Trump Or Bust



I warned all the Readers of this BLOG over and over again right from the GET-GO, that Donald Trump was a Class-A Narcissist, and one of the least prepared candidates to become the Republican Nominee.

And just like virtually everyone who was paying attention from the beginning, I too had zero confidence that Trump would win the Nomination. But, to everyone’s surprise, including mine, Trump didn’t just hit on all the ISSUES THE PEOPLE CARED ABOUT, but showed just how much disdain the People have for the Political Class.


So, unless CROOKED HILARY is indicted, which seems most unlikely with every passing day, or is indicted, but has the charges put on hold until AFTER November, so as not to make the accusers look as if her accused CRIMES are POLITICALLY Motivated – it’s going to come down to Trump versus CROOKED HILLARY.

I DON’T LIKE TRUMP . . . As a matter of fact – there is very little that I do like about Trump. He seems to be all over the board on everything. And often contradicts himself – saying yes and no to the same proposition.

And when it comes to how he won the Nomination, I didn’t like the FACT that he was a real BULLY, and had insulted his way to the victory.

I’m also turned off on how Trump shoots his mouth off before thinking, and before asking for advice, and says things he has to walk back, for which there is no walking back. But he does it non-stop.



That sounds kind of ridiculous on the face of it . . . BUT IT’S NOT.

The CORE ISSUES Trump stands for, and has campaigned for CONSISTENTLY from DAY ONE, when he made the speech after descending on the escalator, coming down from Trump Tower, are the same CORE ISSUES, which a huge portion of the American People stand for as well.

And on those core issues, TRUMP HAS STOOD RESOLUTEwhich is more than enough for me.

AMERICA AND THE REST OF THE WORLD . . . is in so much TROUBLE, going back all the way to George HW Bush (41), Clinton (42), George W Bush (43), Barack Obama (44) and a US Congress that has acted more like a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION, than a body of Law Makers sworn to uphold the US Constitution, since the days when Newt Gingrich Left Congress, that it’s hard to see how America can recover.


I have no idea, and neither do you, if Trump will be a good President. I don’t know if he’ll do half of what he’s promising to do. And I don’t even know if Trump knows the difference between what’s real and what’s reality TV.

BUT WHAT I DO KNOW . . . is that when it comes right down to it now, America NEEDS some really BAD MEDICINE. America doesn’t need more Political Correctness and another Member of the Insider’s Club, or a favorite of theirs who they can control and rely upon in the White House.

No one with a Brain can look at the current American and Global Situation, and not shudder . . . but there are plenty of people who seemingly don’t have a brain, because if they did, the REALLY BAD ACTORS who make up Congress and every part of the American Political Scene, from villages to the White House, would never have been elected – OR ESPECIALLY REELECTED.

THAT LORETTA LYNCH, the US Attorney General had intitally decided NOT to release Tapes, where the Orlando Moslem MURDERER mentioned anything related to Islam, says all that needs to be said about the ARROGANCE of the people elected by the People, to withhold vital information, simply because they decided to.

And then to reverse herself, only because of the apparent condescension she and the Obama Administration had for the People, which showed them to be who and what they are . . . says just as much.


HERE’S ANOTHER REALITY WHY TRUMP MUST WIN . . . I am 100% convinced, that there is a huge number of Republican Insiders, who will do whatever they can, as surreptitiously as they think they have to, to make certain that CROOKED HILLARY beats Donald Trump, because their privileged position in society is far more important to them, than are the FREEDOMS of the People.


The fact that Republican Insiders, the Mass of the News Media, including Print, Radio, Television and the Internet, combined with just about all of the Entertainment Industry, Big Banks, Big Investment Houses, Big Corporations, Big Labor, Big Government and all other people who have something SERIOUS TO LOSE if an OUTSIDER like Trump becomes President . . . should be more than enough to make the average person want to vote for Trump.


The people and groups listed above . . . FEED OFF PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME, and have no interest in watching someone like Trump upset their perfect GRAVY TRAIN and sense of MORAL ENTITLEMENT, and will do and say whatever they can to protect themselves at all costs, which should send a message of FEAR to all people who cherish the American Dream.

The ENEMIES of Trump are no less the ENEMIES of the common man and woman who yearn to be FREE, and as far removed from government edicts as possible. And as far as I can see, the only person who could give the people what they want and DESERVE is Donald Trump.

AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . All people against Trump, of which there is a legion, are going to be inundating every facet of the Media with LIES and DISTORTIONS from every possible direction, INCLUDING so-called Republicans, showing Trump behind in the Polls, being mutually HATED by Hispanics, Blacks, Women, Gays and Lesbians. We’ll hear, see, and read how Trump CANNOT GET ELECTED, and will bring us to War, start a Depression, AND GET AMERICA HATED BY THE WORLD.

BUT IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS . . . how much worse can Trump be for America and the World, than the TRASH that has been in office, which for several generations has done so much damage to the American Dream, that I can’t see how it can possibly be completely restored?

Trump very well might not be my FIRST CHOICE for the White House, but at this juncture, not only is he the BEST CHOICE, regardless of whom might run for the Democrats if CROOKED HILLARY somehow gets bounced, HE IS THE ONLY CHOICE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Oils crashing, the US debt level is a mess, just like Canada…watch the housing crash coming to Canada as oil plunges…and government, well not much they can do (except print more phony money and lie), they created the oncoming mess…get ready, it won’t be pretty…

  2. I had to forward this to my daughter who can’t understand why I am going to vote for Trump. You laid the issue out perfectly. Thank you.
    Yvonne Fite, Benton, AR

  3. Spot On Howard. I said earlier just before Trump announced his run, I would vote for a dead worm if it got on the ballot rather than Crooked, Corrupt, Lying Hillary. Does anyone with a smidgen of brain left want another Clinton running this country. We know what a disaster that is going to be. With Trump, at least there is a hope. Hope is not a strategy, but it is all I and this country have left.

  4. I have done some reading on The Donald and spoken with many that I know in the business community in NYC. I was convinced early on that everyone underestimated The Donald and with good reason. His public persona is, to be kind, bombastic. But what I found out is that he is shrewd, calculating, and very well informed. I don’t believe for one moment that he is an “accident” but rather someone who is exactly what he says he is – an American who sees that a job is to be done and he can do it.

  5. Trump’s appeal to me is that he is far from P.C. His first answer is what he believes. Then he has to come back and make it more palatable (politically correct) Obama tells the world what he will do, tactically and strategically, years ahead. I want a loose canon. Do that and see how the US reacts. (You will be buried) Carry a big stick and use it when required. Few challenged peace when this was the case. Trump has the cojones to make the US and its true friends viable again. Agenda 21?

  6. Howard, agree completely….Trump may not be the best man for the job but believe he is the ONLY man who can do it!

    Colleen McIntosh

  7. Trump has my very vote and support. I believe he will be the best president ever.

  8. You are right on Howard. I find it reprehensible that the Republican elitists (and they know who they are) are not backing their nominee. The party should be behind their candidate 100% and they are NOT! Shame on the previous Presidents, Paul Ryan and all the others who got slammed by Trump and are “butt hurt” and won’t vote for their nominee. Sickens me! I pray for Trumps safety. TRUMP 2016!!!!!

  9. HG, superb insight concerning the Trump phenomena! You remind me of the 2 years, during the mid 80’s, when I saw a shrink, once per week. He had the ability to crystallize my own thoughts. After each session, I drove home feeling a whole lot better concerning the realities of my circumstances. That’s how I feel after reading EVERY editorial! Kudos!!!

  10. I have supported TRUMP with his many known personal flaws from the beginning. What high profile person does not have flaws.? Hillary is a greedy liar, her husband is a lech and a liar, the Bush’s are involved with secret organizations ad nauseam.
    TRUMP’S pockets are already lined with gold. I believe he is running as a patriot to help America. I believe he is ready for a new challenge and will flourish as President of the U S. We don’t have to dine with him.

  11. As long as I can remember, the Democrats have united behind their candidates, they have been organized & focused. Republican party the opposite, fragmented, run by insiders who can’t agree except that “their” opinions matter the most and to hell with “We the People”. They don’t know what to do with this “outsider”, except smear, degrade and subvert Mr. Trump. I agree that it will be a rough ride if Trump is elected. A quick course correction is needed before our Ship of State sinks.

  12. Trump was not our first choice but here he is. Everyone else was eliminated. The GOP should be ashamed to not back the candidate of WE THE PEOPLE. As a business man he will be great and knows that he needs to surround himself with good people. He will not be a ONE MAN SHOW like we have now. He is what the country needs now and we pray for his safety. Thanks for a great article Howard.

