I was watching Political Kabuki Theater on Television, as James Comey was being questioned by a Congressional Hearing, which was hastily assembled to determine how the Director of the FBI could conclude that Hillary Clinton BROKE multiple Laws, but is somehow above reproach.

IT COMES DOWN TO THIS . . . I don’t want to hear any more approbations about what kind of a Stand-Up Guy James Comey is, and how his integrity is above and beyond question, because no one’s integrity is beyond question when dealing with the Highest Levels of National Security.

AND THE FACT THAT COMEY IS AN EXTREMELY accomplished Lawyer, who has held incredibly impressive positions in Government, does NOT give him a FREE RIDE, nor does it make him infallible, and nor does it remove any degree of his own personal opinion of his INTELLIGENCE in determining what should and should not be prosecuted.

I watched the interview from START to FINISH . . . which to me, made Comey’s decision to recommend to the Attorney General – NOT TO PROSECUTE Hillary Clinton, to be actually worse than I had originally thought.


The Insiders can’t get it . . . because they’re so insulated with their beliefs, that they’re the smartest people in the room, while everyone else is stupid, especially people with Old Fashioned Values, that no matter what proof or evidence is presented before them . . . just couldn’t be right, if it doesn’t fit their narrative.

I‘m not a Lawyer, but I’m also not an IDIOT. I have not spent years of my life studying the Law, nor did I ever represent someone in Court, other than defending my own PRINCIPLES and the RIGHTS of others before a Judge, with my own time, effort, and mostly my own money . . . so I don’t know all the many nuances of the Law . . .

BUT LET ME TELL YOU WHAT I DO KNOW . . . I know the difference between RIGHT & WRONG. And I know the difference between BS and OBFUSCATION. And what I witnessed watching this Hearing were two sides of the same coin.

1 – On one side . . . I heard all Republicans ask pertinent, respectful and non confrontational questions of James Comey, that not only needed to be asked . . . but out of all common sense and care for the truth, demanded to be answered.

2 – On the other side . . . I heard and saw all Democrats Kiss Comey’s Ass, reminding everyone how magnificent he is as the Director of the FBI, apologizing to him for being called before this Hearing, and thanking him for his incredible Service to Truth and Justice.

3 – And where the Republicans sought to seek a clear explanation, of how the Director of the FBI explained, how Hillary Clinton was in violation of a myriad of affronts to Justice and her position of Trust, yet . . . in virtually the same breath, Comey said that she was above prosecution, because of a lack of INTENT, even though INTENT is impossible to prove, and is never the yardstick in the pursuit of Justice . . . I sat stunned.

DO THE DEMOCRATS NOT CARE ABOUT TRUTH IN POLITICS? Do they not care that Hillary Clinton FLOUTED the RULES and REGULATIONS the LEFT aspire so much to promote at every venue, especially the REGULATIONS, such as those Hillary Clinton signed to obey and protect, breaking her OATH, even before becoming Secretary of State?

Do the Democrats not care that Hillary Clinton maintained an ILLEGAL Server on her property, in VIOLATION of the OATH she took not to do such a thing, which was unsecured, and managed by people without Security Clearance?


LYING TO THE PEOPLE IS NO BIG DEAL, since Politicians don’t know how NOT TO LIE TO THE PEOPLE . . . But, LYING to Congress, is a whole different Kettle of Fish, since that is a Jailable Offence, which in itself is a disgraceful display of a double standard, which shows an incredible disregard for the American people, whom they are sworn to serve . . . But I digress.

I don’t know how to fully square this circle, since everyone in Government should be interested in knowing the TRUTH, especially from the leaders of our Government(s), and SPECIFICALLY about the Woman who wants to be the President of the United States of America, the Commander-In-Chief of the American Military, and the Leader of the Free World.

Doesn’t it make SENSE to want to know as much as possible about the COMPETENCE, INTEGRITY and HONESTY of such a person? I WOULD THINK SO.

But evidently . . . this is not the case with the Democrat Members of Congress of the United States of America, which is more TROUBLING than just somewhat.

IT’S ALSO A REAL KICK BELOW THE BELT . . . to the American People, knowing – that not only is Hillary Clinton walking away from this ACT that would put, and has put LESSOR PEOPLE behind bars . . . but that all of her cohorts in this GROSS MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE, including her Insiders, whom if she wins the Presidency will be amongst her closest inner circle in the White House, ALSO RECEIVED GET OUT OF JAIL CARDS FREE.

