WHITE Privilege My Ass


I had an opportunity to sit with a long time friend a short while ago, and catch-up on life, when as usual, in my life, the conversation always comes down to Politics and Social Issues, which believe it or not, is not always my preferred subject of conversation, since most people who speak with me, seem to want to prove me wrong and themselves right.

And just yesterday, I had a phone conversation with another even longer time friend, who also got into it with me over the phone about Social Issues and the Changing Times, where he was trying to convince me that LESS WAS BETTER.


Both of these people are incredibly decent men, whom I have known for a very long time. Both have raised terrific families, and have high moral standards. And both of which, whom I know I could call upon at 3-O’clock in the morning (unlike Hillary Clinton), who would actually take my call, and spring into action anyway they could to be of help if needed, is something beyond question. At least it is to me.

ALL OF THAT SAID . . . I’m finding it harder and harder to speak with either of these good people, because of their skewed Politics and Social Positions.

IT’S ALSO IMPORTANT TO KNOW . . . that both of these men have worked really hard throughout their respective lives to get what they have, and are relatively comfortable. So they are certainly NOT AMONGST THE TAKERS.

And it must also be noted . . . that both of these men are well educated, well traveled, and are used to living with the finer things in life, such as their homes, the food they eat, the cars they drive, the clothing they wear, and how they entertain themselves.


1 – How did they ever move so far to the LEFT that they can’t even see it?

2 – How could they not know the TRUTH, for example; about Trump versus Hillary Clinton, in spite of all the evidence which reveals both of their histories and characters, which simply blows me away, as they buy the MEDIA FED CRAP about Trump, while putting it on an equivalence with the despicable Hillary Clinton.

3 – And how can they not understand . . . that their RIGHTS end – where MY RIGHTS and the RIGHTS of others BEGIN?


TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT . . . Let’s call this BS for what it really is: WHITE GUILT. Not Privilege – but GUILT.

I am sick and tired of all the people who make EXCUSES for the successes of the White Communities around the world, as if we WHITE PEOPLE should feel shame and guilt for what we’ve managed to accomplish.

YOU KNOW . . . There are many people of Color, Black Americans for example, who have become REALLY SUCCESSFUL AND RICH, yet, we don’t hear anyone use the term BLACK PRIVILEGE for them, do we – and why not? If it’s good for the Goose . . . Why isn’t it good for the Gander?

WHY IS IT OK FOR OPRAH . . . to be worth one or more Billions of Dollars, who made all of her money as an entertainer, but it’s not OK for Donald Trump to be worth Billions of Dollars who’s built “Castles” and so many Beautiful things wherever he’s gone?

Why are WHITE People called Racist, when they rail against the horrible Policies and Mess Obama has made with the USA, while Oprah is lauded for supporting this Walking Presidential Tragedy?

BUT THIS ISN’T ABOUT OPRAH . . . It isn’t even about the Legions of Black People, who have become Stinking Rich, mainly in the Entertainment or Athletic World, who scorn White Success, where Black Americans, who’ve made it through Business, who are simply grateful for making it, seeing no distinction of COLOR PRIVILEGE in their successes, have had to endure being called Uncle Toms, Sell-Outs and Worse by their own kind, just because they’ve made it.


There was a time in Canada, right up ‘till the 1960’s, when Jews were terribly discriminated against from Coast-to-Coast in Canada. Even after the Second World War, when the LIBERAL Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, had a virtual OPEN-DOOR-POLICY for Nazis, and simultaneously had a public Policy AGAINST JEWISH IMMIGRATION, which was clearly enunciated and spelled out in official Government Statements, which said about Jewish Holocaust Survivors and others coming to Canada . . . NONE IS TOO MANY. Not that one is too many. BUT NONE IS TOO MANY.

The Jewish Community in Canada has excelled in every way one can imagine, in spite of Quotas on Jews wishing to attend a University such as McGill, who in addition to the quotas, needed a TEN PERCENT higher grade for admittance than Christians.

I ACTUALLY REMEMBER . . . walking onto a public beach, just North of Montreal in a small summer resort town called Rawdon, at the foothills of the Laurentian Mountains, where a sign read . . . NO JEWS OR DOGS ON THE BEACH.

I was too young to read, but when my parents turned around to leave, I started a fuss to stay, because I wanted to go to the beach, until my parents explained why we couldn’t, which I couldn’t comprehend at the time. But which, I have also never forgotten.

There was a time, right up to the 50’s and 60’s, when Jews in Montreal were forbidden to move into many Upper Crust Neighborhoods in and around Montreal, where Rich Christian Families lived, in communities that were then and now known as Westmount and Hampstead. In fact, many Deeds of Sale had a condition in it, which stated . . . that the PROPERTY Owners in these communities, COULD NOT RESELL TO JEWS.

