I stayed up until the early morning hours, following the Blow-By-Blow results of the EU BREXIT REFERENDUM, almost assured that the will of the people would be to leave the CORRUPT EUROPEAN UNION and the FAUX-SAFETY the UNELECTED Elitist Bureaucrats promised.


If the Elitists are stunned by the results . . . it’s because their arrogance blinded them from the TRUTH. No different than the Blindness of the North American LEFT.

And now the LEFT have started yelling that the People who wanted their Country Back from the Elitist Bureaucrats . . . are Bigots and Racists, which is the same CRAP that is hurled at people who yearn and fight for Individual Rights and Freedoms in Canada and the USA.

And if you’re an American, this is a message that CANNOT be lost on you Vis-A-Vis the coming November Election. And if I were a Democrat, I’d be far more worried than just somewhat.


More than 100 Democrats OCCUPIED the House of Congress, from Wednesday June 22nd through June 23, 2016, singing the ICONIC LEFTIST ANTHEM of the 1940’s LEFT . . . We Shall Overcome, in reference to keeping Honest Americans from their RIGHT to own Firearms.

In the HEADY Days of the 1940’s (September 1948) . . . the People sang We Shall Overcome as they defended UNION RIGHTS, which has since been adopted for all Protests, including the Honest-To-Goodness Criticism of Racism against Black Americans.


The words . . . “WE SHALL OVERCOME” – are yesterday’s Battle Cry for all aggrieved people, who stood for LEFTIST issues of every description . . . GOOD, BAD, RIGHT OR WRONG.

BUT TODAY, THEY SING IT BECAUSE IT SOUNDS LEFTIST COOL . . . and gives Cachet to whatever the LIBERAL cause might be. So let’s a have a look at what the LEFTISTS in Congress are fighting and singing to OVERCOME.

1 – We shall OVERCOME the meaning of the US CONSTITUTION.

2 – We shall OVERCOME the integrity of the US CONGRESS.

3 – We shall OVERCOME the Values of the AMERICAN DREAM.

4 – We shall OVERCOME the concept of a MERITOCRACY.


6 – We shall OVERCOME the will of the PEOPLE.

And when it comes right down to it, these are just a smattering of the issues the LEFT want to OVERCOME, all of which has made America so GREAT over the Centuries . . . GREAT to the point of carrying the entire World.


In the Attorney General’s (Loretta Lynch) Press Conferences . . . First she said that she had to REDACT the conversations the Florida Moslem Murderer had with 911, to protect the privacy of the Victims and their Families.

Then she said that she had to REDACT the information to stop propagandizing the spread of TERROR.

Then she said, that she had to REDACT the information because she doesn’t know what caused the self confessed Moslem Murderer to do what he did.

Then she said that she decided NOT to REDACT all the information, because the Public had a right to know, but didn’t release all of the information, I guess because she didn’t believe that the Public had a right to know everything.

And then she got caught EDITING what the Moslem Shooter said, by SUBSTITUTING his word ALLAH for her word GOD.

Loretta Lynch has been INSISTING, just like Obama insisted right from the beginning of his Presidency, that TRANSPARENCY is the hallmark of her Department.


So, when Lynch was just asked by the Media in a Press Conference, who’s decision was it to REDACT, and then NOT to REDACT the information, whether it came from the White House, the FBI or from Her?

Her response was that this information would not be forthcoming. In other words, it’s not the business of the people to know who Flip-Flopped . . . SO MUCH FOR TRANSPARENCY and respect for the people who pay her Generous Salary, Perks and Pension(s).

Based on this information, which has nothing to do with speculation or innuendo, and 100% to do with RECORDED NEWS FACTS, how can anyone really believe that Hillary Clinton is going to get Indicted for her many Crimes again the American People by this DOJ?


Not all Judges are IDIOTS, and not all people believe the CRAP fed to them by the Media, but that won’t stop the LEFT and the Black Lives Matter JERKS from continuing with their Verbal TRASH.


