How Do You Spell Hypocrite? START WITH AN H . . .


I listened to nearly 50-minutes of CROOKED HILLARY, as she spewed-off against Trump on Tuesday June 21st, lying like a cheap Afghani RUG, hiding the dirt and dust that has accumulated under it over her lifetime, to conceal her mess.

Clinton spent slightly less than an hour in an exceptionally measured and boring TONE, listing all the many reasons why Trump should never be elected President, most of it, which was nothing but a plethora of innuendoes, unfinished statements, and virtually no solid conclusions.

What CROOKED HILLARY did was nothing short of a demonstration of DEMAGOGUERY at its worst.

CROOKED HILLARY pointed out that Trump went bankrupt FOUR TIMES, leaving thousands of creditors holding the bag, and HUNDREDS of employee’s unemployed. But, what she didn’t say was . . . where are the thousands of creditors who Trump left holding the BAG coming out to denounce him?

And if Trump had THOUSANDS of unpaid creditors as she claimed, that would put Trump in Bernard Madoff Territory . . . for which there is ZERO Evidence and not one CLAIM of such.

CROOKED HILLARY also failed to mention anything about the several hundred employees who lost their jobs due to Trump’s Four Bankruptcies . . . since after being let-go, their lives didn’t come to an end, because UNLIKE everyone in the PUBLIC SECTOR, jobs are NOT guaranteed. And when you lose a job in the Private Sector, you simply go looking for another.

But how could CROOKED HILARY know this, since she’s been sucking on the Public Teat for virtually her entire adult life?


It’s real easy for a LIFELONG Bureaucrat/Politician like CROOKED HILLARY, to sit in judgment of men and women who risk everything to be Entrepreneurs, as people like CROOKED HILLARY spend the people’s money as if they’ve won it in a lottery, while making fortunes selling favors they don’t own to Friends, LOBBYISTS and Foreign Governments.


Bankruptcy is a Legal Condition (remedy) the Government created to encourage Entrepreneurs to risk their Money, and the Credit they’re able to secure from the Private Sector, in order to build their dreams, so if they fail, the Entrepreneur can walk away and TRY, TRY, TRY AGAIN . . . or at least as many times as he or she is ready to get knocked down and get back up . . . AND NOT GO TO DEBTOR PRISON FOR TRYING.


And if Bankruptcy is a CRIME, call me a criminal, because . . . before I was able to finally get it right, I too went Bankrupt, and had to let my employees go, after paying them everything they were owed. But nonetheless, they were still unemployed. And when I write unemployed, I’m talking about a maximum of a dozen people.

Some Banks took a Hit, some Creditors took a Hit too . . . BUT IT WAS ANNE AND I WHO WERE DECIMATED. Yet, we got back on our feet, and TRIED, TRIED, AND TRIED – AGAIN.

And finally, after several failures, we built a company that employed hundreds of people over the years. We never missed a paycheck; we never missed a commission check or a bonus check. We paid ALL OF OUR EMPLOYEES MORE THAN MINIMUM WAGE, and over the years . . . we paid out MILLIONS of Dollars in income, and created services that were of substantial benefit to a whole slew of non-related causes to our business.

And because we made some money, it enabled me to FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL for the RIGHTS of others. Mostly out of my, and Anne’s own Collective Pocket, for Honest-To-Goodness Conservative and Social Causes, which included standing up to Language ZEALOTS in Quebec, while fighting for Freedom of Expression. But more than that, we also helped to create the conditions that fed as many as 6,000 mostly Immigrant French Speaking Hungry Montreal School Children hot meals EVERY DAY.

We helped feed and shelter Homeless People – men and women alike.

And because I was able to go Bankrupt without going to Debtor Prison, I was able to finally get it right, and launched a Two Million Dollar Campaign in Montreal and Quebec, in defense of Battered Women.

ALSO . . . because I was able to get as many chances I needed to succeed, I was able to fund Serious SPCA initiatives from saving Cats, Dogs and Horses, all the way to going out on the Atlantic Ocean, 30 miles off the coast of PEI, to help stop the Seal Slaughter, while on the Sea Shepherd with Paul Watson, the cofounder of Green Peace, where I walked out on the dissolving Ice Pack to place myself between the Seal Herd and the Seal Hunters, while broadcasting the entire event on LIVE RADIO via Marine Radio, back to our AM Station (CIQC) in Montreal.


