Stupid People Are Experts At What They Don’t Know


It’s REMARKABLE how IGNORANT, and or STUPID People are . . . or can be when it comes to Gun Ownership . . . especially the JERKS, who think they know something about GUNS and GUN VIOLENCE . . . without knowing DICK?

ASK THE PEOPLE IN ISRAEL . . . who in the hundreds – just within the last year, have been attacked and wounded, with many being killed by knives in the hands of savage Moslems, as innocent Israelis waited for busses, stood in line at markets, or were simply crossing the street? Should KNIVES be banned?

ASK THE BOSTON MARATHON VICTIMS OF THE TSARNAEV BROTHERS . . . who were murdered, lost limbs, and were otherwise wounded and traumatized with PRESSURE COOKERS? Should Pressure Cookers be banned, because those were what these Moslems used as their weapon of CHOICE?

AND WHILE WE’RE AT IT . . . What about the BOX CUTTERS used on 9/11, by the Moslem TERRORISTS that wiped out four planes, the Twin Towers, and the Pentagon, including the Plane that was brought down in Shanksville Pennsylvania? Should we BAN BOX CUTTERS too?

AND WHAT ABOUT THE CARS . . . used to murder pedestrians by Moslems, also in the name of Allah? How can we go about BANNING cars?

And I won’t even go into Suicide Vests loaded with Ball Bearings.


OKAY . . . So I asked them to describe what they consider to be an Assault Gun, which was akin to asking a child to describe Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. And then there are the honest HATERS, who simply want to ban all guns, ONLY because THEY’VE decided that you and I should NOT have guns.

If any of these people ever did any research into GUN VIOLENCE, they would know that most deaths caused by guns are by SUICIDE, which threatens no one other than the desperately depressed people who pull the trigger on themselves.

And if that suicidal person didn’t kill himself or herself with a gun, he or she would find another way to do the dreadful deed.

AS FOR MASS SHOOTINGS ON A DAILY BASIS . . . where HUNDREDS of people are shot at, wounded, or killed across the USA – LOOK AT THE GANG BANGERS, and not at the decent law-abiding people who make up the vast majority of GUN OWNERS.

Can anyone who is not a numbskull, possibly believe that Gang Bangers, Ghetto Rats and CRIMINALS in general, really give a damn about getting Legal Guns, or passing Background Checks?

And if all GUNS sales were made ILLEGAL to GOOD CITIZENS, how would that stop bad guys from getting their hands on guns from Mexico and all other Nefarious Sources?

AND WHEN YOU TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION . . . all the Statistics on Shootings from Suicides, to Gang Bangers, to Ghetto Rats, and Criminals who couldn’t care in the least about LEGAL Gun Ownership – if they are removed from the MIX, guess what . . . ?


AND IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE COMPLETELY POLITICALLY CORRECT . . . and if you really want to follow the logic of the Gun Haters, and want to do something constructive to reduce Gun Violence in America, according to their perverse thinking . . . DO NOT SELL GUNS TO BLACK AMERICANS, since the vast majority of shootings in America are carried out by Black Americans.

And if that sounds RACIST to you . . . then the simple TRUTH is RACIST, because according to all statistics, government and private – that’s the way it really is.

BUT LET’S EXTEND THIS ARGUMENT . . . and take into consideration where the vast majority of Gun Violence is – and Ban Chicago, Detroit and a whole bunch of other Black Ghettos.


ANNE AND I ARE SHOOTERS. We each have two Semi-Automatic Handguns. And we’ll buy more. I have two Semi-Automatic Carbines, and Anne has a Semi-Automatic 22 Caliber Rifle.

We try to shoot at the Range at least once a week. And whenever we can, we bring Friends and Relatives to the Range, who have never held a gun in their hands, for them to experience the challenge of SHOOTING. And remarkably, not one person we’ve ever brought to the range had a bad time.

As a matter of fact, we’ve brought people who were ANTI-GUN to the range, so they could at least try what they are so much against, in order for them to know what they are talking about. And guess what? Some of them crossed the line and have become Gun Owners themselves, or changed their view and opinion on Gun Rights.


Every day in America . . . TENS OF THOUSANDS of people who do not use guns for a living – shoot at ranges, with everything from Handguns to Semi-Automatic Rifles like AR 15’s, to Semi-Automatic Shot Guns – and no one seems to get killed.