Even though the USUAL FOUR LEFTIST Suspects on the Supreme Court ruled in Favor of Obama’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL USURPATION of the Immigration Laws, which, by LAW, is in the exclusive domain of Congress, The FOUR Conservative Judges saw it the way it should have been interpreted, and upheld the opinion of the Court of Appeal, that ruled AGAINST Obama’s END-RUN around the Constitution.

 As Bob Dillon Wrote & Sang In 1964  . . . The Times They Are A Changing:

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The revolution is gathering steam all around the world. Enough lies. Enough appeasing evil. Enough stealing our money to feed people who don’t WANT to earn their own. Enough blowhard politicians who do nothing but live off the teat of the nation. Enough allowing an evil “religion” to enter our land and plot to conquer it as its adherents try to terrorize us into submission. ENOUGH!
    “From time to time the tree of liberty must be refresged with the blood of patriots and tyrants”
    -Thomas Jefferso

  2. Times ARE changing. We are exerting our Voting Power. The Brits did it. I believe in November 2016 the Americans will do it. The Supreme Court judges did it. Perhaps people are smarter then the average politician, even with the Mass Media’s contamination. Watching Trump at Turnberry Scotland today was superb. Yes there will be adjustments to be made. And NOT without problems. It is called Making Progress. The CEO’s are about to learn a LESSON. MYPOV

  3. I happened to hear the former PM of GB saying something to the effect that the voters did not take the advice of “the ruling classes” when they cast their votes for exiting the EU. “The ruling classes?” Now, tell me, when did the “ruling class” become a “class” in GB or in any other country? The voters in GB saw the hand writing on the wall and decided it was time to white wash the wall. Maybe it is a omen of things to come here in the States… We can only hope.

  4. Your blog today Howard speaks volumes! thank you!!!! “Billary” may not get indicted for her actions on a host of corrupt issues. But I do believe, what goes around will come around one day for her. Elected Democrats are a bunch of very rich people that work to convince very poor people to vote for the same Democrat rich people by telling those poor people that other rich people are the reason they are poor. The Dems that did the sit-in this week are by any measure, insane!!!!!!!!

  5. Just before and during the Nazi regime Political Correctness got the other guy into the gas chamber. Ditto in the USSR but same result. It can’t happen here?? Think deeply about it without the metaphors. Oh yeh, they use microwave ovens now.

  6. Literally thrilled at the British vote to divorce the EU. Will be equally+ thrilled if the media’s daily attacks at Trump, and the Dem’s led by Hillary, also backfire and bring even more in Trump’s camp to vote for him. I hope Nov is a landslide for Trump – just to shove it in the left’s & elitist’s faces. Then look out for created disaster O will use to declare martial law.

  7. Loved the blog, loved what the people so far have said but most of all LOVE what will happen in November!

  8. I’m not sure it would be legal (not that it would stop this administration) but I wonder if Obama will pardon Hillary before he leaves office? What she has done so far (that we know about) certainly exceeds anything Nixon ever did at least ten-fold.

  9. The U.K. vote to leave The E.U., though by the slim margin that it was, is a sign
    that a slim margin of people see the elephant in the room … jihadism.

  10. Your third paragraph re the elitist’s arrogance says it all. In addition, they all have mental disorders which limits their capacity to think about anything other than preservation of power for themselves. They are mean, evil and are really sick people and are truly cowards as you stated in previous blogs.

  11. Winston Churchill & Margaret Thatcher must be smiling. The will of the people won a HUGE victory. My hope is that this will arouse patriots in The U.S.A. & Canada to rise up to “Take our Country(s) back”. Leftism, Marxism, elitism be damned! Far too much squirming, twisting and compromising truth & facts by the “ruling class”. Far too much editing, beguiling, hide & seek to protect & promote secret agendas. The enemy within MUST be stopped Now. It is way past the 11th hour.

  12. EXCELLENT article, Howard! Let’s hope that AMERICA will have the same WINNING THRILL with a TRUMP WIN in November, as the BRITS are feeling now with their EU DIVORCE! It never ceases to amaze me how some people can be so BLINDED and DUMB RE: the MALICE which OBAMA & HILLARIOUS [Clintons] continue to display. Also, unless the FREE programs are ADEQUATELY & PROPERLY REFORMED, the GIMME-GIMMES will soon have to give THEIR “fair share” back because the GIVERS’ FUNDS are SLOWLY COLLAPSING. AMEN!

