On Whose Side Does Obama Stand?


1 – The Murderer was a MOSLEM.

2 – He yelled Allahu Akbar while Murdering in the name of Islam.

3 – Obama wouldn’t call it Islamist Anything.

4 – CROOKED Hillary finally broke down and called it “Islamist Terrorism”.

5 – Trump called it for exactly what it was. But unlike CROOKED Hillary, he meant it.

6 – Trump laid the groundwork to question Obama’s Allegiance.

7 – The LEFT and the Media are spinning this into Gun Control.

LET ME MAKE THIS AS CLEAR AS I CAN . . . Anyone who sees this as anything other than an ATTACK on the USA, Modernity, Christianity, Jews, Democracy, Gays, Lesbians and the FREEDOMS we North Americans enjoy, by the hand of a Moslem, DESERVES NEITHER SAFETY NOR FREEDOM.

AND ANYONE WHO CAN BLAME THIS SLAUGHTER ON GUNS . . . is an Idiot who deserves to never be protected by men and women who carry guns, either for a living, or because they have the right to do so.

REMEMBER THE INFAMOUS WORDS OF RAHM EMANUEL . . . “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”. So, just because 49-Innocent People were slaughtered, with more than 50 others wounded – JUST PAPER-OVER THE REAL ISSUE, and PIVOT to the Whipping Boy called Gun Control.


I’m watching live as I write this Editorial, as Obama is spending far more of his energy and passion defending MOSLEMS, as a Great and Contributing Faith . . . RATHER than standing with America in full condemnation of the Moslem Attack on the USA.

Obama’s words alone, make it very hard for me to really know on whose side of this Moslem War against America and Freedom he really stands. And as I see it, and as I hear him speak more and more, I’m wondering less and less.


Obama doesn’t have a clue as to what constitutes an Assault Weapon. A BB Gun could be an Assault Weapon. Most Hunting Guns have greater sized Ammunition and KILLING POWER than AR-15’s, which Obama and others on the LEFT consider to be Assault Weapons.

AND THEN I HEARD ON THE MEDIA . . . just after the attack, how the Moslem (my word) Murderer used an AUTOMATIC Assault Weapon (AR-15), with which to kill the VICTIMS. Problem is – Automatic Weapons are not readily for sale in the USA, and are harder to get for the ordinary person than a winning lottery ticket.


I’ve had enough of the NEWS ENTERTAINMENT CYCLE about the Gay Club Massacre at the hands of a Moslem Terrorist, because after the first 24 hours, everything else is nothing but MACABRE TITILLATING ENTERTAINMENT.

I don’t have to know how heartbroken the Families and Friends are of the Murdered and Wounded, since I can very well imagine it for myself.

LAST NIGHT . . . At Ten O’clock Eastern Time, I tuned into the Hannity Show to see if there were any updates on the possibility of accomplices and what Obama, Clinton and Trump might have said in addition to what I was already aware of – AND THIS IS WHAT I SAW AND HEARD:


Geraldo Rivera . . . A Narcissistic Jackass, if ever there was one, who is all over-the-board on everything, who is proud to say that he voted for Obama TWICE, but considers himself to be a Republican – who is farther to the LEFT than CROOKED Hillary, who has always considered her to be one of his enormous numbers of REALLY IMPORTANT CLOSE FRIENDS, sat in a room with WAILING MOURNERS who were literally crying their hearts out.


It’s no less than driving-by a horrific car accident, looking with all you can, hoping to see body parts, which might be strewn on the street.

AND TO MAKE IT WORSE, Rivera was seen on camera, directing his Cameraman to quickly show a couple . . . so as not to lose the moment, who just EXPLODED in Tears and Misery.

Between the LEFT, the Media, the Insiders, and the likes of Obama and CROOKED Hillary, it’s hard to get up in the morning and look forward to the day. BUT WHAT OTHER CHOICES DO WE HAVE?


Even though the following doesn’t directly relate to the above Editorial . . . in many ways it does, because of the mess we find ourselves in throughout Canada and the USA, which is a mess we perhaps have just ONE CHANCE TO FIX WITH TRUMP. And even then – who knows?

I recorded my address to the Board of Directors of the Canadians For Language Fairness, which has far more to do with where we are in terms of Fighting to save all of our Freedoms, than it does just for our fight to save our RIGHT to Freedom of Expression in the Language of our Choice.

The entire Speech is about 20-Minutes Long. It isn’t Slick and Super Edited. There was no Script. Nor were there any Cue Cards. It is what it is. And if I can, I hope to produce one Video every week, in the hopes that the message will open more minds and eyes to the PERILS WE’VE CREATED FOR OURSELVES, OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN.

