They Were ONLY Jews . . . HO-HUM



I’ve been all over the Internet since last night (June 8, 2016), reading stories and comments in Newspapers and Professional News BLOGS, looking for reaction to the TERRORIST Attack on Israelis in the Tel-Aviv Market.

And let me tell you about a difference between when Frenchmen are killed in France, and Belgium’s are MURDERED in Brussels . . . to how JEWS are treated in Israel.


I watched Greta Van Susteren last night on FOX News, as she said incredibly supportive and complimentary words about Israel, as to how Israel always seems to be FIRST on the scene of Disasters to provide Medical as well as Search and Rescue Help to Victims of Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes – ETC, when the rest of the World is too busy to HELP.

When Belgium was hit by Moslem TERRORISTS . . . Leaders of the World fell over each other to offer their condolences for the Belgium Victims. When France was hit by Moslem TERRORISTS . . . Leaders of the world fell over each other to offer their condolences for the French Victims.

BUT, HERE WE HAVE INNOCENT ISRAELIS . . . MURDERED, wounded, and TERRORIZED while enjoying a really nice June Evening – ONLY because they were Israelis.

Yet, where are the World Leaders rushing to offer their condolences for loss of ISRAELI LIVES?


CNN’S Headline about this TERRORIST Attack would not describe the Murder and Mayhem as a result of TERROR. But worse, in their CNN Headline they used quotation marks around the word “TERROR”, questioning whether it was TERROR OR NOT.


How Sicker, more Slanted, and Anti Israeli – which to me translates into Anti-Semitic, and EGREGIOUS TO JOURNALISM does it get than that?

But . . . as I scanned the Media from around the world, there were very few Members of the Media that excoriated the Moslems and Sympathized with the Israelis, with the EXCEPTION of FOX News, which was all over the Moslem TERROR Attack with passion and compassion for Israel and the Israeli VICTIMS.

FOLKS . . . this is the same Media that tells us everyday how the Government is RIGHT and how WE the People are WRONG.

This is the same Media that gave the USA Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. These are the same YELLOW JOURNALISTS who make certain to withhold the TRUTHS people deserve to know, while adding LIES and their OWN SPIN to issues that favor their LEFTIST Views.


AS A CANADIAN . . . It is the same Media that helped Elect Serious LEFTISTS in Ontario and Alberta, which are stripping away the RIGHTS of the People, while burying both Provinces in unsustainable DEBT.

AND IT IS THE SAME MEDIA . . . that gave Canada an IDIOT DILETTANTE Prime Minister with ZERO qualifications at anything, other than skiing and teaching some High School Drama . . . and Grabbing His Wife’s Ass before the Cameras of the World, which to me showed EXTREME DISRESPECT not only for his wife, but for WOMEN EVERYWHERE who revile being treated as OBJECTS and BIMBOS.


WHAT WE HAVE TO DO . . . is keep pressing to the People who aren’t aware of just how bad it really is, when the Media uses Propaganda to take away our FREEDOMS, in favor of Promoting a Government that places itself far above the People it is sworn to serve.

WE HAVE TO HAMMER AWAY DAY AND NIGHT . . . WITHOUT APOLOGIES – to the people who are either UNINFORMED or just TOO STUPID to understand the consequences of a DISHONEST MEDIA, to the point that there should be no limits to how we do it.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . Before the Bombs flew during World War Two, virtually all of Europe Hated Jews, and either supported the Nazis, or closed their eyes to the ATROCITIES.

The Nazis did what they did with the FULL THROATED SUPPORT of a Compliant Media, which shut down the few Newspapers, which wouldn’t play ball. The Nazis had ZERO Problems getting the Support of Big Business from the Banks, Insurance Companies and Industrialists, because they smelled money, no matter how much the money was stained with Jewish BLOOD.


So . . . given the current situation worldwide, and here in North America, where the LEFT seems to RULE the ROOST, and the Media CANNOT be TRUSTED, and Anti-Semitism is RIFE throughout the world of Academia, where successful MAKERS who don’t get stinking rich in the world of Politics, Dot Com’s, and Investing . . . are vilified by RICH POLITICIANS LIKE CROOKED HILARY.


SPECIAL NOTE: You will notice that the order in which the COMMENTS appear, has been changed . . . so the MOST recent Comment will now be at the Bottom of the Page, opposed to being at the Top.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Right on again Howard. I’m afraid that there is now way we are not going to repeat the 20’s and 30′ again. The leftists and marxists of the world never learn from history.

