Chris Wallace Made Me Do It


I wasn’t gong to write an Editorial today, but when the urge hits – that’s the time to strike . . . I mean WRITE.

Anne and I had a GREAT breakfast yesterday (Saturday 25th) on our Deck, with several friends, where I cooked-up a veritable Breakfast Feast and then we did some work around the property with our Horses, and went Bar-B-Q shopping at Lowes.


Well since I asked? . . . SHOOTING at our Ontario (Cornwall) Range on this incredible Day, where the temperature was teasing at about 100-Degrees Fahrenheit, with a pleasant Breeze, where we used the Tactical Course and shot some Videos for subsequent YouTube Editorials . . . was better.


Anne took her Miata Sports Car with the Top Down, as I rode my Bike slightly faster than the Law Allows, leaning into and hugging the curves, only to gun it in the straightaways. Now that’s better too.

And at the end of this portion of the Day, we celebrated with some Dairy Queen Ice Cream, before returning to the farm to a very excited Stryker and happy April the Cat.


IN FULL DISCLOSURE . . . I never liked Wallace’s father, not even a little bit. He was a sanctimonious Shmuck, who figured that he had all the answers and was a better person than his viewers.

I remember watching him give an interview to whomever, where he smugly said that he was often criticized by the Right, as if it was a badge of honor, where more to the point . . . he added that even certain elements of the American Jewish Community called him a Self-Hating-Jew, to which he answered – that it was only “their” way of showing disdain for his positions.

Chris Wallace’s Father didn’t get it . . . and neither does the son. The Conservative Jewish Community called Mike Wallace a Self-Hating-Jew because that is what he was, in addition to being a Scornful Sell-Out.


So, after watching Chris Wallace with his ELITIST Panel, analyzing everything from the Polls, especially from CNN, that Shows Trump falling behind Hillary Clinton, to the British Decision to give the FINGER to a CORRUPT European Union, and to the House Democrats’ latest moves to Control Guns and the SECOND AMENDMENT . . .


TO ASSUAGE HOW WALLACE DESTROYED THIS DAY . . . I turned off FOX News with great pleasure, and went to Jukebox Oldies, playing the kind of Music that was REAL Music, way back when, when Talent WAS NOT Created and Contrived . . . but rather came from the Heart and the Soul . . .

. . . Much like Canada and the USA came to become great Countries before the LEFT created and contrived CRAP, which they peddled as the REAL THING.

THINK ABOUT IT . . . All these fantastic songs from the 1950’s through the 1960’s are STILL FANTASTIC, yet the manufactured BS that passes for music today, where the “performers” can’t perform without a MILLION Dollar stage setup and effects, whose songs are generally great for a day, and long forgotten tomorrow, WHILE OUR MUSIC WILL LIVE-ON FOREVER.

Anne and I saw some of the REAL GREATS live on Stage, who showed up with a Guitar in hand, and maybe a three-piece back up, with no Gazillion Dollar Staging and Sci-Fi Lights or Audio Special Effects. JUST RAW TALENT.

These GREATS just sang their hearts-out to an incredibly appreciative Crowd, who could sing all the words with them, even when the lyrics were 50 and 60 Years Old.


That’s when America wasn’t a Contrived Nation, and was a Welcoming Beacon with the ICONIC words etched on the Plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty:

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

NOWHERE ON THE STATUE OF LIBERTY . . . does it say; give me your huddled masses to live off American Largesse, and demand their foreign Culture and Religious Cult to Usurp the Judeo/Christian Philosophy and Values, which created the greatest FREE SOCIETY ON EARTH.

THERE IS NOWHERE ON THE STATUE OF LIBERTY . . . that says; come to my shores and sneak-in anyway you can, in numbers we can’t control, and wave the Flag of your country of Origin in place of the Stars and Stripes.

THERE’S ALSO NO PLACE ON THE STATUE OF LIBERTY . . . that promises a FREE-RIDE in the United States of America, or Preferential Treatment, because of your Skin Color, Gender or Religion.

AND THERE IS NO PLACE ON THE STATUE OF LIBERTY . . . where it says that the American people must be subservient to the Politicians and the Bureaucrats, and should take a BACK SEAT to anyone.


