A Smattering Of What’s Happening Now


SO THE BOMBS EXPLODED IN ISTANBUL . . . and Turkey demands that the world unite against TERRORISM. Who can argue?

Except . . . where are the same Turkish demands for Global Unity against TERRORISM, as Jewish Israelis are attacked nearly every day?

I guess a UNITED FRONT against TERRORISM only matters when it strikes Europe and Turkey. And even when the USA was recently SLAMMED by Moslem TERROR genocidal murderers, several times in the past months, I don’t remember Europe, Turkey, or whomever else in the World . . . WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ISRAEL, ever uttering anything more than a perfunctory condolence.

As a matter of fact . . . Please Click on this LINK to see the YouTube Video on how Israel Remembers and Honors the Victims of 9/11, and the people of the United States of America.

Outside of the USA and Israel, there is no other Monument of this CALIBER that Remembers, Honors and Celebrates American Resolve.

SO . . . AS IT SEEMS TO ME – If you’re an Israeli Jew or an American being slaughtered by Moslems, it’s a HUMAN INTEREST STORY by world standards. So, where should I begin to feel pity for slain Turks who couldn’t give a Rat’s Ass about MURDERED Jews in Israel, and innocent Americans welcoming un-vetted Moslems from Syria, and GOD only knows from where else in the Moslem World?


Can we Blame Islam for the Istanbul Slaughter, since 99% of Turkey is Moslem, and the victims and perpetrators who are also Moslem, but obviously . . . one or the other is either NOT MOSLEM ENOUGH, or perhaps TOO MOSLEM for the other?

BUT – if I pin this attack on Moslems . . . there’s no question that I will be labeled a XENOPHOBE, a RACIST and/or a BIGOT. So, perhaps the best label I can use to describe this entire attack . . . would be – AIRPORT VIOLENCE.

And then we could roll out all the Usual Suspects to find the Root Cause.


It should be all over the Media, but thus far, it’s only some Members on FOX News who are making a big deal of this, when Elizabeth Warren decided to deride Trump for wearing that “GOOFY HAT” . . . you know – the one that reads, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

I wonder what Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton who was on stage with her when she made that statement, and the fawning supporters in the audience found “GOOFY” about Making America Great Again?


After MILLIONS of dollars spent, years of Research and Testimony, and Hearings that were BENCHMARKS for OBFUSCATION, the 800-Page Benghazi Report was released to the Media as a NON EVENT, that more or less VINDICATED Obama and Clinton, as far as the Media is concerned, with the exception of FOX News . . . God Help Us.


Isn’t it curious, how literally just moments after England Voted to leave the EU, World Markets and Currencies . . . SIMULTANEOUSLY lost TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, as the Doomers & Gloomers predicted the end of the world as we know it.

And then . . . by some miracle – Hallelujah . . . after the Market and Hedge Fund Insiders walking hand-in-hand with CURRENCY MANIPULATORS worldwide, bought back just about all the Stocks and Currencies they dumped when they were high, only to buy them back at super discounted rates of their own making.

How much credence does this type of INSIDER manipulation of the Little Guy’s investments, and his or her Retirement Funds, does this CRIME give to the smarter Brits who voted to get out and away from this Euro-Trash Sickness?


A great many people have said over the years that I speak for them. So, I started to believe that perhaps I gave them A VOICE. And then all of a sudden, it struck me on my way home from a luncheon in Ottawa with Anne and a couple of friends on Tuesday (June 28, 2016), that I DON’T GIVE PEOPLE A VOICE AT ALL, AND NEVER HAVE . . .

WHAT I DO HOWEVER . . . IS THAT I GIVE VOICE TO THE PEOPLE – which is quite a subtle difference, because, through my VOICE you have a VOICE TOO, since my thoughts on the CORE ISSUES are really no different from yours, which in essence, I think, gives each other a VOICE.

AS YOU KNOW . . . I read all the Comments and all the Emails I receive that aren’t too long or over-the-top. And I pay close attention to what’s written, and how it is written, so I would like to make some personal observations:

1 – I am not a great writer by any stretch of the imagination, which doesn’t mean that I don’t have talent and a personal style. Which I believe I do.

2 – My vocabulary is pretty good, however, no one will ever accuse me of being a Wordsmith. But I do use words that paint pictures and express my thoughts and feelings, in order for people who read what I write, to understand my meaning and nuances.

3 – Using a computer with all the words and synonyms at my fingertips, I could easily use “20-Cent” words to impress people with my linguistic skills, which really aren’t, since the computer would make me look better than I am. But what would the point be anyway of doing that, if the readers can’t understand the words I use? Or the contents and meaning of my words are lost because I would be trying to show-off?

So I try very hard to use the same words I would use if you and I were sitting face-to-face having a regular conversation. IN ESSENCE – when you read what I write . . . it’s no different from the way that I speak.

3 – My spelling used to be pretty good. But, with spell-check, that has sort of gone out the window with my ability to write well cursively. However, that said, I’m now making an effort to write more legibly by hand . . . before I totally lose the skill, to a keyboard forever.

