On January 13, 1898 . . . Emile Zola, a brilliant French Journalist, risked the IRE of the French Government, and the French People by publishing what everyone knew to be TRUE, but were too timid to speak about out loud.

Instead of standing as high as possible to TELL THE TRUTH, people who knew better, spoke in whispers, when they should have been shouting from the rafters.

BUT NOT EMILE ZOLA, who slightly more than 100-Years ago – stood alone and PROCLAIMED TO ALL WHO WOULD “LISTEN” . . . that the Government of France was ANTI-SEMITIC, which boiled-over with the Kangaroo Trial, that sent a Jewish Military Officer (Alfred Dreyfus) to Devil’s Island on trumped-up charges.

Special Note . . . Emile Zola was not Jewish. But he was brave.


And it’s time for all of us to point a finger . . . speak up and ACCUSE.

I am not the only . . . nor am I the first to make this TRUTH as public as I can, Black Lives DO NOT MATTER any more than anyone else’s life. As a matter of FACT . . . backed up by every METRIC WE CAN MEASURE . . . it appears to me, that Black Lives Matter LESS THAN THE LIVES OF ANYONE ELSE.

JUST 13.2% . . .

Because . . . If Black lives mattered all that much – WHY ARE HALF THE MURDERS IN AMERICA CAUSED BY BLACK PEOPLE, who are a small percentage of the whole?

IF BLACK LIVES MATTERED . . . Why are Black Americans MURDERING other Black Americans, as if Black Communities are WAR ZONES?

IF BLACK LIVES MATTERED . . . Why are Blacks so disproportionately incarcerated for crimes of every description?

IF BLACK LIVES MATTERED . . . Why are Black Americans the leaders in the LACK of education and job skills?

IF BLACK LIVES MATTERED . . . Why are Blacks LEADING all Americans in Teen Pregnancies, Single Mom Families, and DEADBEAT Fathers, whose best skill is having unprotected and IRRESPONSIBLE SEX?

IF BLACK LIVES MATTERED . . . Why can’t so many Black Americans speak Intelligible English?

IF BLACK LIVES MATTERED . . . Why are Black Americans the MOST unemployed and unemployable Racial Class in America?

IF BLACK LIVES MATTERED . . . Where’s the outrage of Black-On-Black Murders?


With the TRILLIONS of dollars spent by White Americans, to give Black Americans a HUGE unfair advantage over White Americans in education and employment through AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, you would think the Black Community would be grateful and successful – BUT . . .

1 – You can’t FORCE people to work.

2 – You can’t FORCE people not to have irresponsible sex.

3 – You can’t FORCE people to become educated.

4 – You can’t FORCE people to become skilled.

5 – You can’t FORCE people to have moral values.

6 – You can’t FORCE people to have cultural pride.


I AM UP TO HERE . . . listening, watching and reading all this CRAP about White Guilt and why Black Lives Matter, when in FACT – it seems to me, that of all the divergent American Communities, Black Lives . . . by their own VOLITION AND BEHAVIOR . . . matter far less than any of the others.


When I hear the Black Congressional Caucus, as I did today (Friday July 8, 2016), willfully DISREGARD all that is listed above about the DYSTOPIAN BLACK AMERICAN COMMUNITY, to come to the immediate conclusion that the problem is with Gun Control, is not just a HORRIBLE conclusion, but as ANTI-BLACK a statement as one could imagine.

IN FACT . . . I will venture so far as to ACCUSE these Liberal Black Congressional Caucus Members . . . of being ANTI-WHITE RACISTS.

WHEN THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES . . . all the way from Poland, makes a statement declaring that “WE DON’T KNOW ALL THE FACTS” – yet, in virtually the same breath, he makes another demand for GUN CONTROL. What else could be said?


Before Obama became the President of the United States of America, Black Americans were doing far better, than they’re doing now. And there were far fewer cries of Black Suppression before Obama, than there are now after Obama.


