“If Wishes Were Horses . . . Beggars Would Ride”


I need to stop listening to Hillary Clinton’s Speeches, because the more I hear, the more I want to be believe, but then I snap back to reality, and realize that Fairytales only come true in Books and Movies.

TO LISTEN TO HILARY CLINTON . . . you’ve got to believe that everyone in America will have everything they want. There will be great paying jobs for all who want them. There will be FREE Colleges and no Student Debts. All women will be able to work and raise their children at the same time.

America will become competitive again through better industries, smarter factories, and an enhanced infrastructure. Because Hillary Clinton says so.

There will be NO MIDDLE CLASS TAX HIKES, but the rich will have to pay far more for their FAIR SHARE. And as for Wall Street and Hedge Fund Managers, the source of Hillary Clinton’s wealth and campaign funds, she’ll drop the sword on them too.

MORE THAN THAT . . . Hillary Clinton will make certain that every working American will be GIVEN a piece of the Action in the Company, where he or she is employed “Not instead of better wages – BUT ON TOP OF BETTER WAGES”.

BUT IT GETS BETTER . . . Hillary Clinton PROMISES that under her, America will be powered by Green Energy, and will lead the world in Green Competitive Industries, making the USA the Global Powerhouse it will be.

AND BY THE YEAR 2020 . . . Every home in America will have the Best Internet Imaginable, because she’ll make it all happen.

AND UNDER HILLARY CLINTON . . . She will end discrimination in America, where Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Gays and Lesbians will all be EQUAL, since I didn’t know they weren’t equal now.

And that she . . . once and for all – will END DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN in the work place, where women will finally get EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK, which I guess, based upon how she pays her campaign staff, it will start with her.

BUT ON – AND ON IT WENT . . . with Hillary Clinton delivering a Plethora of Platitudes, Promises and Rosy Skies, with her head BOBBING up and down, like we all used to see on BOBBLE-HEADS on the back ledges of cars, giving approbation every time she made a comment that she herself was impressed with.


“If Wishes Were Horses . . . Beggars Would Ride” . . . was a British Poem describing the uselessness of believing in Fairytales, since wanting and having were diametrically opposing realities, which sums up Hillary Clinton’s speech of June 22, 2016, and every other speech she has given and will give to get what she wants, regardless of how far removed she is from reality and sincerity.

IN THE LONG RUN . . . this Hillary Clinton Speech promised a Bold New Future in America, where everything was not only possible, but was guaranteed if she were to become President.

Hillary Clinton promised high paid jobs to everyone, coupled with sweeping REGULATIONS that promised the SUN & the MOON, but never said where these fabulous jobs would come from, or who would pay for them.

Hillary Clinton promised that everyone with an Entrepreneurial Idea, would have a CLEAR ROAD AHEAD of him or her with Red Tape being slashed, even though, in the same speech, she promised more regulations to be heaped-onto the existing mountain of regulations.

She promised higher wages to everyone, and to everyone a share in his or her employer’s profits, but still expects people to risk it all to build a business in light of losing their profits to employees.


PEOPLE LOVE TO BELIEVE . . . so much so, that far too many people are EASY PICKINGS for class LIARS and CON ARTISTS, the likes of Hillary Clinton, which is why so many people buy Lottery Tickets with their last dollar, or wait with Bated Breath for the knock on the door of the Publisher’s Clearing House . . . because they want to believe.

THESE BELIEVERS ARE EASY PREY . . . for the DREAMS of the LEFT, and the LIES of the Politicians, who buy the Sizzle, and have no idea how they’re going to PAY FOR THE STEAK.

So . . . keeping this in mind – we all have to know that a vast number of Americans will buy the Sizzle without caring about the cost of the STEAK, because they will VOTE for the unfounded DREAMS and Promises.

BUT, IF TRUMP STAYS TRUE TO COURSE . . . and continues to fight like a Back Alley Street Fighter, where the only rule is WINNING, and he keeps calling Hillary Clinton-Out, and never stops accusing her of her many Serious Crimes and Incompetence, and goes after everyone from the Director of the FBI, to the Attorney General, and the President himself, for not having Hillary Clinton Indicted – Trump will win the Presidency.

Wishes Aren’t Horses . . . And Beggars Don’t Ride

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Much of the world stood together during WW 11 and hit Hitler with everything they had at their disposal. Hitler was not as bloody as the Islamic butchers and yet I find the world leaders dragging their baby feet to confront this evil called ISIL and similar others. Worst leader obviously is Obama. In your opinion, do you contemplate a firm and united stand by the free peoples of the civilized world to rid us all once and for all of this threat?

  2. Unbelievable, there are just too many “stupid and uninformed” people that are wishing for horses. You can’t fix it and they will follow this crap to default. The government is simply corrupt to an extreme. Thank you for your insight!

  3. Right on Howard and ditto for Trudeau They are both pie in the sky leaders and will spend both our countries into bankruptcy I believe Canada will be there before the U.S.A Thank God we have our friend the Donald coming against the nonsense. WE could call him the no nonsense candidate. He will stand up against Iran, side with Israel, build his wall. That sure is not rocket science! Put motion detectors on top of d wall, with alarms blasting out from loud speakers and let Mexicans enter legally

  4. How disgusting can one get? I can’t think of any other politician other than Obama who is more disgraceful. The electorate on the far left just doesn’t get it. Deluded indeed.

  5. One visit to the risk taking investers to strip them of their next quarter’s investment money means no jobs, no profits, and no tax revenues fo the next quarter. When Hillary returns for more, the investers will have fled or be looking for a handout too.

