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Canada’s Call To Arms . . . the National Slogan of what Canada stands for, which I would be willing to gamble, that 99% of the Canadian population doesn’t know is . . .

Peace, Order, & Good Government.

How’s that to get your Canadian Patriotic Juices Flowing? And when I ask any Canadian, who is so Proud to be a modern Canadian, who is upset with my criticisms of Canada, I ask this simple question:

TELL ME WHAT CANADA STANDS FOR? And then there’s silence.

CANADA . . . from the time just after WWII, when we SHONE as a Nation like a KLIEG LIGHT, it all went Down Hill, since Liberals more or less took control of our Nation, trashing those VALUES which made us great, in exchange for embracing a LEFTIST World View . . . on the way to a One World Government, which is becoming more of a frightening reality with every passing day.


ON JULY 4, 1776, with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the final draft of Thomas Jefferson, which was fashioned by The Committee of Five – produced these ICONIC WORDS . . .

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

For 240-Years, this incredible statement that FULLY DEFINED THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, created by Thomas Jefferson . . . then Ratified by John Adams, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, and Robert Livingston HAS ENDURED AND WITHSTOOD THE TEST OF TIME in spite of all the many challenges, perhaps up till now.

MY FEAR . . . is that just like Canada has morphed not in a good direction, because of our LEFT, to ABANDON our original Principles and Values – America is now at the same CROSSROADS, as the American LEFT could win the November Election, which would lead to the end of the Greatest Free Country to have ever existed.


I just watched the interview of Loretta Lynch, as she explained why she should not have met with Bill Clinton on the Private Jet, and regrets that she allowed it to happen.

It was the first time I saw Lynch to be nervous, and not her normal IN-CHARGE-SELF, as she answered questions. And even though she “sort” of said that she would allow her “Career Prosecutors” and the Director of the FBI to determine the outcome of the Investigation, I don’t believe her.

THE PROBLEM WITH HER ANSWERS . . . is that they weren’t nearly as concise and clear as they SHOULD HAVE BEEN. What she didn’t say was . . . I will accept whatever recommendation that is given to me by the FBI.

That’s all she needed to say.

But instead, Lynch went on-and-on about all the groups in her Justice Department who would contribute to the FINAL DECISION, when the ONLY decision should come from the FBI.

Knowing how TIED-TO-THE HIP Loretta Lynch is to Barack Obama, who has endorsed, and will campaign for Hillary Clinton, and how she REDACTED and changed TEXT that was part of the Orlando Moslem Murderer’s communications with 911 and the Media, so as not to “insult” Moslems, and to withhold the truth from the American People . . . her employees – I DON’T TRUST HER.

WORSE THAN THIS . . . Because of the sordid history of the Clintons, and the extraordinary DISHONESTY of the Obama White House, I believe that anyone associated with either of the two, cannot hope not to be tainted.

THEREFORE . . . I don’t necessarily trust James Comey of the FBI either, and fully expect some sort of a White Wash, since no investigation should take this long over issues that seem to be so transparent. And in one-way or another, Hillary Clinton, in my estimation, will be somehow vindicated.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. True Joe from Regina. But really kind of saying,do you want to die from lung cancer or throat cancer.

  2. I do trust Comey. He is a man of integrity who worships at the altar of the rule of law. I am 100% certain that if the Fibbies recommend indictment and it doesn’t happen, he will resign, along with most of his top staff. He’s about the only one I trust in this whole mess and I don’t do that lightly.

  3. I agree that there will be some sort of white wash by Director Comey and the vaunted FBI; with just what we have heard and read from a number of investigations a small town police department and its local prosecutery could prove charges and get an indictment against Clinton.

  4. I fear we are in serious peril. The fact that Clinton is allowed to run for the highest office of the free world instead of rotting in jail, and that Obama has not been impeached and charged for treason speaks volumes about how far reaching the rot is. Trump is facing almost insurmountable obstacles, traitors on the left, the media, and the rinos. I pray that enough people get out and do the right thing come November. It’s the only hope we have. I’m not holding my breath.

  5. The AG quite clearly violated the code of conduct for a lawyer. Her claim that a 30 minute meeting was about various fluff family items is pathetic. We are no longer a country of laws. It is now a country of people and the decent to this state is still running full speed.

  6. We to hope and pray we have a few honest people in the FBI that will do the right things. if we do not even have them there?????????

  7. The FBI has enough to bring changes if it were anyone else. I’M sure we will never see justice enforced against Hillary Clinton. Even the FBI wants to keep their jobs should she wins. So sad!!!

  8. “Vigilance is the eternal price of freedom” is often cited in the U.S. Perhaps the Canadian equivalent is what every Canadian school child sings each morning, as part of our National Anthem: “O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.” One person who has done justice to this is Howard Galganov…and I’m not referring to this blog but his selfless work when he was in Quebec fighting for rights. A thankless job, Howard vigilantly stood on guard for our precious freedoms. Thanks, Howard!

