Those Who Can Do . . . Those Who Can’t Regulate



The Elitists in Canada and the United States just don’t get it, which shows how far removed they are from the People who pay their way through life, from the Wealthy Bankers and Stock Traders, to the Ultra Privileged Public Sector Workers who have been cocooned in comfort and security.

The Labor Unions don’t get it. The Teachers and Professors certainly don’t get it. The Politicians don’t get it either, that ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WORK FOR US, because for generations, it doesn’t JUST seem that WE’RE WORKING FOR THEM, because we actually have been. But now the REVOLT is underway.


When Anne and I sold the Horse Farm, part of our plan was to build a much smaller house that would have been easier to maintain, cost less in taxes, and less in heat, light, and electricity.

SO . . . I DREW UP THE PLANS – and arranged for the contractors, agreed upon labor costs, and priced out all the costs for materials to build the entire home, which from my own personal experience in building our previous home, several horse barns, and doing major renovations in the past, was a slam-dunk for me.


First problem was to get a telephone call returned by the Bureaucrat at City Hall in a timely manner, in this case it was South Glengarry . . . generally not until the next day or longer; because, very often, she was at meetings with other Bureaucrats or on courses. They love their courses and meetings.

The second problem, was setting up an appointment with the Permits Manager, because, to him, he was obviously more important than GOD, and busier to boot.


Then it came down to how Anne I should build our new home, which was designed to be simple and totally uncomplicated. But, according to the Permit Manager, who did me a huge favor just by returning my call and speaking to me . . . he hit me with a mountain of Rules and Regulations that added more than a month’s time on the length of the Construction . . . and Tens of Thousands of Dollars to the cost.

Dealing with this PIPSQUEAK, whose salary – others and I pay for through our taxes, who will retire like a KING on our money when he hits 55-Years Old, had the power to be abusive, obstinate, condescending, obstructive and downright nasty . . . all of which he was. AND THERE WAS NOTHING I COULD DO ABOUT IT.

It seems that when you go to City Hall, the Public Servants Circle The Wagons, and protect their own, INCLUDING the Town Council and Mayor, since it appears to me, that they see their position in life, as it’s them against the Tax Payers.

I wasn’t the only person to have been so turned-off by this Public Sector Worker, and the attitude of the Council, that people like Anne and myself, simply said SCREW-IT, it isn’t worth it, and took our plans elsewhere.

Contractors stopped building in the Township as well, because it wasn’t worth the aggravation and stupid extra costs for them to build there, and still hope to make a decent profit . . . which, when Anne and I built our Horse Farm there more then a decade ago, it was a pleasure, BUT NOT ANYMORE. So people and Contractors aren’t building there, and have taken their business and construction elsewhere.

When Anne and I first moved to South Glengarry, we built our Horse Farm on a Gravel Road, which was a new experience for us, and to our chagrin, we soon discovered the nightmare of living on a road that wasn’t properly maintained, and when we called the Township for them to send the Grader to fix the road, the first reaction from the Roads Manager, was . . . that’s how it was living in the country. And everyone wants their road graded, and they will get to us in turn.

OUR REACTION WAS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT . . . “You’ll either fix the road by the end of the day, or the next contact you’ll have with us, will be through our Lawyer”, and they knew that I didn’t bluff, so our gravel road became the best maintained gravel road in the Township. But that’s not the way it should be.


Wherever the LEFT holds power, whether in Cities like Detroit, Chicago and even in New York . . . or in States like California, where there are so many rules, regulations and restrictions, people who are the MAKERS are leaving.

In provinces like Quebec where the government tells you in which language you must communicate, English speakers with money have either already left or they’re going.

In the Province of Ontario, where the LEFT reigns supreme, and costs and taxes are going through the roof, Companies and MAKERS are looking elsewhere for greener pastures.

So, whether it’s in a small farming community like South Glengarry, or a Powerhouse State like California, PEOPLE OF SUBSTANCE are leaving, with the inevitable mess to follow.


The Liberals throughout Europe, and here in North America are screaming RACISM and BIGOTRY against the people who voted to LEAVE the Nameless and Faceless Bureaucracy of the EU, because they can’t see the TRUTH for what it really is. And finally . . . They’re getting their comeuppance.


To see my brand new VIDEO (11-Minutes) just posted on YouTube, about this EXIT from Bureaucratic Hell by the British . . . and how it will affect us here in North America, but more specifically in the USA . . . CLICK HERE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Yes Hitler was bad but Stalin was a thousand times worse. From 1933-1939 Hitler killed 2or300, mostly fellow Nazis In the Roehm purge-1934. However, Stalin deliberately starved to death millions of Ukrianians in 1933. Then in 1937 Stalin and Yezhov NKVD head. came out with a policy wherein the male head of every German household was taken out and shot. I know dozens of people who lost fathers, brothers and cousins. Millions of others died in the Gulags. Yet we fought and died for Stalin.

  2. Yes the liberals in North America and Europe will get their comeuppance – but they won’t change their minds.

    Texas Tom

  3. No, they won’t change their minds. They will simply blame their misery on the “right”.
    What makes me sick, is when the libs turn their controlled cities & townships into festering crap, then they move to greener pastures. These are the places conservative policy has allowed to flourish. But, they bring their liberal attitudes with them.

