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IN MY LAST FEW EDITORIALS . . . I made it clear that I assumed the FIX WAS IN, and Hillary Clinton would NOT BE INDICTED. And no one disagreed with me. But, the next best thing to an Indictment might have just happened at 11:00 AM Tuesday July 5, 2016.

We witnessed an extremely NERVOUS Director of the FBI, James Comey, make TWO CONCLUSIONS vis a vis Hillary Clinton and her culpability in the MISUSE of her ILLEGAL Private Server, with which she chose to communicate, bypassing SECURED GOVERNMENT SERVERS.

COMEY DID NOT ADDRESS THE FACT, that Hillary Clinton SIGNED a Government Document, PLEDGING to OBEY the rules, and that she UNDERSTOOD the consequences of not FOLLOWING all the Security Protocols.

He should have included that in his analysis.

I have seen More Important Press Conferences than I can remember. But, outside of Nixon proclaiming . . . “I AM NOT A CROOK”, I have never seen such an important message delivered, by as important a public figure as James Comey, who led his Press Conference with a DISCLAIMER that effectively said . . .

No one knows what I’m going to speak about. And that my conclusions are mine and mine alone . . . And that I have not discussed any of the following with anyone.

Who was Comey trying to convince, himself or the American People? To me, to paraphrase a quote from Shakespeare “The FBI Director Doth Protest Too Much Me Thinks”.

In essence . . . I assume that anyone with a THINKING BRAIN, could NOT BELIEVE that the FIX WASN’T IN from the White House, to the Justice Department, to the FBI.

Abraham Lincoln Is Accredited With The Saying . . . You can fool all the people some of the time. Some of the people all of the time. But not all of the people all of the time.

ON THE SURFACE . . . It doesn’t seem this way, but, as I see it, James Comey, Director of the FBI, between 11:00 and 11:15 on Tuesday Morning, July 5, 2016, condemned Hillary Clinton to the Garbage Heap of History, along with Barack Obama and the US Justice Department, by nervously standing before the Cameras of the World, making it as CLEAR AS GLASS, that Hillary Clinton WILLFULLY FLOUTED THE LAW . . . But somehow, in a BIZARRE twist of reality, Comey said that there’s not enough evidence for him to recommend an Indictment.

PARDON ME . . . ?

Comey made it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, by listing the number of times Hillary Clinton used her UNAUTHORIZED Server, to send and receive Classified Information all the way up to SUPER CLASSIFIED Information, available only to a very few, with the HIGHEST SECURITY CLEARANCE . . . was reckless.

Comey even went as far as to confirm, that there is no PROOF that FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS hacked her communications, BUT HE ALSO MADE IT CLEAR, that the FBI wouldn’t know if she was compromised, because these National Hackers from other Countries don’t leave fingerprints.

BUT COMEY ALSO SAID . . . that Hilary Clinton’s emails were open to assault, especially as she travelled the world to countries that were not as friendly to the USA as one would hope, giving the impression that he actually doubted that her Emails WERE NOT HACKED.

Comey also confirmed that through her DESTROYED Emails, which she claimed . . . contained NO GOVERNMENT EMAILS WHATSOEVER, were lies, since the FBI found plenty of Classified Emails amongst the number she thought she had “wiped” clean from her ILLEGAL SERVER.

It’s also interesting that Comey didn’t hang around to explain this contradiction to a Press Conference to which he was speaking, which as far as I could discern was the FIRST TIME Comey didn’t take questions at his Press Conference. And I’m sure Petraeus would be interested to know why he was Indicted for doing so much less than what Hillary Clinton did, and saw his career and private life totally destroyed as a result.

Martha Stewart went to Jail for LYING to the FBI. Scooter Libby went to Jail for LYING to the FBI. Bill Clinton was IMPEACHED for LYING to Congress, while Hillary Clinton might very well go to the White House for LYING TO THE PEOPLE.


Hardcore Hillary Clinton SUPPORTERS . . . are – I’m certain JUBILANT, that there will be no Indictment against their hero. But these buffoons would be Jubilant no matter what BAD TRUTH could not be proven about Hillary Clinton, specifically because, they’re not smart enough to care about the Truth nor understand the Consequences of electing a SERIAL & PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.


