This Is The New Normal . . . IS BS – Since It Was Always Normal


BEFORE . . . I get into the nuts and bolts of this Editorial, a man of great substance, who literally watched his entire world be destroyed, as his Mother and a Sister died at the hands of the Nazis, and his father was beaten to death before his very eyes at a Nazi Slave Labor Camp, just passed away. This real-life Hero died just before July 4th, in his adopted country, the United States of America, which defined his passion for Justice, Truth & Freedom . . . better than any other country could.

His name was ELIE WIESEL – who in spite of all the people who wanted to forget the Holocaust, Wiesel championed this cause with TRUTH AND MEMORY.

The world  just lost a great man . . . while we watch the scum of the earth, in the name of Hillary Clinton, fight for the Presidency of the United States of America.


It seems to me that the new Saying-Of-The-Day amongst the Media, and so many Insiders AND ELITISTS about the threat of death and destruction at the hands of Moslem TERRORISTS . . . is that it’s the NEW NORMAL.

BUT THAT’S NOT TRUE . . . The NEW NORMAL isn’t the THREAT from TERRORIST Moslems, the NEW NORMAL they refer to, as far as I’m concerned, is the pathetic response our Leaders are delivering to our enemies, while convincing us . . . WE THE PEOPLE – that they are doing all they can to protect our Homeland.

AND IF PATTING DOWN . . . a 90-Year Old Grandmother, or Frisking a Young Girl, and making people take off their shoes at North American Airports before boarding a plane, is the NEW NORMAL, please give us back the OLD NORMAL, when we didn’t use psychologists to explain who the enemy is, especially when the enemy tells us exactly who they are, as they shout ALLAHU AKBAR, just before they pull the trigger or press the button that lays waste and murder to us all.

IF THE NEW NORMAL . . . is Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Attorney General, who prefers to REDACT the TRUTH about a Moslem Murderer of 49-Gay People in Orlando, so as not to make Moslems feel uncomfortable, and then stands in front of the Media of the World, telling all who will listen, that America has to use LOVE to win the War against EVIL . . . please give me back the days when the OLD NORMAL meant that we DISPATCHED our enemies to HELL as fast, and as efficiently as we could find them.


The World has always been at the MERCY OF EVIL, since and before recorded time, when Nations sacked whole villages and cities, as they enslaved, tortured, raped and murdered members of other Nations.

WHEN ENTERTAINMENT . . . meant feeding Christians to Lions in front of cheering crowds, or watched men fight each other to the death, using their bare hands and/or any other means in places like the Coliseum – THAT WAS NORMAL TOO.

But, what was also NORMAL . . . was that the VICTIMS, and those at risk of becoming VICTIMS, understood who the enemy was, what the enemy’s intentions were, and what they had to do to DEFEND THEMSELVES, Country, Family, Friends and Neighbors from those determined to conquer others.

THE NEW NORMAL . . . is that our leaders do not have the smarts or the courage to do what has to be done to save WE THE PEOPLE, because these ELITISTS seem to “KNOW”, that they’re the Smartest People ever, who are TOO GOOD TO GET THEMSELVES BLOODIED FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM.

And instead of doing what has to be done, or allowing our Military and Police to do what has to be done, they would rather convince themselves, while trying to convince us, that they have all the answers, and could therefore calm the hearts and souls of the IRREDEEMABLE HORDES hell-bent on murdering as many of us as they deem necessary, until we BEND OUR KNEE to their BELIEF in their specific Moslem Religion . . . WHICH TO ME IS UTTERLY UNCONSCIONABLE.


When America responded . . . just 4-Months after the Sneak Attack on Pearl Harbor, with the DOOLITTLE RAID that struck the Japanese Homeland, that showed both the American People and the Japanese People, what misery awaited Japan for what they did on December 7, 1941, that was NORMAL.

When BOMBER HARRIS ordered the near total destruction of the German Industrial City of Dresden, to begin on February 13, 1945, a mere 4-Months before the end of WWII, while the German Army, Navy and Air Force were in Tatters, many Liberal Bleeding Hearts termed the Harris Raid to have been unnecessary, which was more of PAYBACK and PUNISHMENT for the Blitzkriegs on London, than it was to end the War, since Allied Victory was already a foregone conclusion. THAT WAS NORMAL TOO.

And maybe it was PAYBACK, and a maybe it was a message to the German People and the Rest of the World. Maybe it was also a message to the Russians, who were racing to Berlin to be there before their Allied Partners . . . that to screw with Great Britain and the USA, which partnered in this mass Attack that destroyed virtually all of the City of Dresden, killing an estimated 20,000 Plus German People, what would await anyone who would think of attacking either the USA or Great Britain Post WWII . . . was indeed something NORMAL to think about.