THINK ABOUT IT . . . Huge numbers of Black Americans did everything they could to vote-in a Black American President. White American Liberals flipped Cartwheels to elect America’s FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT . . . and look how America, and especially Black America has fallen since Obama took the Oath of Office.


I feel sorry for DECENT BLACK AMERICANS, all of whom have taken advantage of all the tools available to them in the USA, through their own hard work, commitment, and Affirmative Action . . . to become contributing members of the American Community.

I feel bad that these DECENT Black Americans are lumped into an American SUB-CLASS of Losers, because the Losers prefer to lay-on the White Guilt, keep their hands outstretched for FREE CRAP, and blame everyone else for their circumstance.


1 – If things don’t turn around with the Black Community, DON’T BAN GUNS, Ban Black People from owning guns, since guns don’t kill, but obviously, and statistically, Black People do.

And if you don’t like that assessment, don’t blame me. Blame the American Bureau responsible for Social, Demographic and Criminal Statistics.

2 – IF COPS ARE TARGETS . . . let them stay out of Black Communities, no matter the reason, just like European Cops stay out of No-Go-Zone Moslem Communities. No one signs on to be a Cop to become a Target.

3 – If the Black Community does not want to become RESPONSIBLE Citizens, and prefer a life of CRIME . . . INCARCERATE THEM for as long a term as is necessary. Perhaps throw away the key for TWO-TIME LOSERS.

4 – If Black Americans want to have Single Parent Families, let Americans STOP paying tax dollar support. As a matter of fact, make it so that every person in America MUST work for any kind of Welfare.

It worked before . . . and it would work again.

America is cascading downhill . . . but we don’t all have to fall with it. And that goes for Canada as well.

PS – Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I are heading towards the Canadian Escarpment West of Toronto for a few days-off, so I will probably not be publishing any editorials until we return on Tuesday. But who knows?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Everyone, read from the Bible, (New-Testament), The book of Romans, chapter 1, verses 18 – 32. And think on verse 32. Now go to the, (Old Testament), and read 2 Chronicle 7: 14 – ‘if My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Blessings and judgements are brought on by the morality of the people of the [any] nation!

  2. Howard, you are on a roll and I would roll side by side right there with you.
    These truths need to be written/spoke loud and clear for ALL to hear and stick in their gut!

  3. And Obama said from faraway Poland that justice will be served, etc., etc., in these killings, that justice crap was saved from back when he said the Benghazi terrorists that killed 4 Americans would be brought to justice, etc., etc.

  4. Well said Howard, but I guess we are in the minority. Hopefully some of these people will come to their senses but not holding my breath.
    Al Seitzer
    Chandler, AZ

  5. You are saying the things that many of us, black and white have known and am glad to hear you say it as you have a vast platform that most of us don’t have. Obama is and has been fanning the flames of racism right from the start of his Prsidency when he involved himself in the issue of his black professor friend and the police and continued to do this in every black/white issue instead of letting the locals do their job. Enjoy the days at the escarpment.


  7. Though the shooter clearly stated that his intention was to “kill white people” and “white police”, not once (as of 12:50 PM Friday) have I heard anyone of the main stream media, politicians, or in interviews the statement that this was a racial hate crime. Last night Obama said that he will reserve comment until the facts are in. Since when has he not shot off his mouth before the facts were in when it was a suspected crime against blacks? Equality means reacting the same way for all.

  8. Exactly correct in every aspect. It is a fact that since Obama came into office that race has raised it’s ugly head once again. Why is it, that there is an all black TV network, all black college, Black caucus, etc. and no cry about race discrimination where as if we had an all white TV network, all white college, etc there would be the biggest outrage & cry about discrimination against blacks. What about Orientals, ever here them whining about being discriminated against. NO!

