Know Your Friends . . . And Know Your Enemies


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So . . . for the umpteenth time, let me make this clear – GALGANOV.COM is a Conservative Website for Conservative People with Conservative Views – PERIOD!


Often . . . the Friend you think you can count on – is never there when it counts.

I’m not going to give PERSONAL INFORMATION on this story, other than to tell you that it is 100% TRUE, ACCURATE and absolutely NOT EMBELLISHED.

Something happened recently that jarred this memory, which bothered me so much so; that I felt compelled to write about it. I won’t name names, but the person involved might actually read this, and might or might not remember the incident.

And if he does remember what happened, he has no idea how I felt afterwards, because I never told him. BUT I DID TELL ANNE, because it bothered me that much. And now that my memory was jarred, I’m bothered all over again.


I know a great many people . . . and many more people than I know, know me. I was never popular in school. The girls didn’t fawn over me, but I wasn’t disliked, nor was I abhorred by the girls I liked. I wasn’t a smart kid in class. But I wasn’t dumb. And I wasn’t skilled at any high school sports. I wasn’t a very good Hockey Player, but I played as hard as I could. I wasn’t great at Football either, but when I played, I played my heart out. Same thing for Baseball. And when it came to Track and Field, I created a whole new definition of Stinking-Out-The-House. But I tried nonetheless.

And when it came to individual sports like Swimming and the Martial Arts, I also wasn’t a Star . . . but I was much better than most.

The important thing for me . . . was that I was always there, and always trying to do the very best I could to my ability, no matter how limited that ability was.

In essence . . . I was never the first person picked to be on any team, and usually amongst the last, but I always wanted to be on the team, and could always be relied upon.


I always thought of myself as being a Liberal . . . but I guess that was never TRUE. And someone whom I thought of as being a Conservative – wasn’t TRUE either.

Years ago, while in my early TWENTIES, just recently being married, or perhaps still engaged to Anne, I went to an Expos’ Game with a LIFELONG Friend, while the Expos were still in Montreal.

And while at the game, this friend of mine, with whom I had grown up . . . he and I lined up to get Beer. But the Beer line wasn’t all that well defined, and my friend was sort of standing between two lines, which bothered a couple of well dressed guys in their thirties, one of whom pushed my friend and kept on pushing him to impress the guys he was with, because the Bully my accused my Friend of pushing-in.

I stood there waiting for my Rough and Tumble Friend to start swinging, which would have been my invitation to jump in with full gusto, firing on all cylinders. But he never reacted, other than to continue to be pushed.

I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT . . . so I stepped between my Friend and the Bully, and said some things to the Buly, which can’t be repeated in good taste on this BLOG, without violating my own rules against Vulgar Language.

I got right in this Bullies face and said – “You Wanna fight? – Let’s Go!” and I pushed him. To which the somewhat startled Bully said . . . “This Isn’t Your Fight” – To which I replied “IT IS NOW, SO EITHER LET’S GO . . . OR F-OFF”.

The Bully mumbled something, turned around, and walked away.

I was so upset that my Friend didn’t stand up for himself, AND DIDN’T EVEN STAND UP FOR ME WHEN I INTERVENED ON HIS BEHALF, that when I got home, I had to tell Anne about what happened . . . just to tell someone.

I never said another word to my Friend about this incident. And I never said anything about how hurt I was, that this guy left me standing alone to FACE HIS BULLY. And after that incident, our Friendship simply evaporated.

I’m telling you this story, because as it turns out, my Friend, whom I thought was a Conservative, is really a BIG TIME LEFTIST, who exemplifies who and what the LEFTISTS stand for.

They’ll make all the noise in the world, and tell everyone how to live their lives, and how righteous they are . . . but when it Hits the Fan, and the Fighting Starts, and the Fists or Worse Start Flying . . . they’ll be the FIRST TO RUN, leaving Conservatives like you and me, to deal with whatever comes.

Bear that in mind . . . because that day’s coming.


There is a Brand New Ten Minute YouTube Video On-Line, where I speak about the Fragility of our Rights. CLICK HERE to see it. And Please spread the word about

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Yes indeed, Howard, that day IS coming. They’re all cowards! I’m surprised he didn’t attack you personally….verbally demeaning and belittling you. That was my experience after a 25 year “friendship”. I have had opportunities to have “Liberal” friends, but I refuse to let them into my life. They are contributing to the demise of my country, and I despise every one of the scumbag traitors.

