Trump Needs The Republican INSIDERS Like He Needs The PLAGUE


SO HERE’S PAUL RYAN . . . thus far the Top Ranking Republican, and Third in Line for the Presidency of the USA if something were to happen to Obama and Biden, who begrudgingly gave Trump his sort of support, as if that’s going to make Trump supporters MORE supportive, and could move Trump Haters closer to supporting Trump – YEAH RIGHT!

Then there are the BUSH’S – All three of them who have simply turfed Trump aside as if he was nothing but the morning trash. Bush 41 who said READ MY LIPS and LIED.

Bush 43 . . . who grew the Size of Government, the Debt, and Sat in Power during the BIGGEST Financial Collapse since the Great Depression.

And then there was Jeb Bush . . . who with more than $100 MILLION in his War Chest, collapsed like a pricked balloon.

Add to the list . . . Mitt Romney, who had his turn TWICE – & BLEW-IT TWICE.

Then there are the current INSIDERS like Senator DO-NOTHING Lindsey Graham, who’s up and down for his support and non-support for Trump is like a Jumping Jack. But let me remind you, that this Do-Nothing Senator with all the criticism and opinions against Trump, had next to ZERO support for his Presidential Run from the People.

AND NOW HERE COMES KASICH . . . who I didn’t like all that much from the beginning, since I saw him as a BIG CRYBABY who thought of himself as being Morally Superior to everyone else.


And to have listened to Kasich speak about himself during his time in the Reagan White House during Kasich’s run to become the Republican Nominee . . . would have you believe that Kasich was single handedly responsible for EVERYTHING positive in the Reagan White House, from Managing Reagan’s Economy, Job Creation, and Regan’s Incredible Success in Rebuilding the American Military.


AND THEN THERE WERE THE PRIMARIES . . . where Kasich won his own Delegates in Ohio, and even though there were only a few Candidates left with which Kasich had to compete, he couldn’t even get 50% of Ohio’s vote. Yet Trump, who really didn’t campaign as hard as he could have in Ohio, was only 10% behind Kasich.

So why do the INSIDERS, the Pundits and the Media think for a second that Trump needs Kasich, or any of the others who fell to Trump like weeds to a weed-whacker?


Not only DOESN’T Trump need any of them . . . THEY’RE IN FACT A LIABILITY.

And it blows me away, how these ARROGANT Political Wonders just don’t get it, that the People REALLY DON’T WANT THEM, nor do they give a damn what they say and who they support. And if I were any of them, I’d just keep my mouth shut, and pray to be reelected again, even though the vast majority of these JERKS who’ve done so much damage to the United States of America, which they’ve sworn to serve and protect just don’t deserve it.


IT IS ALSO WEIRD . . . how all these guys who got creamed by Trump’s near Single Handed Campaign, are now telling him what to say and how to say it, as if they know best. And how every time someone from the LEFT or the Media (but I repeat myself) cries RACIST or MISOGYNIST or WHATEVER about something Trump might have said or wrote, the Republican INSIDERS jump onboard with the Trump Bashers.

Trump doesn’t need my advice . . . anymore than he needs the advice of the INSIDERS. But, if he were to ask, this is what I would tell him . . .

Tell the INSIDERS, if all they have, is support for the things the LEFT says against you, and if they can only see fault in your campaign and platform – they should join the other side and show their true colors. That’s what I would recommend, that Trump should do.


The ONLY Person in the USA who would know whether CROOKED Hillary will be Indicted or not is Barack Obama, because, Obama is the FINAL arbiter on whether his Attorney General (Loretta Lynch) will ask for a Grand Jury or an Indictment, BASED ON WHAT HE ORDERS HER TO DO.

Therefore – I see virtually no chance that an Indictment against CROOKED Hillary will be coming while Obama is in the White House, even though it is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to suggest that CROOKED Hillary isn’t as GUILTY AS SIN over a myriad of things, which she and her husband have perpetrated against the American People.


If you don’t know about the 9th District Court . . . If it is not the MOST Liberal Court in America, it certainly is in the running, which just ruled AGAINST THE RIGHT for American Citizens to CONCEAL CARRY ARMS in California, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, the District of Washington and two Territories where their rulings matter.

I can’t see GUN OWNERS and supporters of the NRA in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Oregon walking quietly into the night, surrendering their SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS, just because a LEFTIST Court says so.

AND EVEN THOUGH THIS MIGHT REALLY PISS-YOU-OFF . . . it’s the BEST THING that could have happened, because, nothing could possibly bring a SHARPER FOCUS to the importance of Trump WINNING the White House, than the GUARANTEE that Americans will ABSOLUTELY lose their Second Amendment RIGHT if Clinton wins and appoints a LEFTIST Judge to replace Scalia on the Bench.


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JUST AS A REMINDER . . . Don’t believe the stuff you hear, see or read about how Trump is taking a beating from the LEFT and from his own Republicans. And don’t believe for a second the PROPAGANDA CRAP that paints Trump as a Racist, a Misogynist, a Cold Hearted Capitalist, a War Monger and whatever else these cretins can dream-up, since DEMAGOGUERY IS THEIR STOCK-IN-TRADE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree with you 100% Howard, keep up your good work. God bless you!