  13. Superb.. Every action by Obama and the left has been to change our mindset toward the acceptance of “One world government”. Strong nationalism is not acceptable. The flag may offend the illegals.. They burn our flag and Washington does nothing. Our young people are brain washed in public schools. Trump is our last hope.

  14. An interesting situation. The Republic of Ireland voted to remain in the EU. Northern Ireland, part of Great Britain, will leave the EU as will Scotland based on he majority vote. The currency will not be effected, the UK is not on the Euro $. Now the trade between the Republic and North gets a little confusing. This vote will not effect the free movement of people between The Republic and the other Islands provided they are Citizens. Could see Customs return in some form.

  15. Howard, I had to share my joy & relief at the Brexit victory – it shows that the British have not lost their soul – yet!! The polls kept predicting that the “remain” vote would win & I was bracing myself for it. By midnight last night, we went to bed knowing that there was hope!! This gives hope that socialism is NOT winning on the world stage – let’s hope the US voters remember that in November. BTW, Allah refers to the Muslim God specifically – not to the Christian God. Ask Malaysians!!

  16. As to the issue of who made the decision to withhold, and then not withhold, and then modify the information and change the wording of the statement regarding the Orlando shooting, consider this; The Attorney General as well as every other person employed by the executive department of the Federal Government serves at the pleasure and direction of the President of the United States. Now… You tell me who made the decision. Seems pretty clear, doesn’t it? Your welcome.

  17. Here are the 100 plus members of the house having a sit in to protest the public having guns when they are surrounded by men who have guns guarding them. Too bad they have the comfort of that kind of protection when they want to remove the 2nd amendment from law abiding citizens.

  18. The term treason and traitor applies to the demorats and rinos in America.

  19. Howard, O cannot pardon the psychopath until AFTER a trial resulting in a CONVICTION. As for me – the last 7 years have made me BITTER against most Democraps! Loretta Lynch has the utter GALL to publicly announce that LOVE is foremost when dealing with terrorists (or words to that effect). What the f–k is she talking about? I would LOVE to see her embrace a terrorist DESPITE the 3 foot long gun in his hands! The psychopath & she are old pals. Expect NOTHING from this DOJ until Trump FIRES HER!

  20. EXCELLENT! Your blog today, The Brits leaving the EU. Yes, O is a despot and the minions do exactly as told. No surprise. If Hillary is indicted and then pardoned it is still on the record and in history books (at least until the LEFT REDACTS the whole mess). I feel great today!!!!

  21. After WWI there was a proposal to form the “League of Nations” which the U.S. declined to join, and it was dropped. The Brits preserved their sovereignty by leaving the EU. Our Country should heed their good example and seriously consider
    seceding from the U.N. to prevent hostile nations usurping, by their vote, the sovereignty of the U.S. America should not ever send our military into war under the auspices of the U.N. Unfriendly countries should have no authority over the U.S.

  22. Howard the only thing you forgot is We shall overcome the second amendment

  23. Sorry Howard i’m commenting a couple of days late as i’m recovering from surgery . However your blog from two days ago about. Hillery’s lies and promises really hit home. I’m in small business I have a saying that has got me through tough times. Definition: Entrepreneur, one who lives on kraft dinner at minimum wage so he can pay his employees union scale.

  24. How embarrassing — The old farts sitting on the floor in protest, singing ‘We Shall Overcome’!!! John Lewis & Pelosi definitely remember the Civil Rights days. Their protest today is definitely NOT in the same vain, as it was in the 1960’s! They are trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment, plain as the nose on your face. To destroy the 2nd Amendment is to nullify the whole thing. We need our gun & weapons more now than ever. We are at war with Islam, bottom line. We need to protect ourselves.

  25. I also stayed glued to the TV watching the vote. Thank God they voted to get out of the EU. I always maintain that England was an island and did not belong in the EU. Hopefully this may get more people in the U.S. Thinking that it is time to make a change and vote for Donald Trump. Great blog as usual Howard. Keep them coming.

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