I can only say, that after Trump’s incredible last few Days, in comparison to how the Media have all but dismissed Hillary Clintons EGREGIOUS CRIMES against all the American People, and how they’re still at it . . . is unconscionable.

And then there are the British People who fought to win back their SOVEREIGNTY against UNIMAGINABLE ODDS, by an astronomical volley of LIES, FEAR MONGERING & INTIMIDATION that was flung at them from every direction through the WILLING MEDIA, but even with all of that, the FREEDOM and FREE WILL of the People prevailed.

Even though the EURO TRASH ELITISTS got the HOLY CRAP kicked out of them, the Media is still trying to convince the People that they made the wrong decision . . . and didn’t know what they were really voting for.

AND THEN THERE WAS THE DISGUSTING DISPLAY . . . of desperate LEFTIST Adults sitting on the floor in the House of Congress like Hippies, pretending they were back in the 60’s . . . less the Marijuana and a Tambourine, singing WE SHALL OVERCOME, as if wiping out the TRUE MEANING of the 2nd AMENDMENT is something they should be proud of.


I watched this Group of Elitists, if not all, but most of whom are RICH MEN AND WOMEN, who live, work and mingle in places where common folk like you and me would never be invited, even if we promised not to wet-on-the-floor and NOT eat with our grubby fingers, as they sat and pontificated, as if they had all the answers, and if we would JUST SHUT THE “F” UP AND LISTEN TO THEM . . . everything will be OK.

Well . . . I’ve got news for them . . . that’s why I wrote this Editorial, because their Day’s Coming Too – Sooner than they think. And disturbing a Perfect Day to get this off my chest made it worthwhile.

Now, I’m going to Bar-B-Q Supper and get back the MOJO from the 50’s and 60’s music that is medicine to my soul.

PS – Thank you for all the supportive and kind comments I’m receiving for the YouTube Videos. Anne and I are working hard to get them right, to the point where we can hope that they too can make a difference.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. All I can say is Yahoo, Great Post and I agree with all you said!!!

  2. You are, as usual, right on the mark, Mr. G. If we fall through the grill, there’s no other place that offers what our founders set up for us. Canada is going the same way as the states, which is doubly discouraging. I don’t know if Trump is the answer, but he seems to be our last best hope; Hillary is a death sentence. WWIII is her cup of tea, as she is a warmonger and an idiot, drunk with the thought of power. Keep singing that good music — we need it more now than ever.

  3. Yesssss! The 50’s/60’s music! I have tried to explain the effect. “Medicine to my soul” is a good way.

  4. I can’t believe the media when they say Trump is way behind Hillary in the poles. This is what they want the American people to believe. In my area 90 out of 100 say they are voting for Trump and those with the internet are even more for Trump. The only news some get is the TV and news papers they are very uninformed or they have a Government job. One of the most hard headed Democrats that I know, an Obama lover has changed his mind and seen the light, I think it will be a landslide for Trump.

  5. I love the music of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s & can sing some of them in the right notes. I 1st song I learned was Pennies from Heaven & mother had me sing it for guest. Willy Nelson does NOT get the right notes in the old songs, he uses his own notes. I know the words and notes as they were sung back when they 1st came out, Popular or Western. Bing Crosby, Frank,Jimmy Dickens,Nate, Hank Snow these were SINGERS. Today, SCREAMERS.

  6. Fox News would do well to get rid of Chris Wallace. I don’t care who his guests are, I won’t watch his smarmy smile and “gotcha” questioning. Substitute anchors are a breath of fresh air. As for George Will announcing his departure from the Republican Party: So what! Good riddance. He and his ilk are part of the reason the party is in the state it is in today.
    Sorry Wallace ruined your day. God Bless!

    Anne Mutter Romeo, MI USA

  7. I had no idea others may feel the same as I regarding Mike Wallace & Son.. Smug, Elitist, Pontificating Bigots. I believe there are enough voters who see the handwriting on the wall and are ready to take on the Elitists & CEOs. And with O & H weighing in to tell the Britex what is good for them may have TURNED the corner for America as it did G.Britain. I think the November 2016 Election Date will be better then the Britex leaving the EU. MYPOV Enjoy the rest of your day, Mr. G.