1 – Trump SUPPORTERS are fully engaged and active. And this will give them even that much more reason, energy, adrenalin, and conviction to pound the Election pavement to VOTE for Trump.

2 – The RINOS . . . who are conspiring against Trump, and are leaning to overtly or covertly support Hillary Clinton, have just had the wind taken out of their sails, unless they want to be seen supporting a real piece of CONFIRMED LYING SCUM, since for more than a year, Clinton stood before the American People more times than I could remember, DENYING that she had any Classified Information on her SERVER, which turned out to be a MASSIVE LIE.

3 – People who are NOT DECIDED between Trump and Hillary Clinton, including people who are Independents, and Republicans who are undecided as to whether they will vote or not vote for Trump . . . HAVE JUST HAD THEIR MINDS MADE UP FOR THEM.

The aforementioned people are generally people who weigh and measure their decisions. And are open to TRUTHS, and if they aren’t certain as to how they will vote at this point, are certain of one thing . . . THEY WANT A GOVERNMENT AND A PRESIDENT THEY CAN TRUST.

AND IN COMEY’S VERY PUBLIC FINDING . . . he made it CLEAR, without using the words, that Clinton LIED and Violated the TRUST that was placed in her, and treated the intelligence of the American people with disdain.

AS I SEE IT . . . Comey played a double game – where he allowed Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama to get Off-The-Hook Legally, perhaps fulfilling an obligation, and/or paying back a favor, because I can’t see any other reason for him to make it CLEAR that Hillary Clinton is GUILTY as sin on one hand, but on the other hand, cannot be Indicted, because she’s Hillary Clinton . . . NONE OF WHICH WILL BE IGNORED BY INDEPENDENT VOTERS . . . AND THOSE ON THE FENCE.

And here’s a prediction. Comey’s Press Conference has not helped Hillary Clinton. And as much as it shone a light on CROOKED HILLARY, I believe it ended Comey’s up till now illustrious career, because, from this Press-Conference-On, Comey will be remembered for literally spitting on the American People.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Comey announce his resignation sooner rather than later.


When there’s no Trust in Government . . . Ballots Become Bullets.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What really burns me is how congress has voted them selves raises and exempted themselves from SS and have their own retirement and other intittlements which we the people can’t get. where else can you do a job for only a minium of FOUR Years and get a full retirement at our expence? Enough is enough.

  2. As I listened to Mr. Corney’s presentation I was reminded of Robert’s reasoning and decision in the Obamacare decision. It appears that these two men, supposedly of high moral and ethical standards, were doing their best to stand directly on the edge of the blade without being in some way harmed or cut themselves. History doesn’t work that way. Eventually both will be seen for what they are/were. Too bad. Both could have stood their ground and become a person of historical significance.

  3. I look forward to your news letter and agree with you 100% Too bad more Americans arn’t reading what you say, and I have spoken to several people who are still on the fence. Hopefully they will wake up before the election and vote for, I guess Trump. Keep up the good work !!!!!!

  4. Well written and right on, on every point, this could be the biggest help to get elected that Donald Trump could get, if they prosecuted her they would put another forward and if that person were Mickey Mouse he would be more believable than what they have today.
    “When there’s no Trust in Government —- Ballots become Bullets” says it all and Hillary better start ducking.

  5. Howard, While I agree with your comments, I question whether this will make a difference in HRC’s path to the White House. If they can rig the system this much, it seems that they will be able to rig the National election in November and HRC will be the next President no matter what the people say at the ballot box. I can only pray that there will be Divine intervention to save the USA.

  6. Comey was forced to give pt. 3 of that speech, no doubt. But I think he “stuck it” to Hillary by outlining the case FOR prosecution under the Trump administration’s new AG (I’m think Christie, Gowdy or Guilianni). Hillary can still be prosecuted next year and I think this was Comey’s way of doing it. This should motivate us to work even harder to make sure Hillary is NOT elected!

  7. Another excellent column. I thought Trump’s speech at Raleigh NC last night was perfect, but I am afraid that he has also put his finger on why she will prevail. She has indeed rigged the entire system and most likely has “the goods” on many people, including Comey. Look what she’s just pulled off…. A secret meeting between her husband (a US Pres. no less) with the Att.Gen., a private (secret) meeting at her own home!! with the FBI, and then, WOW, no prosecution! Brilliant!