I won’t even bother listing the Marinas, Golf Courses, Country Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants that outwardly and publicly BANNED JEWS, not just in Canada, but throughout the United States of America as well . . . Harvard University being a perfect example, same as Montreal’s McGill University,


WE AS JEWS . . . didn’t sit on our collective ASS, feeling sorry for ourselves with our hands extended, demanding better times. And we didn’t demand JEWISH AFFIRMATIVE ACTION to get into Universities, or to get placed to the Front of the Line for Government and Public Jobs. Instead, we sucked-it-up and worked as hard as we could.

SO . . . WHEN I HEAR AND READ ABOUT WHITE PRIVILEGE – I shake my head in disbelief, the same as I can’t believe all the other CRAP that has become a myriad of EXCUSES for the failures of others, specifically amongst Visible Minorities, with the exception of North American Asians, who work hard and excel without their hands outstretched for Something-For-Nothing.

So what does that say about the others, especially those of us from the White Judeo/Christian Communities, who’ve embraced this BIG LIE?


I don’t assume that they are as much SOCIALISTIC, as they have bought into the LIE, that somehow, they should feel guilty for their success, and support the TAKERS, because WHITE people like them have and others don’t.


I don’t hear or see either of these two friends of mine, GIVING UP whatever they have, to give to others, in order for them to spread THEIR wealth, or take anything AWAY from THEIR children and grandchildren, so the children and grandchildren of OTHERS can have as much as their children and grandchildren have . . . no matter how unfairly PRIVILEGED they might think they are.

AND THAT’S JUST NOT RIGHT . . . Either put your money where your mouth is, and give up what you’ve got, so others will have as much as you have, OR JUST SHUT UP. But don’t try to convince me, or anyone else, that we should have a PLETHORA of Rules & Regulations governing our lives, that take away from everyone else but yourself, because you’ve already got yours.


AS A CANADIAN JEW BORN IN 1950, I KNOW HOW HARD IT IS . . . to make it in a Hostile World, where one obstacle is placed after another, where often, street debates were settled with bloody lips and split heads . . . plenty of both, which I’ve experienced first hand . . . both giving and getting.

YET SOMEHOW . . . we Jews made it to the top, WITHOUT CRYING CHRISTIAN PRIVILEGE. And somehow, members of the Jewish Community have also become some of the most generous PHILANTHROPISTS the world has ever known. YET WE STILL FEEL GUILTY . . . How sick and pathetic is that?

So, when I hear about WHITE PRIVILEGE, all I hear . . . is how pathetic the person is who is saying it. And when friends of mine dance around this nonsense, trying to convince me that we should have Lower Expectations, and how we must Share with the World, and be our Brother’s Keeper, and accept Rules and Regulations that will benefit all those . . . who WANT without making the SACRIFICE TO GET, I become saddened, and even more determined to do, say, and write whatever I can to move the pendulum back to where it should be.

And if I lose my friends as a result . . . SO BE IT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have a question for you. What do you consider entitlement programs? If you are talking social security, you would be wrong. SS was paid for by the working American who was forced to give the money to the government. It has been proved that had the money, as had been taken for SS, been put in private investments, most Americans would be millionaires by the time age 62/65 came. Even with the ups and downs of the stock market. I paid into SS my entire working life. It is mine.

  2. I really enjoy (is that the proper word?) your thoughts on what is going on in DC today. We will NEVER change the minds of the liberals, but, just knowing we are right is something!!

  3. Every word you have written is true. I’ve lost close relationships over this very topic. I’ve told them I give as much or more based on my income than probably 95% of the people I know and who are in a similar tax bracket. It is still my privilege to get out of bed at 4:30 AM; to go to my first job, put in my time and produce for my employer. Then there are jobs two and three. It’s my privilege to pay 50% in income tax. It’s my privilege to work and make a better life for my family and myself.

  4. Once again, you are spot on with your acute, keen and sometimes scary analysis of this and other current issues, Howard.
    As a youngster growing up in Miami, FL, my parents were appalled that Jews weren’t allowed “north” of South Beach. Now, thankfully that has gone completely. We did have two neighboring families, one German and next door Jewish. My mother introduced the women to each other after they had lived there for 5 years prior to our moving across the street. Keep up the good work.

  5. Howard, your comments today make me prouder than ever to recall for you that my thoughts in “YO!” related to the 1940s Cecil Street West Philadelphia neighbors to US- “the Farrells” – were named Joe, Sadie, Naomi& Jewel Saul; Yetta, Shirley and “Bootsie” Ruben, Leonard Nathan, Herby Sherry, the Silvers, Krafts, Goodmans, donaldsons and Hallman… a delicatessen of splendid people who helped each other so greatly that I suspect none have been forgotten by any, from so long ago. Fondly Bud

  6. Politics simplified: Conservative: “I am out of bread. Got to make some more.” Liberal: “I am out of bread. I’m taking yours.”