  8. I must mention that I host a radio program on CKLU (Laurentian University ) in Sudbury, Ontario. The local frequency is 96.7, it’s better to google CKLU & follow the links. I’m 80, grew up with a Mother as a vocal teacher heard all the “good” music as a child. My program is called “Bring Back The Memories”& any senior who enjoyed the music of the 30s, to early 60s will enjoy it. Fridays are seniors’ day until 3:00 I invite you to listen. I take the mike at 2:00 eastern time.

  9. HA!!! Are we genetically related in some way….or are you reading my mind? 🙂 How sweet it is, Howard. Just let it keep rolling.

  10. It has been apparent for some years that the democratic leaders and the Black Couscous in particular, are all out of the sixty’s civil rights movement and that they see that as their glory days and would like to go back there.

  11. Thanks for a walk back in time to remember the “good old days” of real music. Also the remarks about the words on the Statue of Liberty. Just want back the America we remember as kids with pride in our country. Bless you Howard.

  12. Just sharing our voter preference here in Western Pa..To all the other Bloggers..Like Dale.. Not one Hillary sign and Trump signs everywhere..small to very large Billboards with Make America great again–even a Trump House in red white and blue..Painted like a flag and you would have to search HARD for a Hillary supporter…Don’t know how the polls can be accurate..Thanks for a Late Sunday Treat Howard.Your blogging can not be beat and is highly awaited ever day..Thanks again from Trump Country!

  13. I have never understood why FOX continues with Wallace and his swarmy, deceiving ways. If he’s going to be a left-winger, just be it, like Juan Williams. At least he has the guts to admit it.

  14. Thank you, sir, for giving us a place where we can feel at home reading your editorial and the comments of like-minded folks. Love the videos, keep them coming!

  15. I also miss the 50s and 60s music most of all I miss the big bands! Real music, not jungle crap.

  16. Another great editorial Howard, I was lucky to be a teenager in the 50’s and listen to the oldies station with the 50’s and 60’s music. Keep the editorials coming.

  17. Funny….I was thinking and feeling exactly the same as you today after Fox Sunday News. That panel had enough elitist arrogance to supply the entire staff at MSNBC. Sure wish Andrea Tantaros would come back, and that egotistic twit Geraldo Rivera (aka Jerry Rivers) would take a hike. Juan Williams is just pathetic…A useful idiot. Well, enough complaining! Have a great week, and don’t forget to play your “Trumpet.”

  18. Wonderful blog today, Howard. I can’t remember ever not loving music until Rap started. That is when I refused to listen. I rarely listen to today’s music, either. I am always looking for the Oldies but Goodies radio stations. I also love the Big Band music. Glen Miller is my favorite – String of Pearls – In the Mood – Moonlight Serenade – Little Brown Jug – Penn. 6-5000 and most of the rest. My love of the Greatest Generation’s music still lives within me. The 50’s & 60’s weren’t bad either!!!

  19. This weekend 2 boat loads of illegal cubans came ashore in s.fl,Due to a out date program started by ex president bill clinton we have the wet/dry foot policy which means if you make to U.S. soil you stay.Many of these illegals cross over by land from mexico. Florida jails are now 30% occupied with cubans, They get all the free stuff that those on welfare get and many work under the table pay no taxs. Hundreds die every year at sea and the coast guard returns thousand caught at sea.Time tofix it

  20. Howard, the jukebox oldies are great! I’m glad I get your views on the world in Australia, we get selective reporting and all the BS. Your stuff is great!

  21. Two weeks ago Peggy Noonan wrote that a growing number of Americans just want their country back. I believe that too. Hopefully the Canadians will also catch the bug soon.

  22. Yep…..the old songs had and have everything, including a knack to bring back memories whenever or where ever they are played. I miss lyrics that had meaning. More and more, Fox News is becoming like the music of today….NOISE and NONSENSE. Chris Wallace is a status-quo hack hiding in his Dad’s no substance shadow.

  23. Great editorial, once again. We turn Wallace off when he comes on, period! Loved your “day” sounds wonderful, will try and duplicate it soon. We love some of the 70’s music also, as in the Eagles, and some of the fine Motown groups that sang and one could understand the words. . .
    You made my Monday AM, thanks again.

  24. Yes, the 50’s and 60’s songs were the BEST! Also agree with one of the above comments that the media continues to claim that “Trump is way behind Hillary in the poles”. No doubt, the media believes that by focusing on this claim the people will begin to believe it—it’s called BRAINWASHING! TRUMP will have many announcements this week which will increase his ratings. Keep watching and AVOID the MAINSTREAM MEDIA! AMEN!

