Pivoting To The Center – And ALLAHU AKBAR



ALLAHU AKBAR . . . And That’s All She Wrote . . .

A Disaster is the outcome of a Hurricane, an Earthquake, a Tsunami, a Fire, a Plane Crash or a CROOKED Hilary Presidency. And in spite of what Obama has said in the past about the Slaughter at Fort Hood at the hands of an American Moslem as “WORKPLACE VIOLENCE“ . . . this Slaughter in Orlando is NOT NIGHT-CLUB VIOLENCE . . . but yet another Moslem Attack on American and Western Freedoms we VALUE.


But here’s something we should all think about together.

Donald Trump speaks about Barring The Gates To Moslems who CANNOT be vetted, and CROOKED Hillary with Obama, Communist Bernie Sanders and Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren wants to open the gates to everyone INCLUDING Moslems. Now how smart is that?

AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . In spite of everything the LEFT will tell us: This had nothing whatsoever to do with Gun Control. And would not have been nearly as much of a slaughter if GOOD PEOPLE WERE ARMED, so at the very least, they could have been able to have defended themselves.


They said they denounce all the violence. And ABHOR (my word) the loss of Life of Moslems, Christians and others. EXCUSE ME . . . I’M NO OTHER. I’m a Jew who is part of a Community that dates back to the beginning of The USA and Canada.

I’m part of a Religious and Cultural Group that has made UNFATHOMABLE CONTRIBUTIONS to every facet of the North American Community. I’m part of a Community that participated in the founding of America, the US Revolution, the US Constitution, the US Civil War (on both sides), the US Banking and Insurance System, the US Legal STRUCTURE, the US Manufacturing and Auto Industry, the incredible success in US Medicine and Sciences, and the US Educational Structure.

IF you like watching Hollywood Movies, WE JEWS INVENTED AND CREATED HOLLYWOOD. Jews served with Pride and Dignity in all American Military Actions, from the First World War, to the Second World War, to the Korean War, to Vietnam and to the current Wars that are being waged against the USA by Moslems.

And if you like your Cell Phones, I-Pads, I-Phones and Computers, try thanking a Jew. If you like the Pharmaceuticals that are keeping you alive and healthy, try thanking a Jew. And if you like the amount of Charity that is given by Philanthropists, Jews take a backbench to no one.

SO . . . DON’T YOU DARE INSULT ME AND THE JEWISH PEOPLE, by diminishing who we JEWS are in North American.

UNLIKE MOSLEMS . . . who’ve contributed NOTHING but HATE and VIOLENCE in North America and around the world, we JEWS are proud of our American and Canadian HISTORY.

So . . . for MOSLEMS, especially from the ultra Anti-Modernity, RACIST, and Anti-Semitic CAIR to diminish the Jewish People in any way shape or form by calling us “OTHERS”, is no less disgusting than their DECREPIT VALUES, which they ascribe to a WRETCHED RELIGION, which promotes HATE, MURDER, MISOGYNY, RAPE of LITTLE GIRLS, WOMEN and a whole bunch more.

AND UNLIKE YESTERYEAR . . . when we Jews were too FRIGHTENED to stand-up to JEW HATERS and say what we thought, with fists clenched ready for the FIGHT, these days are very different, and there’s enough of us, even in our small numbers, to say BRING IT ON and we’ll KICK YOUR ASS from here to MECCA and back again to MEDINA and the Stone Age from where you’ve come.


No matter where we receive our News . . . we always hear – how whichever Candidate we’re following . . . that he or she must PIVOT from where he or she is campaigning – towards the Center.


Does it mean that everything the Candidates are promising, with which to win votes, is nothing but LIES and BS, because the moment he or she wins the nomination or the General Election . . . he or she will throw his or her promises out like milk turned bad?

‘Cause that’s the way politics has always been. And then came Trump.


As hard as the Republican INSIDERS are PUSHING Trump to PIVOT, this way or that way, to say this or that, TRUMP JUST CAN’T DO IT, since it seems to me, that every time he tries to accommodate the JERKS, he immediately comes back to his TRIED AND TRUE VALUES.

REMEMBER . . . the Candidates who are lining-up AGAINST Trump, telling him how to do it, and questioning everything he says, were all creamed by the Billionaire Businessman, who at the end of the Day were also absolutely and thoroughly rejected by the People.

So why should Trump change anything?

And that BOTHERS the INSIDERS to no end, which to me, says that if you vote for Trump, unlike CROOKED Hillary and all the others we’ve come to know and really DISLIKE, you will actually get what you see and hear from him. AND HOW REFRESHING IS THAT?