  13. How could anyone not vote for Donald Trump if they still believe in the American Dream. Thank you Mr.
    Galganov for your insight. I forward all of your blogs to my friends and my address book. Ashley Raper
    Rocky Mount, NC 27803

  14. Trump may be an egotistical bastard, but he will be the OUR egotistical bastard, and work to REVERSE the course that Obama, Hillary and the elitists in Washington have set for us – leading America straight into a whirlpool tailspin from which we may never recover. Whatever you may say about Trump – he gets things done, and we need someone who can “gitterdun.” It’s time all Republicans quit bickering and get 100% behind Trump.

  15. Exactly my sentiments down to crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. You nailed it, and Donald Trump is our best weapon
    against the darkness that lies within. My daughter cannot understand how I could support Trump, this says it all, Howard you think like another genius I love and adore. Thank you!

  16. Right on, Howard. It is what it is…..nothing more, nothing less. At this point all we can do is pray. It is war, as it has been for many decades, but this is where the rubber meets the road.

  17. If you were a billionaire with a gorgeous penthouse on top of your Fifth Avenue Tower and a mansion in Palm Beach, would you want to take on the mess this country is in? Trump will run the government like a business. Hundreds of thousands will be out of work in Wash DC. No more “advisors and consultants” making $300,00 plus doing nothing. That’s why the career politicians don’t want him

  18. Spot on again, Howard! Trump may be a newbie to politics …… and is somewhat of a blowhard …… but he is DEFINITELY FAR BETTER THAN HILLARY!!! He says it like it is. No ‘political correctness’ …. a breath of fresh air in that regard.

  19. Howard, I’ll get straight to the point: The Witch is a PSYCHOPATH! She lies, cheats, has set up the “Clinton Foundation” as not only a money laundering scheme, but also as a venue to get “donations” – most of which she gloms for herself! And while she was in office; and even now – she’s accepting clearly illegal monies from foreign nationals. She doesn’t seem to worry about when ISIS gets here and slaughters even her! As a psychopath, SHE’S UNABLE TO SERVE THIS COUNTRY! WE MUST ELECT TRUMP!

  20. Loretta lynch in a interview sunday on TV when asked about hillary e/m investigation and obamas support of hillary for president ” our decisions are not based on what Obama say’s just the law ) I know she is lying because her lips moved.If there was ever a fixed investigation this is it.

  21. We’ve already seen the results of what a liberal socialist who never had a non-political job can do as POTUS, and there are some who want it continued? Not me! I think it is time for TRUE businessman to sit in the White House and rid us of the political correctness crowd of academics and those with a give the store away mentality. You candid comments are, as usual, spot on.

  22. Here is my prediction…

    Trump will loose, Hillary will win. It’s not that I would want it that way, it’s because that is how our Western spoiled society is going to vote. Democracy is broken, our freedoms are disappearing and the young people of today simply don’t give a damn. Too bad we didn’t do a better job of teaching our kids History!

  23. Thank you for speaking so frankly, always !!! Yes, I have a TRUMP sign in my yard. Yes, I support him wholeheartedly. I have a 6 year old grandchild whose Step Grandmother just told him that Trump doesn’t love Jesus! This world has gone crazy. Now I have to explain to him why whether that is true or not we have no choice in this election. His ( Grandchild) future and all other children’s futures depend on this election. If Trump loses, the whole world loses.

  24. The way things look we have more anti Americans that true bloods. They elected the present WH occupant TWICE so that is a clear example of what we are dealing with. As long as they line their pockets that could care less about the Country. If the loser Hillary gets in to the WH it is all over for the Free World. I keep feeling that there is going to be a pre-election surprise.

  25. I was opposed to Trump in the primaries. Nonetheless he is at worst the lesser evil. He seems to be growing into the job. He has the intellect and talent to be outstanding. He could earn an important place in American history and I think he knows it. If he chooses the right lieutenants he could be excellent.

  26. Our Country has DECAYED to one of its LOWEST points during OBAMA’S administration. It’s scary to think that he has about 7 more months to cause MORE DAMAGE. We ONLY have TWO CHOICES–TRUMP or CROOKED HILLARY! The REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT has to “get off its duff” and SUPPORT TRUMP, otherwise they will ENSURE a HILLARIOUS VICTORY! BOTH parties FEAR a TRUMP ADMINISTRATION, and the FEAR is much GREATER than we could ever imagine. To some degree, both parties have become “POLITICALLY CORRECT”. AMEN!

  27. Excellent article. Trump was not my choice however I will look at the ballot and where I see his name I will think SCOTUS and vote for him.With justice Thomas considering retirement the Supreme Court alone is reason to vote for Trump. I really hope that those who will not vote for Trump reconsider and see that SCOTUS is crucial reason to vote for him.
    Bill Buckingham
    Houston, TX.

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