It’s Trump Or At Least FOUR MORE YEARS



On Tuesday . . . June 8, 2016 – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, met with President Putin of Russia for the 4th time in 9-months, which is FOUR TIMES MORE than Netanyahu met with Obama over the same period of time.

And instead of being treated like a Piece of CRAP that rolled into the White House, as Obama had treated Netanyahu – Putin gave Israel’s Prime Minister the ROYAL TREATMENT, including an unscheduled, and an unrequested PRIVATE tour of the Kremlin.

And at the end of their extended meeting, both leaders came forward LAUDING each other and their respective countries, while announcing a host of major deals between the two Nations . . . including Trade, Tourism, Agriculture, Energy, Counter Terrorism and a host of Social Issues such as Pensions.


BUT THEY ALSO SPOKE IN-DEPTH ABOUT MILITARY COOPERATION . . . which has thus far been an enormous success for both countries, both of whom who are in the middle of an active and vicious WAR ZONE that has engulfed the Entire Middle East, extending as far as Africa and Asia, with neither country coming close to getting in the way of each other.

THE FACT THAT OBAMA, CLINTON, AND KERRY . . . are in the process of throwing Israel under the bus through a United Nations/European Union POGROM against the Jewish State – has literally FORCED Israel to find some new friends pretty fast.

SO HERE WE HAVE IT . . . America, through Obama, Clinton and Kerry – are in the process of putting Israel’s FEET TO THE FIRE at the UN in November, just after the election, when American Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power who has NEVER been a Friend to Israel, is expected NOT TO VETO a UN Resolution DEMANDING that Israel surrender much of it’s TERRITORY to the Palestinians – OR ELSE!

This will be the FIRST TIME in Israeli/American History . . . that the USA will not only NOT STAND with Israel, but more than that, has conspired with Anti-Semitic Countries to do legitimate harm to the Jewish State.


Over the past few Years, Israel has been making HUGE Strides with the Chinese, who are hungry for Israeli Technology, Weaponry and Trade, who too have a VETO at the Security Council.

And since the Chinese, who DON’T seemingly have a DOG IN THIS FIGHT between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and have nothing to gain from several Million Palestinian Arabs who exist on Graft, Crime, TERROR and Global Welfare, compared to the Israelis, who have become the WORLD’S MAKERS, who can also supply China with energy . . . who do you think the Chinese will favor at the UN?

BUT MORE THAN THAT . . . Jews and the Chinese have an incredible history together, at the highest level not known to too many people in the West. To the point, without a British/Canadian Jew known to the Chinese at the HIGHEST Levels as Two-Gun Cohen, there probably would not be the China that has evolved – and the Chinese know it.


It’s incomprehensible how much damage OBAMA, CLINTON AND KERRY have done to the International Standing of the United States of America in less than 8-Years, to have thrown away America’s INFLUENCE in the Middle East and beyond.


For Israel . . . Finding FRIENDS who can be counted on for whatever reason, which has NOTHING necessarily to do with trade in their favor, but has EVERYTHING to do with a matter of LIFE AND DEATH for the Jewish State, the USA has squandered a TRUST that has developed for more than half a Century, just because of Obama, Clinton and Kerry, who have set in motion the Global CONSEQUENCES, which are about to be felt.

If there ever was a time for America to WAKE-UP and elect someone to lead without an AGENDA to weaken the USA in order to form a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT where only the LEFTIST ELITE will rule . . . NOW IS THE TIME.

IF YOU HEARD TRUMP’S SPEECH TUESDAY NIGHT . . . you heard the voice of a man who is READY TO GO TO THE MAT to make America Great Again; to bring back JOBS, to WIPEOUT suffocating Regulations, to SECURE the Border, to CRUSH Political Graft, and to RESTORE the POWER and DIGNITY the LEFT has stripped from the American Soul.

IF YOU HEARD CROOKED HILLARY’S SPEECH TUESDAY NIGHT . . . you heard how having a Woman become the First Presidential Nominee, is the most important thing that could have ever happened to the USA in American History.


What’s happening with Israel and the USA, vis-a-vis how Israel is looking elsewhere for friends, is only the SYMPTOM of a much larger problem. A problem so large, that it has Global Consequences brought about by a Glib Snake-Oil Salesman, who won the Presidency mostly because he was BLACK and the Media’s FAIR HAIRED BOY . . . because Hillary Clinton has run on her VAGINA and platform of Lies, Innuendo and HATRED for Conservative Values for as long as we’ve known her . . . and because of John Kerry, who was a TURNCOAT going all the way back to the days of Vietnam.


“The chickens are coming home to roost” . . . By Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ralph Glorioso, Santa Rosa, California, United States, I totally agree with your excellent and accurate comment.

  2. I have a passport and travel plans to Australia ready to go in November should the election go to the Dems via a corrupt, lying, incompetent “Bill-ary”! Both the US and Canada have idiots in charge. Pray and campaign hard for a November Conservative to get elected here in the USA.

  3. The scariest thing I’ve heard is hillary talking about how she should be president, but Howard calls a spade, a spade and speaks the truth.
    These are bad times for our country. Get out the vote in november. Get it out for Donald Trump.