If you happen to read the Biographies of the Politicians . . . ALL OF THEM, you will immediately discover that they’re PERFECT in every way. They were the best in school, sports and debating. EVEN BETTER – they were the best in their Law Class. And if none of what they promote about themselves is true, it doesn’t matter, since it will be the least of their lies.

AND EVEN BETTER THAN THAT . . . No one has ever said a bad word about them, and they never failed at anything, especially at business, because most of them have been TOO GOOD TO DIRTY THEIR HANDS BUILDING ANYTHING.

These Politicians who’ve earned our DERISION . . . have staff to make certain they are seen and perceived as being PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. They have PR People, Spokes People, Script and Speech Writer People, and People to Edit and load their Teleprompters to make them look more like they really are not, than the people they want us to believe they are.

They even have people to make certain they’re always looking at their best.

BUT FOR TRUMP . . . He says what he thinks and thinks what he says, with or without his barely used Teleprompter, which he has been using mostly, because the INSIDERS want him to use it.

BUT . . . Before using this ridiculous speaking-tool, which to me divides the People from the TRUTH, the People LOVED Trump’s SPONTANEITY, and voted for it in HUGE Numbers. So, why should he change it, certainly not because a bunch of political LOSERS think so?


The INSIDERS from both Parties are always depending upon SURROGATES to do the Dirty Work for them, to take-on the Opposing Candidate, to say the things that are NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT, which no one expects your own Presidential Candidate to say.

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . to a great extent, that is a major part of the criteria used to select a Vice Presidential Running Mate, much like so many people are hoping that CROOKED Hillary will choose POCAHONTAS Elizabeth Warren to be her Attack Dog, but since Elizabeth Warren is cut from the very same STAINED Cloth as CROOKED Hillary, that would never work. THEY REALLY HATE EACH OTHER.

BUT TRUMP DOESN’T HAVE THAT PROBLEM, since Donald Trump has proven without EXCEPTION, that he is more than Willing, Able and Capable of doing his own FIGHTING.


EIGHT YEARS AGO . . . CROOKED HILLARY – Asked the people about Barack Obama, when she campaigned against him for the Leadership of the Democrat Party . . .

Who do you want to answer the phone in the White House at 3:00 Am?

Now JUXTAPOSE CROOKED Hilary and Donald Trump.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard I agree with you. May God bless you and enlarge the width and depth of your writings.

  2. In Florida, all bars are gun-prohibited. As a 2A ‘true-believer’, even I agree with that. the mixture of alcohol and guns is potentially…”explosive”. But Obama skated around the Islamic aspect of this massacre and so did Crooked Hillary. Trump did NOT. In the aftermath of mass death, Obama & Clinton continue to lie to America – and the world.
    If you vote for Crooked Hillary, you’re voting for more lies and more Hussein-Obama pandering to “Muslim sensitivities” – to all of our peril.

  3. Another great article, Howard. You voice what many are thinking. A Hillary presidency would be a major disaster. And Trump’s blatant honesty is refreshing. PC has paralyzed communication and truth. Of course, liberals love anything that is bad for society, and vice versa.
    Thank you.

  4. Agree completely, it’s thanks to Donald Trump that we can finally stop the political correctness and call a spade a spade. We owe him a debt of gratitude!

    It’s time we all stood together, united and finally said: “Enough is Enough”!

    Colleen and Steven McIntosh
    Ottawa, Ontario

  5. Trump; integrity, character, straight talk, able to see the problem and the best solution, not afraid of offending some lily-livered phony(s). Lets the chips fall where they may. Surrounds himself with a brain trust of smart and insightful people.
    As for Jews, God blessed Abraham’s descendants. That promise is eternal even though some are ignorant and arrogant. The Jewish people at large, as you have stated, have brought more to the peoples of the world than any other nation. John

  6. Superb!!! I am concerned about one bock of voters and the turn out. The deceased and those who vote multiple times usually vote, unanimously, democrat. Democrats hate voter ID.

  7. Each and every night I pray that Donald Trump will be elected our next President. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  8. Once again dead on A Tragedy Let’s just see who calls a spade a spade or a Muslim what they really are
    Certainly not Obama And as for the Canadian slant I suspect nothing near what Trump ‘s will be

  9. The liberal media’s solution to Islamic carnage as with Tom Brokaw tonight is gun control. Yeah sure we are going to call in the hundreds of millions of legally acquired guns and guns sold to friends and inherited? The IRS can’t even stop the tax frauds of millions of dead people, illegals who pay no taxes, etc. so what agency will search door to door for guns? When guns are outlawed only the Islamic outlaws will have guns….