  9. If black lives matter to black people, why do aborted black children comprise between 38-42% (depending on whose numbers you use) of those we toss into the furnace each year? In 2012, 55.9 black pregnancies ended in a black death. Hard statistics don’t lie. Inasmuch as upwards of $30 trillion has been thrown at “poverty” (read: the sullen black underclass), one could reasonably conclude that black lives matter a great deal more to white people than to blacks.

  10. I thought I heard Obummer say early this AM – ALL lives matter. I must admit I was shocked & wondered if I had heard correctly or wishfully. I have had enough of all this Black cow-towing myself! Listen I am surgically trained & have always done my very best for every patient I came across, in my surgical career. To serve mankind in the surgical world, there can’t be prejudice or racism. My purpose was to be completely attentive to the surgeon, thereby taking care of my patient.

  11. Like Emily Zola, you Howard are now our champion as to truths and what needs exposing. We down here in the U.S. have been in a race war with the (Black lives matter) element for years (not that some aspects needed airing) per the issue itself (police overreach by some) but now the actual fact of ‘race war’ is out of the closet & needs honesty not platitudes from the so many with a voice. it’s them vs. us friends – wake up at the ballot box or be overtaken – it’s that simple. ‘They’ LOVE Hillary!

  12. Obama’s stirring up racism in the beginning & fueling it at every turn is part of his promise to “substantially transform America” from a nation of peace-loving, respectful caring people to a nation of animosity, distrust, disrespect & complete disregard for anyone but oneself. In so doing, he truly is destroying this country. His presidency has become the biggest move toward progressive/liberal gov’t since FDR’s New Deal. A Hillary administration would complete it. Anti-freedom, anti-liberty.

  13. Great article Howard. We are all created equal and all have the same advantages in the USA. Up to each one of us to choose to be the best we can be. Some make the wrong choices. Sad shape the country is in when so many think it is all about what can be handed to them without putting any effort into becoming the best. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy time away with the family.

  14. Precisely put Howard…..my feelings and thoughts in writing! Like you I sympathize with the many, many black people who have carved out a very respectable niche in decent society, only to be tainted with the learned ignorance, and self degrading, bad performances of so many others. Also, after watching James Comey yesterday the gravity of the political situation really hit home. We are hoping and praying that our American cousins can stop their horrific slide towards anarchy and worse.

  15. Thanks for the stats!!! I like a saying by my famous close friend, Emmy winner and mentor, Jim Stovall, “I judge a person by color, the color of his/her liver”.

  16. “DON’T BAN GUNS, Ban Black People from owning guns” I agree but not the true decent conservative black people who have nothing to do with those thugs. However, those who express sympathy for terrorist groups like the Black Panthers should be stripped out of their rights of owning guns.

  17. While listening and watching various media input since yesterday’s insanity I have not heard or seen one of the so called African American spokes people admit that it is their people who are at the root of any problems. They are quick to blame the cop and demand that a cop’s actions be reviewed and prosecuted but not one word about their own people’s actions or habits. What I have determined is that there is no solution to this problem with the exceptions you noted. Too bad but true.

  18. You are right about the TRILLIONS of dollars gone by the way side to eliminate poverty. In 1964 President Johnson signed the “War on Poverty” legislation and the taxpayers have given the same TRILLIONS toward ending poverty. Guess what, there is still poverty and especially in the black communities. You are also right about all lives matter and the police are just as important as anyone else.

  19. I was about to write a comment, but Willard P. Elliot said it for me. If we don’t change things at the ballot box this year, it will be all over for America. Thanks for your insight, Howard.

  20. You have nailed it as usual Howard. I only wish someone with some authority would listen. This is definitely must reading for the Socialist loving Black Caucus, as well as our pathetic Commander and Chief.