  8. This situation with Ms Clinton reminds me of former DC Mayor Marion Berry who was convicted, served a very short prison term & when released RAN & WON a council seat in DC. To me he was scum; those who lauded him & voted him back in position of authority were praising breaking the law & pretty much getting away with it. For a # of folks who are pro-Hillary, it justifies their decisions to be unethical, immoral & skirt law, diluting the system. They want no rules to hamper how they live.

  9. Just chalk it up to Washington crony politics as usual!!! The only real choice is to vote out as many of the bums as we can every election cycle. Get out the vote this fall!!!!

  10. One had to know, when Loretta Lynch, after the tete-a-tete with Billy goat, said she would accept the recommendation of the FBI, that she already knew what that would be.

  11. It is not important who votes, it’s who counts the votes, Stalin. If they steal the election no one will ever know. They just need to get her to the election with Warren as VP and nature with a little help from Soros will take care of the rest.

  12. Thank you Howard and I couldn’t agree with you more. Comey’s body language said it all!

  13. Great article. How many ways can you say she is guilty then not do anything about it. You would think that someday people would see the Clintons for what they really are. PROBABLY NOT. If she gets in the America we know is completely doomed. Hope those on the fence will get behind Trump and we can turn this around. Keep up the good work Howard.

  14. No, I am not surprised the wife of President Clinton would not be indicted. Congresswoman Clinton, probably. Secretary of State Clinton, probably. Democrat Party nominee, for the “good of the people”, never! Save face taken to the extreme. I hope Trump capitalizes on every word of the non-indictment.

  15. Federal law title 18 sec. 2071 part B. Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. Hil’Liar’y admitted she deleted such records ?Where is “JUSTICE”. Trump. Yes

  16. WALL STREET JOURNAL 7/6/2016

    Why is it not being reported that this is the second time James Comey has given a pass to the Clintons?

    Why is there no mention that James Comey was the federal prosecutor called in to review the pay-to-play evidence surrounding Bill Clinton’s pardoning of 450 people on his last day in office. Those people included Marc Rich and Susan McDougal. Despite evidence of payments made to the Clinton campaign, the Clinton Library, HRC’s Senate campaign, Hi

  17. What most will take away from his carefully worded report to the press is where, at the end, he stated that no reasonable person would indict her; not his job to say this. Suddenly, intention is the determining factor! Since when? She signed an agreement and then ignored her duties. Anyone else, say in the military, even with one confidential email improperly sent would be charged. Its obvious that Clinton is protected. Teflon. And the press believes and reports all is well.

  18. Comey was only protecting his FbI job in the hope that Hillary is elected. If the Donald is elected he will be the first to go as
    well all of obama’s gang of liars and traitors.

  19. Comey has to go before Congress and testify UNDER OATH about the email scandal. I pray that he won’t lie in this venue the way he lied on Tuesday. To say there was no intent by clinton was so blatant. Thank you, Howard, for saying what we all feel in your editorial today.

  20. I believe Comey wrote the first part of his speech in the belief that he would recommend to indict Hillary. The last part was written after he got his marching orders from Lynch and Obama. In effect, his message was “I’ve been instructed not to recommend indictment, but here is all the ammo you need to hit her at the ballot box.” Read behind the lines. He had no alternative not to indict, but his scathing review of her misdeeds tell us what we need to know to throw her to the curb.

  21. Agree 100% Howard. I wonder if Comey was threatened that his family would be harmed if he indicted Hillary. I knew the fix was in when Bill met with Lynch in Phoenix. Trump 2016!

  22. I see Loretta Lynch written all over Comeys little speech?, if you can call it that. Her statements to the media 3 days earlier are too plain not to see them. Comey knows who is the administration and the keeper of his salary so why would he not take that stance? He is one of the takers Howard keeps talking about. It is a travesty of the American Justice System that he can make the statements he made WITHOUT having an indictment put in place. Tsk Tsk Comey

  23. Hitlery should also be charged with contempt of court. The judge ordered her to turn over ALL her emails and she didn’t. She also had her attorneys go through her emails B4 handing them over. Did they have security clearance?

    Compare the Hitlery case details with the July 2015 case against Naval Reservist Bryan H. Nishimura, regarding unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials.