  10. Howard, you left out one key fact about CAIR. They are devout Moslems practicing a vital Islamic principle known as TAQIYYA. They must LIE as necessary to further the cause of JIHAD. And sadly, everyone falls for the BS.

  11. Yo Howard, you’re not KICKIN ASS…WE’RE kickin HIS LYIN’ ass…right back to those “shores of Tripoli! We’ve all been beating around the bush so to speak and it’s time we be packin’ and it won’t be their suitcases! The JOKE is up so to speak with Obama, and he’ll soon be running for cover without ever having called a terrorist act what they have BEEN. He has destroyed this country beyond even HIS wildest dream and I’m just old enough to recall the Nuremburg Trials…& Joe McCarthy!.
    B29 B

  12. Howard I agree with you. However, the problem I have with the North American Jewry is the fact that the vast majority of them do not give a tinkers damn about Israel nor do they care about Canada/America. They are ardent supporters of demorats and those who are hell bent to destroy Israel, America, and Canada. They are traitors to their own people, America, and Canada for money and power. They are their own worst enemy!

  13. Each Muslim is taught and is ready and willing to do his or her part when the exact time comes. ISLAM IS-NOT A RELIGION. IT-IS AN IDEOLOGY, BASED ON SHARIA LAW! Look at the ENTIRE History of Islam. When it started, past, present and the future – it will never change. Muslims being deported from countries in Europe. There is absolutely NO respect for life, except for being a Muslim! This Islamic invasion on our / your country needs to end NOW!
    And Trump will shut the door & deport them, PERIOD!

  14. Hilary does not answer the phone at 3:00 am – remember Benghazi!!
    Dee Hernandez, Prescott, AZ

  15. Indeed, how dare anyone — especially a group purporting to embrace social inclusiveness — refer to Jews as “others!” Any PR or media person knows such exclusions aren’t accidental.
    If using this term relates to some subtle attempt to divide us Christians from our Jewish brothers and sisters, its petty proponents are clearly barking up the wrong tree.
    Good on you, Howard, for proudly reminding us all of the remarkable contribution Jews continue to make worldwide in advancing humanity

  16. Israel has the right idea if a muslim is a murder of a Jew they burn down there house,if they catch him or her then it torture
    them with out violence. Its time for the U.S. to follow the Israel ways. Do you know how to tell if a politician is lying,their
    lips move, but Donald is not a politician.

  17. Someone should ask the gay community what they think of Obama skating around the issue of ‘Islamic terrorism.’ When he does it for violence against Jews or xians its fine for them. But now its come around to bite specifically them. I wonder if they will sing the same tune, or maybe they’ll agree it was a random shooting in a nightclub.

  18. Whatever political divisions we may have on gay issues, gun control, pc correctness etcetera, should all be set aside so that we can unify as a COUNTRY to defeat isis. I firmly believe Donald J Trump is the only candidate that has a chance of making that happen. May God bless him and keep him safe. My prayers go out to tne people of Orlando, Fl.

  19. Unfortunately we have a built-in system thats does not allow bare truth. Trump questioned the Judge Curiel who is a member of LaRaza, the most anti American pro Mexican group there is. He is a Obama appointee belongs to hispanic National Bar Assoc.and Latino Judges Assoc. and National Hispanic Prosecutors Assoc. Why would Trump think he would be prejudiced against a man wanting to build a wall to keep out his Mexicans to make us into North Mexico?

  20. “Open mouth, insert foot!” This is exactly what HILLARIOUS did with her “3:00 AM” STATEMENT when running against Obama. If only she would have PRACTICED what she PREACHED–especially re: the BENGHAZI crisis. ANYONE with her past infractions would have been JAILED immediately. HOW can one NOT RECOGNIZE this woman’s ILLICIT REPUTATION? A vote for HILLARIOUS is a vote for an OBAMA “third term–“TWO PROFESSIONAL LIAR & the ESTABLISHMENT”. Of course, I’m preaching to the choir. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  21. YES!!! Just keep telling it like it is, Howard. Let this be one of a few sources of facts. However, you cannot deny the voting Jews in America love the so-called Democrats by about 70% – 30%. Only God knows why.

  22. We must remembe this: “If there is any good that we accomplish, it is not of ourselves but that good is accomplished through Elohim working through us as his servants.” To Elohim be the glory!

  23. Howard you are right, Jews don’t take a back seat to anybody especially in mathematics, arts, humanitarian awards, space science and the theatre. I once had a list showing where they stood among all other countries, but I can’t find it now. I enjoy your column everyday. Edgar Sellers, Amarillo, TX

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