TO ME . . . DRESDEN WAS NORMAL – It’s what Leaders do to save their countries and punish their enemies.


The First Bomb HIT Hiroshima . . . and before the Americans gave the Japanese the opportunity to negotiate their terms of surrender, they dropped the Second Bomb on Nagasaki, and 9-DAYS from the First Bomb, on August 15, 1945, the Japanese announced their acceptance to an UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER.

There are legions of the same Bleeding Heart Liberals, just as there were with Bomber Harris, perhaps many of whom were the same, who bemoaned the EVIL of the American Nuclear Bombing of Japan, since for the Japanese, their War was all but done . . .

. . . And that the Nuclear Bombing on Japan was nothing more than a vicious American PAYBACK for Pearl Harbor . . . And PAYBACK on how the Japanese fought and treated their POW’s (American, British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealanders).

ALL OF THAT SAID . . . To me – The Nuclear Bombing of Japan for whatever reason, was NORMAL, and sent a CLEAR MESSAGE to America’s Enemies, just like Bomber Harris’s Bombing of Dresden did as well. SCREW WITH US AND THIS IS WHAT YOU GET.


General Norman Schwarzkopf, ran a BRILLIANT military campaign against Saddam Hussein’s Army, which was like a hot knife cutting through butter, where perhaps as many as 100,000 Iraqi Soldiers were killed on Schwarzkopf’s road to VICTORY, which was plenty NORMAL.


The American Army and its Allies were relentless and ruthless in pursuit and combat. However, when it came time for Schwarzkopf to accept Iraq’s SURRENDER, I remember Schwarzkopf telling his officers sitting at the table, or about to sit at the table awaiting the Iraqi Surrender Team . . . to paraphrase:

DO NOT TO GLOAT OR MAKE THE IRAQIS FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE, to which I shook my head in disbelief.

TO ME . . . I believe that “Stormin’ Norman” was conveying the message handed to him from George H W Bush, who I am certain, wanted to appear to be the Gracious Victor, instead of sticking it to the Iraqis in a way the whole world would clearly understand.

BUT, BUSH’S GENERAL SCHWARZKOPF DIDN’T STICK IT . . . to the Iraqis and HUMILIATE them in front of the ENTIRE World, especially the Arab and Persian World . . . so 13-Years later, Bush 43 and American Troops were back in Iraq, since the first message was not clear enough. And in one-way or another, 26-Years from the first Iraq War, America is still there as a meaningless appendage.


1 – Declare all Moslems who cling to Sharia . . . PERSONA NON GRATA in our Societies. DEPORT THEM.

2 – Monitor their Mosques. There’s no place for REAL Hate speech in our countries.

3 – When anyone attacks any part of our Societies in the name of Islam, make it PUBLIC and make it LOUD, in full condemnation of Islam, and all the Moslem Believers who put Sharia before the Secular Judeo/Christian Laws that are our FREEDOM’S ANCHOR . . . that they will pay BIG-TIME for attacking us at home and abroad.

4 – And when any part of our Society is hit by Moslems . . . WE MUST HIT BACK with as vicious and spontaneous a response as we can muster, at home where we live . . . and at the home where they live abroad.

We have choices . . . We can choose to accept the Elitist concept of the NEW NORMAL, and plan on how to LOVE our enemies who are committed to our destruction. Or we can look through the Millennia of History, and deal with the THREATS against us as the REAL NORMAL . . . THEY ARE. And take it from there.

I don’t know if you remember the old Fram Oil Filter Ads, when the mechanic actor looked into the camera, held up the Fram Filter and said: “You can Pay me now, or pay me later”, but either way, you will be paying.

I’m sick and tired of Paying. How About You?

Tomorrow is July 4th, Independence Day . . . So Remember These Two TRUTHS:

1 – Your Government didn’t give you your Freedoms.

2 – The Government can only take your Freedoms away if you let them


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, You are a prophet. Lots of people think like you but nobody dares to put it in writing. Mon chapeau to you.

    Steve Acre

  2. I think the biggest problem facing America at the moment is the scum of the earth, in the name of Hillary Clinton running for President and all of the rest of the scums protecting her. Something is up with our Government and has been for lots of years, way before Obama. Remember when the FEMA CAMPS were first noticed and were being built. Our Government noticed that in time that there would be one hell of an uprising and a place was needed to put these people. Well it’s getting mighty close now.