  21. I am “white”. I am a “racist”. I favour the technicolored human race.

  22. If black lives mattered why did blacks capture other blacks and sell them into slavery where they became personal property of who bought them? Should have sent them back and Abe along with them they would love Africa now. But no, now whites still support them while they kill each other ! Had I known this I would have picked my own cotton

  23. The liberals have done everything within their power to destroy the black family. Some have home training and strong family ties. These are good people. I site Calvin Johnson Jr. who has returned to Tech to finish his management degree while still running the Calvin Johnson Jr. Foundation. He will go to Bolivia to teach how to build a much needed very low cost solar powered composting latrine (Emory U. request to Tech) which produces sterile fertilizer, developed by him and another student.

  24. Two ideas to change the problem of blacks and those on welfare If you are collecting welfare you must be given a job to do with your pay as your welfare check ,just like the WPD from president roosevelt declared in 1933,this includes women. two or more fatherless children no welfare for extra children,. Next,start a island open prison far from any land and the prisoners have to grow there own food and raise animals to survived,for murders and hard core repeat offends, This will cut taxs

  25. Great editorial Howard. You state the obvious to those of us capable of thought, yet to the liberal left it is all beyond comprehension! Until it hits the fan big time, I don’t think the left will be deterred by the pervasive odor emanating from this travesty born of ignorance, apathy and quest for political power. The end game will not be pretty!

  26. Oh, you’re so darn practical, Howard. 🙂

  27. You are correct. They dumbed down the education system so blacks could attain the same education as everyone else. But what has happened? They refuse to study and yell racism when they get a failing grade. They refuse to obtain the education needed to get a good job. They refuse to do what it takes to keep the job and yell racism when fired. They would rather put their hand out for the freebies. I too pity the quality black people. However, they are few and do not deserve the taint!

  28. I would walk a mile to listen to Walter Williams,Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas who by good upbringing have been one of America’s assets. Now for the ones that put African-American before their name can it be they deem Africa their homeland.
    Send them packin’.

  29. Your suggestions would solve a lot of problems, Howard. From reading this great article, my conclusion is that you should be working for Trump! You would be a tremendous addition to his staff!

  30. Yes, the statements on “Black lives matter” are on target. In this country, for the most part, education has been offered to all regardless of race, but do the Black lives take advantage of it? No, you can not seem to educate very many of them because everything is handed to them and they know they don’t have to work to get it. Most people do not want to hear the Truth. They would rather remain ignorant and destroy what the person that has worked to get an education has.

  31. Makes perfect sense to me. Easily understood. And extremely accurate. Thanks, Mr. G.

  32. Howard, you have spoken the truth again. Not politically correct, but THE TRUTH!!

  33. I just said to my daughter that our forefathers made a big mistake when they brought them over here. If they hate this country, and us, so much ….. let them go back, and I’ll hold the door for them!

  34. Thank you for having the courage to speak the politically-incorrect truth. I wish it could be different, but I fear the die is cast. Even if we win this election, the seemingly-irreversible demographic trend is leading to a larger uncivilized underclass incapable of reason and a smaller civilized working class. What chance is there when we can’t even have an honest conversation for fear of offending or retaliation? Please tell me I’m wrong. I too feel sorry for hard-working Blacks.

  35. This post should be put up on bill-boards in every Black and White community in every town and city in Canada and in the United States. Until we all realize the truth, nothing will change. Only blacks lives will matter when they realize they have to change their attitude.
    I also think that the best solution to the Cops shooting Blacks, is what the Auditor General of Ontario said ” Police have to start using their mouths instead of their guns”.

  36. Among all your wonderful editorials, Howard, this stands out as one of the best. I would replace welfare with a subscription to Galganov.com.

  37. Right on Howard. In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson … “You can’t stand the truth”!)

  38. Crime statistics for 2015 list Blacks killed by Whites – 2%, Blacks killed by Police – 1%, Whites killed by Police – 3%, Whites killed by Whites – 16%, Whites killed by Blacks – 81% and Blacks killed by Blacks – 97%. All the attention is aimed at the smallest number. The politicians and media completely ignore the huge problem obvious in these statistics. Since they are motivated by money, privilege and power, I’m guessing those are the reasons they will not even talk about the real problem.

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