IF COMEY DID NOTHING ELSE IN THIS FORUM . . . I believe the Director of the FBI REAFFIRMED, to all the people who have LOST TRUST in the Government, and in the Institutions of the Government, that they are 100% RIGHT.

ALSO – I truly believe that the KNUCKLEHEADS who love Hillary Clinton, no matter what, who are either too STUPID to understand, too LAZY to find out, and/or are too IGNORANT to want to know . . . that none of this will make a difference.

THAT SAID . . . I ALSO TRULY BELIEVE – that there are enough Americans who are NEITHER Republicans nor Trump fans, with a Working and Thinking Brain, who watched this Congressional Hearing, or will watch snippets of it, or who will hear about it through various means, who came away, or will come away not necessarily in favor of Trump, but sufficiently DISGUSTED with the LIES & DOUBLE STANDARDS, to either vote for Trump, vote for anyone else who is neither Trump nor Hilary Clinton, or not vote at all. AND THAT’S REALLY BAD NEWS FOR THE DEMOCRATS.

LORETTA LYNCH . . . America’s Top Prosecutor, has said repeatedly, same as James Comey, America’s Top Cop, that Justice is not enough, if there appears to be a question of the legitimate application of Justice.

And in this case . . . not only is there an Appearance of the Miscarriage of Justice at the Highest Level . . . there is virtually a guarantee that Justice was thrown to the wolves, since Comey’s contradictory analysis does not only make NO SENSE WHATSOEVER . . . but rather, it points to MALFEASANCE of the highest order.

Legally . . . Hillary Clinton and her Cadre of Cohorts “might” be off the hook. But politically, if the American voter is not so far gone down the road of IGNORANCE, I believe that this Performance of Comey has done Hillary Clinton and her CAMPAIGN-IN, in spite of how the LEFT and the LEFTIST Media will spin it.

I think that the majority of people . . . who still count themselves as Proud Americans, have had enough, and are more than willing to run these BAD ACTORS out of town at the point of pitchforks, tarred, feathered, and on a rail, which is exactly what they deserve.

I’m feeling more confident with every passing day.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Watch old video clips of Rabbi Kahane and you’ll the exact same derision of himself.
    He even thought that he’d be assassinated by a Jew, that’s how much they hated him.

  2. Intent? Public information was Hillary ordered a subordinate to remove the classification from a document so it could be sent as an email. Intent? We got the stinkin’ intent!

  3. I believe all thinking and intelligent people saw this as you did, Howard! To me it put another exclamation point on Hillary’s guilt and the travesty of injustice that exonerated her. Hopefully this will also equate to another nail in her political coffin!

  4. You couldn’t be more right-on about this, but don’t want to express what my thoughts are about where all of this is leading.

  5. Totally agree with you, Howard! Those who truly stand for the TRUTH will do anything to try to avoid RUINING their REPUTATION and/or their INTEGRITY. There is a very GOOD REASON why the ESTABLISHMENT [both Republicans & Democrats] FEAR a TRUMP PRESIDENCY! Can you imagine what Trump will/would discover in the WHITE HOUSE, etc… if/when elected President! COMEY has given TRUMP much AMMUNITION but at a GREAT COST to him! What do the CLINTONS have on him??? AMEN!

  6. Your assessment is absolutely correct. They just gave anyone who commits a crime a defense.

  7. Spot on, Mr. G — as usual. So what can we do now to prevent this dangerous woman from being elected? She must not be elected, but with the easily programmed machines, the dead who vote Democrat and the multiple voters, it can happen.

  8. Trey Gowdy methodically asked questions to which each answer confirmed guilt. The request for investigation of perjury is forthcoming.

  9. Our weakness Howard, and you have specifically identified the Achilles heel near the conclusion of your column; the U.S. is replete with not only low information, but also NO information voters. Those who do not become educated in history truly are doomed to relive it – and the most negative aspects of it. The ignorance among our voting public abounds and I’m afraid only a minority of folks are making an effort to become informed. Your outlook is more positive than mine. I do hope you’re right.

  10. We a truly a Banana Republic now. I watched as well and could not believe how Comey spoke out of both sides of his mouth. I believe Clinton met Lynch at the airport to tell her what he had on her, Comey and Obama and many others.
    I hope you are right Howard about booting the criminals out of Washington, but think about this….Obama was elected twice after all of his lies, and his poll numbers are still very good.