And . . . before some LEFTIST Jerk accuses me of doing any of this for personal Benefit and Profit, which is the common refrain from people who TALK-TALK-TALK, while never making the effort to do anything themselves, much less risk what they have – Anne and I NEVER TOOK A CENT from any money EVER RAISED to support or defend the Freedoms, Animals and People we Championed.

But someone who has lived off the Public Purse, for his or her whole life, like CROOKED HILLARY has, he or she could never understand or relate to real personal SELFLESS sacrifice.


How much of the People’s Money has CROOKED HILLARY squandered on herself, friends and family? And how much has she actually created for the economy?

How many Jobs has CROOKED HILLARY actually created with her own money? And how many sleepless nights did she spend worrying about making Payrolls and keeping her employees employed?


Not only is CROOKED HILLARY absolutely incapable of running the economy of the United States of America, since she’s never run as much as a Lemonade Stand, but more to the point, where does Clinton come off criticizing Trump for letting several hundred employees go because of several failed businesses, while Trump employs THOUSANDS MORE, while she has NEVER employed anyone of consequence.


AND WHEN IT COMES TO THE WORLD . . . I think CROOKED HILLARY’S spectacular failures and lack of any real successes says all that needs to be said about her preparedness to be the Commander-In-Chief of anything, other than a squad of Girl Guides. And even there, I would have my doubts.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. At Dawn We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor ……/0140157344, Inc.
    At Dawn We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor [Gordon W. Prange, Donald M. Goldstein, Katherine V. Dillon]
    Authors conclude that FDR probably set it us. U.S. public strongly against war. Pearl changed all that.
    CITIZENS OF LONDON is a fascinating non-fiction read. It’s Americans in UK during the blitz.
    Wonder about Europe if der fuhrer hadn’t invaded Russia.

  2. Look up the word “failure” in the dictionary soon. Word has it that the latest editions will show a picture of Hellary next to it, and for good reason. Her achievements in life number exactly zero.

  3. Trump just called her the most corrupt individual ever to run for president. He spoke chapter and verse of her corruption, thievery, and of course her incompetence.

  4. Good article. When it comes to bankruptcies, even Walt Disney had at least one of those — imagine no Disneyland or Disneyworld if one followed Hillary’s narrative. I sure hope that the American voters elect Trump – for the sake of both the U.S. and Canada.

  5. If you examine the majority of entrepreneurs in the world that started a business risking every thing, many went bankrupt at least once. That did not stop them, they went on and started again. I myself went bankrupt at one point in life, got up after a period of self pity and got back on my feet. Hillary is a TAKER and has been one most of her adult life. Was she ever successful at anything? Yes she was, she was in getting FIRED by her own party during the Nixon impeachment for being dishonest.

  6. This is more than Hillary. Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s first advisor, born in Iran, Hillary’s right hand is Muslim. Eric Holder sold ammunitions to the Cartels, etc. Now she is considering Julian Castro for VP. He has no experience but one term as Mayor of San Antonio, Texas. He spent money to buy votes as fast as he could. His mother is very high up in LULAC which is as racist as it comes along with LaRaz. They are pro Mexican and Anti-American. They want to turn the US into No. Mexico

  7. Once officially confirmed, the gloves will come off and Hillary will be doomed. There will always be the libtards that will vote for her no matter how dirty she is found to be or just because she is a woman. Forget about that. Once DT forces her to answer the damning and guilt-riddled questions, her puny contrived allegations against him will pale to those with any reasonable IQ. A new tell-all book about Bill and Monica is set to be released one month prior to the convention. I can hardly wait!

  8. Howard…. Those of us who made it successfully in the private sector know exactly what you are talking about. BUT…..I know you understand you are trying to communicate with the no- nothings. The Marxist-indoctrinated fools who wander aimlessly through our “educational system” have no clue about owning a business of any kind. Ninety percent of them are DEPENDENT on working for someone who took the risks to develop and build a business. Obama…”You didn’t build that business.”

  9. Trump’s bankruptcies may have cost a few jobs. Crooked Hillary’s arrogant, reckless incompetence as secretary of state cost many, many lives. She should be tossed in prison. Hopefully Trump will see to that after he wins in November.