  2. Please know that I love your Blogs.I have been receiving them from a friend from Nebraska who I know from Sarasota FL where we winter . So that is why I decided to send a little support for your work and I wish we had more people willing to spreed the facts about our Governments running our Countries in the ground. Thanks and keep up the GOOD Work.
    Robert Greaser

  3. I agree, that day is coming. Yet, after they run and cower, they then espouse how the whole thing was the fault of the conservatives and their irrational or uncaring beliefs in the first place. So many conservatives I know have had just about all of this BS they can take.

  4. My father told me never run away from a fight but I could walk away & preserve my honor. In the 80 years I have been privileged to live it is quite clear from experience that most if not all bullies are actually cowards. They feel inferior so to compensate, they push others around to “be someone”. Same with drunk people who become loud, obnoxious and start fights or arguments. There is a limit to the abuse any decent person should endure, then it’s time to “take them to school”.

  5. Timely story Howard. Just this week another despicable leftist Attorney General (Mass. in this case) is going after oil companies and others, accusing them of fraud in the climate change scam, to shut them up with government force. One organization issued subpoenas for years of confidential emails is the Center for Industrial Progress, run by Alex Epstein (author of Moral Case for Fossil Fuels). Alex’s public response was priceless: F*#k off Fascist – maybe this cowardly AG will run too.

  6. I will always remember the first time I sent you a small cheque and apologized for it being so small!
    Your reply telling me to NEVER, EVER, APOLIGIZE for sending a donation supporting your BLOG “Made My Day”
    So I send what I can, and forward your editorials to my friends, hoping they will start supporting your BLOG as well!
    Ted Walker Oakville, Ontario, Canada

  7. Howard, you are on target! I suspect by the end of August this year we will know the destiny of our countries per-se.
    What people need to understand is this United States was set up as a “Republic” to keep these things from happening. However it is now referred to as a “Democracy” and there is a vast difference and fast progressing toward a “Dictatorship” God forbid that Obama does what Obama does best. God help us! We are almost there. . .

  8. Interesting story of an aggressive incident while standing in line is appropriate for all righteous people today. The cancer of political correctness has made cowards of many that will compromise and back away—just to get along—when they should stand their ground—especially on core beliefs anchored (provided they have one)–in morals—justice—loyalty—and fair play—and may I add survival as in the case of Israel. Some times it may be a matter of shoot first—ask questions later.

  9. Great video! If we had been in a room together, all I would have done was shake my head yes! I couldn’t agree more. I think I have been a Conservative, since birth. I loved history & learning about how my country came into being. When I took US Government & really learned about the US Constitution, I was captured completely. I had a life long friend, may she RIP, who was a Dem & I was GOP. Our discussions could get very heated, but, it never affected our friendship. We were political debaters.

  10. Your commentary in this blog makes me think of Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House. What a disaster! He is both a bully and a wimp.What he has done to Don Trump as a bully this past week is a disgrace. He hasn’t stood up for our next president for calling for temporarily keeping undocumented muslims out of the US.He wimped out re: muslims.I wonder who Ryan is beholden to and why. Howard, could you address this issue about Ryan in a future blog. Anybody else know who is driving him?Is he a RINO?

  11. Got to figure a way to trigger my monthly support. Us old guys sometimes have memory issues. Glad you bring it up once a month so that we remember. As someone who had more than my share (some may say way more) of situations like yours during my life I found one common facet of a liberal who pushes anyone around. Call them on it and they turn tail and run because they have only their mouth and their empty head to go for them in either a verbal or physical confrontation.

  12. Howard, I so appreciate your blog. And when I can do it, I would like to send you a donation. This particular blog really hit home. One thing I would differ on is that I believe the time has already come. Many times I will post a conservative article on Facebook but will not even get a “like” from my conservative friends. Keep up the fight because I believe our country is worth saving! God bless you for all you do and for standing up!

  13. I have to agree with you (again, and again) on what you are trying to convey. I was always taught not to start a fight, but don’t run from one, either! It’s coming time for us Conservatives to start “Pushing Back” against Tyranny. Not that I want that to happen, but I have to agree with the Republican (?) Nominee about most issues involving aliens, the wall, and most other things.
    He’s getting Blackballed by his own party right now, because he refuses to become one of the “Good ‘Ole Boys”!

  14. I’ve always maintained that if it comes to a question of the corrupt DC admin or the patriots that I would bring all my skills and abilities to the side of the angels without regard to the law of the land. As a retired medical professional, I have a high-demand skill set, & no reservations about the consequences of my actions. I love my country but those who govern her are the scum of the earth–starting with the Muslim squatting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Trump 2016 Make America Great Again!

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