  3. As I flew in and out of Itazuke AFB in Fukuoka – midway between Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan on emergency landings coming out of North Korea on 3 or 4 occasions in 1952, I wondered why we didn’t end WW II even one day sooner seven years earlier by taking out Tokyo and the Emperor et al, if it would have saved even any ONE more of our hundreds of airmen, troops, or sailors that were unnecessarily lost…executed by those bastards of Bataan, Omori Prison Camp, etc! Bud Farrell

  4. For the life of me I cannot understand how America can bestow citizenship on anyone who swears obedience to shari law as the basis of their belief system. You either swear obedience and allegiance to the laws of the United States or you do not and if you do not you are asked/should be told to leave PDQ and go back to where ever it is that will allow you to believe in your theocracy. Why is this so hard for the leaders in DC to understand? Are they that stupid?

  5. Great editorial. The truth – you said it Howard. Pray for the truth come election day

  6. Folks, they are not stupid….we are, for letting them be there! It’s all about power and money. If we do not get someone in DC that can reroute our direction then we are on the path for the “same ‘ole”. The “free stuff” people are voting.

  7. War is hell and civilians of the country that attacks the U.S.are iss is the world problem now.will die As a vet of the Korean conflict ,when 200,000- chines attacked across yule river MacArthur and president Truman showed have drooped the A bomb mat be we would not worry about china try to take over the U.S. Obama is a muslim and will not take the initiative, because muslim civilians will die, to finish iss in there home ground Lets not forget mosques in the U.S produce iss killers and

  8. “…when Nations sacked whole villages and cities, as they enslaved, tortured, raped and murdered members of other Nations.” Perhaps you speak of history and bygone eras, but it sounds like Islam in 2016 to me. A hegemonic enemy even more evil than the Nazis were. The world will miss Elie Wiesel, perhaps the best known “witness to history”. His death is a marker of the passing of all the witnesses to the Holocaust. The deniers and the Muslims will be strengthened. A very dangerous time is nigh.

  9. What a gift you have been blessed with, Howard, in identifying and enumerating the truth ! Please continue to share this wisdom. j. futch

  10. Did you see where State Department official Ziad Haider, the Special Representative for Commercial on Business Affairs said we need US companies to hire Syrian refugees? Just another example of how our current government has it’s head in the sand and fail to see reality.

  11. I have discovered the OLDER I become the more information I gather for comparisons. When you have LIVED and experienced the transitions in our history it is heart wrenching to discover that PRINCIPLES are no longer in existence. When elitists do not lead, but dictate (do as I say not as I do) I have to wonder has the World Gone Mad? Some no longer have IDEALS nor a conscience. But I DO have a VOTE. I have a heart and ideals that I will not compromise. EVER. God Bless, Mr. Wiesel.

  12. Yes, we are losing the Greatest Generation ever!!! The horrors of war that have been seen by our own soldiers from World War I, World War II, Koran Conflict, Vietnam Conflict, Desert Storm, Afghanistan & Iraq War. Plus, there were other conflicts that the US Military was involved in. I celebrate July 4th, by remembering what it truly stands for – Those countless number of men/women who fought &/or died for our FREEDOM!!!

  13. OBummer like Truman does not have the will to end a conflict decisively. The enemy knows it, the world knows it. The coddled, PC Left in the USA would have us believe, the enemy at the door now is, normal? Yup! Great BLOG today Howard. I keep praying the FBI delivers the words on “Billary”; Mrs. Clinton, you are under arrest for lying, willfully deceiving the FBI, and criminal conduct on your e-mail server while acting as Secretary of State! GO FBI and take Clinton to Jail for a very long time.

  14. Speaking of the new normal, as Loretta Lynch redacted the phrase Allah Akbar, from the 911 calls, so too have many of the news services. Most of the news reports have only said that the Bangladesh terrorists yelled “God is Great” One report had the terrorists yelling both, “Allah Akbar, God is great”

  15. Well said! PC will be the death of us, literally. Where are the legions of Muslims who stand up every time there’s mass murder by ISIS et al screaming “This is not who we are!” They don’t exist.

  16. A Happy Independence Day to all Americans!! Our shared legacy of the Magna Carta is the basis of your freedom and with the victory of the Brexit, we celebrate the fact that the call for Freedom is still alive & well in all English-speaking countries. Thank you, Howard, for saying it like it is – we cannot allow the softness of the current way of life blind us to the fact that there is a still a lot of evil in this world. Radical Islamism is preaching evil & they are undeniably insidious.

  17. As always you are so “right on”! Today I realized many things the left wants a smooth polished liar and hates the brutal honesty that comes from Donald Trump. The the president is going on the campaign trail with hillary when he should be at work making plans to eliminate our enemy. I am so sickened by what I see happening and the lack of concern for this country from the left it’s literally making me sick! God Bless America…. please keep Her FREE!

  18. I hope you find out who the ” Howard Galganov” is and make sure he/she no longer can post. If this is what passes for attempted “liberal” humour or intelligent remarks we really have nothing to concern ourselves about… Just a sad commentary as to what our world has come to.