  9. “Peace, order and good government” is a vague motto. What is “good government”? You and I know,
    but many do not. It should be enunciated, to say what the objective of good government is, and how
    progress toward achieving it should be measured. It isn’t “rocket science”. It’s just common sense.
    The objective is to maximize the length of time that every Canadian will live happily in her/his lifetime.
    Currently, the average “happy-lifespan expectancy” of a Canadian is about 80 years.

  10. Howard, there is reference to “her employees” – was that meant to say “her employer”? This is an important difference and the fact that few people understand it partly explains why I lost an hour of my life sitting on the taxiway at Pearson airport while the airspace in Ottawa was closed so King Barack could depart after another vacuous speech.

  11. My problem is that I cannot define what a Canadian is.
    Incidentally, in case you missed it: The definition of Politically Correct is what was the modus operandi in Germany circa 1933 to 1945. If you didn’t proactively practiced it, and yes they weren’t armed, you wound up in a methane filled chamber.
    I believe it can happen here, not quite, but with a little technical ingenuity – we are advancing aren’t we. R. A. Crane

  12. My bet after watching recent events is that a few sacrificial lambs from the Clinton group will be thrown to the wolves in an attempt to placate those of us who believe that this entire “investigation” has been nothing but a charade. Sorry but I for one will not accept such a “gift” and will continue to work for and support those who are willing to take on The Hillary and the over the top liberal cadre in DC and in other places.

  13. I think the fix is in and Hillary will walk away free as a bird. I only hope we have an honest F B I and they do their job but I am not holding my breath.

  14. Happy Canada Day to you Howard and to my many Canadian friends. I have come to the point in life that there are very few i
    trust with the spoke word..Lynch,FBI and obama will cause a division of the american people that may never be put back together again if hillary is not indited even if a tile takes place and she is found not guilty at least she will not be able to ruin for the precedence.

  15. Well said Lilian, after watching the Three Stooges love in the last few days coming out of Ottawa I see we are all doomed and will be over run by forces protected by the Liberal Left to fulfill their idea of One World Government . I must take my hat off to the brave people of GB that voted out ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT..if only North America had the guts to do the same..People of the US have a chance to keep their country this fall but only if Clinton is put aside.

  16. You are correct. However, Lynch better watch her back and remember Vince Foster. It seems a lot of the Clinton “friends” end up dead before their time.

  17. So sad that Canadians are so naive that they would chant four more years for Obama. Clueless!

  18. You’ve heard me say this before… “heaven help us”. However, we better work diligently to get out the vote. We need a convincing majority, to overcome the “Clinton Machine”. They will try everything to steal this election. If that happens, I believe you are correct… the US is doomed to go the way of Canada.

  19. And all this time I assumed your server was in your bathroom. Just shows what I know.

  20. Loretta Lynch shows nothing but contempt for the American people with her stance that nothing was said between her and Billy Bob that would influence her decision regarding Hillarious. My first reaction to the incident was that I thought Billy BJ may have been looking for another dress to stain but apparently I was wrong. The FBI needs to do their job and do it without prejudice, and get it done NOW.

  21. I agree with you that Clinton will probably be vindicated. They always are. They are so immersed in backroom establishment politics, they are virtually untouchable. During the last few years, conservatives here have grown so accustomed to despair, there is no reason to hope for anything else. She will probably win in November, and then the country I grew up in will be over. It makes me disgusted! Sorry for the vent – nh

  22. The FBI simply waits until after the election, and if Hillary wins the charges vanish. The Benghazi report came out; I watched the press conference. Questions about the timing of the report and how it would therefore affect “What does it matter” Clinton. The report points to four people, Obama and Hillary. No effort to protect the outpost properly. Where is the outrage in the press? The bombing in Turkey blew the report out of the water. Lynch is already passé. So sad, so telling.

  23. I had the pleasure of communicating yesterday with a station in Ottawa, CA on 20 meters on my ham radio set during “Canada Day”. Re: Ms. Lynch meeting with Clinton? That was about as bad as it can get! Shameful and VERY questionable! We really need Trump to get order restored in DC. Dick Bouchard WNRI

  24. Read an article yesterday…..Cannot remember the source, but I thought it to be sound… Author said Comey is one of the few in DC who is considered a straight shooter and would follow the law…..Let us pray! I continue to ask how a free people can vote for Marxist politicians so they can lose their freedoms? That is a special kind of STUPID…and SUICIDAL.

  25. I do not want to be lost on your purge of address,I enjoy all of your publications and I have a cousin in Ottawa who we talk about you blog and how it fits both of our countries. I am in Florida and he is in the cold part of the world, we need each other to see how we will survive,thanks

  26. Just wanted to make a comment on the “3 amigos” meeting in Canada. It should have been called “the 3 Stooges Summit”, although that would be a disservice to the 3 stooges. And the Canadian Parliament chanting “4 more years”, suggesting the US should give him 4 more years to totally destroy the country. I actually had to sit watching them with my barf bag it was so absolutely sickening. And I had to double down on my blood pressure pills.
    Go Trump go, and please God help us in Canada!

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