  10. Although I’ve never gone bankrupt (just by the skin of my teeth) I’ve lost everything twice now. I worked in the oil patch in Alberta(Coating Inspector), and we pretty much all know how that’s working out these days. BUT even though I’m 55 I’m working 3 jobs to make ends meet and sometimes those ends look pretty far apart. I’ve already got irons in the fire for two businesses and through hard work and a little help from my friends I should be up and running by November. Maker NOT a Taker.

  11. I saw clips of the Hillarious one criticizing Trump last night. She told the world that he will bankrupt the country. Where in hell has she been for the last 8 years? Her cronies have put the US of A on the verge due to, as Howard puts it, them supplying the takers and the expenses of health care, the Obamanation of social health. You have to know the money was not spent on defense against the middle east terrorist organizations.

  12. Some have eyes but do not see. Some have ears but do not hear.

  13. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see Hillary for the charlatan that she is. Unfortunately, such people are very few and far between among her supporters!

  14. According to CNN, Trump has already employed over 34,000 people throughout his financial empire.
    How many people have the Clinton employed?..OH! thats right there employees died.

  15. Hillary was part of the Obama Administration. By the end of his term, he will have deficit-spent approximately $9 trillion. That speaks volumes about fiscal management as far as I’m concerned.

  16. Isn’t it PECULIAR that when LIBERALS are asked to give ONE EXAMPLE of HILLARIOUS’ accomplishments as either State Senator or Secretary of State, no one is able to state ONE–I wonder why? She has the NERVE to ACCUSE TRUMP, an excellent business man, of bankruptcy issues, etc… Bankruptcy is NOT a crime! If it WERE, HILLARIOUS would definitely be GUILTY of that crime–somehow or other! Also, a FOCUS on VOTER FRAUD should begin ASAP, as it will be quite PREVALENT in November! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  17. Well stated Howard, I agree 100%. I was also thinking why do we need more laws on guns and ilegals entering the country? WE DON’T ENFORCE THE LAWS WE HAVE NOW! A law means nothing if not enforced. Trump keeps hurting himself to my dismay.

  18. You have been right so many times I feel bad correcting you spelling of Crooked Hil liar y

  19. So well put: like a cheap Afghani RUG, hiding the dirt and dust that has accumulated under it over her lifetime, to conceal her mess. I shall send this to everyone I know.

  20. Again, you covered the subject very well. The support for Hillary is, to a great extent, the result of the dumbing down of the US citizens by those in power. Hillary would be another step toward Agenda 21 and “U.N One World Government” We have a fight on our hands that few anticipate. It is not just the Democrats who are complicit. Trump stands in their way. Making America great again does not fit that agenda as only a mediocre US would allow it.

  21. Bil-ious & Killery. Immoral, crooked as ram’s horns. Howard, where is the “charity” that collects and LAUNDERS $$$$ to The Clinton Foundation? I understand that approx. 10% of these mostly foreign illegal contributions actually go to charity. The rest to Adulterous and Cankles and their cronies, protection, lawyers around world, hit men, etc. Are they hiding behind a Canadian law that prohibits disclosure of donor’s names and amounts funneled to Clinton Foundation? Devious & dirty if true.

  22. Even though my Hubby & I never owned a business, we also had to file bankruptcy. It was embarrassing for us until we realized that we were not the only ones. Many people were filing for both personal & business reasons. My Hubby lost his job, due to a major layoff at Lockheed. He was earning good money & had to go back to the start of much lower wages. We survived & learn a good lesson. Something the Government should learn. “We Can’t Afford It!!!”

  23. Great Points! You nailed it! Many successful people hit bottom and back. Those who take risks win and lose, including those investors who may have been on the losing end of bankruptcy. You just get smarter and make more money.

  24. Didn’t hillary recently say she was going to have Bill handle the finances or something to that effect which to me she is admitting she hasn’t a clue!

    Loved the article!

  25. The Donald will have a up hill battle to become president due to the fact people of color voted for Obama only because he claimed he was black. The same people who voted for Obama will note for hillary as obama came out to support her..We will be in deep doo-doo if hillary is elected ,a lire, thief, and traitor.

  26. Oh let’s not be too critical of “Crooked Hillary.” (I just love that moniker.) She has certainly had some successes in her life. Unfortunately, just as with her failures, they’ve always been highly expensive and destructive either to the country, the national economy, the lives of other people (you and me) and, in more than a few cases, to life itself (Vince Foster for example). Yeah… this broad is a real piece of work. Probably worse than Obama, although that might be a bit of a stretch

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