Where we shoot in Texas, it’s incredible how many pretty, well dressed, and pleasant young and not so young women come to the range to shoot, many of them with a friend, many of them by themselves, and many with a boyfriend or Husband, as does Anne with me.

As a matter of fact, when I can’t go to the range, Anne will go with a friend of ours, whose husband doesn’t share her interest, and they make a day of it.

We have some friends who Travel North America, whose passion is to go to every Baseball Stadium on the Continent. Some people we know go to every Civil War Site in America. AND FOR ANNE AND MYSELF . . . we like to visit shooting ranges as we travel the length and breadth of the USA.

AND REMARKABLY . . . Not Once – have either Anne or myself met or encountered anyone who was less than polite, who wasn’t open to conversation, and not helpful. NOT ONCE. So what does that say about Law Abiding People who have Guns?


THE MORE I WRITE . . . the more depressing are the things that I write about. And the more removed are the people who make decisions out of STUPIDITY and/or IGNORANCE that is doing incredible damage to all of us.

AND WITH EVERY PASSING DAY . . . The Politicians, Bureaucrats, Unions, Academics, Elitists and Media are digging as deep a hole as they possibly can, from which we won’t be able to climb out, without serious pain and consequences.

IF EVER THERE WAS A TIME . . . for Good People to be heard – NOW IS THE TIME. But unfortunately, with the way the Media OWNS and Manipulates the News, and how people believe whatever Crap they are fed, with the LIES flying fast, furious, and loose from every direction – it is really hard for us to stay ahead.


No matter what is said about me. No matter what pressure is put on me. And no matter what LAWS Canada and the USA threaten to pass, and actually do pass, which restricts FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION . . . I WILL NOT BE QUIET.

AND AS LONG AS I REFUSE TO SHUT-UP . . . You will have a voice. But as hard as I try, and as much as I do, I can’t do it alone.

In addition to writing regular Editorials, reading your Comments, responding to your Emails, I am now in the process of producing ONE YouTube Video per week.

All of this is a lot of work, and it takes money, especially when factoring in the cost of maintaining the BLOG, with everything from the costs of the Server, the growing Bandwidth and Security.


Of the TENS of THOUSANDS of people who regularly read . . . there are between 75 to 100 people, who actually contribute to support the BLOG, who are for the most part the same people, to whom I am always very grateful.

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SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT PAYPAL . . . I know that many people are really upset with PAYPAL for attacking States who are against bathrooms, which are open to all GENDERS, which I really understand, SINCE I’M 100% WITH YOU.

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Thank you.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Having been born in 1919 I well remember those days and the hundreds of men riding the rails looking for work. I was at the right age to watch with horror as Hitler decimated a race of people. At the moment I am troubled by there seemingly being no attention being paid to Saudi Arabia keeping the price of oil depressed until the Canadian Oil industry comes to it’s knees and closes the “Oil Sands” projects. I am so grateful every day that someone like Howard keeps us up to date. Thank you

  2. I am a long time reader of your comments. I agree with most of them. But, in this case, I wish I could stand up and SHOUT that it is the best of all the good ones. Thank you!
    Kingsley Beattie

  3. It’s almost as if you have been reading the emails I have written, arguing with liberal friends (?) who cannot fathom the mindset of gun owners. Tomorrow (Thursday) is range day, when a good friend and I will do our weekly tune-ip, putting a couple of hundred rounds each downrange. Pie-in-the-sky kumbaya-hopeful leftists just can’t wrap their heads around it. No matter, we’ll be ready to save their sorry asses when the sh*t hits the fan. And it will. Keep your powder dry and stay sharp, Howard!

  4. I am glad I have a gun with which I killed 2 wild hogs and another gun I recently used to kill a 7 ft rattle snake all on my farm here in Texas. The snake was in the back yard of my 90 year old mother-in-law who lives on our farm next to our home. There was another but my wife made some noise that caused it to go under the house while the 1 I killed stood guard. It left after the kill. God bless you & yours.

  5. I love the header, “Stupid People…” A lot of folks I know think that “AR” means automatic rifle. It would be good if Arma-Lite would advertise the true meaning. Intentional ignorance for the sake of argument is not just stupid, it’s like having an alligator in your bath tub & telling it not to bite anyone. Problem is, as you have eloquently stated, these people are pandering to gullible & ignorant folks who refuse to use logic & common sense. They allow emotion to dominate their thinking.