SO . . . to see the video . . . PLEASE CLICK HERE:

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. There’s something about Howard: If memory serves, I’ve been a subscriber for 15 years. While your editorials have consistently merited the level of “World Class”, since your mini-stroke, and in spite of the warning to lower my expectations regarding the quality of future editorials, much to my amazement, they’ve actually vastly improved! And today’s was another grand slam! You are a modern day Jabotinsky! Howard…you ROCK!!!

  2. Howard, I hate to say it again but exactly what do you expect to come out of the mouth of the imam in chief? If he is not a muslim he sure as heck acts just like someone who fits the bill to the proverbial “t.” Maybe what we need are more people killed at the hands of these terrorists before folks finally come to their senses and realize that their leader(s) are the problem not the solution. I sure hope and pray that this is not the case but I am not so sure any more.

  3. Israel has been suffering hundreds of KNIFE attacks for months. Much of terrorism is by bombs. Attacking the NRA is both ignoring the true problem and insulting to the gay community who suffered this atrocity. But once again it’s about eggshell walking around the Islamic faith, the real perpetrator of these horrors, letting them get away with murder, literally, time and again to suit it’s destructive cause.

  4. As a Muslim, he can say anything that will avance their cause. We are the enemy of Islam Obama is their commander and chief. It will be obvious as the days progress. He is a traitor to the United Sates of America always has been always will be. Be prepared because he will declare Martial Law if he can and this will bring about a Civil war.

  5. Once again the left cry foul against the right for not addressing gun control. Kind of strange since the left controlled both the House and Senate during Obama’s administration except for the last 2 years. So, the question is WHY DIDN’T THEY DO SOMETHING WHEN THEY HAD CONTROL??? My opinion is it is just more political BS. I don’t see us giving up our weapons because Obama and the left want us to. As for Rivera, when I see him speaking, I change channel or turn the TV off.

  6. Those night club attendees didn’t die in vain. Their massacre has helped to bring many truths to light,
    revealing some of whom, among us, are on our side and some who are not.

  7. It is past time that the western world wake up to what is going on and the threats to our way of life involked by the moslem world!

  8. And on the same day in France, two French police, a married couple, were killed in front of their 3-year old child by a young Islamist with a knife. Shall we talk about banning knives? What about road rage where drivers use their vehicle as a weapon? Shall we ban cars? The perpetrator is the issue, not the means.

  9. Obama was raised as a moslem. If he were to use the words “radical islam” he would be an apostate. The koran says that anyone who denounces islam will be beheaded. Apparently he believes this to be the total truth and wants to keep his head.

  10. Two things: (1) Obama is a Muslim, period! He is their guy and he protects them, because he is one of them. He has surrounded himself by placing them, in high places. They are all in position to do this country, great harm. There is not much, phonier, than the Iran deal. (2) In total agreement with your assessment of Geraldo Rivera. He is a Shmendrick, an (apprentice Schlemiel), if there ever was one.

  11. There are umpteen videos of Robert Spencer’s speeches on youtube. According to Spencer, Islam is NOT a religion like all the others, as we in the West like to think. If his scholarship is correct, Muslims are not adhering to their “religion” if they do NOT support Jihad. I cannot speak to the accuracy of Spencer’s claims as I haven’t studied or researched Islam to the extent that he has, but if he is right, then we’re all in trouble.

  12. As of sunday I have refused to watch TV news since the only showed live from Orlando the interviews of those effected by the shooting.. Watched the interview of the father,a afghan,and pictures of his home wondering how he lives and obtained the wealth he has, Ever one out on the streets shouting “Hell no ,we will not take it any more Obama” We are in deep doo doo with Obama and it will not change if Hillary is, God forgive me, elected.

  13. From a few reports, it was not an AR15 that was utilized by the Florida gunman. The rifle used by the Islamist terrorist in Orlando was instead a Sig Sauer MCX carbine, a modular, multi-caliber (able to swap to different calibers, including 5.56 NATO, 300 BLK, and 7.62×39) rifle system that sometimes utilizes STANAG magazines common to more than 60 different firearms, but otherwise has no major parts that interface with AR-15s in any way, shape or form.

  14. Paul Ryan and the spineless wimps in Washington were heckle by the democrats for not bringing gun control legalization forward. If they had any sense at all they would draft new laws that homeland security and the FBI could use in the fight.
    Make jail time mandatory for anyone who pledges alliance to Isis or any terror group. Make it a crime to correspond with known terrorists or terror groups on the internet, Facebook, twitter etc. Then dare the dems to not sign it and plop it on Obama’s desk.