4 – PUNCTUATION MATTERS . . . when you read what I write, I’m sure that you’ve noticed that I use a considerable amount of DOTS & DASHES. And that I also use BOLDS and ITALICS. And I very often leave the end of a sentence hanging with THREE DOTS – or perhaps with a COLON.

I do this for two primary reasons:

The FIRST and MORE important reason . . . is because, this use of Dots, Dashes and Colons, actually reflects the way my mind works, and how my speech might sound to you if you could HEAR my writing.

The SECOND reason . . . is because I don’t like RULES when it comes to expressing oneself, especially in writing, when my English Composition Teachers INSISTED on me writing according to how other people expressed themselves BY-THE-BOOK, it was very discouraging, so I didn’t write that much until I went to University and became the Sports Editor of the Sir George Williams Newspaper.

The preceding isn’t important to the World, and changes nothing, except I thought it might be of some interest to you, and would give you some insight from where I come . . . when I write.


I received a letter on Tuesday (June 28, 2016), in the regular mail from someone in the USA, I won’t even mention from which State, who was extremely generous in sending Galganov Dot Com a check made out for $100, who specifically asked that I keep his identity Confidential, to which I have to say THANK YOU nonetheless, since I know that he will know that I’m directing my gratitude specifically to him.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. No comment on your blog today because my words exactly the same as yours.

  2. I like your style of writing better then that of a so called reporter who writes for Washington Post and is sometimes on Fox Sunday show. He uses words that the average person would not know the meaning of but as I enjoy reading the dictionary, I do not mind. I wrote him a letter telling him if he expected to reach the masses, he needs to use everyday words. My wife & I are avid readers since we were children reading every thing.

  3. “The 3 Amigos” are meeting in my town today, ostensibly to open our borders, condemn carbon dioxide, save the planet, etc. I wonder how this “summit” will be described.

  4. I started using the dots a long time ago, not even knowing why, but you are right, it is how I talk….and it is comforting to know I won’t be using punctuations incorrectly…so, lets just keep dotting along…I love your articles..forward many of them to friends and family members. You are a breath of fresh air in this dirty world. Thank you.

  5. I look forward to your editorial each day Howard. Thanks, Bud

  6. Your grammar is just fine in my eyes. More important, is the content which you express so clearly. Frequently, I do not comment as you expressed my views better than I could have, and thus can add nothing.

  7. I’ve had an opportunity to read quite a lot in my 82 years, Howard…..from a whole lot of sources. You are right on my man! We are all blessed to have you covering the territory so well as you do. Just keep on truckin’!

  8. I write letters in cursive to my friends for the following reasons. When I started doing it a few years ago my friends loved it and commented that they had not received a hand written letter in years. My train of thought is unbroken by spelling and grammar worries. I doubt the people who collect data for all sorts of reasons bother to hunt for information in hand written letter. I find that writing these letters is somehow soothing to my soul. It is a lost art write on . . . Irma.

  9. Good writing to me is truthful, unambiguous, does not make me wonder what the meaning of is is, and the writer has good common sense in selection of topics!

  10. The Palestinians remember 9/11 also. They throw big parties in celebration and hand out candies to all the kids. Forget Israel, I think the Palestinians are the natural friends of ours and we should be closer to them and more be understanding and supportive of them.

  11. Keep up the good words, Howard…and please don’t worry that you don’t sound like the pompous George Will or the equally insane Charles Krauthammer, who for some reason (certainly lacking in common sense) seem to want Shrillary to ruin the next 4 to 8 years of their wretched lives. Maybe Fox will give them some serious time off so they can go the the Nationals games together…We desperately need a Great America Again.

  12. Never underestimate yourself. As for me, what you write is music to my ears. Sensible knowledge to my eyes. Billie

  13. While the Brexit news overtook media coverage, a Senate committee approved what they term a “compromise” bill that in essence will stop any & all attempts (state & federal even) to force GMO labeling of food products in the US (DARK Act). Monsanto & Grocers of America bought the politicians giving Monsanto free reign & eliminate any public knowledge of what they are eating. Why was this necessary? They knew if labeling was mandatory, great numbers of people would stop buying those products.

  14. @Joe Eliott — Please tell me, your comments are being sarcastic. If this is how you really feel, I am surprised that your comment passed mustard. Just the thought of what you wrote is highly disturbing to my being. I know that there are some good Palestinians, but, it seems as though they are far & few around. I can not forget Israel. I have been a supporter since my teens & I am now 72. The history of Israel has influenced me, my entire life. Yes, I am Christian.

  15. At 80 years old I was the oldest of 10 in our license to carry class. I decided if some idiot tries to pull a stunt by me like is happening everywhere now days, I won’t go down easy. I was one of 5 in our group who made 100 on the test. From one who remembers how things “once were”, I for one decided to make a difference in as many ways as I can before I leave it to the next generation. Incidentally, I am a professional artist, published author, wool spinner, and speaker. God Bless.

  16. I believe that Joe meant to use a quotation mark with Italics….but I got it.

    Andy, a Pledge Rider from Toronto

  17. Two of the three that met on Ottawa, have to real clue as to what is really going on in the world. I’ll let you decide which two??

  18. Thank you Howard for giving a voice to the people – people like me. God bless you and keep you doing the good work you do!

    Happy Canadian Independence Day!

    Happy American Independence Day!

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