  6. Your words here are exactly what Trump has to say in his next speech. How do we get it to him?
    You cover it all including saying the ‘no and low info’ folks easy pickings. Bullseye!!
    One of her outrageous statements that had me rolling my eyes was declaring that giving amnesty to millions of illegals will make for a much better job market for all. What? Did the suckers out there actually fall for that one?
    Keep up these wonderful messages Howard. I thank you.

  7. Plato predicted that democracies (“the authorities of the crowds”) are normally
    destined to descend into into despotisms, when enough of “the crowds” are
    taken in by the snake-oil salesmen’s promises, like those of Obama, Trudeau and
    Hillary. The U.S.A. and Canada have become so complacent and apathetic that
    we’re one step away from despotism. Donald Trump would reverse the trend.

  8. People in both the U.S. and Canada have to keep in mind – Luck is spelled W-O- R- K. You get nothing for free, you always pay somewhere… In Canada we have Trudeau, our Pie in the Sky Prime Minister, Hillary is 100 times worse. I have many friends south of the border. Most “were” democrats, now they are all voting for Trump. After Obama they recognize empty words.

  9. An America under hillary would be worse than any dystopian novel you have ever read. Her “promises” boggle the mind. Thanks, Howard, for keeping our minds clear.

  10. Is it just me or is everything worse than it was for the last 60 years ? economy , jobs , banking , security , self respect , willingness to work ? responsibility for yourself and your family ? WHAT changed ? The Politicians are the RESULT we see daily .People like Trudeau and Hillary and Obama ARE popular . Hillary will win, Trudeau will be re-elected , Obama would be re-elected if it were possible . You cannot fix what you cannot identify as the cause …

  11. Just look at what is happening in Alberta …slowly going the way of the great democratic country of Venezuela ..L.O.L…But look at airhead Trudeau spend ..spend.. spend and where is the money coming from ..YOU.. only a fool thinks there is something for nothing…

  12. I notice now that the “Dump Trump” movement is quietly admitting that chances of this happening is slim to none. Even
    if they did, who would they run against the H? All this hype going on at this time is just that. If he comes out of the
    Convention with the Torch, I feel you will see the real Tump and a big change in support. In that event Hillary will get her long awaited just reward.

  13. Thank you for your excellent summary. I did not watch/hear her as I didn’t wish to become sick or irate. I can’t fathom why anyone would consider voting for Hillary. She has no self respect. All she has are political/power ambitions. Any self respecting female would have divorced Bill decades ago for his many open and repeated infidelities. How can anyone else respect her, and thus, vote for her.

  14. BHO has CREATED a GIMME-GIMME society with HIS “giving everyone his/her fair share”! Of course HILLARIOUS wants HIS support, so she is making the SAME PROMISES. As it stands, almost 1/2 the Country is receiving “their fair share” and it’s increasing DAILY with BHO’s REFUGEE and ILLEGAL ALIEN support. Those who support HILLARIOUS want the FREE STUFF, so they DON’T CARE about her reputation/accomplishments. TRUMP has “pegged” her very well in his last speech and he WILL WIN! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  15. Comes to show that people do-not even know what they want, a lie, or want what they know, the truth.

  16. She and her followers are nothing but insane fools who are too stupid to give up on a totally failed Marxist ideology. It is a genuine mental illness. What is most worrisome is the fact that there are so many Americans who are willing to buy the insanity and lies and put these crazies into public office….at the highest levels yet!!! It wasn’t long ago that they were laughed out of town.

  17. If that draft dodging SOB, Bill Clinton, didn’t further set the scene strongly enough regarding the Clinton’s integrity and every facet of their mutual characters, polished to perfection by his Oval Office affairs with Monica Lewinsky, what the hell more do we need to give THEM to prove that we will have gotten everything we deserve? If we don’t rid ourselves of them NOW, GOD deserves to exercise his “smite thees” on US now, once and for all! B-29 Bud Farrell

  18. As Hilary herself has said- “Democratic voters are dumb, they will believe anything I say”.

  19. What the Donald has to bring to the attention of the voters is a step by step of hillary ‘s ,past starting with her job with the senate sub committee and the chairman removing her for false action and lies,white water investigation ,and the clinton
    charities the biggest scam of all they have illegally conspired lets not forget $200 thousand she stole in furniture from the white house.
    How i can tell when hillary lies,her lips move.

  20. I was telling everyone who listen before the 2008 election if Obama was elected it would be worse than any natural disaster this country has ever had. Now if the stupid and ill informed people elect Hillary it will be worse yet.


  22. The average fan of voting for Santa Claus is unaware totally that a government has no money but what it takes from its citizens via taxation. They have no knowledge of economics, believing that all a government has to do to raise money is to print it. That such printing establishes the inherent value of that money.

    Peggy: You are right. If Shrillary is elected, there will be a revolution. The vast increase in gun purchases is not about home protection, hunting or target shooting.

  23. I do NOT want to see America IF Crooked Hillary is elected. With Trump it will not happen over night, but Recovery of America WILL begin. And the LAY IN perpetrated by the DEMS to get Media Attention and stab the GOP….did NOT resonate with me. However; there were SOME who believed the B.S. Finger pointing that the NRA holds all GOP hostage because of $$ was the LAST straw for me. As always, you were SPOT ON, Mr. G. God Help Us.

  24. By now, it should be perfectly clear to anyone with more than a room temperature IQ that Hellary will say ANYTHING she thinks will help her get elected. Lies, promises that can’t be fulfilled, and hot air. And her main claim to fame is that she is female! She can’t point to a single achievement in her life, while she touts her “experience.” All she has experienced is failure and corruption.

  25. Hey! I’ll bet she’ll get The Nobel Peace Prize for all the things she PROMISES to do, Just like Obama, who received The Nobel Prize for doing absolutely nothing. But he sounded good, didn’t he?

  26. What Howard describes is exactly what happened in Canada and look at the disastrous results setting in here!

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