  11. I hope the outcome is as you predict, Howard. However, I would like to urge you, with the utmost respect, to remember we are not dealing with “Democrats”. That name would have been abandoned long ago if they had any integrity…which they don’t. These are pure Marxists. I do believe if you accept that difference you will truly understand who these traitors really are. Thanks again for another excellent article.

  12. howard.amen the simple fact that hillie set up three or four private servers her ‘intent’ was to do something other than comply with standard email procedures for govt related business…end of story…as for mr comey if he learned nothing after 30 years in government he did learn how cover his arse and give answers while never saying anything of use really. for those living under a rock who think the billie/lynch hook up was happenstance.’nothing happens that way in politics’ per FDR…

  13. You want justice for Hillary & Bill? Donald Trump has stated that he WILL prosecute Hillary if elected president. There are many areas where the Clintons have violated the law. Donald’s poll numbers will jump after the Republican convention. One poll today showed him several points ahead of Hillary. Look out Hillary & Bill. Your time is almost up.

  14. Howard, the only problem with what you wrote is that between the voter fraud and the useful idiots, there may still be enough “voters” to vote her into office. Should that happen, it’s getting to be time for revolution or secession. If she gets to be president, our United States is doomed. By 2025, we won’t recognize it. It will either be socialist (a la Venezuela) or part of the caliphate. I am afraid our country is doomed. I won’t give up my guns, and I don’t expect to see 2025.

  15. I’m sorry, Howard, but I do not share your optimism about the American people. There are far too many who think Hillary has done no wrong; that this all a Republican effort to destroy a respected, admirable, honorable woman, who had to suffer the indignities of a lothario husband… whom they also admire!

  16. What Comey did was BRILLIANT folks. He convicted her ruthlessly laying her crimes and lies BARE&then showed America that HILLARY is ABOVE THE LAW. He also insured that Trump wins this election because ONE thing sacred to USA is that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. President Trump can also have her prosecuted&HE WILL–but what Comey didn’t say is BETTER. He’s investigating the foundation and he has the Benghazi computer with the foundation email&the corruption evidence is STAGGERING. SHE’S DONE.

  17. Remember Vince Foster, Ron Brown and 35 more, give or take 2 or 3. It’s called intimidation. Reward vs. punishment.

  18. Let’s pray that conservative voters do not even vote because of their disgust of the whole system. VOTE conservative people, VOTE!!! Trump 2016

  19. What amazes me is how she was able to keep this server out of the hands of the FBI or State Department people for so long. Once the word was out about having the private server and what it may contain, she was able to take her time and erase emails as she saw fit. If an ordinary person was suspected of having kidde porn on their computer, the authorities would kick down doors without hesitation. She had “possibly” a whole cache of classified info sitting in her basement unsecured!!

  20. Bill Whittle has an excellent video detailing the laws that Hillary broke. In a nutshell all government business documented and conducted by her (which would include her private server) is government property and to destroy it is a crime punishable by 1) up to 5 years in prison, 2) a fine of up to $25,000 and 3) cannot run for any public office for the rest of her life. She has admitted deleting tens of thousands of emails, Case closed. Off with the witches head.

  21. No wonder hardly anyone trusts our government. The left will take over everything now. Obama is a crook, Muslim, liar and worse, Lynch works for Obama, Comey works under them both. Obama wants Hillary in office to continue his ruination of our country. Our apathetic takers will elect her.

    By the way, its a damn shame our U.S. marine corps is having to dig thru the airplane grave yard in Arizona to scrounge for parts to keep our planes flying.

  22. Too well scripted, just wait as there is more to this story than expected. Comey may very well be a sacrificial Lamb, as he did not want to be the one to bring down a Presidential election. Just watch the chips fall over the next few weeks. Great post Howard!

  23. That congressional hearing got too dry after 45 minutes so I ended my participation. So much was said by Comey that leads me to believe she should be prosecuted that I find it inconceivable that she will not be. He on numerous occasions made the statement that a reasonable person would know not to do that. Hillarious is a lawyer for ——- sake. She HAS to know better but I guess she knows better how to escape prosecution in the end.

