE” a day or two previously as they PREEN for the Cameras.


It doesn’t matter how many times or how many ways, the perceived Facts and sort of Truths can be reiterated as BREAKING NEWS with dramatic BREAKING News Music in order to convince their viewers that something NEW and important, even if not consequential, is about to be announced, where in reality its all about BLAH – BLAH – BLAH.  


Something’s are as TRUE . . . as the Sun will rise in the East and Set in the West, that the Earth Revolves around the Sun, opposed to the contrary of thought . . . and that Death and Taxes are Inevitable.

BUT WHAT’S ALSO INEVITABLY TRUE . . . is how the LEFT can twist any REAL FACT to the point where UP becomes DOWN, and LEFT becomes RIGHT, and then they become Debating Points to be analyzed in Committees, Printed into Journals, made required Reading in Universities to be examined and presented as a Post Graduate Thesis . . . FINALLY to establish Government Cabinet Positions to create Bureaucracies to REGULATE the nonsense, as if it was really TRUE and Important BLAH – BLAH – BLAH.

And that’s exactly what the Media, the Government, the Bureaucracy and the Activists do EVERYDAY . . . and stupidly, we go along with it because they’ve conditioned us.


1 – JFK – was a hot-blooded serial SEX-MACHINE in the White House, who left Patriotic Cubans to get slaughtered and taken prisoner at the Bay of Pigs, who also surrendered significant East/Asian Missile Bases, because he blinked in a STARE DOWN with Khrushchev, over the Cuban Missile Crisis.

2 – Nixon – was a CROOK, and left before he could be IMPEACHED.

3 – Al Gore – did NOT INVENT the Internet, but did become a BILLIONAIRE by pedaling his Global Warming Crap.

4 – Global Warming – is one of the BIGGEST LIES to have ever been perpetrated upon the people of the entire world, making huge Corporations and Friends to the Politicians really RICH.

5 – Bill Clinton – was (still is) a LIAR, MISOGYNIST, VIOLATOR OF WOMEN, and Disrespectful of the Oval Office, and God only knows how many other guilty things he has in in his history . . . including, and perhaps the most EGREGIOUS crime of them all – WITH THE CLINTON FOUNDATION.

6 – The IRS – played fast, loose and ILLEGALLY with Conservative Groups applying for Political Status.

7 – The US Justice Department – Targeted Journalists (James Rosen) they didn’t agree with for Special Treatment.

8 – The NSA (National Security Agency) – was caught spying on American Citizens.

9 – The US Attorney General (Eric Holder) – provided ILLEGAL Weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels in a failed operation, and then DENIED any involvement.

10 – Planned Parenthood – was caught ON CAMERA – RED HANDED, dealing in Aborted Baby Parts.

11 – 4-Good Men died in Benghazi Libya – while many others were wounded, who were there under Hillary Clinton’s watch . . . and NO ONE KNOWS where the President was, nor what Hillary Clinton was doing when it all went down.

12 – Hillary Clinton – PERPETUATED the egregious LIE, which she herself might have created about the VIDEO, which was used to detract and obfuscate from the TRUTH. In fact, Hillary Clinton pushed a LIE with all she could . . . when in all TRUTH; she knew it was a LIE.

13 – Hillary Clinton – by her own multiple Testimonies before Congress, the Media and the FBI – not by her own volition, but in spite of it – more or less admitted Personal Guilt and LIES over her use, misuse, and abuse of her Emails.


I just watched the Congressional Hearing with Loretta Lynch, where Republicans wanted to know how she came to a decision, NOT to Indict Hillary Clinton, where the written and practiced LAW – REPLETE with substantial JURISPRUDENCE, insists that Hillary Clinton should have been Indicted . . . while the Democrats turned 100% of their “FIRE” around things like Black Lives Matter, Gun Control and Copyright Laws – but NOTHING about Lying to Congress and Spitting on the TRUTH and the American People.


AND NOW . . . HERE COMES OBAMA TO DALLAS, with a well crafted speech, created specifically for the moment, such as any Class Actor would expect from his Script Writers, to touch the Audience focused on the Dallas Shooting, the Dead and Wounded Police Officers, and to squeeze whatever he could from the spinoff . . . as in the “IMMORTAL” words of Obama’s former Chief Of Staff, and current Mayor of Chicago (Rahm Emanuel) – “YOU NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE”.

SO IN A NUTSHELL . . . Cut through the “BULL”, close your eyes and ears to the BLAH – BLAH – BLAH, don’t believe everything you hear, read, or see on television . . . or on the Internet – and instead, focus on the TRUTH, which is absolutely recognizable to whomever wants to see it for Himself or Herself.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. A brilliant, well researched, accurate perception of the world situation at the moment. Our ignorant, corrupt leaders are in power for themselves. They are stealing tax-payers money for their own accounts and are raping the fiscus and are looking after their own families, friends, and the people who serve in government with them.
    This is one of your best articles. Keep up the good work.
    John W. Rosen. Johannesburg, South Africa……

  2. While you are correct as always, I didn’t watch the speech–I’ve never watched or listened to ANY of his speeches. My ears are offended by the sound of spewing lies.