  2. There is a saying ,believe not what you hear as they may be rumors, believe half of what you read in newspapers as much is not true facts ,and when it comes to TV the same applies as newspapers. When politicians speaker I take what they say with a grain of salt, as most are liars . Let us hope the Donald is elected and he lives up to what he proposes.

  3. As a Pole whose family lost members at the hands of the NAZI because of the international ignorance and complacency of the then world leaders I have watched over the my life (70) as the teaching of history has become secondary in our schools. Ergo I will not be at all surprised if we have to relive those days of the 30s and 40s but this time closer to home. They say ignorance is bliss. There are way to many blissful people in the US and Canada today whose world is about to change.

  4. The media today is a work of which Joseph Goebbels would be proud to have following in his footsteps. The current audience is no less gullible than was Goebbels’ audience and for the same reasons of human nature.

  5. People say ” I can’t believe it ” but it is believable as the lies keep getting bigger and bigger. I read a quote a while back and I don’t know who penned it but ” Lying to Congress is a Felony, but Congress Lying to the people is JUST POLITICS. ” Is this a great country or what? LOL.

  6. Many years ago I had a letter to the editor published; “Yesterday, 200,000 Israelis protested the massacre of 2,000 Palestinians at Sabra and Shatilla. I wonder if as many as 2,000 Palestinians would ever protest the massacre of 200,000 Israelis.”
    The world has a selective conscience, or in many cases absolutely no conscience at all.
    Thomas Paine wrote; “Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose conscience approves his actions will pursue his principles unto death.”

  7. The media has not been impartial for so long that for the life of me…..I can’t remember when they ever were. We need to treat them as the enemy they are. They do not give a whit about truth. They do not give a whit about the people. They do not give a whit about journalistic ethics. Color them yellow and beware.

  8. Thank you, Howard…as usual you nailed it. We stand with Israel!!!

    Colleen and Steven McIntosh

  9. Stupid people elect stupid people. Thanks to you and others like you, Howard,
    people will get wiser.

  10. Having worked with and for Europeans for 25 yrs , Brits and French , I was always amazed at the level of anti-Semitism I ran across at all skill and management levels . In NAmerica I found Canadians from Quebec to be of like mind. I found Americans to be the least bigoted . Not so anymore I gather .

  11. Yes Howard…., the world’s leadership does not seem to really give a visible rip on a terrorist attack on the Israel homeland. Hearing the news last night, my wife and I looked at each other and said; “They (Israel) will handle it professionally and with all speed. They are the best at what they do.” Better than France or Belgium! We in KS stand united with Israel. OBummer aside, the US people are here if for Israel and hope they know it.

  12. I’ll bet the perps will not have a home to go back to or maybe even a neighborhood. Unlike here in the US Israel is swift and just in their carrying out justice and it is a deterrent.

  13. In the U.S., the “mainstream media” is owned by the Liberal Democrats. When Obama ran for office in 2008, I listened to one of his speeches, but what I heard from those listening to him sent chills up my spine. The same sound of the Germans listening in 1939 to Hitler — I heard one of his speeches. I was 9; I never forgot. Americans fell for it just as the Germans did. I stand with Israel; my husband was a combat veteran of WWII and saw the camps. This time, it will be Christians and Jews.

  14. Thanks again, Howard. Right on target! I hope no one expects it to change…..ever. And thank you to those here who have spoken their support for Israel and decency, in addition to Christians, worldwide. It’s a great world except for the hateful scumbags in it.

  15. I was proud of Fox this morning at the open admiration of the resilience of Israelis. The market place was back in operation within a few hours. How long will Israel turn the other cheek? Is it time for Mossad to go into action toward the top of Palestinian government and Hamas? Would they get the message?

  16. I support ISRAEL, always have and will. Hillary will be elected, the fix is on, steal or buy it like Obama did. Plus the Republican party is in turmoil as usual, they cant unite on anything so the Republicans give it to Hillary. I cant believe the mess the USA and Canada is in. Paul Ryan should turn democrat. God bless you and yours Howard, keep up your fantastic work!