  6. This latest terrorist passed several FBI background checks and according to the 90’s assault weapons ban would still have been able to purchase a full automatic weapon, a silencer, and any other class 3 device with the proper permit. The problem obviously is not the guns but the fact that we cannot detect evil intent and even if we do, do not have the laws to detain or prevent it.

  7. I have held a concealed carry permit for the last 20 years. Gun-free zone or not, it’s always with me. Unless I have to use it, no one will never know I have it, and if I do, I’ll take my chances on the gun-free zone charge. Hub says if a shooter comes to where we are, he’s sliding under the table so he doesn’t get caught in the crossfire, but will HATE to miss seeing the look on the face of the terrorist when a helpless-appearing little old lady punches his ticket with black talon ammo.

  8. I think we really need to ban spoons because they are more lethal than knives according to Alan Rickman in the movie “Robin Hood”……….. Even my Mom said YEARS ago, it is not the guns but the people who shoot the guns.
    Didn’t Hitler take guns away in Germany and isn’t that the reason the people were so defenseless in Nazi Germany? I think I read that. Correct me if wrong……

  9. Its time for every state to have a no permit carry concealed law,with just a check for no criminal,mental,or family record.
    After all the gang banger’s and criminals carry with no permit. During a war (don’t remember which one ) one of our enemy’s
    said “we can not envaid the U S because every one has a weapon.

  10. I’ve had been carrying concealed for 30 years.I have had 3 incidences to which I could/should have used my weapon.I chose not to it could have been to my own peril,fortunate as it was for me and the other person. With that said,I am a strong advocate of our 2nd amendment right.I sincerely believe it is the agenda of our government to DISARM AMERICANS for their own plight!I agree Howard,anything can be used as a weapon to kill.ALL of us Americans who understand need stand up to this PC AGENDA!

  11. It is not about guns; it is about control. An out-of-control government which ignores the principles upon which the U.S. was founded, is following a path to prevent the People from invoking the Second Amendment to take back our country should Mr. Trump fail to make America great again.

  12. Sorry to say but trying to describe the beauty of a blue sky to a blind person is all but impossible. So too is it to try to explain the concept that guns don’t kill to people who, at least in their closed minds, insist that it is the gun not the nut who pulls the trigger that does the killing. I have finally come to the conclusion that a blind person will “see” the sky before an anti-gun wonk will “see/understand” the error of their thought processes.

  13. Spot on Howard. Lets not forget the doctors, it has been proven that drs have a kill rate more than the citizenry.

  14. One more argument to use against the anti-gun folks- explain Paris and Brussels, two cities where anti-gun laws are among the strictest. How did those shooters get their weapons? (Shuts up all the liberals I’ve talked to every time!)

  15. I have stopped using PayPal since they announced their position on the bathroom gender issue. I just made a donation with a credit card but not using my PayPal account. When you click on PayPal, it offers the option of using PayPal or a credit card. A little more trouble but not as much a writing & mailing a check. Keep up the good fight!

  16. Just used PayPal to support – :O) I think the explanation of stupid was best said by Forest Gump – Stupid is as Stupid does!!! You just can’t fix stupid. Now ignorance that’s a different issue – Just not knowing better – Does have a chance to be changed, in a positive manner. Open minded individuals always have the chance to change their mindset, if they are shown the “path to sanity.” Keep up the good work, Howard. Can’t wait to see the next video. :O)

  17. I am in the process of debating gun control with a bunch of Canadians on Facebook. You are correct. They have no clue. They contend that the ability to buy guns makes the US look bad in the eyes of the world. I am close to telling them how concerned I am about that.

  18. Great post Howard, lets not forget legal drugs as they kill thousands of people each year.

  19. Great article Howard. Agree you just can’t fix stupid. Could talk until your blue in the face and some won’t listen. Have guns, will keep guns, and HOPE we never have to use them. Like all of the comparisons of things to get rid of because they can be made into weapons. Bless you and all the work you do to keep us informed.

  20. Sadly, I would bet the RINOs in congress will bend this time and allow some measure of gun control to get through. Just the threat of that already has multiple websites sold out of AR’s, parts for AR’s, and ammunition. Trump talks of meeting with the NRA about some form of gun control, and Clinton would confiscate guns if she could. The future of politics in this country keeps me awake. Just read a British member of parliament was shot dead on the street today, and guns are illegal there!



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