  4. Right on Howard….is it not strange that history seems to be always repeating itself. Do our politicians never learn from history… the general public the only ones that learn and if so, why do we keep electing these idiots. Good for Netanyahu in seeking other ‘friends’ because with friends like Obama, Clinton and Kerry….who needs enemies.

  5. Howard–thank you for the information I hadn’t heard. Have Russia or Israel commented on the OneWorld/One Nation move? Would be interesting to know their thoughts. In the crazy area I live in, 40% voted–stupid is as stupid does. A vote for the criminal is a vote for the dole. God love us all.
    Richard O. Miller, Menifee, CA

  6. TelePrompted Hillary is saying what her handlers tell her to. Who are they? How do you follow the Money? Who really owns the MainStreamMedia? Is there anyway the naive North American voters can have their future illustrated for them if they persist in electing these left wing crooks? Only by a cartoon I guess.

  7. There is basically only 7 months (Jan) before any action can be taken and that is if the Republicans are to get in. If the Democrats get in combined with Trudeau in Canada then we are all in serious trouble. ( Correct ?????? ) So, what can we Canadians do to help save the North American continent ???????

  8. Great article Howard. Thanks for always keeping us informed. Saw the speeches Tuesday. Scary. This is probably America’s last chance to get it right. If the left gets in again, we are done for. Have trouble with the big shot GOPS that won’t back Trump. Do they have someone else in mind?? Will they actually throw the USA under the bus because of their ego? Will they vote for Hillary? GO TRUMP!!

  9. Great article as usual. I also really enjoyed the link to Two-Gun Cohen. I never read anything about him or his involvement in the pre-WWII Chinese government. It was a fascinating read.

  10. Why is it that we have to get the truth from you and from no other source? That Israel is seeking new friends in Russia and China is not reported by main street media? I am so happy we have you to give us the information we do not get from the media. Keep it up Howard. God Bless You!

  11. Thank you for the info re the new relationship between Israel and the communist countries. I feel better about Israel now. I am not sure that the left in the US and Canada will ever realize this loss to us.

  12. Never thought I would see the day where I would actually like a Russian leader like Putin more than a USA president… But I have read some very positive things about him and how he has also become a more conservative Christian. The fact that he is embracing Israel like he is tells us a great deal. With leadership like Barak Obomination and his crew is it any wonder that Natanyahu seeks other friends. Wow, how things are turning around in our world today! Absolutely amazing!!

  13. It is so hard, in some ways, to imagine how we as a people have accepted/tolerated what has happened. And sadly in others all too easy to understand. Howard – thank you so much for breaking down panoply of news items and telling it like it is – warts & all.

  14. Just as world conditions in the days before the Flood presaged a coming catastrophe, so will world conditions in the last days of this age foreshadow an even greater catastrophe. Some of these are: Rapid advances in technology, Uniformitarian philosophies, No concern for God in either belief or conduct, Disregard for the sacredness of thr marriage relation, Population explosion, Widespread violence, Preoccupation with illicit sex activity, Corruption throughout society etc. Henry M. Morris.

  15. Howard your comments are ALWAYS on target BUT this one SPECIALLY SO.



  16. It’s is our fault that we have let it happen. The apathy is overwhelming. I live in a very conservative county (there are less than a handful) in California, and I just heard on a local TV station that the voter turnout in yesterdays primary was 25%.
    As active as I was, stupid is as stupid does. You can not motivate dung to do anything other than stink.
    May God have mercy on our souls.

  17. Putin is a still a man you have to be careful of,his attack on other country’s and surveillance on the U S military is a known
    fact. I am sure Israel will be on guard with Putin.The muslin obama and the traitor kerry will be gone in 6 months ,lets hope they will not do more damage to the country but lets prey that hillary is indited for her computer crimes and exposed to the world of all the illegal things she and bill have done for the last 30 years.

  18. Obama, Clinton & Kerry, LLC. Would make a good Law Firm. Many wonder how a great Country like the USA could have raised these three losers to this level. The first two have stolen enough from this Country to start another World. Kerry is a sorry example of riding the tide of financing provided by his wife who was the beneficiary of a successful Husband that passed away. If Clinton & Clinton make it to the WH, pack it in and move to a nice rural area and chill.

  19. I’m sure that Israel, along with China, Russia, Iran, N.K. & others have all of Hillary’s missing (deleted) emails. I sure hope that in October, after Clinton is the Democrat candidate, Israel releases the emails to the world. It cannot do any more harm to U.S. security than she has already done. It would be too late to parachute in another candidate. She’ll look good in an orange jump-suit! It’s doubtful that she will be charged & even if she were, she be pardoned by the POTUS.

  20. Exceptional HG . But Hillary will be elected , just as Trudeau was . I honestly believe we have moved past Democracies as our parents knew it . The media gives us the image of free elections , the World Gov already exists and people like Trudeau , Obama , Kerry , Clinton are “elected” regardless of the “actual” voting process .
    Good for Israel , sad to see China and Putin as their answer to remaining free however .

  21. You are correct in all statements. The Word of G-d states that at the end ALL nations will come against Israel. Watch your back Israelis. I wouldn’t trust putin or china as far as I can throw Mt. Carmel.

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