  15. Well, it’s here we go again only this time it is obvious “never let a good crisis go to waste” has been used to the nth degree. One of the security experts said on FOX…”the M16 did not take itself there, the M16 did not aim itself at people and the M16 did not pull the trigger”. It was joke to here Obama’s half baked comments about what type of society we want….we know what he wants! Oh, it was great to hear the late night pundits all line up with the left and Mr. O..not.

  16. Howard, jerkaldo is the lowest of the low. I question his allegiance just as you do hamanobama. I KNOW where hamanobama’s loyalty lies and it sure isn’t with America. Same goes for killary, obiedn, Kerry, and jarrett. It also applies to the entire demorat party.

  17. Howard, If I am correct a few years back Obama said something to the effect that if it ever came down to it he would side with the Muslims. He has sided with them any time something has happened. He even lied about how much they have contributed to society.
    We have a video of him bowing to a Muslim leader, and removing jewelry during one of their so called holy days. His actions and speeches speak pretty loudly in my opinion.

  18. For the very first time in my life, I am afraid of my country. I don’t see how the 1st Moslem POTUS can fail to see the lunacy of his actions, so I can only deduce that he is actively seeking Civil War2. Trump is a wild card. He’s going to upset their little applecart because even though he worked the system, TRUMP LOVES AMERICA. If ALL a Trump admin manages to do is kick out illegals and audit out the waste and fraud it will get my vote in 2020!

  19. Give B H Obama credit, he has followed orders to a tee. He has almost put this Country, time to go yet, out of business. If people knew how many Muslems are in this Country they would be shocked. They are poised and ready and Orlando is just such an example. They will kill at random with smiles. America better wake up, the summer of resolve is coming.

  20. Another great article and video, Howard. Reader’s comments say it all for us as well!

  21. In 2007, a former CIA operative volunteered
    that Obama was the “Manchurian Candidate” and would destroy America. Prophetic

  22. Howard, right on! I’d like to see you focus a little more on what is happening in Canada. Bringing in many Syriams/Moslems. Spending $$ we don’t have. The idiotic Carbon Tax. Bloated Civil Servant salaries and benefits. How do we stop this theft of our heritage and pocketbook? We are losing our Country! Do we need an uprising? Do you think the complacent Canadians will ever do anything, or just keep bending over and taking it? AB Govt has hired over 2000 new “workers” since taking over.

  23. HG you are wrong ! IT IS ABOUT GUN CONTROL their plan cannot move forward without it Regardless of the situation or level of threat , or logic applied to any situation , good or bad : the spin is always the same : too many guns , not enough control , citizens cannot be trusted. OBAMA being educated as a Muslim , makes him so, end of story .

  24. The liberals always blame guns, what a crock!!!! The NRA had nothing to do with this incident. Just wait until the thousands Obama and the left are letting into our country go on killing sprees all over the US. Of course they want our guns, then we cant fight back. To hell with Obama and the left. A revolt must come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If we had no defense we are all dead.

  25. Two things I have noticed on the internet over the past few days that I think worth mentioning. (1) 19 people used 4 planes to commit the atrocities of 9/11. Do we blame the planes for this? (2) We are told not to characterize the Orlando shooter as representative of all Muslims. So why does he represent all gun owners?

  26. DITTO to Mr. KRUEGER’S comments re: Obama & Geraldo! OBAMA, the COMMUNITY ORGANIZER, has been very successful at RE-STRUCTURING our Government into a MOSLEM administration. God only knows how many Moslems EXIST in the White House??? The saddest part of it all is that there is still plenty of time [6 mos.] for OBAMA and his GANG to do much more DAMAGE to the USA. How would BHO have reacted had the the Orlando group all been BLACK? Would he have viewed them as “sons” as before? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  27. Great video! You are telling it like it really is. Keep up ihe good work.

  28. We all recognize the extent of this issue. Now, what can we do about it? Where do we start? How do we wake folks up that are in a deep slumber?

  29. GREAT video. I am truly amazed just how the political issues in Canada & the USA are so similar! I would love to hear more about Canadian political issues, too. Now, I am a US Citizen but I want to know what is going on around the world. I watch ILTV from Israel every day that they give Israel’s news. They have no spin & I get to hear about new products or services with the daily news. Keep up the good work Howard. Love the video & looking forward to many more. :O)

  30. Another great blog and the video was great. Your commenters say it all. Just keep it up. Edgar Sellers, Amarillo, TX

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