Keep Your Powder Dry . . . THE WORST IS YET TO COME


The BREXIT Vote is not yet done. NOT BY A LONG SHOT, because the LEFT will not let go . . . not in England, not in the rest of Europe, not in Canada, and not in the United States of America.

Even today . . . there are huge numbers of STUPID LEFTIST BRITS, who want a redo-referendum, because they want the government to manage their pathetic lives more than they want the FREEDOM OF PERSONAL SELF-DETERMINATION.

And then there are all the PRIVILEGED people in Big International Businesses, Big Global Banks, Big Worldwide Trade Unions, The Arts, Academia, Politicians, Bureaucrats and all the PARASITES who feed off the people who actually CREATE jobs and services, who are TERRIFIED of being kicked off their Ivory Towers.

I would say that this way of LEFTIST thinking should BOGGLE my mind, but it doesn’t, at least not anymore, because I’ve come to the conclusion that LEFTISTS are just GREEDY and EVIL pieces of excrement, who have been conditioned for several generations through the Public School System, to be STUPID and SUBSERVIENT to Government, who have bought into the belief that BIG BROTHER KNOWS BEST.


THE LEFT WILL NOT LET GO. They will NOT surrender their privileges. And they will not stop fighting for A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ruled by faceless and nameless Bureaucrats at the whim and will of the INSIDERS.

THE LEFT WILL NOT STOP. They will use every unfair advantage they can, to screw the “LITTLE PEOPLE” and the Independent MAKERS. And they will LIE and CHEAT everyway possible to PROPAGANDIZE their position.

And they will either use the LAWS that THEY’VE already created through their BOUGHT and PAID-FOR politicians to benefit themselves . . . or they will create NEW Laws to stop any opposition to keep them from their Gravy Train.


When I write about the LEFTIST reprobates who have the MOST TO LOSE when the “LITTLE PEOPLE” take back their own lives . . . our lives – yours and mine, I include the Media – ALL OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, which also includes too many shows and talent, even on FOX News, since they too rely upon Government Mandates, Regulations and Corporate Sponsors, of which I’m not exaggerating.

THE BIG PLAYERS RIG THE SYSTEM . . . they play around with the News, disseminating what they wish to send out to the Public, while holding back all that they don’t.

THE MEDIA SLANTS their stories favoring the politicians who they intend to have owing them favors, and demonize those who won’t play their game.

THE MEDIA control the POLLS, and who gets to be polled, and how the polling is skewed and interpreted, to make BAD look GOOD . . . and GOOD look BAD.

And don’t take my word for it; just look at the POLLING for the EU Referendum, where every POLL showed the REMAIN Camp well ahead, where in truth, the LEAVE Camp was always in the lead and would have won by a much larger margin if it wasn’t for the dishonest Media Polling.

And even now, the European Media are still picking at a festering scab.


Here’s a Guy who’s created enormous wealth for himself and others, who’s played Two-Fisted Business amongst Back Alley Street Fighters, who became wealthy on his own MERIT, who is being portrayed by the Media as no less than a CARPET BAGGER, while Clinton and her husband, both of whom have ONLY fed off the People through Government, have also become FILTHY RICH, but unlike Trump, they made their fortune by taking everything they could get their grubby hands on because of their Political Positions and Influence.


I imagine that you’re seeing the same reports that I see, which shows how APPLE is against Trump, and has pulled–out all their support for the Republicans. Where’s the surprise, since Trump keeps saying that Apple should be making their Products in the USA, as they used to boast that they did, when they were just becoming the Powerhouse they are?

They too don’t want to lose their privilege.

AND THEN THERE’S FACEBOOK . . . which along with GOOGLE, have been found to heavily SLANT how they position Conservative Views through their algorithms to the BACK OF THE BUS, or in the case Face Book – OFF THE BUS ENTIRELY.

So, when you add-up all the Giant Corporations like the American Auto Industry, which survives on INCREDIBLY favorable Government Largesse, the Banks, the Hedge Funds, the Stock Exchange, Subsidized Ethanol Farmers, the GREEN Industry, the Airlines and all others who are approvingly regulated with their CORPORATE hands outstretched for your money and mine, as they get RICHER AND RICHER, while we the MAKERS are getting POORER and POORER, the question is no longer . . . how did we let it come to this?

BUT RATHER . . . How are we going to end it and get our lives, our freedoms and our countries back?


To the LEFT, it’s about their GREEDY NEED for wealth, power, influence and a FREE RIDE. To CONSERVATIVES, it’s all about restoring American Values and recreating the American Dream, which includes Freedom Of The Individual.

SO DON’T BE SURPRISED . . . and don’t be conned at the depths the Democrats and RINOS will stoop . . . to keep the Ill-Begotten Gains they’ve reveled in for more than half a century.

They’re not going to give up – nor will they pull back. And neither should we.