  24. Almost 2000 years ago, Truth (Jesus) was put on trial and judged by people who were devoted to lies. In fact, Truth faced six trials in less than one full day, three of which were religious, and three that were legal. In the end, few people involved in those events could answer the question, “What is Truth?” We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  25. I listened and recorded Comey’s and Loretta’s statements…then listened and recorded today’s hearing. Above The Law, Corruption, a Broken Government. I want EVERYONE TO VOTE this November. PLEASE..Vote for Trump. Then there were shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas. Texas was AGAINST police. At this moment 11 officers shot. 4 are dead. 2 snipers in elevated positions did this. We are imploding. God Help Us.

  26. Howard, I’m not certain why Comey admittedly made an “unprecedented” statement that sets the stage for Trump to indict the Psychopath, but I DO KNOW that “intent” is absolutely IRRELEVANT in this case. Now – DELIBERATE or WITH INTENT (same thing) serves to INCREASE the TERM of her sentence when found guilty. You want my honest opinion? Glad you asked. In light of her severely long record of ethical misconduct, crimes, lie after lie, perjury, etc. I fully believe she is LITERALLY INSANE!

  27. Comey is part of hillarys road to the white house and he should be suspended as FBI director ( obama wont do it he is his man ) because his only job was to present the evidence NOT recommend that the AG not prosecute. The fix was in all the way Politics and politicians at there lowest form.

  28. I get it! Go into a bank, rob it, and just claim it wasn’t your intent to rob. Driving drunk: best defence now is to claim that you didn’t intend to do that. Choke your neighbour to death, stab him in the heart, but you didn’t intend to murder him regardless of stating time and time again you would do this. It just wasn’t your “intent”. If another person with access to confidential government documents did this, no doubt “intent” wouldn’t stop them from going to jail.

  29. The more there is conflict within the USA – The more I think that Martial Law will be proclaimed by Obummer before the Nov Elections. He wants to be Dictator & rule over the USA. He basically is doing that now, but, he wants the official title. I am seeing a repeat of history – Hilter’s Nazi regime!!! I have lived my life, but not my grandkids or great grandkids, as well as my 3 daughters. They will all suffer miserably. God Bless America & help her to survive.

  30. Yesterday after the hearing I heard a talking head on TV say, watch there’ll be a BIG news story breaking overnight and the American public will turn to it and totally forget the damning evidence about Hillary they heard today. Got up this morning, turned on the TV and there’s the assault in Dallas! I am grieving for the loss of my country.

  31. As an outsider looking in, it seems obvious to me that the lady should face justice.

  32. I agree with Terri Newman in that what Comey did was brilliant. He laid out all her sins for all to see and even though he didn’t indict he left the path open for Trump to do this very thing. She now is very very beatable, If the people now don’t see what this would mean by electing her then there is no hope anyway and we might as well live our lives as best we can.

  33. This further confirms all I have heard, witnessed over the years, read, and believed, that while in the WH, the Clintons had Janet Reno,AG, go through all files of everyone they thought they would ever have any dealings with, or could cause them harm and gather any info they could use to strong arm, and threaten them. In my opinion, they have something on Comey he does not want known. His decision was to soon after the tarmac meeting of Bill and Loretta Lynch.

  34. Warning …. negative comment …… I long ago gave up on anything ever being done to the Clinton’s. They have spider-web type connections all over the world who will cover for them and protect their fannies no matter what they did, do or ever will do.
    Sad to say, to me, it’s useless.

  35. I agree with everything you have written here Howard– and I agree 100% with the comments from Peggy Johns Blands.
    I have always believed that from the time the Corrupt Clintons managed to steal all those files, they were able to blackmail anyone who tried to cross them. Maybe Comey is one of their victims.

  36. I am a praying Christian woman…I have turned it over to God. The left wants Him out of here and if she gets elected, it will be evidence that He has decided to take His leave and this once great country will become another God forsaken piece of land like we see all over the middle East. If God is for you who can be against you. I put my trust in God.

  37. My fear is that enough blacks, latinos, women, and gays will vote for HRC to put her in office, despite all that has been said. God help us all.

  38. Comey kept mentioning intent. That is a red herring. Intent is NOT an element for prosecution in the mishandling of classified material, the only thing that needs to be proven is that the material was mishandled.

  39. Billary was told twice by State Department people that having her own server was illegal. Wasn’t that enough to show intent?

  40. Well, the USA had a good run for almost 200 years as a Constitutional Representative Republic. What we saw this week, with Hillary getting a pass for her criminal and treasonous activities, was the final nail in the coffin of our once Great USA. Someone please turn out the lights!

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