  7. Your friends and all the other Liberals that spout the ongoing white Privelege and we must share the wealth are hypocrites. They will not step up and share their wealth but will be the first to take yours and spread it around to all the takers. There is NO SUCH thing as WHITE PRIVELEGE. it’s what the takers and lefties use to give us, as you say, “WHITE GUILT”

  8. to all bleeding hearts; I was born during Nazism, grew up under communism and now live under democracy. I was indoctrinated with the communist nonsense till age 14 when we arrived in Canada. Since then, I reserve the right to think for myself….AND that is why I consider Howard to be a good friend; We think for ourselves and WE THINK ALIKE!!!
    The philosopher Santana said “those who don’t know their history are bound to re-live it” So, all bleeding hearts, lefties, remember how it all started!

  9. The only privilege white people (and others) have is to shoulder the burden of the takers and it just gets worse. Now you don’t have to speak English in the US if you are a Latino legal or illegal (more votes for the left). I have no “white guilt” and am sick and tired of the direction we are headed….only made worse by this administration.

  10. Growing up in miami beach fl.,it was about 80% Jewish .if you when north to bal harber it was just the oppsit. Arther Godfre owned a hotel which advertised gentiles only, his show on TV was sponsored by lippton tea..sice that time i have never bought any lippton product.Now years later they named a street in miami beach arther godfree RD.,but it is 41 st.which Jews call it

  11. I have lost friends too over these trying times. It’s startling how much friendship comes from simple respect of another person’s intelligence-but when otherwise smart folks start with the lib BS-I find that I quickly lose respect for their intelligence & judgement. I’m tired of arguing with idiots. I’m too old, too tired & too sick to argue. I moved from liberal IL to conservative Baton Rouge LA. I love the conservative south, except for Austin, TX = Libtard Capitol of Dixie (sorry Howard)

  12. I’m not naive about Canadian history, but this blew me away: “NO JEWS OR DOGS ON THE BEACH.” I shouldn’t be shocked or saddened, especially after reading material like William Gairdner’s little essay: “CANADA’S SLAVE TRADE”, etc., but I am…especially in the face of all this lefty/progressive BDS BS against Israel…

  13. Ironically, just yesterday afternoon read an article on Drudge which indicted Trump fought with the powers at be to allow Jews and Blacks to stay at his hotel. Where is the media reporting on this? Interestingly the article has been removed today

  14. Jefferson’s “Rightful Liberty”, seldom read, understood seemingly never. Having lived surrounded by a sea of ignorance I no longer have expectations of even the occasional epiphany. The conservative Jew across the street is the only other light on the street. He retired hoping for ten years, he asked me then if I thought we had ten years. He doesn’t even bother to ask anymore. Apparently 4 thousand years of being sent to the back of the bus has resulted in a strangely positive outlook.

  15. These are the typical types to whom the age old adage applies perfectly:
    “Don’t confuse me with facts, I’ve made up my mind”.
    Most are to be pitied Howard. i

  16. WE are not called the “right” for nothing…in every one of your editorials, you prove that point. Thank you Howard…

  17. Your article reminds me that there is still anti-white discrimination in our federal government. Why is it that illegal aliens and people of color can get into some universities and pay less tuition than whites?? I applied for a federal SBA loan(Small Business Administration) several years ago, and was told candidly by my loan counselor, that if I were black or indian (American Indian), I could have gotten the loan. I was unofficially denied because of my color. So much for white privilege.

  18. Most of us, whether white, black, brown or technicolour, were born with arms, legs, 5 senses and a brain,
    so we can work for our living. And we can care for the handicapped. Grow up, people!

  19. I am 65 years of age, raised in a small town. I never new the word Racist. I didn’t have understanding of what to attach the word to Until the Mid. 60’s. I was then taught that racism was to judge someone by the color of their skin. To me that would be a bad thing. Since then it has grown to being a racist. If you disagree with another color other than my White children Having special Opportunities. I don’t see how that can be identified as anything less than Discrimination against Whites. hello

  20. DISCRIMINATION will always exist. Since OBAMA became president, it has been even more PRONOUNCED. No matter what COLOR/NATIONALITY people are, some can’t understand what HILLARIOUS represents? The information which is provided about her is so CLEAR that one has to be an IDIOT to not understand nor recognize how CORRUPTED she is! She would REPLICATE an OBAMA THIRD TERM, so GOD help us all—IF she is elected! America will become even more DIVISIVE. Say BA-BYE to the Supreme Court as it is. AMEN!

  21. 11:30 AM – I just listened to the head of the FBI declare that there is not enough evidence to indict Hillary!
    What about Col. Patreus?
    I’m sickened.