GEORGE WILL . . . the Journalistic Poster-Boy for Republican Elitism, recently announced that he is no longer a Republican, but remains a staunch Conservative, which is an OXYMORON if ever there was one, was being analyzed on FOX News by Brit Hume, who is every inch as Elitist as George Will . . . NEED I SAY MORE?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We need to actually look back a few centuries to see what is repeating today: For the first six centuries of Islam, Muslims attacked and slaughtered millions in Europe, Africa and Asia as a means to spreading Islam. Its starting again. Muslims still cry about the Crusades, when Europe finally struck back, as no one is supposed to raise a hand to Muslims (see Koran). We need to understand that “radical Islam” means a modern more inclusive Islam, not believers who murder in the name of Islam.

  2. Howard, this is precisely why Texas is on the brink of Texit. We also see where the SCofTUS ruled against us on our 10th amendment right of state governance. WE out of here

  3. Great article. We must stand firm or we will lose and there will be no coming back. WAY TO GO BRITS, CANADA, THE USA, AND FOR TRUMP “GET UR DONE”!!!! Thanks for always telling it just as it is.

  4. I expect that if Trump overcomes the Clinton machine of stealing elections, and gets elected by the “people”, that the left will demand a new election. When the left doesn’t get their way (here and abroad), they’re like a bunch of school bullies. I think like William earlier, if Clinton does win, that Texit (love the term) is very much in the cards!!! Fasten your seat belts… it’s going to be a rough ride. More reason to make Texas your permanent home. Come on down.

  5. I have wondered if Texas is on the brink of Texit. It would surely focus the issues in this nation. I can’t help but believe that there will be a tidal wave of support for Trump due to the strength of our disgust at the Ruling Class, which will overrule our dislike of Trump. That is, if it’s not too late, since so many have been dumbed down and now can vote.

  6. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of today’s media empire.

  7. The Dow Jones before Brexit was 17,867 and dropped to 17,200.On Tuesday morning the Dow is 17.322.Still down 500 points but how long will it take the Hedge Fund managers to start buying again and reap all the profits of a 600 point drop. Hillary said that Americans lost over $1.5 billion from their 401K’s. When the market returns to where it was last Wednesday and the fund managers make millions, where do you thing the profits will go, into your retirement or into their pockets through bonuses.

  8. On the Media and Journalism……, WTF happened to honest reporting, no censorship, no bias or ignoring the truth in reporting? WTF happened Howard? How did we allow this? How did we get here? Where is Walter C. and Erik S. when we need them now more than ever? One thing for sure we all found out last week; Polls and pollsters do lie! God help us when the press is no longer free. Thanks for the post Howard. Spot on as always!

  9. Right to the heart of the matter……AGAIN, Howard. Love it!!!!

  10. Some one once said believe little of what is spoken in the street as they are rumors,half what is written,and nothing fromTV talking heads and their valuation
    of politicians.

  11. Watched “Schindler’s List” on TV last night. Think it can’t happen here? Why is our administration full of Muslims. Valerie Jarrett, runs the country for Obama and was born in Iran. Hillary’s right hand is a Muslim. The Nazis were only less than 20% of the Germans, yet they took over. That will look like a picnic if the Muslims take us over.

  12. Most media outlets are the people’s enemy. Turn off the news and pick up a good history book. Preferably before the sixties
    as the later additions are distortions. Billie

  13. You are correct. Polls and statistics are the media’s and govt’s way of manipulating truths and making things look different from what they really are, in order to sway those on the fence their way. They are the biggest scam. If for nothing else the people should intentionally vote against their polls just to show them they can.

  14. I will be heading for Texas sooner than later. I feel that I’d better get there while there is still room…..

  15. Amen on you assessment of the Swill-Hummmm interview on Foxy. As far as the Ethenol deal the main perp in this, ex talker Hastart is finally getting his come- uppance in the Minnesota pen or country club as it is sometimes referred to. He did pretty good for a public school teacher who now has the ability to pay vigorish in the millions. ADM and the Ill and Iowa corn producers made him very rich, thanks to Ehenol
    . Been screaming about this for years alas with no results.

  16. Brexit: before joining the EU and during, the UK was the financial capital of Europe. Why would that change now? Brit cars (now all owned by German companies) are sold in Europe. Why would that change? Brits can’t fish off most of its shores by EU orders. That will change. EU needs Brit products – that won’t change. Borders and immigration will now be Brit controlled. The losers of the vote want a redo; if they had won they would demand the vote stand, ergo hypocrites.

  17. Every day i read and see notes how the Banks are going to take our money from our accounts and there is nothing I could do about it could you please write something about that . I am 81 worked my whole life never took hand outs look to save a few dollars so my wife and children would have something from me when I go and so I would not have to grovel . Thanking you in advance Joe Yussieboy .

  18. Keep powder dry for sure. Second Civil War already begun. Many asleep. Alarm clock will be very rude awakening. Be vigilant. Completely agree, Mr. G.

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