  17. Just as he said in the movie “NETWORK”, I’m damn sick of it and not going to take it anymore…I personally am going vocal and on every possible and appropriate occasion , am going to unload on the media…of ALL types…I will no longer let the bastards PUT or GET me down! Bud Farrell, no IMPULSIVE KID, 83 YEAR OLD B-29 Gunner Korea, Georgetown, Texas

  18. Will there ever be peace on Earth?
    Over the years some of our best friends are Jewish. We couldn’t ask for better friends. Our first landlords, 50 years ago, had/has a daughter who served her time in the Israel army and was living here in New England.
    god bless all Jews!
    Jan Clement, North Chelmsford, MA, USA

  19. I too stand with Israel and the Jewish people, for all they have done to make a much better world.

  20. I stand with Israel. My heart goes out to the families of the murdered Israeilies. I find that the biggest anti-Semite is Obama. The way he and his administration have treated Israel over the last eight years has been contemptible, utterly disgusting. Israel has contributed much for the betterment of humanity in science and medicine. What has the rest of the middle east contributed to mankind? Luigi, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  21. I stand with Israel. I stand with the Jews. I cannot believe that Canada has elected a Canadian Obama. You have my sincere condolences.

  22. I recently told a colleague that I mistrusted the media reportage. He asked for an example, to which I replied, “Have you ever heard them saying anything positive about Israel?” I rest my case. This Jew doesn’t turn the other cheek!

  23. Good luck with your address on Saturday. I look forward to reading your presentation. Too bad they didn’t “win” the referendum. Good riddance! Would have save the Canadian gov’t billions in the long run! No language problems, no power problems, no pipeline problems and EXPO was a Cash Cow of graft. Why can they not see the plains of Abraham for what it was? Defeat! Our PM’s from Laurier to Trudeau have been pandering to the French for too long! Enough!Thru the water and mud. Trou d eau!

  24. Terrorism happens in so many places because the world stands silent when it happens to Israel. The world brings it on themselves. When murderous scum attack Israel and Jews the world remains silent, thereby giving a sort of green light to the filth of the planet to pull their nonsense elsewhere. It was no different in WW2. The plague of anti-semitism affects us all. When the world will stand up for Israel and condemn terrorism, then they may have a chance of saving themselves.

  25. This is even more reason to vote for Trump or lose your rump. Idiots question his ability, his personality, yet they voted for a community organizer to “CHANGE” America and he certainly has done that. Between the Bushes, Clintons and Obama we have open borders. More votes, more power.Now we need a businessman (for the first time) to get in and get this country back. If Hillary gets elected, we are in for a revolution. LOCK AND LOAD.

  26. My wife and I stand with Israel and the Jewish people. Another great article Howard!

  27. The U.S. cautions Israel “not to raise tensions” following the terror attacks. Is this beyond belief or what?! That filthy impostor Obama shows once more that his sympathies lie with muslim terrorists. If that lying piece of crap Clinton gets elected we will be finished. Israel has to strengthen ties even more with Russia, China and India. The U.S. can not be considered and ally anymore unless November bring a Trump victory.

  28. You are correct Howard. It is a world class shame how pagan moon god worshipers of the cult of islam are given a pass for murdering people of Jewish descent no matter what country it is in but especially Israel.

  29. You are so right. I read where these Muslim pieces of crap “dressed in suits and ties and posed as customers at a restaurant” before pulling out automatic weapons and killing indiscriminately. If this had happened anywhere else in the world, the news media would have had breaking 24-hour coverage. Instead, they act like the Israelis brought this on themselves, and then make a big deal out of Israel’s response (revoked permits). I hope their new defense minister punishes the hell out of them.

  30. The BBC’s first reports showed a video of “Zionists running for cover”. The BBC cleaned up its reporting and is still covering the attack. Other than Wednesday’s late news, North America has forgotten about it. Instead we hear about Mohammed Ali, Islam, his Muslim funeral. and how he represented the peacefulness of Islam and how Islam welcomes all religions’ followers. Political Correctness and “Progressives” will be the demise of Western civilisation.

  31. Greetings Howard ………. hope you are recuperating well after your recent
    surgery. We read your Editorials regularly and agree with your assessment of
    where we are and where we’re going!

    Howard, are you (and your readers) familiar with ARUTZ SHEVA OP-EDS?
    It presents us with very informative and well written articles relevant to Israel
    and should be read by one and all!

    Sabbat shalom,

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