  3. George Soros (A Hillary big donor and head of her campaign) is funding “Black Lives Matter” to the tune of $20 MILLION … As well as Ben and Jerry of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream but I don’t know how much … Rich, white men using “pawns” to force change thru chaos … They want to Nationalize the Police and if Hillary is elected … Have the UN “police” the North American Union … As well as taking away our 2nd Amendment rights and our guns … That is their end game …

  4. As a retired police officer (30 years) and one who has given many media interviews and press releases I can honestly say we don’t enjoy it in the least. It is considered a necessary hardship. The media’s demands for the facts outweigh any moral integrity. Press releases might be proactive or reactive. The only ones that are enjoyed by the police in reality are the ones that involve great arrests as a result of great investigations. They however get page 15 coverage in the bottom left corner!

  5. At age 87, I won’t live long enough to experience the total destruction of the U.S. Irrespective of the ultra liberal ideas taught in public schools, my children knew better. Apparently other parents did not influence the thinking of the young people and now our country is being inherited by far left thinking young people. Re Black lives matter, I wonder how many liberals have ever attended the funeral of a Black friend. For the good people it is a celebration of life and going to a better place

  6. Another masterpiece, Howard.

    If many American Blacks are discontented with their position on the lower rungs of the socio-economic ladder, the remedy lies in having a full-length mirror in every “victim’s” home. There is the villain. It’s not Whitey. It’s not the ‘Uncle Tom” Blacks, who play by the rules of civilized society, it’s not 99% of the law enforcement personnel charged with public safety.

    A 73% illegitimacy rate and a massive drop-out rate from high school are the villains.

  7. The Pendulum has swung out and now it is on the way back. That is all that needs to be said. We must get rid of the WH occupant with all haste He has destroyed this Country and many others.

  8. Come on Howard. The world is really turning over a new leaf. There will be a chicken in every pot, a Chevy in every drive, Mom will come back and apple pie will return to be the favorite served to me and my gang when we come in from playing hockey at the local pond. I guess I should stop smoking those funny cigarettes and return to reality but seeing the world through the haze does make it a more beautiful place. Yes, I need a vacation too. Sarnia is nice this time of the year I hear.

  9. Excellent post. One slap in the face of the families of the slain officers in Dallas very few are mentioning. From all I could find the service was to start at 12:30-40. judashaman obombo was not available until 1PM. How disrespectful!!! Then liarinchief turned a memorial into a political speech. May he suffer as Herod did after the crucifixion of Jesus. He was up all hours of night trying to wash the blood of Christ from his hands.

  10. The facts of the protest show that there is a war now between blacks and white and it will only get bigger and is inflamed by statements that black lives matter..obama only adds to the problem by showing his favoritism to blacks over white citzens.example police officer arresting black professor and saying it was a mistake in Boston. All major TV net works executives fever obama due to the fact that husbands or wives are connected to the obama administration.

  11. Marvelous analysis of the situation. I am sick to death of the demands of this lowest class group of people who want only one thing: they want what we have worked for for generations, and they want it served to them on a silver platter, with no effort from them to clean up their own lives. They have ruined our schools and towns and cities with their culture, and our country has kowtowed to their demands for generations now, all for naught as far as improvement in their lives is concerned.

  12. Here let me upset all you politically correct clowns on the center and left. All lives matter. Plain and simple. Don’t like it, get lost…booh, hoo, hoo…

  13. I also love the wall of human flesh behind the likes of Hillary when giving a speech. Depending on the content they use the racial mix to emphasize their points all the while the background is yawning, sleeping, coughing, picking their collective noses and looking for the yell, scream, clap signs to appear depending on which sign is held up. They also show the 9 & 10 year old “voters” just for good measure. Tripe, I say tripe.

  14. I nearly threw up when people cheered,screamed and whistled when Obama was introduced. Who were these people?It was very inappropriate and embarrassing behavior at a memorial service, especially for 5 brave police officers. Then I turned it off when Obama’s first sentence was a joke about Michelle liking Ray Charles, and everyone laughed. It’s funeral, folks! Was this audience padded with democrats?
    I was glad I missed the rest, when I heard Obama made a political speech.

  15. My real concern about ALL of this crap is: How long are good people going to put up with it ?
    Gary Townsend
    McKinney, Texas

  16. The loss of a moral compass accompanied by greed for money and power to satisfy sick egos spreads an ill wind, and we have seen it in America for well over fifty years. What concerns us is that there are so many fools who have bought into the lies. When did you ever think someone like BHO & Hillary could have a backing of over 45%? It proves how successful the Marxists have been at indoctrination. The evil of it all is obvious to us, but……… We’ll know how it will all play out in November.

  17. Great list, Howard! Touché, Mr. Lee, re: your “liarinchief” comment. He is also the “AROUSER-IN-CHIEF”! Has anyone thought of EDUCATING the BLM supporters re: OBSERVING the LAW vs. RE-TRAINING the police officers. The BLM groups have NO RESPECT for authority and create CHAOS wherever they are or go. ALL LIVES MATTER!!! Please admit it people, RACISM has gotten worse since BHO was elected. After all, his administration THRIVES on CRISES, so why not use the BLM movement to their advantage??? AMEN!

  18. Excellent blog, Howard!!! As for the Main Stream Media, Leftist Bloggers, Leftist Activists and so on and so forth – Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, and more Blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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