  19. Preachin’ to the choir. How do we get the idiotic, moronic Lefties to get a freakin’ clue? I just can’t see it happening. We’re at the point where there’s more people in the wagon than the one’s pulling it. HAPPY 4TH, EVERYBODY!! No worries, GOOD NEWS!! Jesus is coming is soon!

  20. Another winner, Howard. You have a wonderful way of getting right to the heart of an issue. Remember….”Too great a sense of identity makes one feel s/he can do no wrong, and too little does the same.”….. Djuna Barnes

  21. I am very, very sad about the passing of Elie Weisel. He kept the TRUTH of the Holocaust before everyone and that was so important. People are trying to deny it ever happened and he was one of many multitudes who DID see it and lived through it. My prayers and love go out to his family and all who grieve for him.

  22. Howard, totally agree with your FOUR NORMAL points. This is EXACTLY how the Government should DECLARE and DESCRIBE the “NORMAL” of/in AMERICA! Those who don’t like it can/may LEAVE for the country of their choice, i. e., one which conforms to THEIR ABNORMAL views and beliefs. Again, I repeat, Trump MUST FOCUS on VOTER FRAUD because of OBAMA’S TREACHEROUS and EVIL plans hidden in his TROJAN HORSE. Hillarious would be an Obama 3rd term! RUFF! RUFF! RUFF! We must “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! AMEN!

  23. You made one mistake in item 2. Destroy the mosques and kick all of them out! Fix a bowl of punch. Currently drinkable. Add drops of poison. No longer drinkable. You throw out the punch and destroy the bowl as you never can be sure you got rid of the poisonous mixture.

  24. Once again, Howard, your common sense is squarely on target. As a Korean War era veteran, I am old enough to remember WWII. An inscription on the WWII Memorial reminds us of what was ‘Normal’ then:

    Gen. George C. Marshall inscription, WWII Memorial, Washington, DC
    “We are determined that before the sun sets on this terrible struggle our flag will be recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom on the one hand and of overwhelming force on the other.”

    Bob Shaw, Sun City Texas,

  25. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read “Hillary for Prison”. What’s also not new, and also is normal, is how the left protects themselves with double standards. I agree, as usual & normal, 100% with you Howard. Let truth and freedom ring. God Bless America & Canada – because we need all the blessings we can get during these times.

  26. Perhaps it is time for patriotic Americans to listen to and adopt the “Finale Chorus” from “Les Miserables?” As an 81 year old naturalized American citizen who came her as a 14 year old girl, and was a citizen when I was 19, I have lived the American dream, and want the same for my grand and great-grandchildren. I am brought to tears each time I hear that song, which begins with “Do you hear the people sing?” I believe it should energize all Americans and Canadians who love their country.

  27. Howard thanks for a great article. Right on. Thank goodness we live in the LAND OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE. God Bless the USA and Canada. HAPPY 4TH TO ALL!!!!

  28. With our country in so much turmoil & a foreign policy of appeasement to our enemies, the 4th of July, Independence Day, has so much more meaning. For those of us witnessing the destruction of the USA from within, our patriotic fervor rises to new heights. As a 74-year old I remember seeing fierce pride in the faces of our people at the raising of the flag, the playing of our national anthem. Not anymore. Tomorrow will carry pride in what we stood for but also sadness at what we’ve become.

  29. Every time where the Clintons are involved I think of stealing FBI files while in office. At the time no one could remember who hired the guy that stole the files. Later it came out that he was a son of a friend of you guess who. They know every
    dirty secret on all. Especially Republicans, now could that explain their behavior by not confronting the elites in the other party.They’re scare of loosing their gravy train so they comply.

  30. I just bumped into a TV program I have never heard of, Full Measure. It dealt with Bengazhi and the inadequacy of the elitist lefties including Obuma and Hillarious in the plight of the US citizens on foreign soil. The continuation of the out and out lies by all of the Administration is beyond believable or acceptable. US citizens should well be up in arms. Impeach both Obuma and Hillarious

  31. We must come together and elect Donald Trump for POTUS. No, he is not perfect. No, he is not a polished politician. No, he is not a polished speaker. No, his words are not always consistent with those of last week. Yes, he will try his best to look out for America and its Citizens. Lets give him a chance. He could have a life of luxury that most of us could just dream about. Being POTUS is a very hard job. Look how people age in this job. He wants to give back to America. Give him a chance.

  32. I have noticed that your readership and comments are growing by leaps and bounds. Kudos for your comments and insight that echo’s most Americans. We pray that your comments can entice more Americans to get off their duff, and get involved with defeating the “wicked witch”…. well, maybe I may like your description better “scum of the earth!! America is in dire trouble if she is elected. The have-nots, will have truly taken over our country. Thank you for your continued efforts too.

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