  4. Having spent 3 of my 4 year in active USAF service in the UK (’66-’69) my great experiences and terrific memories I gained there completely support the BREXIT! I was fortunate pre-EU. Since the harsh reality of what Socialism is all about hits again, I applaud the UK for their move. The “stake-in-the-ground” they planted is coming to the USA and Canada. May take some time…., but it is coming. GO UK!!!! and take our USA and Canada countries with you! Good for you UK!!! Good for you!!!

  5. Plato was right. Democracy (“authorityof the crowd”) is destined to descend,
    via complacency then apathy, to despotism. Your experiences, Howard, indicate
    that we have arrived.

  6. I thought you were aware that we, in the US, have been working hard at deporting many liberals and leftists to Canada for years. The problem is they have issues in blending in with the Canucks. We are sure the current Ottawa government won’t send them back because they embrace those lost souls so they gave many of them jobs in local municipalities. They blend in somewhat with other Canadian bureaucrats because they thrive on control because handling and approving activities makes them happy.

  7. If you live in the U.S.we are being taxed to support government employee’s which 25% are not needed.we are taxed ,city,county,state and federal and we have allowed a bureaucracy to control are lives. The people we elected to congress
    have given them self’s special privileges,one term and life time retirement and free health care and on and on..Who to blame for this.we the people are for allowing it Now is the time to correct our mistake Vote every one in office out in every government

  8. Unfortunately, when the elitists and the money people leave an area they take their liberal views with them instead of leaving them behind and as with the cult of islam they make a mess out of the new place they move to. They refuse to believe they are part of the problem or are the problem. It seems the richer a person gets the more senile, arrogant, and elitist they get.

  9. The One World Order is going to go DOWN the tube. The Elitist will NO longer be in control. We The People will be in control. NAFTA needs to be rescinded, which will be a START to let the CEOs know….WE are in control. Next…as the USA did in previous years….there should be QUOTAS on immigrants. The INS needs to step up and do its original JOB. We have the manpower, just NOT the AUTHORITY from the WHITE HOUSE. NEXT–Gov’t Employees–too many of them. MYPOV

  10. Howard, I loved the video. I know your very busy, but I hope we see more of them. I couldn’t agree more completely with everything you said. I especially agree with your comments regarding the 2nd amendment and the privileged class in congress who think an increase of .02% in social security payments is fine, together with an increase of 20% in the Medicare insurance premium. If Hillary wins, it will be pitchforks and torches. Pray she loses and January 20th comes quickly.

    Bill Larson

  11. Suddenly the PQ in Québec wants to praise the Brexit when the reasons for leaving are completely the opposite for the PQ who wants more state when Britain wanted LESS state. Do a google search with PQ and Brexit and see how opportunist this party really is.

  12. I was surprised that so many were talking about the doom and gloom of a dropping stock market. If you were a hedge fund manager with a billion dollars,wouldn’t you have a “SELL” order out on Friday morning so that on Monday or Tuesday when the market started to recover, you could buy all the stocks back earning a quick 5% to 10% profit?

  13. I understand, and yet don’t understand; if you/they do what they always did and get what they always got – why do they keep blaming others for THEIR FAILURES. If they want a different outcome – then they have to do something different! How hard is that to figure out regardless of what side you’re on? It’s not rocket science – it’s common sense based on experience and history. But what do I know…I’m just a conservative – Howard thank you for all that you do with the voice that you have.

  14. We the MAKERS do get it and the revolt is underway. Hope the revolt gains speed before the election. Says something when Trump was in favor of them leaving the EU and Obama told them not to. Perhaps Britain just did their own (Boston Tea Party) and now it’s time for the US to do the same. Thanks Howard for good reading each day and lots of good common sense.

  15. The attitude of the Permits Manager in South Glengarry is far too common
    in our present society. The British call this “Insect Authority”.

  16. Kudos to Britain for getting out of the UN! Personally, I would love to see the UN disbanded. It seems to me to be a big anti-Israel hate-fest.

  17. With this referendum from the UK voters – The EU needs to take a good look at what they are doing! There are other countries wanting to get out of the EU. The concept of a New World Order has been smashed, for the moment. I think many Leftists and Elitists wanted to join the EU or create another multi-country union similar to the EU. In my book, the voters in the UK are just as sick and tired of what is going on around the world, as we are!

  18. I’ve come to believe the Elitists, the Labor Unions, the Professors & the Teachers, Do Indeed get it. They get that the people of both our countries won’t do a damn thing or good thing to change the status quot! Working at a University in NC I had the “opportunity” to have some discussions with a few “Professors”. These Liberal minded people know they won’t get challenged, especially by students. Never mind their parents! Their views are what we fought against! NOT ANYMORE! PC has come!!!!!

  19. Unfortunately the Liberals will dig in. That is what they do. They can’t possibly be wrong. More of the same is definitely better in their minds. I found Ayn Rand late in life and she completely comprehended the Liberal mind.

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