  2. IG report ignored. Hillary Clinton top secret emails about drones ignored. Instead, Trump tweets about Trump U and a judge whose lineage is Mexican. He’s a great brander and self promoter. No political sense. Narcissism Trumps all else. HE NEEDS THE VOTERS.
    The racism charge is starting to stick. I voted for Trump but he is destroying his own chances of winning and after Clinton appoints 3 or 4 leftist scotus justices, we will be Belgium. He’s a political incompetent. G-d save America.

  3. Trump will put on a convention like none other. In 2012 I did not watch more than ten minutes at a time of the republican convention that the geniuses of Romney et al staged. Do you remember the snoozefest in prime time of Tim Pawlenty? One big bore after another with zero excitement. This is what the elite think will bring voters to our side.
    They have been wrong for decades. Read Trump’s books…he has been writing about how to make America great for more than 30 years.

  4. In 1951 USAF Gunnery school, we had a guy nicknamed “Putsock”, for whatever that meant! I think he may have been John Kasich so here we are 65 years later finding out what a “Putsock” must have been…Arghhh! Bud Farrell, Georgerown, Texas

  5. If the H gets in, looks that way, wonder what the new name of this Country will be?
    With her and B at the helm should not take long to finish it off. Obama’s destruction
    will continue on.

  6. Besides BHO, KASICH is one of the most NARCISSISTIC politicians ever seen, as noted by his consistent usage of “I, I, I” and “my, my, my” in his narratives! It’s all about HIM! Re: the INSIDERS–many of them [esp. RYAN] may also FEAR a Trump presidency, due to their OWN “little secrets”! Again, can one imagine what TRUMP will discover about BHO when he becomes President! If HILLARIOUS doesn’t get indicted prior to the GENERAL ELECTION, she WILL after a TRUMP Presidency. GOD help us all! AMEN?

  7. I am from Ohio and never liked Kasich from the beginning. Too liberal for me although he supposed to be a Republican. He is a RINO in every sense of the “word”. Ohio USED to be Conservative but it is changing as there are so many Arab Moslem immigrants in its big northern cities and now southern Ohio has a BIG change in its cities toward the “Gimmie” bunch. I am also seeing more and more “Halal” markets in my own neighborhood…

  8. I agree with you 100% and the voters should take note of these certain individuals as they raise their little pointed heads and make a concerted effort to vote these SOB’s out of office once and for all. I hear time and time again “oh not my congressman or senator he’s doing a great job” well now the time has come. American voters want change but continue to vote election after election for the very people that put us in this predicament. Trump is going to need all the help he can get.

  9. You are absolutely correct in your assessment of the establishment and kasisch. Romney is a rich rino. Nothing more and nothing less. He is not a conservative. He is for the money. Kasisch is an idiot. He still, as far as I know, is a champion of common core. The worst educational system in history!

  10. Paul Ryan calls for unity and then throws Trump under the bus.There IS evidence the the Mexican descent lawyer has been involved with pro Mexican activities.Trump is correct. He could have phrased it better.He is not Mexican, but of Mexican descent. The incumbents will not admit the the American public is in the process of firing them and that they will be out of office sooner than later. Trump would say on this TV show, “You’re fired.” He is our executioner. He is God’s man of the hour for US!

  11. Things in The USA, our “Uncle Sam”, seem almost as bad as in Canada.

  12. Ryan and Romney are two peas from the same pod! It seems as if Kasich is “blackmailing” the GOP in saying he won’t endorse Trump, even with the convention in his state! He WANTS the VP slot and is being a pouting crybaby…devastated that the American voters did not select “wonderful him” and will have to “settle” for no less than the 2nd place spot, in exchange for a Trump endorsement. I hope Trump picks a retired Military person as his VP!

  13. I live in a prestigeous country club area. This reminds me of my club. We have committees with people who are seat warmers and know npthing about what they are doing. We have a board which punishes those they wish who are not abiding by the strictest By-Laws of the club. Yet, the board has ignored the “custom homes” only clause and as about 20 yrs. ago started letting tract builders in. We are in a deteriorating mess like Wash DC but we pay dearly for the price of living here.

  14. Birds of a feather flock together, so its natural that obama would support hillary since they are so much a like, liars to the end degree.The Donald will have a hard time winning as all the welfare takers will support hillary 30- 40 million living off our tax dollars.The FB I has a duty to press the Obama controlled attorney general,and the public has a right to hear the charges of hillary’s evidence.

  15. Good editorial Howard! Thank’s 9th District Court! Now the crime rate will skyrocket in the states listed in the concealed carry decision. Of course the crime rate is already through the roof in some of these states, but now these low life thugs will be free to branch out and ply their trade in other states. Brilliant move! Go Donald!

  16. What blows my mind about this election is how Hillary supporters, both media and ordinary citizens, can say they don’t see any wrong-doing by Hillary! But if Trump so much as sneezes, they’re all over it- he’s trying to cause diseases, etc.! I think you are right about the 9th district ruling. Very soon (day after we vote?) I fear we will see rebellion break out from one side or the other. Prepped, locked and loaded!

  17. “The GUARANTEE that Americans will ABSOLUTELY lose their Second Amendment RIGHT if Clinton wins and appoints a LEFTIST Judge to replace Scalia on the Bench.” The rest of the 10 Amendment will follow. “To conquer a nation is to ‘first’ disarm the citizen’s.”

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