  22. Hillary said her biggest enemy is the Republican party, so she, if elected, like Obama, will be another “President of the Democratic party.’ not the President of the United States. I had a friend tell me that ALL Republicans and Southerners are mean and liars and racists. But he could not name one example. I could name many Democratic party examples, from The Rev. Wright to MSNBC,s Chris Mathews, who said he would like to “yank Dick Cheney’s heart out, throw it on the floor and stomp on it!

  23. your comment about “jews and dogs keep off the beach” is comparable to what many military personnel experienced
    when stationed in the southern states in the 1950s
    Yankees, Military and Dogs keep off the lawn
    Their attitude changed when many of the military bases were closing to:
    we love the military community – please stay with us
    it was the all about the all mighty dollar and their life style changing

    Interesting isn’t it?

  24. Howard, I applaud you. Your perspective is dead on the target, tally-ho! The foxes(elite) are distracting the masses and with most it works.
    I agree “White Privilege My Ass”

  25. Agree totally with you, Howard. This self-inflicted phenomenon known as “White Guilt” has been bred into Western civilization for the last few decades by the Socialists infiltrating into our education system so that our children carry the guilt with them into their adult lives. I’ve always said that those who have to struggle come out the strongest – this applies to ALL groups all over the world. The Jews certainly have demonstrated that principle, so have the Chinese in Malaysia.

  26. Howard, I am envious of your friends who are able to pick up the phone and discuss the events of the day with you. Of course, if I had that opportunity I would insist upon discussing Quebec and human/minority rights topics with you, which are the topics I love to read on your blog (sadly, not much of which you do these days). So if ever you are interested in taking a break from discussing American and international politics, please keep this in mind.

  27. It is the Truth that sets people free. Remember, the question was asked of our LORD, “What is TRUTH?” Freedom is a very expensive commodity. It will cost you eveything — “in this world.” Oh, You say you don’t believe that! Wait and see if it doesn’t. . .Enjoy the ride!

  28. I am not a feminist but I do have a real point. Blacks in America had the privilege of voting before women. Women for years were looked at as childish and inferior in intellect to men, no matter the race. Currently look at the Muslims and their treatment of women. Even in Christianity today where women are not allowed to preach or hold positions in denominations unless their husbands hold a corresponding position. Women in America have overcome and succeeded without lame excuses.

  29. Hillarious and Billy BJ are probably two of the most privileged people in the US, and last time I checked they are white and listen to them bellyache. Their privilege comes from not being indicted and doing jail time. I also find it interesting that when it comes to “Black lives matter”, most blacks are killed by blacks, not white cops, but by other black thugs. Chicago has gun control laws but is the murder capital of the US, by guns, go figure.

  30. Love the passion and the message. It restores hope where there might be despair.

  31. Howard, I have your Blog through a friend. So good to know there is people that believe ” the right way”. reading about the Jewish people, thanks for your educated comments,, But, I did not know USA treated Jews this way. Raised poor, by now standards.. we felt well off old hard working farmers. Taught from the Bible, we always respected the Jews. THEY ARE GODS CHOOSEN PEOPLE. TAUGHT. do no disrespect to one of Gods children. that USA should always support Israel.
    Deltac Bisi USA

  32. Howard, I remember the airplane that took off from the US for Saudi Arabia on 9/12 under George W’s watch. Jimmy Carter, George H. and George W, the infamous Willy and Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, Barak Obama et al have benefited fabulously from the Arabian theocracies and dictatorships. I don’t think the Donald has. Maybe, just maybe, America will become great again. The U.S. will cop out on Iran and Israel will have to do the dirty work again. It’s just a matter of time. Bless you!

  33. Again, you said it all. I was fortunate(white privilege) to grow up in the south. The town was small enough that you knew everyone. In school, my Jewish friends excelled. Their parents were either professionals or merchants. In both cases, they generated jobs. Throughout the south, the leading merchants were Jewish. They gave back to the community far more than they took. Yet, there were some, who, like today, rather than achieving with effort on their part, destroyed as an equalizer.

  34. I am 17 years older than you, Howard, and I have seen similar things here in the US. I just read recently that of all personal crime here 67% is against Jews. When I applied to graduate school in 1961, I found that there were quotas for dental students, but that didn’t stop me from working hard to make the grade, and the rest is history. It will NEVER end. “The hatred is passed down in the mother’s milk.” As usual…..I love what you have to say!

  35. Excellent commentary. There are too many welfare “you owe me” thieves in both countries and too many spineless hypocrite enablers also. Our education systems have been deliberately rotted to the point a lot of countries now send their kids to Germany or another Euro country to get the education they used to get here.

  36. As far as your friends, they are complacent. If doesn’t affect them, then it is of no concern. As for myself, I am Jewish and have a friend like that who is a New York Jew. He wears the same badge of complacency. There is a poem by Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller—– First they came for the Jews
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for the Communists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Communist

    Then they came for the trade unionists……

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