  24. Comey is an FBI investigator, like a cop. Why did he not present the report and findings to the DOJ and let them decide to indict or not? The answer is that the “chance” meeting with Bill and Loretta “forced” Loretta to duck making a decision on the overwhelming evidence of Hillary’s guilt. She grandly said she would go by the FBI’s recommendation. How very convenient. Comey effectively destroyed the image of the FBI with his gutless recommendation.

  25. The only bright spot in a Hildabeast election as POTUS is the Congress can Impeach her for “High Crimes and misdemeanors” Of course if the RINOS still hold the power, all will be for naught and the nightmare will continue.

  26. We have the most corrupt government I have ever seen in my 76 years. Truly I am ashamed. There are voters who have NO CLUE or perhaps they do and that is why they vote the way they do. Our populace is standing on the brink of a total breakdown with the POLITICIANS (lawyers/attorneys) now IN CONTROL. WHEN will people wake up and smell the coffee? God only knows. There are many of us who can SEE, there are those who will remain BLIND until they have NOTHING. I am for Mr. Trump. I need CHANGE

  27. I just wish that the voters were as well informed as you, a Canadian. My main concern now is the spoilers at the Republican convention. Don’t they understand that there will be a record low turn out if Trump is not the candidate?

  28. Excellent, Howard. Many experts in law are weighing in on this and ALL regard it as a travesty. Hopefully you will be correct in your prediction, because some of us are at a point of no return and if this treason continues, and Hillary becomes elected, bullets might just become the best method of choosing our leaders temporarily. Nothing would surprise me. Our Founders have told us it might come to this under tyrannical “leadership” and to be prepared. Why the 2nd Amend. fuss?

  29. While in the White House with Janet Reno as AG, the Clintons gathered up private information fromt he FBI files on anyone and everyone they thought might ever be in their way, or not cooperate with their corruption. Many deaths unanswered It will be interesting to know what they found on Comey to make him ruin his reputation before the American people like he did. All this was too obvious with the Clinton/Lynch airplane visit and FBI report so soon, no indictment, no ind. prosecutor,

  30. I have to wonder if some one has a overwhelming threat over Comey and possibly Roberts as well. In my former estimation, both men were of high character. In both cases the stakes for the Obama/Progressive camp were too great to leave it the justice system. Remember Vince Foster?
    GOD save the nation!


  31. Excellent article. Comey no longer can be admired as one who knows the law and enforces the law. He is the joke of the year.

  32. My hopes and heart sank when I heard this. Trump being Trump? I cautiously
    think he is better than who our choices were and what in the hell do we have to lose at this point? Now, I can honestly say that this country is screwed.

  33. ballots are the bullets. It is up to “we the people” to inflict justice on Hillary. We need to insure the the election is not rigged. We have the power and know how to do this. Don’t forget what Donald Trump said. When he is president he can convict her of one of her many other legal issues. Would that be fun to watch!

  34. Who spent their 1st yr getting back-ground investigation BGI files from the Bureau & entering the information into their own “Personal Data Base?” Boxes of BGI files found in car trunk of an unvetted employee..Security violations continued unchallenged by spineless RINO/DINOs. Who’s Nat Security Adv was caught stealing classified docs (in his socks) out of Nat Archives re his bosses testimony to 911 commission? Pattern was it blackmail, espionage, CYA Coverups??Crooked GOVT!

  35. I, like the majority of people in the US, believed that OJ was guilty of killing his wife. I watched all the happenings of this past ten days involving the Clintons, FBI Director Comey, and Attorney General Lynch. I must say this is really not much different from what happened in that California court room. It goes beyond belief that this is happening in our great country. Hopefully the American voters will rise up and send these people off into obscurity.
    Pat Neuhaus Mt Pleasant, SC

  36. EXCELLENT COMMENTS! What does COMEY know that WE don’t know, however? Also, WHY wasn’t the Government Document which Clinton SIGNED to OBEY the rules NOT FOCUSED on? Of importance is that the INVESTIGATION of the CLINTON FOUNDATION is not over–more to come! IF HILLARIOUS would win, she’d just be another BHO where she “would use her PEN and her PHONE” to RULE America. GOD HELP US ALL! How can/could TRUMP do any worse than this EVIL WITCH? One has to be BRAIN-DEAD to vote for HER! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

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