  25. Hi Howard – First of all keep up with the excellent editorials which I agree with 99 1/2 % of the time. I am with you all the way on your music preferences re the 50’s, however, every now and then a keeper does emerge. I would like to add that the modern day christian church music is no better than today’s popular garbage. Give me the oldies but goodies. I am also fed up with this gay pride crap which the media is forcing down our throats. It is as if it is more normal than straight. GOD BLESS.

  26. Some on Fox are definitely part of the establishment. We need a straight conservative network. It is often impossible to listen to the liberal idiots on Fox in its attempt to be “fair and balanced. I think a conservative network would do very well. Beck is trying but his libertarian views are typical liberal. He advocates voting libertarian which is a vote for Hilary. Too bad.

  27. Due to the convoluted laws in the USA the Dems and the FCC have seen to it that it is impossible to have a 100% conservative station and keep your license. Even Rush has to make some liberal exceptions at times due to these rotten laws which is why he skirts certain issues. All about the “balance” BS.

  28. When we leave church on Saturday night we tune in a wonderful disc Jockey of 40 and 50’s vintage Paul Berlin.. We always seem to tune in while a song or band is playing. We guess who it is although many like Vaughn Monroe or Nat King” Cole are easy to recognize. The station owned by our LT. GOV. Dan Patrick is all that is left in Houston and the show is 6 to 8 PM. This very conservative station always serves us well and this music is really appreciated.
    Bill Buckingham,Houston,TX.

  29. Question, Howard- Aren’t all those media/polls talking about Trump being behind Clinton the same ones who were telling me last Thursday night when I went to bed that the Remain vote was going to beat the Brexit vote?

  30. I thoroughly enjoy each one of your articles. Some how this one touched me in such a way as to make me thankful that I believe as you do. There are so many who just don’t get what America REALLY STANDS FOR. I just wonder why so many people don’t understand. I fully understand the politicians as they are mentally corrupted by the power and wealth they are able to achieve by thinking the way they do. But the citizens, it is such a pathetic shame.

  31. Thanks, Howard, for taking my mind off the coming “The 3 Amigos Summit” in Ottawa.

  32. Howard…..I am always in awe at how perfectly you lay all of this out for even we who are not all that savvy about who is who out there, because they all say the same thing and some of us do not know who to trust anymore. I forward your editorials off to many of my family members & conservatives…If I know anything, it is, if Hillary gets elected..there is no way we will ever turn things around…it will be too late after 4 more years of brain dead liberalism. Thank you for loving our country.

  33. Right on the mark again, Howard! Hillary is dangerous. She’d be even worse than Obama, I think. And then, of course, we Canadians are presently saddled with Trudeau. God help us! Re the 50s music ….. the best! Kingston Trio, 4 Preps, 4 Lads, 4 Freshmen …..fabulous harmonies! I recall a concert I attended to hear the Kingston Trio, Connie Frances, and Louis Armstrong! Wow!! That was music!

  34. Agreed on every point. 100% on the music. My grand daughter is 16 an loves our old melodies against the”modern” loud, screaming noises. We are lucky to have a large CD collection. As for Wallace, I have a real dislike for him, the worst anti-Semites are the former Jews also like George Soros, John Kerry… I found Business Fox more interesting and informative but heavy pub. Two other conservative channels I enjoy: OANN, great, no pub. and NewsMax, unfortunately not all TV providers have them.

  35. Agree with your analysis. The musicians want the big bucks for less talent. I will never forget the time Travis Tritt filled in last minute for Garth Brooks at the 1992 AMA’s. All he had was his guitar and sang Anymore. I have loved Travis ever since. He did a fantastic job. We need more artists like him.
    Also, if you listen to the news, it is all doom and gloom for “the Donald”. Let’s hope not. ABC………anybody but Clinton!

  36. Verily, verily, I say unto you:

    Keep it up, Howard – you are spot on.

  37. fuck you galganov.
    You are an asshole.
    Hilary will win.
    Trump is a fucker.

    you have a small penis.

    your wife has a smelly pussy.

    fuck you.

    Your horse are shit
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    fuck you.

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